Zeller shares Freshman of the Year honor, Oladipo named to All-Defensive team

Indiana freshman center Cody Zeller was named Freshman of the Year by the Coaches while Michigan point guard Trey Burke was named Freshman of the Year by the media, as the two split an award that appeared to be too close to call heading into the day. Both were also named to the All-Big Ten second team.

Indiana coach Tom Crean was beaten out by Michigan State’s Tom Izzo for the Coach of the Year award. Indiana sophomore guard Victor Oladipo was named to the All-Big Ten Defensive team. He, junior guard Jordan Hulls and junior forward Christian Watford were also named honorable mentions to the All-Big Ten team.

Michigan State’s Draymond Green was named Big Ten Player of the Year by both the coaches and media. Ohio State guard Aaron Craft was named Defensive Player of the Year.

The full release follows.


Michigan State’s Green named Big Ten Player of the Year


Park Ridge, Ill. – The Big Ten men’s basketball All-Conference teams and individual award winners were announced on Monday, with Michigan State’s Draymond Green earning Big Ten Player of the Year honors from the conference’s coaches and media panel. Spartan head coach Tom Izzo earned Coach of the Year laurels from both groups, while Indiana’s Cody Zeller picked up Freshman of the Year accolades from the coaches, and Michigan’s Trey Burke earned the honor from the media. Ohio State’s Aaron Craft was named the Defensive Player of the Year, while Purdue’s D.J. Byrd was voted the Sixth Man of the Year.


Green takes home the Player of the Year Award after leading Michigan State to a share of the Big Ten title, averaging 16.2 points, 10.3 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game en route to top honors. Green leads the Big Ten in rebounding, ranks sixth in scoring and ninth in assists, and is the only Big Ten player to rank among the top 10 in all three categories. The senior earns the seventh Player of the Year honor in program history and the first for Michigan State since 2009.


Izzo led the Spartans to a 24-7 overall record and a 13-5 mark in Big Ten play this season, good for the team’s 13th conference title and the third in the last four years. Izzo now ranks fifth in Big Ten history with seven conference crowns. The Coach of the Year award is his third after taking home the honor in 1998 and 2009, and is the fifth by a Michigan State coach.


Zeller leads all Big Ten freshmen in scoring and rebounding, averaging 15.4 points and 6.4 boards per game. The Hoosier newcomer finished the regular season eighth in scoring and sixth in rebounding among all players en route to Indiana’s ninth Freshman of the Year honor and the program’s first since 2008.


Burke collects top freshman honors after averaging 14.6 points and 4.6 assists per contest to help the Wolverines earn a share of the Big Ten Championship. Burke leads all freshmen and finished the regular season second in the conference in assists, becoming Michigan’s first Freshman of the Year since 2003.


Craft collects Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year laurels after spearheading Ohio State’s defensive efforts and pushing the Buckeyes to a share of the Big Ten title. Craft leads the conference with 2.4 steals per game and helped lead a defensive unit that allowed the second-fewest points per game in the Big Ten at 58.5. Craft earns the fourth Defensive Player of the Year award in Ohio State history and first since 2007.


Byrd averaged 8.5 points per game off the bench for Purdue, finishing the regular season sixth in the Big Ten by shooting 43.2 percent from three-point range en route to Sixth Man of the Year accolades. The honor marks Purdue’s first since the award’s inception in 2006.


Green was a unanimous first-team All-Big Ten choice by the coaches and media, while Northwestern’s John Shurna, Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger and Purdue’s Robbie Hummel were also first-team picks by both groups. Wisconsin’s Jordan Taylor was a first-team selection by the coaches, while Penn State’s Tim Frazier rounded out the media’s first-team choices. Hummel collects first-team accolades for the third time, while Sullinger and Taylor earn the honor for the second consecutive year. Green, Shurna and Frazier each earn first-team status for the first time.


Zeller and Burke lead the way on the coaches’ All-Freshman Team, unanimously earning spots on the five-person squad. Joining the pair are Iowa’s Aaron White, Michigan State’s Branden Dawson and Northwestern’s Dave Sobolewski. Craft was a unanimous choice for the All-Defensive Team and is joined by Green, Frazier, Indiana’s Victor Oladipo and Wisconsin’s Josh Gasser.


The Big Ten also announced 12 Sportsmanship Award honorees. The student-athletes chosen are individuals who have distinguished themselves through sportsmanship and ethical behavior. These student-athletes must also be in good academic standing and have demonstrated good citizenship outside of the sports-competition setting. This season’s honorees are Illinois’ Sam Maniscalco, Indiana’s Jordan Hulls, Iowa’s Matt Gatens, Michigan’s Stu Douglass, Michigan State’s Austin Thornton, Minnesota’s Ralph Sampson III, Nebraska’s Brandon Richardson, Northwestern’s Nick Fruendt, Ohio State’s Craft, Penn State’s Billy Oliver, Purdue’s Hummel and Wisconsin’s Rob Wilson.


