1. Kind of off topic, but is anyone here in to grapefruits? I’m sitting here wondering why these things don’t get more credit. Just pulled a chilled ruby red out of the fridge after a run in the 85 degree heat.

    Slice that thing open, sink your teeth into it, and it just bursts with juice. I’m not talking the bitter, sour kind either. Deep, cool, refreshing, replenishing,
    and lightly sweet.

    You know what’s even better? Make your own damn gatorade mix out of it. Fruit juice, sugar, water, ice, and a pinch of salt: That’s all the stuff is, in its purest form. Shun those corporate goons that sell us high fructose corn syrup packaged in thick plastic and destined for the landfill. Do it yourself! Homemade grapefruit gatorade – it’s simply splendid.

  2. Looks as crybaby Bruce Weber did almost as much damage to the UI program as Kelvin Sampson did to IU. Don’t cry for me Argentina!

  3. Slice that thing open, sink your teeth into it, and it just bursts with juice. I’m not talking the bitter, sour kind either. Deep, cool, refreshing, replenishing,
    and lightly sweet.

  4. Ron: Very jealous! I could only imagine the fun I’d have with some mature citrus trees in the back yard.

  5. This surprises me. He’s either getting paid a lot more than I thought or believes he’s in line for a bigger/better coaching opportunity. Probably the latter.

    Honestly, who’d want to live in Champaign Urbana? I grew up in Chicago suburbs, was accepted to Illinois, but chose to attend IU. No comparison between the quality of the two towns and the beauty of the two campuses. And especially no comparison between the two basketball programs!

  6. I thought personally that Illinois was about to turn the corner when they had Self as coach. Personally, I think its a good job if they can get a good coach. Good kids are in Illinois. Though I hope personally they dont find a good coach, and continue to struggle!

  7. ht,

    funny you should ask about grapefruit. this has been my nightly drink for years. vodka, club soda, and grapefruit juice. awesome, refreshing, and healthy. makes the wife more tolerable, too.

  8. Though it’s often been said Texas has the sweetest(Ruby Red..Indian River?), I find California grapefruit to be the most meaty, juicy, and delicious. They’re harder to come across, but when I see grapefruit from California in the grocer, I grab a half dozen or so..sometimes a huge bag if on sale.

  9. Re Smart…think about it from his point of view. He’s earning great money, in a school with a huge state budget, good following,established himself and has been given the message that the administration will back and fund his way to national prominence.

    On the other hand, his option to go to the Big Ten; and compete with a list of coaches with names like Izzo, Crean, …go down the list…it’s dog eat dog every year. If you win 50% of your league games, you are doing a good job… Look at what happened to Weber. He was a good coach but winning and losing involves all the other good coaches. Look at the quandary Carmody, the excellent Northwestern coach, one of the better ones in the league, finds himself in.

    Everyone sees Illinois and thinks…” ahhh Chicago!” Automatically, cross off 50% of Chicago prospects. Academically, MOST will not compete well in Big Ten schools.

    A lot to do with the incredible need for school reform- and, in particular, athletics/coaches reform in Chicago). Until the coaches stop running the system and controlling their schools, the majority of those kids will not have a chance. We at Indiana saw it in the flesh, lived it and paid a high price. Sampson was really in his element.
    Smart…he knows this; Smart is smart.

    You agree Davis? Anyone else from Chicago…?

  10. Harvard, Ron, HT, Fosbury Flop (the Western Roll was much more challenging)…as a kid, my grandfather had citrus groves. Every Sunday, the clan (six male brothers) would have a three hour long meat grilling over wood and charcoal…then we’d go off and lay under the orange, grapefruit, tangerine groves, etc (peach, apple, pear…huge grape vineyards) tree watered by snow melt from the Andes…reach up, grab a succulent, sweet, deep orange… bite the top off it and squeeze it into our mouths….and eat the sweet pieces of pulp…hhhmmmmmmm….

  11. Crean’s good friend at Kentucky(Calamari?) found a way to put a Chicago kid on his Memphis roster that reportedly had someone fill in for him during an SAT exam. What ever happened with that investigation? Were their any penalties ever imposed on Memphis…Was it just rumor? When the college one-and-done NBA superstar brings big bucks to the city of Chicago, nobody gives a damn if he cheated along the way.

