1. Incredibly well-written story. Thank you for posting this. Definitely brought tears to my eyes a few times. Crean has already done an incredible job at IU, and “The Movement” is not even here yet. Looking forward to this Thursday! Go Hoosiers!

  2. Wow, Thanks for pointing that article out. Excellent read. I spent the last 35 yrs in Fl, had no idea what this program had gone through.

  3. Great article!!!

    Thanks for posting that.

    The Knight-worshippers are completely clueless crying their eyes out how “HORRIBLE” Crean is.

  4. I used to be an IU fan until Coach Knight was fired. When Coach Crean was hired, I thought that finally someone had the sense to hire a coach who was right for the job. I simply felt sorry for him with the dead carcass left behind by the Sampson debacle. With Coach Crean, I could not help myself caring about IU BB again, even with the painful W-L results. IMO, this year’s record was a year early. Could not have happened to a more deserving group of coaches, players, etc. There are few things in sports more satisfying than making Purdue, UK and ND fans sob in their beers because IU just beat them, as is right and natural. Great article – Thanks!

  5. “We had to sell the past,” Crean says.

    Now that wouldn’t have worked at Rice or New Mexico, would it?

    With Alford we would have played in NCAA last year already.

  6. I lost interest the last few years of RMK. Slightly better than mediocre teams and a bully for a coach just didn’t hold my interest. I followed the RMK/Mike Davis team through the tourney with great interest. But Mike Davis just didn’t care that much about being Indiana’s coach and the fans responded to his lack of total engagement.

    I found the whole Kelvin Sampson thing distasteful.

    I have closely followed every player and every game, good or bad, since Tom Crean’s hire. He completely invests himself into what IU and Indiana basketball should represent. I felt pretty certain that the Hoosiers would be back to their glory days under his guidance.

    I’m sure there are other coaches that could turn IU around but I don’t think there could possibly be a better fit.

    That article simply reinforces what I already believed. Thanks for the link.

  7. With Steve Alford at the helm for Indiana, Cody Zeller would definitely be collecting a championship ring this year – at North Carolina.

  8. CTC is as good a recruiter as I’ve ever seen, factoring in the type of player we’d prefer to wear the candy stripes (i.e. not the type of player Kentucky or Xavier recruits).

  9. Oh, so Zeller didn’t come here for Coach Crean? I though Crean is a great recruiter and would have gotten Zeller no matter where he’d have coached.

  10. Dang. You win. 👿 Very clever.

    The 😆 doesn’t show up any more.

    Do they still allow 😛 😎 and 😉 on this site?

  11. So I take it you no longer want to trade Crean for Romar? [url=http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys.php][img]http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-rolleyes004.gif[/img][/url]

  12. It’s been a long grind, but the passion is back in Bloomington! Let’s make it happen!

  13. The article talked about someone leaving but their mom was going to keep them there if Crean overlooked two positive drug tests. That means it’s not someone who was kicked-off the team but someone who left on their own account. Crean wanted Crawford to stay so you can rule him out. Basset, Thomas, and one other guy were kicked-off the team by Dakich. Holman left on his own. Who else left on there own?

  14. “Who else left on their own?”

    Finkelmeier. He passed a subsequent drug test but it was rumored he failed an open-book Bible quiz.

  15. Dave,
    we can’t necessarily rule Crawford out… Crean wanted him to stay, but maybe he wouldn’t look the other way on failed drug tests and was still going to make Crawford serve a suspension.

  16. It will be a while before IU fans take success in basketball for granted again. This story gave us additional insight into the obstacles that Crean had to overcome in order to rebuild IU BB. 19 F’s! What the heck was going on with Sampson? It was worse than I thought. I don’t know who was the bigger idiot, Sampson or the fool that hired him and allowed him to ruin a great program!

    Regardless of how successful his IU teams become, Crean deserves great credit for hanging in with IU once he became fully informed about the mess he inherited. It’s not like he was unemployed, was being chased out of Milwaukee, or had no other option than IU. A lot of lesser men would have bailed out immediately. Love him or hate him, he deserves respect for fighting through enormous adversity and getting the program to where it is today.