As selected by Media Voting Panel


DRAYMOND GREEN, Michigan State

John Shurna, Northwestern

Jared Sullinger, Ohio State

Tim Frazier, Penn State

Robbie Hummel, Purdue


Cody Zeller, Indiana

Matt Gatens, Iowa

Trey Burke, Michigan

William Buford, Ohio State

Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin


Tim Hardaway Jr., Michigan

Keith Appling, Michigan State

Drew Crawford, Northwestern

Aaron Craft, Ohio State

Deshaun Thomas, Ohio State


Meyers Leonard, Illinois

Brandon Paul, Illinois

Jordan Hulls, Indiana

Victor Oladipo, Indiana

Christian Watford, Indiana

Aaron White, Iowa

Zack Novak, Michigan

Branden Dawson, Michigan State

D.J. Byrd, Purdue

Lewis Jackson, Purdue

Jared Berggren, Wisconsin

Ryan Evans, Wisconsin


Draymond Green, Michigan State


Trey Burke, Michigan


Tom Izzo, Michigan State



2011-12 All-Big Ten Men’s Basketball Team

As selected by Big Ten coaches


DRAYMOND GREEN, Michigan State

John Shurna, Northwestern

Jared Sullinger, Ohio State

Robbie Hummel, Purdue

Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin


Cody Zeller, Indiana

Trey Burke, Michigan

William Buford, Ohio State

Deshaun Thomas, Ohio State

Tim Frazier, Penn State


Brandon Paul, Illinois

Matt Gatens, Iowa

Tim Hardaway Jr., Michigan

Keith Appling, Michigan State

Drew Crawford, Northwestern


Meyers Leonard, Illinois

Christian Watford, Indiana

Aaron Craft, Ohio State

Lewis Jackson, Purdue

Jared Berggren, Wisconsin

Ryan Evans, Wisconsin



Aaron White, Iowa

TREY BURKE, Michigan

Branden Dawson, Michigan State

Dave Sobolewski, Northwestern


Victor Oladipo, Indiana

Draymond Green, Michigan State


Tim Frazier, Penn State

Josh Gasser, Wisconsin


Draymond Green, Michigan State



Aaron Craft, Ohio State


Cody Zeller, Indiana


D.J. Byrd, Purdue


Tom Izzo, Michigan State



Big Ten Sportsmanship Award Honorees

Sam Maniscalco, Illinois; Jordan Hulls, Indiana; Matt Gatens, Iowa; Stu Douglass, Michigan;

Austin Thornton, Michigan State; Ralph Sampson III, Minnesota; Brandon Richardson, Nebraska;

Nick Fruendt, Northwestern; Aaron Craft, Ohio State; Billy Oliver, Penn State; Robbie Hummel, Purdue;

Rob Wilson, Wisconsin.




  1. I’m honestly not quite sure what to even say here. Izzo took a team with a very recent history of success – a team with a national player of the year candidate on the roster – and won just enough games to *share* the Big Ten title with two other teams, after only needing to win a couple of games down the stretch to own it solo. Crean, on the other hand, took a team that quite literally started over 4 years ago with nothing, and had one of the best regular seasons in IU history. (Let alone the Crean-era.) Most surprising, this award show was the first mention of Izzo beating Crean. All other unbiased talking heads had Crean #1.

    One can’t make as obviously clear of a case for Zeller winning the sole title over Burke, but one can still make the case fairly easily and completely. Burke was the media darling of a team that, again, had success before he got there. Zeller arrived on a team that, well, see above, and provided the spark that turned them into a national contender immediately. I’m not one to go into conspiracy…but I can guarantee that there are 11 other teams’ coaches and media reps that liked things much better when powerhouse IU was down…

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me!! Coach Crean is not the Coach of the Year? What the hell were these people looking at? And Cody not the unanamous freshmen of the year? I can’t hardly believe this! What do we have to do to gain some respect? This is a slap in the face of Cody Coach Crean and IU. Now we need to show those fools who the best coach and freshman is in the tournament. This really pisses me off!

  3. Burke is really good. His and Zeller’s numbers are pretty similar. Both have big impacts on their teams. Both being the top pick makes sense especially for people who don’t want to make a hard choice. Congrats to both.

    But Coach of the Year? What a joke. Izzo took a talented team with his player-driven team with the B1G POY and a talented surrounding cast to a 3-way tie for 1st place. In a year when everyone expected for them to finish either 1st or 2nd.

    Beilein is more deserving of the award than Izzo. His team tied Izzo’s and made a bit of climb from last year. Crean, however, went from last to 5th and had the biggest and most impressive turn around. Izzo is a very good coach but he is not the coach of the year this year in the B1G. I imagine that he probably agrees with that. Think he should refuse the award.

  4. Coach or Media?…Coach or Media?…If you were Cody would the vote of the coach or the vote of the media have the most impact on the value of the award?

    I’d say obviously the Coaching vote. Kinda who cares when it comes to the media (uhhh – this blogs authors are of course the exception).

    Crean case, possibility of too much success to quickly?
    That possibly the “coach vote” concern? The “media vote” again who cares what the media thinks.

  5. Pretty much what I said at the beginning of the year. This team has constantly been characterized as flawed. The team was labeled as “lucky” when they beat UK and OSU at home and our talented players have been unfairly labeled by sports media elitists with simplistic evaluations and slanted words like “predictable” aimed at our All-American worthy center, and “worst in Division 1,” depicting our clutch and steady natural leader in the backcourt.

    This crap does not surprise me. Even when we were going deep in tournaments our hanging banners heyday, we were rarely respected. East Coast and West Coast establishment never thinks it’s voguish to give any credence to cornfed hillbilly Hoosiers they prefer paint with wide brush as all slow white Milan dudes in short-shorts. Pretty soon they’ll convince their readers Oscar Robertson went to Duke and George McGinnis grew up in Southern California.

  6. BS. But as Harvard suggests our identity is sort of built on being snubbed, dismissed and overlooked. Let’s do what some Hoosier teams of the past have done and stick it to the media where it counts: in the W column.

    As For Crean, this just means we need to win the big 10 tourney and get him that national award. Is that still possible?

  7. Hmmm I do not have much to say but think we need to tape this to the lockerroom and show the BIG Ten what we can do. We are back I have no idea who the writers nor Coaches that vote where watching but i like said since this is a family site i will bite my tongue and i know in my heart and very proud of what is team has done. Go Hoosiers guess they still want to to be down. Show College basketball what we can do. Go Hoosiers bring home a Championship.

  8. Harvard,

    To be fair, the media (or more specifically Seth Davis) didn’t say Jordan Hulls was the worst defender in Division 1 or that Zeller’s move were predictable. That was an anonymous coach that was asked about Indiana.

  9. What might prove interesting is that some organization will undoubtedly name Coach Crean NATIONAL Coach of the Year even though the Big Ten snubbed him. Amazing, a team with the player of the year finishes pretty much where many thought they would while CTC takes a team that most Hoosiers HOPED would make the NIT (except Harvard, who picked 22 wins and I’m pretty sure I guessed they’d go 25-7) to a ridiculous season where they won EVERY big game.
    Even their ranking now is stupid. Marquette is 25-6 and ranked, what, 8th? Who have they beaten compared to our three top 5 wins?

    I’ll bet we open next year ranked something like 15th and we KNOW what CTC can do with a little talent.