    Hypocrisy is the order of the day in all of sports.

  12. Only thing that should surprises you is that the guy he hired passed the SAT with anything over a 500 overall. Your are talking about Rose, currently the NBA’s leading light (he can spell NBA).

  13. Harvard… Uh, yeah are you being serious or sarcatic? the investigation of Rose led to the forfeiture of all wins in the 2007-08 season, including the Final Four. The team set several ncaa records that year which were later wiped off he books, including most ever wins in a season – 38.

    We’re you just hoping that there would be more… Like post-season ban, or loss of scholarship maybe?

  14. I’ve actually heard from my NBA friends/acquaintances that Rose is a genuinely nice and good person. However, every time he opens his mouth I cringe…

    Not everyone can be articulate and talented. He certainly makes up for it in athleticism and ability.

  15. I think about Smart’s decision this way. There is usually at least one job that comes open each year that is on par with the Illinois job.

    However, if he waits a year, there is a very good chance that the UCLA job comes open. If it doesn’t, or if it does but UCLA wants someone else, he can still get a high-level BCS offer on the level of Illinois.

    I think about it this way because he has almost his whole team coming back. He should be just as hot a commodity, and possibly more so, next year.

  16. AD Thomas and Ill. have to take a serious look at their BB certainties. Self leaves a fast track progressing program, Bubbles can’t win at Illinois after enjoying success down state, Smart says no I am not going to get involved. There is a very good chance their possibility to get a BB name as coach is not viable. It most likely will have to be an assistant of somebody else.

  17. Grapefruits – that’s all you guys got this week?

    fyi, Smart is not jumping next year either. They have been renting in Richmond the past two years, but they are now looking to buy.

  18. Illinois might now go after one of the MAC team coaches. Xavier, Cinci, Ohio did well this year. The coaches know the Midwest, and Illinois would definitely be an upgrade in compensation over what the MAC coaches get paid.

  19. I really enjoyed Coach Smart’s went after SI’s Seth Davis’ very distasteful attack of Wisconsin’s Coach Bo Ryan. Specifically, Smart went down the list of things a real coach thinks about (‘…give my point guard the option to call a time out if he needs it… i.e. in case he gets trapped…’) when losing by one or two points, only 10 or so seconds to go (one time-out left) and without apology for not calling a time out.

    Whether Ryan was right or wrong it is his judgment and he’s certainly shown why he’s earned respect for coaching Wisconsin above their talent level. Davis, on the other hand, is a blow hard who has yet to earn a reputation beyond being a media hack.

    Smart has earned his impressive reputation.

  20. The rumor, according to one of the Chicago papers, is that Illinois has made contact with the high school coach who coached Rose now has Jabari Parker. The school is Simeon. As TTG pointed out previously, there are many problems in the Chicago Public School system, basketball coaches are just one.

    By the way, TTG, Chicago public schools do not rank academically that much lower than Indianapolis or Gary school systems.

  21. I know you are right Jay and there are many, many schools that are really excellent (Whitney Young, Walter Payton, North Side Prep. Chicago has nearly 600 schools and 100 of those are high schools from its 400,000 students). Still, in some schools where many of the players go the system is so bad that by the time they get to the tenth grade even if you are 7 feet tall and play like Rose getting into a legitimate school is impossible. Yet, unbelievable as it sounds, I know you are right that Indianapolis and Gary may be worse and losing ground fast.

    I still remember when I was informed 6-8 years ago that Sampson had recruited 2-3 players. As a Hoosier it really troubled me because I knew they could not and would not make it academically, and I knew that they were bringing some heavy baggage with them.

    It is a shaming fact that we tolerate it and, at times, even encourage it by not controlling the (college and HS) coaches who benefit from it.

  22. There’s more . . .

    Illinois’ potential hire of Ohio basketball coach John Groce is receiving a lukewarm reception from Public League coaches, who don’t have anything negative to say about Groce but complain that they don’t know enough about him.