  17. This is a bit off-topic, but did anyone ever hear Guy-Marc Michel utter two words?

  18. Iowa looking good tonight vs Dayton. Be interesting if the NIT champion could somehow be integrated into the NCAA. Maybe in the 16 round.

  19. Dave, Pbat and Harvard…could one of you explain the value in determining who this individual who had failed two drug tests is, four years and an epoch away from any relevance? If the article says anything it is about the depth of the sewer we had fallen into, the unlikeliness that we would survive it and the sheer will it took to move forward with the perseverance that all of us shared as we faced the challenge.

    You sure we want to dive back into the sewer stew just to figure out a name as irrelevant to who we are as the name of the individual rat who couldn’t wait to get off the boat? Is it worth any energy? Handle it with class, it’s over…let it go!

  20. So I guess I need to take back all the critical things I said about CTC. Eating crow…guy deserves our thanks for not taking he first shuttle to the airport.

  21. It really was a great story. Hard to imagine how low we had sunk in an athletic department that brought us to our knees in football and basketball. One had to wonder if anyone was in charge or even had a conscience about the decisions they made.


    Great story nevertheless.

  22. “Who else left on their own?”

    He passed a subsequent drug test but it was rumored he failed an open-book Bible quiz.

    😆 Super-funny.

  23. Damn. I meant:

    “Who else left on their own?”

    Finkelmeier. He passed a subsequent drug test but it was rumored he failed an open-book Bible quiz.

    Still funny.

  24. Tsao-

    I don’t know why you are attacking me. I was merely being sarcastic. I think it’s time for people to give up their hatred of 18-year-old kids that made some mistakes.

    My own kid recently visited some friends attending IU. It’s very hard to see my child go off into the dangers that can be found on any given weekend in a college town like Bloomington; hard not to worry my ass off knowing the risks and pressures to indulge in activities that could go way beyond anything those Sampson thugs may have been partaking in. Let’s quit pretending that every dorm floor and campus apartment isn’t overflowing with the same drugs, alcohol, and activities that we used to label a few basketball players with vicious and narrowed discriminatory intent. I didn’t think it was fair four years ago, and I don’t think it’s serves anything of decent purpose today. To cut players for not living up to classroom responsibilities is not the same as slanderous hypocritical attacks that give assumption to the holier-than-thou existence the cleansed campus now remaining restored. Who amongst us didn’t get caught up in the temptations the same environment that can seize on any young person’s vulnerability during a time when rebelling and the experimentation all the evils of youth are tested during first taste of freedom away from the confinements of home?

    I think the cowardly saints that write all these pieces intended to convict those accused never given an honest day for an honest defense are most likely the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

    I’ve never been a Hoosier to proudly relish in the fact we cleaned up Dodge City by throwing labels, buying bus tickets, and giving up completely on kids that didn’t grow up with the same securities a decent home life, economic advantages, and the educational and social benefits many of us take for granted. Yes, they made mistakes. The only thing they didn’t have was the safety net some privacy and a rich-a$$ parent to make a few phone calls to make it right.

  25. You post a lot, so you’re an obvious loser, and you’re hiding behind an internet name, so once again, not much sack. But in the low T world, you might actually be half nut leader of the pack….congrats, you might someday move out and date a real woman!

  26. It is most unfortunate the spammers here are intelligent enough to figure out the addition problem in order to post.

  27. Harvard, I wasn’t attacking you, only questioning three posts that seemed to be asking/speculating on which of the players was caught with drugs. And, I was merely saying four years later, after a successful and satisfying people, answering that question was the last thing I would be interested in.

    In other words, enjoy the good season. Secondly, I wasn’t even thinking very hard about your post; merely the fact that it fell in the sequence of three posts in a row on that issue. Nothing really directed at you (I actually had to think about it for a minute or so when I read your post to figure out what you were talking about).

    Anyhow…keep doing your posts…you are one h__l of an entertaining writer. And, it may even happen that we’ll disagree on something. BTW, I pictured you to be the kind of individual that never even had a beer before turning 21 (it is against the law); never smoked Phillip Morris, Chesterfield (or any type of tobacco), and especially never even dreamed of any other substance; never stayed out past curfew…in other words… a true Hoosier.