  10. My guess, & hope, is that neither Crean nor Zeller really care. Best case, they feel slighted and use this for motivation. We all know both honors are highly opinion-based. Go look at the stats…Z outscored, out rebounded, out stole, out shot, out FG%, out FT%, compared to Burke. The media is a joke. And clearly Crean did more with less than Izzo.

    Surprisingly enough VJ3 finished 12th in assist to TO ratio in the Big 10. Who knew?!?! 92 assists vs. 71 TOs. Hulls finished 10th.

    I’m proud to be a Hoosier, always have been. VERY proud of this team. Would love to see 2 Ws in the Big 10 tourney & a #4 NCAA seed, avoiding the Syrabuse (fitting new name don’t you think) & UK brackets.

  11. I can see Izzo being ‘Coach of the Year’though I think Crean did more. I can’t see how Zeller is not Freshman of the Year. Oh well…What matters is this Thursday through Sunday and thereafter. Use this as motivation for Big Ten and NCAA Tournament success and it won’t make any difference now. It will still ‘piss’ all of us off 10 years from now but that’s why God made ‘Chat Rooms’ and Bars (or maybe it was Bill Gates).

  12. With all due respect, stuff it in your ear Michigan/Burke lover with Great Pyramid hair. If you would have glanced at a couple my other posts from earlier today, it’s unequivocally clear I understood perfectly that Davis found some slanderous blabbermouth whore to say what he doesn’t have the balls to say himself. It was a sensational and very unfair piece intended to throw petty hatred and disrespect at decent kids that have worked their asses off the right way to bring Indiana back. The guy is a Dukie and has rarely ever had a decent word to say about Indiana hoops. For God’s sake, he even put some garbage to print on how IU was very lucky they weren’t found negligent because of a lack security for the unanticipated storming of the court against Kentucky. The guy is a total dip$_____.

  13. See Ryan, there’s a reason why good journalists stay away from single-sourced, anonymous attributions. The credibility factor is critical, especially in highly charged situations like commenting on a player’s skills (or lack of)at the request of the writer who is planning to use it. Seth Davis should know that if he’s made it all the way to SI.

    It doesn’t mean that Davis has to ID the source by name or even conference, but he’s got to be more specific. If this is a coach whose players played and took advantage of Hull’s defensive shortcomings he’s got to define it as such to give the statement credibility. Same if he is asking another Big Ten coach. If ‘the coach’ is a church league coach practicing at an area middle school, it is entirely something else.

    Then again, we need to remember that we see all through our cream and crimson- or maize and blue eyes,- and tend to lose objectivity. You’re the one writing and your unbiased judgment has to prevail.

    Now…while I am not arguing the case as passionately as Harvard does,… go stick it in your ear anyway!

  14. One thing is for sure. And that is all of us on this blog are damn proud of ALL of our team no matter what the so-called ” media ” thinks. They can shove their awards where the sun doesn’t shine. We will take our players and coach over any others. I have never been more proud of our team!

  15. I’d pick Crean over Izzo for coach of the year but I’d also pick Beilein over the both of them.

  16. Lenghty thoughts:

    Michigan was picked to finish 2nd by the media. ties for 3-way title tie after MSU blew their game against OSU. What record would get you 2nd in the conference this year? 13-5 was probably about right, but maybe even a game worse than an expert would guess. It was the first title since 1986 and he took a team that has underperformed in recent years and won the title. Now, they earned the title and I respect Beilein, but nothing Michigan did is more impressive than IU, especially given the results. Look at the schedule. It’s essentially the exact same results in the B1G minus Mich NOT traveling to Wisconsin. The difference? Nebraska. No road wins were more impressive than any of Indiana’s and there were no victories more impressive, especially for a team picked 2nd.

    MSU was picked to finish 4th by the media. MSU finished 3 spots ahead of the prediction (and barely since it was a 3-way tie for the title after losing their final two games). What would a 4th place record be? 12-6 perhaps, so MSU is one game better than the prediction. Indiana can’t play on the road, so that’s why Crean loses it, right? MSU wins @ Wisconsin and @OSU, so ok, those are great wins. Izzo has the player of the year in the league, so some of that credit has to go to him for Draymond’s performance. Plus he dealt with losing Roe to the knee injury. Izzo is deserving, but then losing the final two games (negating the road OSU victory then) should have meant something and cost him this award.

    Indiana was picked to finish 9th by the media. Indiana finished in 5th, 4 spots ahead of the prediction. A lot of big home wins, a sweep of their rival, Crean’s first win over his mentor, and an 11-7 conference record. What would 9th place be when predicting at the beginning of the season? Probably no more than 6 or 7 wins. So IU completely reverses the predictions.

    I just don’t get it. I think all three are deserving, but I don’t see how Izzo is more deserving than the likes of either Beilein or Crean.

  17. My only complaint is Hummel being 1st team over CZ. Hummel is, by all accounts, a good young man and great teammate. He’s overcome injuries that would try even the toughest athlete. And he had a pretty good year. But, he didn’t have the year Zeller did – the 1st team selection was clearly a reward for 5 years of perseverance and leadership, but also something of a sympathy vote. Izzo probably deserves coach of the year every year, but CT made his old boss proud this year I’m sure.

  18. The epitaph of this conference season was written(before out very eyes)by the games played, the players who played them and the coaches who led them. Now we have at the end of the season particular groups of people not wanting to remember what they saw and instead in some fashion attempt to re-write the history about the performance of those participants. I happen to believe, as many on here, that TI is the best coach in the conference(possibly the nation)but just not this year. What coaches meant the most to their teams this year; in my mind after Coach Crean it is Beilein, Chambers and McCaffrey. Then Izzo.

  19. Harvard for Hillbillies
    Monday, March 5, 2012 – 6:53 PM EST

    These coaches that gave their valued opinions to a famous SI journalist are honest and decent people like Laffy that are only putting truth into the kid’s ears. They want the best for Indiana. Jordy simply does not have the skills to defend even bench-warmers in this league.

    Ryan- You’re a busy person. I guess I shouldn’t expect you to read every post from every blogger. I understand perfectly what Seth Davis was attempting with his plucking of an opinion only meant to incite and disrespect a good basketball player(and probably, more importantly, a decent young man). When journalists assume they’ve become big enough to fill their big britches, they soon decide it’s fine to live in their own created worlds of bigotry, bias, and sensationalism where fairness, balance, and objectivity have no use a few extra strikes on the keypad.

