1. Too bad. I liked Mike Davis. He seemed to be a good fit down there. He deserves some credit in the IU history books for breathing some life into the 2002 team and doing what Bob Knight couldn’t since 1987 – get to a championship game.

    I don’t know who UAB thinks they are getting that’s an upgrade. Bruce Weber perhaps?

  2. Not too long ago there were bloggers pointing to Mike Davis’ accomplishments at UAB as an indication IU unfairly fired him.

    UAB doesn’t appear to agree.

  3. Mike Davis was not and still is not a good coach, He took IU to Championship game with Knights recruits. Also i remember a comment that he made when he had two guards coming in that they would be some of the best guards in IU history. That shows he had NO CLUE… All he wanted to do was sit on bench with chin in hand and go, WHAT DO I DO KNOW DA!!!!. He also was not a good recruiter. How many Indiana kids did he try to recruit to IU.

  4. Bob- Yes, he went to the championship game with Knight recruits. In this respect he did more with Knight’s recruits than Knight could himself. Knight’s last year in the tournament with IU was a 20 point loss to #11 seed Pepperdine.

  5. In retrospect, IU might have ben better off if they had kept him for a few more years, thus stopgaping the Sampson debacle. He wasn’t the best coach or recruiter but he was a good man and that is something that can’t be said about Sampson, can it?

  6. “Good man”. You hear that a lot about Davis; I don’t see why. He wasn’t caught cheating, presumably because he didn’t, but does that make him a “good man”?

  7. Davis was a man of faith that didn’t need to blabber it to the Twitter heavens to make himself holier-than-thou.

    The Lord was in his rightful corner when the evil Blue Devil had no choice but bow in defeat to his humble Hoosier heart. Amen.

  8. He blabbered it to the news media. Twitter wasn’t around then or who knows what he’d have sent out.

  9. Lord of the Meek… Twitter is almost useless. If it weren’t for people on here spouting off about how much Crean tweets I wouldn’t even know he was religious. I have a really good idea for you. Don’t go to twitter.

  10. Hind sight is 20/20. I’ll choose to remember Mike Davis as a good man that did the best he could under difficult circumstances. He was thrust into a job, as IU’s head coach, that he was not fully prepared for. Who could have replaced Knight in such circumstances and done a better job? He did his best, achieved some success, did not do any great damage to his student-athletes or the University, then he moved on, with what I think was glass and dignity.

    Let’s remember that back then, IU’s administration was filled with some real fools. IU and especially the Athletic Department were not being run by the brightest bulbs on the tree! In my opinion, David was, to some extent, a victim of the mistakes of his superiors, including Knight and IU’s administrators.

    As for his tenure at UAB, it must be difficult to try to establish a winning BB program in the State of Alabama. Alabama is all about football, and basketball is an afterthought. I believe that many of the top in-state High School basketball players routinely leave the state to play college BB. To the best of my knowledge, neither Alabama or Auburn have ever sustained a great basketball tradition.

    I wish Mike Davis and his family well. My guess is he will go on to be a solid assistant coach for a DI program.

  11. Agree with every word by Podunker. Particularly his statement that much of Davis’ downfall was the product of his superiors (I only differ in that I do not believe it can be blamed on RKM), especially no brain, no ethics administrators.

    I would also suggest that with RMK at the helm it would have been entirely possible that the outcome of that trip to the NCAA would have been the same…perhaps even better. (We’ll never know).

    Just the same…nothing but the best for you in the future, Mike Davis.

  12. Let’s remember that back then, IU’s administration was filled with some real fools. IU and especially the Athletic Department were not being run by the brightest bulbs on the tree!

    When you make those type of statements, you should name names. Really no different than calling a coach a “jerk.” It’s an opinion that slanders based on a singular perspective with nothing to really back it up. We crucify people on Hoosier Scoop for that sort of stuff. Then again, as Dustin said, stuff happens.

    Davis was fired because Brand saw a way to bring down IU when he met Sampson at a Final Four. Brand was brilliant.

  13. “When you make those type of statements, …[I]t’s an opinion…with nothing to really back it up…”

    Harvard, I can not believe you wrote the above and then finish with the statement below:

    “Davis was fired because Brand saw a way to bring down IU when he met Sampson at a Final Four. Brand was brilliant.”

    I don’t disagree with the sentiment (about Sampson, Greenspan and Brand)…but the logic of the statement totally escapes me.

  14. HforH; I’ve stated my opinions about IU’s former AD, Brand, some former Trustees, and other administrators back in those days numerous times on this blog. And I often named names. This time, for the sake of brevity, and because my primary point was about Davis doing the best he could under less than ideal circumstances, I did not.

    Suffice it to say that I think IU’s current administration, from the very top executive on down, is doing a much better job than the clowns that were in charge 10 years ago.

  15. How could anybody be surprised? Remember when he said he could not get the team to practice hard? Listen to him talk for 14 seconds and it would be very evident to anyone he is not HC material, even in bama. Ya it’s news but not much.

  16. Even in bama?HUH? The UAB basketball program was in good shape when Davis got there. He ran it into the ground just like I told my friends down here he would do when he was hired.At least Mal Moore had enough sense not to hire him when Alabama fired Mark Gottfried.Anthony Grant is a darn good basketball coach and could coach anywhere. Even in bama. In fact he left the VCU program in good shape.

  17. Great 1st paragraph on your post Podunker. No coach gets to the championship game without having some skills, especially when you upset the no’s 1 & 3 team in the country enroute to that championship game. Wasn’t Oklahoma ranked no3???

  18. Davis couldn’t get talent to come to UAB…good guy but only won at UAB with IU castoffs and guys that he recruited at IU that stayed with him at UAB.

  19. Davis had one of THE best players in the country that wanted to play for him. The player asked, “If he gets fired, will you let me out of my LOI?”

    The Admin said no so the player told them to screw off.

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