Samford to hire IU assistant Seltzer

Jeff Goodman of is reporting that Samford is close to a deal with Indiana assistant Bennie Seltzer to become the new head coach. Seltzer has been with Tom Crean for all four of his years at Indiana as well as two at Marquette.

The obvious presumption would be that if Seltzer is hired by Samford, director of operations Calbert Cheaney would be promoted to the full-time assistant position.


  1. I agree. Calbert would suit up and show those youngsters how it is done. Plus I think he could really push these guys and help them develop into outstanding players.

  2. Man, I’d LOVE to have Calbert, my favorite player of all time, to work with Watford and Holloway and the others.

  3. Every good program has an exceptional replacement “in waiting” to fill a coaching departure but none can be more exceptional than Calbert. Enter CC!

  4. Crean didn’t do all this work at IU just to leave for UK. I think he’s at IU until he retires or is fired.

  5. Aruss, why would “Coach Cal” leave Kentucky for the NBA? He’s been there done that before and it did not work out well for either party. Besides, at over $6 million a year in compensation, I doubt many NBA teams could offer enough of an increase for him to justify the risk of leaving Kentucky.

    The only scenario in which I could see Calipari going to the NBA would be if Kentucky basketball gets investigated by the NCAA for recruiting violations and other rules violations. Then, like he has done on two previous occasions, he’d jump ship quickly.

  6. Look for Darrin Horn former S. Carolina coach to end up on IU’s staff if he doesn’t get a head coaching job soon; especially if Buckley leaves too.

  7. Aruss, I’d be shocked if either one of those things happened…

    So no I hadn’t though about and I probably won’t starting in about 5 seconds.

  8. And following up on Podunker’s thoughts… If that happens the UK job wouldn’t be appealing to many top flight coaches, especially Crean who already had to pull IU out of he mud.

  9. I think Calipari has already done the NBA thing and his ego didn’t work in that league. Remember, the NBA is about the players, not the coaches and I think he had a problem with that.

  10. The NBA was much different when Coach Cal was there. Imagine this likely scenario: Miami Heat does not win the NBA finals in June. Pat Riley decides to make a coaching change to bring in a players coach. World Wide Wes and Pat tell Coach Cal he can coach the Big Three plus they’ll draft Teague and Miller.

    Coach Cal brings in another loaded recruiting class for next year so he’d leave UK in good shape and he recommends his good friend Coach Crean.

    It really makes you think.

  11. Calipari to the NBA? Absolutely possible and everyone’s talking about. Remember when he said he didn’t think he’d last 10 years in Kentucky? Not saying it will happen but it could. Crean to Kentucky? Not so much.

  12. I’ll marry Hillbilly before Crean goes to Kentucky.

    I doubt Calipari goes to the NBA anyway. He’s an average coach and the only reason he wins at Kaintuck is he gets THE best talent.

  13. The obvious implication is that IU will extend Crean’s contract and significantly increase his compensation in response to any serious threat of losing him.

    And it was literally less than a year ago when several posters on this site were arguing that IU made a huge mistake hiring Tom Crean, or that IU should fire Tom Crean, or they suggested that Crean could not coach and was only a “cheerleader ” or salesman. Have not heard from those people for a while now. Hmmmm?

  14. The best part about post #13 is the drafting of Teague and Miller… Teague has exactly 5 more days to figure out if he’s declaring for the draft… and if he does Mami will need TWO 2nd round picks, which maybe they already have or maybe they’d have to trade for, because neither Teague or Miller is considered a 1st rounder. Norris Cole is twice the payer Teague is and Miller is a poor man’s Mike Miller who is under contract thru next season along with Shane Battier and James Jones. Neither player would impact the roster one iota…

    I also like the premise that IF the Heat DON’T win the championship that they would hire an ego-maniac who has failed in his only attempt at the NBA, like that would somehow be the cure.

    No it isn’t a “likely scenario”, and you made it completely ridiculous with the addition of the 2 least important pieces of UK’s championship top 6.

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