    I’m not surprised they have less time to talk about kids that have strangers take their SAT exams so they can go play for Calipari. I’m not surprised they have no room for commentary on kid’s that will abandon their hometown high school teams to go play at a private academies 1500 miles away because the coach running the program has ties to corrupt boosters that feed the cream of the crop recruits to Duke and other programs we consider “elite.” Not surprised they have no guts to critique the system in place in college basketball that puts no value in young men beyond how much money they can eventually feed to their own greedy pockets, alma maters, and boardrooms their gigantic sports networks. Easier to put words to print that attack a decent kid possessing all the qualities and values they have lost in their own lives by necessity to survive in a profession that benefits immensely the loss of values permeating through amateur athletics. Far more convenient and safe the protection of your own livelihood to never speak of the erosion of ethics, a lack of emphasis on ‘student’ in the equation of athletics where an easy classroom experience is specifically designed to never mentally challenge a kid, playing a game with less individualistic and selfish motivations, honoring teammates more than the giant dollar sign dangled in front of the nose, mutual trust and commitment to school, and foundational principles that put education and first in the world of college athletics.

    So much easier to just find some spit from an anonymous bigot to deviously attack a kid at one aspect his court game rather than commend him for his character and his adherence to the foundational principles so dispassionately eroding from view and absent from the sport in which their journalistic professions are helplessly prostituted in the dollar signs of preferred ignorance.

  20. There’s an interesting new poll out there called the RABHI (the Recently Attacked by Harvard Index). The rankings have changed this week; here are the top 5 in the new poll, with their previous rankings in parenthesis:

    1. Seth Davis (1)
    2. Ryan Kartje (NR)
    3. HT/Steve in Ottawa (4)
    4. Laffy (2)
    5. Geoff (5)

    Others Receiving Scorn:
    “Small town sports writers”, “The East and West Coast Establishment”

    Look for weekly updates to the poll.

  21. The fact that Cody Zeller embraced the values and traditions(as opposed to the instantaneous fame and guaranteed national exposure a safer bet) Crean was attempting to bring back to a basketball program that has always embodied such purpose in its storied history, could have been a legitimate argument for handing out Coach of the Year honors to Indiana last season.

    Now, to see these young men elevate their games, watch Zeller often dominate in a extremely competitive league going way beyond expectations his 1st year impact on the game, watch the entire roster grow in unselfish purpose and build off the trust required in restoring a decimated program, and in on year, go from cellar to defeating three top 5 teams….? If that ain’t deserving Team of the Year, Coach of the Year, and Cody Zeller rightfully honored as sole Player of the Year, then from where I sit, the awards aren’t worth the Charmin I wipe my a$$ with.

  22. “So much easier to just find some spit from an anonymous bigot”

    How do you know he’s a “bigot”, Gomer?

  23. Neither the Coaches nor the media feel any need to give Indiana the respect that IU earned this regular season. Put the chip on your shoulder and kick some a-s in Indianapolis!

  24. “the awards aren’t worth the Charmin I wipe my a$$ with.”

    Still with the vulgarity.

    Sure is odd how people are crying their eyes out that “I” ruin this place.

    I thought this was a “family” board. That is not allowed on any other paper site I visit.

    Dustin…..you can take your criticisms of me and shove them since you let his crap go all the time.

  25. and in one year, go from cellar to defeating three top 5 progams.

    That’s funny, HT.

    Let’s be clear, though..I only retaliate(not attack) when IU players are unfairly attacked with zero balance and objectivity; or when cowards use simplistic and mindless slander, viciousness, and name-calling to assault more than just an opposing opinion.

    Of course, why would I think the light would turn on in your bigoted brain? You have historically been a twister of truth and a slithery blogger hiding behind multiple names for sole purpose of the undermining mockery at genuine Indiana fans through assault a protective veil where the true “Washington Husky Tom” insecure love is never challenged or endangered.

    You just went up to the list to the number 2 slot(maybe it would be appropriate to share the slot with your new favorite “butt-buddy,” Laffy).

  26. First of all, stop with your lying/crying you “only retaliate and not attack.”

    Second, it’s your continued use of the phrase “wiping your a$$” that is not allowed on any other paper site I know of.

    It’s banned.


    So, Dustin can go to hell for allowing you to keep saying it when he complains about me so much.

    Same with all of your apologists.

    Complete hypocrites.

  27. Gosh..I just feed them one tiny ounce back of what they’ve been puking out all over this blog the past months(idiot, moron, Drama Queen, butt-buddy dumb-ass, Closet lover, blah..blah..blah)and they act like they want to go crying to Mommy Dustin.

    Yes, I consider someone a bigot that prefers to deviously slander a kid on a national publication with an extremist singular view aimed unfairly at only one aspect of his game. Lack of fairness..lack of objectivity..lack of perspective..lack of decency and honesty..lack of giving credit to character and the array of basketball skills a kid undeserving such narrow-minded prejudicial evaluation from someone entrusted to shape young men into better human beings…Yup, I consider “bigot” to be a kind word for such a blasphemous classless fool.

  28. Dustin said to knock it off, moron. And YOU keep on doing it.

    You are the biggest name-caller on here.

    By far.

    “Tiny ounce” my butt.

    And, you keep ducking the fact you’re using phrases like “wipe my a$$” which isn’t allowed on ANY “family” board.

    You need to look up the word “bigot”, Cletus, because your use of it is stupid.

    It sure is funny how you think it’s ok for YOU to name-call when you “feel slighted” but WRONG for others to do it.

    Typical hypocritical Thumper/Righty.

  29. Chet, I think possibly there is a better choice for “bathroom police”. What say ye?


    I pride myself in my ability to be objective despite my fandom… I can certainly see the justification for Byrd over Sheehey, Burke splitting with Zeller, and Sullinger or Shurna over Zeller on the 1st team, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how Izzo was named Coach of the Year… It isn’t named Best Coach in the Conference, or Most Respected Coach of the Year… It’s the Coach of the “YEAR” – this year, this season.