  28. Tsao-

    Don’t worry about it.

    We all want to paint a picture that best fits our forgone conclusions the kids that played for Sampson. I watched Eli Holman get some big hugs from his family after the Detroit Mercy team he plays for defeated Valpo to clinch their trip to the Big Dance. I can assure you that you’ll never find much written about those few misfits that stuck by their child when most others had cast him out. I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t happy for the young man in finding a memory he could proudly hold onto and share with loved ones.

    We get very caught up in our Hoosier sports. We boast of doing things “the right way” and glorious resurrections from the ashes our decimated past…Is it really so glorious when that pathway gives little thought where one can fit forgiveness in the heart and faith in those that stumble an ability to change?

  29. Here’s a horrifying scenario for you, Harvard. I was not what I would now consider a very good person at IU but, I like to tell myself, subsequent life events turned me into a pretty successful person and, I like to think, a decent father.

    My kids are vastly superior to me. They all have one fatal flaw. They tell me just about everything in their lives. My oldest, in particular. I mean, I know stuff no father needs to hear. I sit there, trying to look bemused while my intestines are spinning like a top, searching to offer a meaningful response.

    It’s my payback for being (fairly) honest with them, I suppose.

    There is one saving grace.

    I went to school in the 70’s. What these kids think is off the chain sounds, to me, like a Wednesday afternoon at Willkie Quad.

  30. Coach Crean stayed when many other coaches would have turned in their keys after 2 weeks. One week after accepting the job at WV Dakich folded up his tent after finding out about NCAA problems there; and to think he wanted the job to clean up IU. Who’s the bigger man?

  31. I believe that Dakich’s 67-83 record has more to do with his not coaching anymore than not taking the WVU position. It seems every year that a coach takes a position then backs out. Another point is that he appears to enjoy the TV work, not to mention not having to recruit.

  32. Chet-

    Not a good person? I highly doubt that. You were young..When we grow older and accumulate all our wisdom, we prefer to neatly organize our judgments of people into simple assumptions. We become lazy in our opinions and seek an order to things that parallels our own choices. There is nothing like being young. When you’re young, you don’t waste effort on caring what others think or continually seek some moral high ground to box yourself into. I loved being in college because it had everything I’ve never found since. It was the freedom…It was the weight gone from my shoulders..It was the huge classrooms and the liberation of thought without the burdens a heavy-handed dose of condemnation or preaching from tired old minds uninterested in exploring new ideas and meanings to how the world operates. It was the beautiful innocence of it all. It was the tolerance and little care in being different or the same. You really didn’t need the booze and weed to know you were at a place in time so unique and conducive to happiness. Years upon years later, I see voices pushed like an inevitable tide, somewhere taught outside the halls of learning, no need to explain..Pushing against those natural impulses when my mind was free of stereotyping and hate, it all gets back to finding blame, the world returns to its dull effortless game.

  33. Chet, I think TV is a good home for many coaches, football and basketball. The stress factor today is high. My guess is, Urban is not out of the woods yet. There are many more potential heart attacks out there.

  34. Harvard, ah yes the joys of youth are wasted on the young. Perhaps that is why I try mightily to never grow up even if I must grow older.

    I’ve never really outgrown not caring what people think of me (my late father-in-law could have confirmed that). I mean, I’m nice to people but mostly because, I don’t know, it’s just my nature. When I’m nice to people they tend to be nice back. But when the time comes that feelings need to be pushed aside to accomplish the task ahead there is never any question as to who gets handed the ball, ol’ Mister I Don’t Care.

    I’ve generally found that, in the big picture, people would rather you be honest with them than to be nice to them and you can usually do both. In my work with special needs children I never have problems a year down the road when I am honest with parents from the beginning as opposed to painting an overly rosy picture, as my cohorts often do. I’m very good at what I do but I’m also very realistic.

    I have noticed that my parents’ generation (and my wife’s parents, as well) tend to place an overly high value on the opinion of others. That is a burden I don’t need.

    Jay, you are right, of course. ESPN has no doubt saved a number of coaches lives over the years. I’ve said before that it is a retirement home for coaches and players.

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