Bo Ryan blocks long list of schools for Jarrod Uthoff transfer

Wisconsin freshman forward Jarrod Uthoff has requested his release from Madison. By NCAA rule, coach Bo Ryan is allowed to provide a list of schools to which Uthoff can not transfer. Ryan has blocked the entire Big Ten, Marquette, Iowa State and perhaps most surprisingly, the entire Atlantic Coast Conference, presumably because Wisconsin has to play one ACC team per year in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. This, you won’t be surprised to know, has elicited some outrage on the interwebs. Several interesting takes on this one, including this from IU grad, ESPN’s Eamonn Brennan.


  1. Never figured Ryan to be afraid of competition and maybe this says more about sour grapes. Even though this is allowed by the NCAA, enacting the action is juvenile. Bo if you are ever looking to relocate(moving up)for the benefit of your family’s financial security I hope AD Alvarez hands you a big list of schools you are not allowed to be employed by. After all that is your slant on the All-American way. I’ll bet Luke Fisher is glad he is moving to a warmer location.

  2. A classic example of “penny wise and pound foolish.” The damage Bo Ryan is doing to his image and reputation is far, far worse than any damage this young man could do playing against Ryan’s team in two years. Ryan is not as smart as I thought he was. This makes him look small, petty and vindictive. He’ll suffer for this stupidity, especially as other coaches use it against him in recruiting battles.

    That’s the second Wisconsin Head coach that displayed a total lack of class. The head football coach is also an undignified jerk.

    On Wisconsin…….

  3. This is very curious. If a college Coach or program decides that it is through with a player’s services, the scholarship is renewable on an annual basis, so NO problem, the kid must pay his own way or transfer. But if the kid decides that he is through with the Coach’s or program’s services, there is a BIG problem. The kid must beg for a “release” of the “annually renewable” scholarship and submit to whatever restrictions the school places on his transfer, because another coach or program can not offer a scholarship except according to the terms of this “release”. Little things like the 14TH Amendment to the US Constitution, the “due process” and “equal protection” clauses of same, might seem to be violated in this scenario. Where is a lawyer when you actually need one?

  4. BeatPurdue; you raise an interesting point. It may just be a matter of time before some ambitious constitutional lawyer convinces a college player and his family to file suit against a college and/or the NCAA. For someone that wants to take on the system, it could be uninteresting case.

    I am the least litigious person that you would ever meet, but this case and the NCAA rules that allow Ryan to do this seem like an obvious justification for civil litigation. It might be fun to watch some high powered law firm try to take the NCAA down a peg. If nothing else, there should be a limit to the number of schools that a coach can prevent a player from transferring to.

    Now we don’t really know all the facts about this young man and why he is transferring. Maybe he has mis-behaved at while at Wisconsin, maybe he’s a bad apple, and this is Ryan trying to teach him a lesson. Who knows? But on the face of it, it looks abusive and could invite litigation.

  5. Dustin-

    Have you heard anything about Roth wanting to take his one year of reamining eligibility to immediately go play for Majerus at St. Louis? Hate to lose the outside shooting and the instant change in momentum force a marksman like Roth can provide.

  6. Ryan is going to get killed for this on the recruiting trail. It’s going to end up costing him a lot more than one player.

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