    Taking an under-achieving 9-9 team to 13-5 just means he did the job this year that he couldn’t do last year.

    Crean took a team that went 3-15 and only added 1 player to 11-7 with wins against all 3 co-champions.

    Izzo took his team from 19-14 and an NCAA tourney appearance to 24-7, which is nice.

    Crean took a team that went 12-20 to 24-7 (same record as MSU)
    …and lost to BC in the ACC Challenge, but beat NCST this year
    ….lost to Kentucky by 19 last year, but beat #1 UK this year
    …went 0-2 in the Las Vegas Classic losing to Northern Iowa and Colorado, but went 13-0 in non-conference games this year – the BEST MARK IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!
    …went 2-8 against ranked teams, but beat 3 top 5 teams this year!

    Meanwhile Izzo Lost to Duke and UNC when he got his shot…

    I would love to hear just one coach’s or media member’s justification for this sports travesty.

    While its certainly not as aggregious, I still can’t believe that the media somehow noticed what the coaches could not – that Dipo deserved at least Honorable Mention status, especially after how he responded the last 7 games of the B1G season.

  31. For as much as I point out the bad stuff, I think it’s a complete and total joke Crean didn’t get Coach of the Year….especially when Izzo choked the last 2 games.

    btw….Hillbilly was whining about “crying to Mommy Dustin.” Is he talking about ALL the people who have complained to him about what is happening on here?

    The silence sure is DEAFENING from all the people who CRY about “me” ruining this place while giving Hillbilly a free pass.

    “Wipe his a$$”?


    That’s acceptable to you guys?

  32. You sound like someone just ate all your porridge, Baby bear.

    There’s quite an array of viewpoints in those posts above. As always, you prefer to whine and name-call rather than find any place for debate, countering arguments, or, heaven forbid, find middle ground and some resemblance to compromise and agreement. Extremism and wide brushes lacking objectivity feed off hate and intolerance. Intolerance and lack of fairness breeds bigotry.

    Keep using your well-trained tongue on here for crude sexist labels and homophobic assaults…You sound like tripped-out Rush Limbaugh in a Hypocrites Gone Wild video.

  33. Geoff,

    I 100% agree, but I think the argument would be made that Crean’s accomplishments outside the conference do not count. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I haven’t read the criteria for COY, but what else did Izzo do better than Crean?

    Even if you throw those out, Crean still had a better performance this year than Izzo minus ONE thing, overall conference finish. I think it’s silly if that’s the only thing that can be used to justify Izzo’s winning.

    Yes he did a nice job with his team this year, but if someone wants to tell me Izzo’s team exceded expectations more than Crean’s team did, that someone is flat out wrong.

  34. Laffy – I think you’ve received some recent credit for taking the high road…

    All I know is that there is little or no basketball discussion in your debate with Harvard. It’s all personal, so my guess is that no one is commenting because everyone has tuned it out.

    If you ever want to talk/debate basketball we’re still right here!

  35. Couldn’t agree with you more, Geoff. It is a complete act of injustice that Tom Crean did not receive Coach of the Year.

    Also, I have not seen a center come into this league in 25 years and take it by storm like Cody Zeller did. He has had a few low scoring games, but his impact on the final outcomes and the positive effect all those benefiting from his agility, unrelenting effort, his demonstrated emotional maturity shown in the physical poundings of one on one match-ups with veteran post players, his steadiness and headiness in staying out of foul trouble, and his exceptional craftiness that continually commanded constant attention from our opponents, made me believe he was deserving of sole honors Freshman of the Year.

  36. Hillbilly calling someone a “whiner” and “name-caller” is like Trump blasting someone for having horrible hair.

    Or Rush calling someone a misogynist.

    If someone says Jordy sucks on defense, Hillbilly starts crying enough tears to fill every ocean in the world and acts like someone raped his entire family in front of him and throws out every nasty name he can think of.

    As far as “debating basketball” with Hillbilly, please tell me you’re kidding. All he does is INSULT people that disagree with him.

    Which is odd because that’s what people rip ME for while saying NOTHING about him.

    And, for the 10th time, saying stuff like “wipe my a$$” shouldn’t be allowed on here if it isn’t allowed on ANY “family” board.

  37. DUSTIN or RYAN – are you guys working on getting the “scoop” on this voting? There wasn’t much commentary on the results… I would really appreciate you guys tracking down a B1G coach and/or media member with a vote to clarify the reasoning on this seemingly mind-boggling decision.

    Appreciate all the work guys…

  38. Geoff- Yes, if you can maintain your current status for the next few days you will certainly drop out of the top 5 in the next poll. You may not even show up in the “Others Receiving Scorn” section. Good work.

    Meanwhile, Laffy is looking like #1 material on the RABHI once again.

  39. Laffy-

    I have rarely seen an instance on here that you haven’t done your typical ” = biggest dumb-ass thing ever said on this blog” within minutes of nearly ever post I place on Scoop.

    You started all attacking with your homophobic language months ago. You’re the only one on here that calls fellow bloggers idiots, stupid, and morons. You would be a hypocrite and liar beyond compare if you claim you have reserved those designations for only Harvard and his opinions.

    You just told Dustin to “go to hell.” You told me the same not very long ago. You equate over-the-top crying in defense a kid simplistically judged on his basketball skills to family rape. It’s very sad it’s all worth that much to you.

  40. Hillbilly, I mean this with all sincerity:

    Go F**k yourself.


    Go F**k yourself.

    There is NOTHING I hate more than a hypocrite.

    And you are one of THE biggest ones I’ve EVER met…..which is saying something.

    That’s right, I told Dustin to go to hell. And I meant it. He gave us this huge lecture to knock the crap off and you didn’t stop for ONE SECOND….and he’s said NOTHING to you.

    Not even after your constant “wipe my a$$” stuff.

    So, he can go to hell.

    Same with all the other losers who keep crying about me while giving you a free pass.

    And you can go F**k yourself with your HOLIER-THAN-THOU victim crap. I ignored you for several days and you didn’t stop coming after me AT ALL.

    So, quit your f-ing crying about me.

    And quit acting like someone raped your family when they say Jordy sucks on defense.

    You called someone a “bigot” over it….which has to be THE dumbest thing I’ve EVER heard.