    “I don’t really know him,” Nick Irvin, the Morgan Park coach whose family owns the influential Mac Irvin Fire AAU club, told the Tribune in Wednesday’s editions. “Are they going in the right direction with this hire? I don’t think so.”

    “I don’t know him,” said Terry Head, the Foreman and Illinois Heat coach. “I think that’s going to be a problem.”

    But longtime AAU coach and area scout Larry Butler says those coaches aren’t being fair to Groce.

    Asked why Groce is being greeted with such skepticism, Butler told “The McNeil and Speigel Show” on WSCR-AM 670: “Because they’re idiots and they don’t know. They don’t know him, that’s what it is and these same guys that are out here making these comments, they need to concentrate on building their program and developing their players.”

    As to whether Illinois should be concerned about Public League perception of their next coach, Butler said, “I don’t need to be appeased. All I would like to just see (in) a candidate (is) a good fit for that program, and we’d go behind that guy and support him. Just like we did with (DePaul coach) Oliver Purnell.”

    The question is, who has the answer?

  23. More evidence that AAU is full of egotistical scumbags…

    Love how these a-holes try to flex their muscles. Hopefully no one really cares what those morons have to say, and if their opinions do matter what a sad commentary on college basketball.

  24. Geoff, would you walk the hallways of high schools in Chicago, Detroit, LA, NY, Houston, and other cities, to recruit?

    Why do you feel the need to use “egotistical scumbags…” and a-holes?

  25. I have done a little bit of recruiting… Very minor stuff. And spent some time in gyms around Boston and CT… Always a bizarre group of people there. There are some who are normal and some that are worse than the stereotypical used car salesman.

    Are you insinuating that I might be intimidated to go into those places to recruit? I went to a 5A HS just outside of Dallas. Is that a little different than inner city Chicago or LA? Probably, but as a former HS teacher and coach, and former college basketball player I am not exactly scared or intimidated by diversity or HS students/athletes.

    It has been my experience that many AAU coaches and directors are a-holes and scumbags, which is why I use those words. I am not going to go into the 10 paragraph rant that I wrote about a month ago – and that Dustin re-posted for me. Maybe that rings a bell to you… If you care to go back and read it I have made my stance on AAU very well known.

  26. Let’s ignore your first paragraph.

    Paragraph #2, I am not insinuating.


    Geoff, talk is cheap.

  27. It isn’t my MO, nor is it many other people’s MO, to go around calling people a-holes to their face. I don’t consider myself a tough guy and I don’t go looking for fights. Never have.

    If you want to call me a pu$$y Jay then that’s fine. It doesn’t invalidate what I’ve seen and experienced. I don’t know if Todd Head or Mac Irvin are a-holes or scumbags, but they come across as a-holes in these quotes. It’s sounds like the typical guy who’s power hungry, thinks he’s more important than he is, and is willing to backstab, lie, and use dirty tactics to get their way.

    Of course it’s equally likely that these guys were just minding their business and someone came up stuck a mic in their face and demanded to know their opinion, but instead of just saying “no comment” or taking the high road they decided to insert their own personal agendas. That’s typical.

    If the AAU coaches were publicly trying to influence the decision of who IU hired as a coach you don’t think that there would be upheaval on this board???

    Hey you were the one that posted the quotes, man, not me…

  28. Talk is cheap?


    So, are you saying a person “can’t be an a-hole” if he can beat someone up if he’s called that?

    You’re a f-ing moron.

  29. Jay Gregg, as soon as Weber resigned the same group of coaches made it clear it was nearly their right to fill that vacancy. In fact, I remember nearly the same discussion before Weber and, I believe, before Bill Sells. The Chicago press milks it for all it’s worth since it makes for controversy.

    The issue is always the same, and along with their claims they suggest whoever is appointed (unless they can point their finger) will have a tough time recruiting Chicago. They often make it clear it is ‘their’ domain. So much so, that more than a few Big Ten coaches (where some academic integrity is the norm) stay away from recruiting the Chicago Public Schools.

    As an IU (Indana) graduate, alumni and fan, I have no love lost for the Illini, but I do feel sorry for them in the sense that they will never fix the program until they exert some control over their coaches.

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