    Yes, you’re a dumba$$ for that.

    In case you missed it……..go F**k yourself.

    And the same to ANYONE who is “outraged” over my saying that while SILENT over your CONSTANT “wipe my a$$” stuff.

  41. Oh brother. What a lovely and informative discussion. I hardly spend time in the comments any more because of you guys.

    From someone that used to enjoy the discussion around here, thanks for ruining things, gents. Grow up.

  42. I do like the ESPN projected bracket. IU playing Virginia Commonwealth, 3rd game would be against North Carolina and than Missouri and than KY

  43. I knocked it off after Dustin asked us to. Hell, I even ignored him for several days before that.

    And Hillbilly doubled-down and did it even more.

    And not a WORD from his apologists.

    So……bite me.

    He would be kicked off ANY other board for his CONSTANT “wipe my a$$” stuff.

  44. I sooo know I’m gonna regret wading into this but I am going to offer this up.

    Laffy, here’s the thing. First of all, I have no idea who “started it” and I really don’t care. Here’s why people may seem to ‘take Harvard’s side’. He posts on a lot of stuff. A lot of it is fun an interesting. Some, not so much. There is no doubt that he has included some insults tossed your way. I’m no judge on the rightness or wrongness of any of it. I try not to insult a a general guideline.
    On the other hand, it seems like the only thing you ever post is a claim you’ve been insulted or a rebuttal insult. You hardly ever (seemingly) talk about the topic.

    We just don’t care that much about your guys feelings or if you have been treated fairly.

    I’ll go away now.

  45. As far as the brackets, it just amazes me we’ve heard “the Big Ten is the best conference BY FAR” all season long and yet most brackets I’ve seen, no Big Ten team gets a #1 seed.

    That’s ridiculous.

  46. Chet….first of all, you’re wrong that I “never talk about the topic.”

    This all started when I DARED mention Jordy gets abused on defense.

    Hillbilly jumped off the deep end and acted like I murdered 1,000 puppies and launched NOTHING but personal insults since then.

    And like I said, I completely ignored him for days and just talked basketball….and the insults kept coming.

    Second, that all ignores the fact he keeps saying “wipe my a$$”….which shouldn’t be allowed on here.

    Not ONE of you rip him for it.

    I don’t care how much he “talks basketball”….that should have no place on here….especially when he also says “take a $hit.”


    I also disagree he “talks basketball.” What he does he throw out every insult he can think of towards anyone that disagrees with him.


    The day you guys call him out for “wipe my a$$” is the day I listen to your blasting me for anything.

    Otherwise, go to hell.

  47. Did IU go 24-7 this year or 7-24? My God, after reading this message board, I would have guessed the latter.

    Crean got completely screwed out of Coach of the Year in the Big Ten. One could argue he deserves the National Coach of the Year, let alone the Big Ten one. Absolute horse hockey that Izzo was even in the top 5 for that award.

  48. Here is the bracket that Ron is referring to in post #48…


    I have to disagree (sorry). I hate the projected draw –

    VCU is 28-6, 11-1 in their last 12 and 5-2 on neutral courts this year. The biggest thing however is their experience gained from making it to the freaking Final Four last year. They scare me, and Bilas keeps swearing they are better than everyone below IU in the B1G standings.

    IF they win that game they could play Florida, who has a 2-time title winning coach, and about as much talent and athleticism at the guard position as anyone in the country. I would be nervous as hell about Jordy, Roth, and Jones having to match up with Beals, Boynton, and Walker.

    IF we pass that test we see UNC… Who I’ve already picked on this site as national champs. Even if Cody outplays his brother, we are still so considerably smaller and less athletic everywhere else that I just see us getting beat on.

    Not that getting to the Sweet 16 and losing to UNC is a bad thing… I just think there are better draws for a 4 seed. And if Kansas or MSU is a #1 seed I’d want to be the 4 or 5 seed in their region.

  49. How so?

    I’m not the one crying, “HOW DARE YOU CALL ME NAMES FOR HAVING A DIFFERENT OPINION!!!!???” like Hillbilly does.

    When I brought up the Jordy thing, I didn’t mention ANY poster on here. Yet, Hillbilly went OFF on me for my opinion.

    Then later, he cried an OCEAN of tears with, “Laffy is BAD because he attacked me for just giving my opinion.”


    I almost choked from laughing on that one.

    He CRUCIFIES people for having a different opinion.

    The hypocrites are those that cry their EYES out about me while slobbering all over Hillbilly with his CONSTANT name-calling.

    And his vulgar language.

  50. Indiana playing 20 minutes from my apartment? Yes, please. I will 100% be there if IU plays in Nashville.

  51. OK, basketball talk not doing it. Got the bike packed up and heading down to the Everglades. Time to camp out with the gators and mosquitoes. Got a new can of Deep Woods. Remember from last time step out of the tent to take a leak and covered with mosquitoes. True the swelling was impressive but the itching not worth it. Got to find a bar around Homestead that has the B1G channel. Only have about 3 weeks before I head back to Indy. You’al have fun now.

  52. My hope is to win the first game in the Dance. Anything after that is gravy.

    UNC seems too soft, usually, to win it all. Same with Ohio State.

    I PRAY that I’m wrong, but I think Kaintuck is going to win it all.

  53. psych = I got to see IU play in the NCAA in St Peterburg maybe 1997 – 98. Followed them the next weekend to Miami. Paid a scalper over $100.00 a ticket with face value of maybe 35=50$. Worth every penny.

  54. This may be the best thing that happened to this team all year. Hopefully, the Hoosiers will now be even more inspired to play their hearts out for a bit of redemption an award pulled out from under their coach. If there’s been one flaw sometimes evident this bunch of overachievers, it’s been the few games they have appeared lacking in synergy and chemistry. This sort of blatant refusal to acknowledge the man at the helm a resurgence like never witnessed previously in Division 1 basketball(a team that went in one season from being a bottom-dweller in the conference to a 3rd place finish, 24 wins, and a ranking that even broke into the nation’s top 10), may be just the perfect extra poundage of chip on the shoulder to unify a team that will fight to prove their collective worth like never before.

    We have the weapons to beat anyone. Now let’s make it happen.

  55. Good job waving the white flag, Hillbilly.

    You can’t refute anything I said so you just accuse me of “crying” and duck it.

    Now, go whine some more about “wiping your a$$” with stuff because you feel “disrespected.”


    Hopefully someone will buy you some thicker skin for your birthday.

    And a thesaurus so you can come up with something new besides “wiping a$$” and “boiling pus” for the gazillionth time.

  56. You truly have no sense of humor.. Yes, the picture was a white flag. I am the hypocrite. I am the bad guy here. No point in refuting any of your filth. You have no artistry in tact and your vocabulary is rooted in anger. I have again attempted to lighten the mood, extend some comic relief, and turn the b-ball discussion at an imaginary enemy outside petty differences. You, instead, once again choose to bring it right back to the swine and whine pool..What a sad bitter soul you are. Just so we’re clear….I hope you find your way. I know how it feels to be lost.

  57. “My” filth?

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, you’re the one who keeps saying “wipe my a$$” over and over and over on here. Heck, you even said “Take a $hit.”

    No other board allows that vulgar language.


    Is that what you call crying about “boiling pus” all the time when people disagree with you?


    Screaming someone is a bigot and disgrace to the human race is “comic relief”?


    “I” brought it back?

    Ummmmmmmmmm, I ignored you for DAYS and it was NON-STOP insults from you.


    I’ve met people who have ZERO self-awareness, but you take the cake.

    As far as your lap dog HC, it sure is odd that every time I ask how I’m a hypocrite, they ALWAYS duck it and refuse to give any examples.

    HC, why don’t you EVER rip your boyfriend for stuff you CRY about me doing? Afraid he’ll make you sleep on the couch for a week?

  58. Oh….and “rooted in anger”?


    Just try reading ANY of your posts where someone rips our team/players/coach any.

    You start FOAMING at the mouth and act like they murdered 100 nuns after forcing them to rape 1,000 puppies.

    I’ve never seen bigger meltdowns in my entire life.

  59. Not sure why anyone would consider UNC as “soft”… There are a couple ways of looking at the team:

    1) overall program and system – they have a HOF coach and have won 2 of the last 7 national championships. The system that Williams employs obviously works for the type of talent he brings in. They also have one of the largest fan bases nationally – one that transcends its graduates and people from NC because of their profile and former payers – so they will have great support no matter where they play.

    2) this group of players – individually they have a ton of talent, but the pieces fit quite nicely together too.
    – Marshall may be the 1st Team All-American PG this year. He is extremely unselfish, has a great bball IQ, has great size, and has proven to be a much more effective scorer when needed recently.
    – Bullock has stepped in really nicely since the Strickland injury. He also has great size at 6’7″ and shoots the 3 really well (40%)
    – Barnes has NBA all-star ability, shoots it well, has a mid-range game, can attack the rim, and has great size as well. He was tremendous in the NCAA tournament last year averaging over 21 & 8 in 4 games.
    – Henson is a very similar player to Anthony Davis. Extremely long and effective defender who has really improved his offense this year. He averages 14 & 10 with 3 blocks.
    – Zeller apparently was named ACC player of the year. He is 7’0″ 250 lbs and agile, averages 16 & 9 while shooting 55% FG and 80+% from the FT line… Tough match-up.
    – bench = McAdoo and Hairston, a 6’9″ F/C and a 6’6” athletic and strong wing.

    Basically the team is huge, and the only real weakness is their lack of depth at the guard position. However, as long as Marshall stays out of foul trouble they want him controlling the game anyway, so that lack of depth shouldn’t hurt them. They rebound, block shots, have shooters, run the floor as well as any team in the country, and 4 of their 5 starters shoot over 70% from the line.

    This year they are 27-4 with a 1-pt loss to #1 Kentucky, a 1-pt loss to #6 Duke on a buzzer-beater, a 10 point loss to #20 UNLV (25-7) in Las Vegas, and then the one stinker, where they obviously didn’t show up and got beat by #17 FSU (21-9) by 33.

    They beat both B1G teams they played, MSU and UW, that also just happen to be 2 of the most physical teams in the country.

    I guess when I look at all the stuff above I just don’t think of a “soft” team.

    Laffy (or anyone else) – could you provide me with some reasons to think otherwise?

  60. Me calm down?


    You’re the one that goes APE$HIT CRAZY if people say anything negative about the team.

    Or you.

    You tell me to “get a sense of humor” and yet, when I make a joke about your lap dog being your “boyfriend”, you start SOBBING about “homophobia” and other nonsense.

    You have THE thinnest skin on earth.

    By far.

    Try not to go INSANE when people point the team isn’t PERFECT, ok, pumpkin?

    And I hate to break it to ya, but by always crying with “wipe my a$$” makes YOU the one that needs to get a grip.

    If Dustin had ANY balls at all, he’d boot you off for that vulgar nonsense….especially your “take a $hit” line.

  61. Geoff—

    Not sure why you’re bringing up past Titles since I’m talking about THIS team.

    Or the size of their fanbase as it pertains to them being soft. What does that have to do with anything as far as them being soft?

    I guess that FSU loss sticks in my mind. And UNLV isn’t that great either.

    I hope you’re right and they beat Kaintuck (if they face them). I doubt I pick them to make the Final Four. Just have a bad feeling about them.

  62. That’s priceless.

    I have to hand it to you, Hillbilly. You are a MASTER at taking of what YOU are guilty of and projecting it onto others.

    You’re a Republican, aren’t you? They are FAMOUS for that.

    The only one “having a meltdown” is you. How long ago did I say Jordy gets abused on defense? 3 weeks? And yet, you STILL cry about it EVERY day.

    Let it go, dude.

    And, as I said, you start FOAMING at the mouth if you think the team is “disrespected.”

    Hell, you’re worse than those Muslims who start screaming death threats if somebody draws a picture of Mohammed.


    If anyone is bored, all they have to do is come here to yank your chain with, “Jordy isn’t an All American” and watch you have the biggest meltdown in the history of mankind.

    You’ll start calling them every name in the book for PAGES and PAGES and start sobbing about “wiping your a$$” with their posts and all kinds of other nonsense.

    And then STILL be SOBBING about it a month later.

    Charles Barkley had it right when it comes to nutjobs like you.

  63. Laffy – did you read what I wrote? I am bringing up the recent past because this is the same coaching staff and the same system. Those things are relevant to a current teams success and chances going forward.

    I bring up the fan base because teams that like to get up and down, make plays in transition, and have success based on their spurtability often feed off crowd energy. I don’t know how many NCAA tourney games you’ve been to, but those venues are often a little strange, and almost always larger than college arenas. I can pretty much guarantee you that (based on the bracket in the link) there won’t be a huge crowd or a lot of energy at a Gonzaga/UConn first round match-up. For teams that have national fan-bases and travel well that is a distinct advantage.

    It’s understandable that the FSU loss sticks in your head, but I don’t see how it defines the team.
    Does it say more or less about the Tarheels than their 18 point win at Cameron with the ACC title on the line?

    As far as UNLV not being that good… Hmmm ok, but thats just a judgement, and I have nothing else from you as to why they aren’t that good. When I saw them play twice this year they looked pretty good to me. They were 4-1 against BCS conference schools…

    They beat UNC – the ACC champ – by 10
    They beat Cal – the PAC champ – by 17
    They beat #19 Illinois by 16 at The United Center when they were 10-1

    So again, WHY do you think UNC is soft?

  64. Again……so?

    IU used be TOUGH under Bobby. Then Andre Patterson showed up and the team became SOFT and UNDER-ACHIEVERS.

    And I never saw that TOUGHNESS again…..even after Patterson had left. He was a cancer that killed the team.

    So, past success doesn’t mean squat to THIS team.

    Just a feeling, that’s why.

    I don’t watch much basketball. And yet, I usually do very well in my brackets (last year I sucked…bad).

    I’ve won them a few times….and I go by “feeling.” One year, I was in the Top 1,000 in ESPN’s bracket contest….out of over a million entries.

    Sorry, I don’t have the stats to give you that you want.

  65. Laffy

    If Dustin doesn’t throw you off the blog for telling him to “go to hell”, “shove it” I don’t see him removing anyone without a memo. Some which have been already issued. You can tell Dustin has a lot of passion and enjoyment in his job:Ryan included, and all who run this site. Not to mention all journal duties in Bloomington.

    You are what 47? come on.
    Straw men if they are out there
    just trying to keep the conversation lively.

    Double Down come on back.

    Ron watch the Pythons , had a friend loose their dog close to the Glades. Used to blame it on gators, maybe a panther, now more than likely pythons.

  66. Ok, so who is this UNC team’s Andre Patterson?

    I get that you don’t pay much attention to basketball and that you’re just going on a feeling… but what about this UNC team leads you to believe they are soft?

    I’m not looking for stats, but some reasons or examples would be nice. How about a trend… Something.

  67. A final thought, why do you think it is that you are the only one that feels they have been abused? I mean, you claim he’s insulting everyone but no one else seems to be having any issues. I’m guessing you fly solo.

  68. Geoff, I appreciate the fact that you keep bringing this back to basketball. Not because I even agree with Laffy, but just to have a basketball debate and not a personal one, I will offer this thought:

    I have been watching Tyler Zeller since he was a sophomore in high school. His team was rivals with a local team whose players I knew, one of whom was a (much younger) neighbor I oftened played with. However big and talented he is, he has shied away from contact his entire career. His chief rival in high school was Garret Butcher, now a senior at Butler. Butcher is 5″ shorter and 40 pounds lighter, but still played a more forceful, physical game than Zeller. When he went off to college, I watched him float up and down the court for the first couple of years, never really mixing it up, mostly content to find easy openings in transition or in loose ball situations. He is really talented, and has become more physical over time, but he still plays with more finesse than power. He may not be ” soft”, but I still do not see him as a tough guy on par with, say, Draymond Green or even Robbie Hummel. I have no statistics or film to back this up, just a longstanding sense that he avoids the rougher aspects of the game if he can.

    North Carolina is a talented team, and may win it all, but if their best player (according to the voters) is a career softy, that has to be a factor in the team’s personality.

    Again, not sure I even buy it, but just to make a basketball point……

  69. It’s a stereotype but there is a reason stereotypes exist, the ACC is a soft league. Whether a ACC team wins by 20 or gets blown off the floor is purely dependent on how the game is officiated.

  70. Well Chet, it seems that the games are refereed in favor of the ACC’s softer style then, because since 2000 the ACC has won 5 national titles. The two leagues that have the more physical reputation – the Big Ten and the Big East – have a combined 4…

  71. I haven’t been here for a while sounds like the blog has gone to the dogs. I MADE A PROMISE TO MYSELF TO BE A BETTER PERSON AND NOT STIR UP THE RADICALS,SO BOYS AND GIRLS SOME OF YOU GET A FIFTEEN YARD PENALTY FOR YOUR LANGUAGE AND KNOCK IT OFF oR I will personally slap the crap out of you. How’s that Chet and Geoff

  72. Diehard – yeah, I’m not convinced that Tyler Zeller is an enforcer by any means, but I wouldn’t consider him soft at this point either. I think the fact that he was named POY backs that up to some extent. I’m also not convinced that he’s the team leader, simply because Marshall is so good. Usually when you have a great PG like that he just naturally takes on a leadership role, even if he is only a soph.

    I will say that I don’t think that anyone will be able to label Cody soft at the end of his IU career. He has already gone toe-to-toe with some of the best bigs in the country and come out on top – Davis, Sullinger, Leonard, Cooley, etc…

  73. Manning and Irsay just got off a plane from Florida, local sports caught them riding from airport together, looked friendly.

  74. Why all the fuss on the SI article.Obviously Davis had a beer with a few coaches,got them to spew a few over the top criticisms and Voila,he had an article.The whole point was to make controversial comments and attract attention.It seemed like barber-shop BS to me.I never gave most of those comments a second thought.Now as far as COY,everyone including the coaches knows Crean was COY.these things are popularity contests and I’m guessing Crean failed.Maybe a few coaches and sportswriters aren’t too happy about IU rising from the ashes!

  75. I think you nailed it. If they do anything at all over the next couple weeks he’s national COY.

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