Davis No. 107, Hartman No. 110 and Fischer No. 134 in latest Rivals 2013 rankings

Rivals.com just updated it’s Class of 2013 rankings. Indiana commitment and Warren Central forward Devin Davis tops the Hoosiers-to-be at No. 107. Cathedral’s Collin Hartman is No. 110 and Luke Fischer of Germantown (Wis.) is No. 134. Check out the whole list here.


  1. Our highest rated kid is only # 107 while the class is full and we have other top kids interested?


  2. I agree with Laffy. Big drop off from the 2012 class to the 2013 class and if guys leave early, and free up space, our talent pool will get smaller.

  3. Hartman and Davis are ranked higher than Oladipo and Sheehey were, and look how they turned out. Fans just need to trust Coach Creen.

  4. You can’t have a team full of 4 & 5-star players without risking too much attrition. Our 2013 commits are strong role players, if not more depending on how they develop. If we bring in other high-level kids along with Lyles in 2014, then we reload our talent and maintain a balance.

  5. No one is saying you need a team “full” of those guys.

    I just wish Crean wasn’t taking such early commits from kids that aren’t ranked that high.

    What’s the rush?

  6. Coach Crean has proved to me he can do whatever the hell he wants when evaluating, recruiting and offering a ride. He owns my proxy.

  7. Call me crazy but Crean seems to have a certain craftiness for identifying and cultivating recruits (especially wings) that aren’t top flight, top-50 type prospects…

    Dwayne Wade – recruited by only 3 D1 schools, ranked out of top 100 in 2002

    Wes Matthews – #85 recruit by Rivals’ rankings in 2005, and the #28 SG in the class

    Lazar Hayward – #73 ranked recruit in class of 2006 by Rivals

    Steve Novak – 16th ranked PF in class of 2002, ranked in 60’s by most services

    And those are just the guys he’s sent to the NBA.

    We have seen the progress so far from Dipo and Sheehey…

    Maybe that’s why you’ll have a hard time drumming up panic with guys like Davis and Hartman. He also hasn’t stuck his neck out on lower ranked recruits in 2014, with the exception of Bluiett, and his early offers for 2015 and 2016 are on blue chips.

  8. Good way to say it HC.

    I also question why we should even consider giving up that proxy to “the services” who are most vulnerable to high school coaches and colleges where they need access and subscriptions.

  9. Just to offer some perspective here on the timing issue, remember that Devin Davis and Collin Hartman came on in the middle of a wave. They were after Zeller, before Yogi. The team was coming off 10-21 and was heading for 12-20, but there was this feeling that they were taking over the state. At that point, Hartman was coming off a very strong summer and seemed like he might be the best player in the state in that class, and Davis had established himself as one of the better ones. There was very much this sense of momentum, and you sort of have to wonder if, say, refusing to take their commitments would’ve slowed that down. Crean was taking some heat about not getting players from the state but he was proving it wrong in a very big way all at once. I know you guys don’t want to hear this word again, but that was why they called it The Movement. They really didn’t mean it just for that class even though we sort of assigned it to them. It just sort of all happened at once with Zeller being in the middle of it.
    I don’t say that to suggest that Hartman and Davis will not pan out, because I think they will at the very least serve a purpose and could very well develop into starters on tournament teams. It’s quite possible that if Crean could’ve seen the future and knew that he’d have a Sweet 16 in his pocket this summer, he might not have taken those two and might have gone after bigger fish. But I think to evaluate his decision to take those commitments, you have to look at where he was at the time they gave them and I think the timing very much factored in.

  10. Ratings add a kind of meat-market interest to the discussion — look how high this one jumps! look how long this one’s arms are! — but they are almost entirely worthless when it comes to predicting productivity on the court. Like many others here, I remember the 1989 class, the two most highly rated members of which were Lawrence Funderburke, a top-10 type talent, and Pat Graham, Indiana’s Mr. Basketball. Funderburke flopped at IU, then transferred to Ohio State. Graham had a solid but unspectacular career as a role player. In the meantime, Calbert Cheaney, the least heralded member of the group due to a foot injury his junior year, became national player of the year.

    More recently, compare the fate of Christian Watford and Maurice Creek to that of Victory Oladipo and Will Sheehey. Watford and Creek were both top-50ish, Sheehey and Oladipo top-100ish, but at least through their sophomore years, Oladipo and Sheehey have been far more productive. Had Creek stayed healthy things would obviously be different, but he didn’t, and thats how things go.

    Not to say that I think the 2013 class will be great, or even good, just to say that rankings are irrelevant. I will admit I wish the players showed a bit more athleticism, but like others I have stopped questioning Crean. Some of his recruits will work and some will not, but overall things look very bright to me.

  11. Pat Graham was hampered by injuries the entire time at IU so I don’t think it’s fair to say he “didn’t pan out” in that context.

    Does Crean have a great eye for talent? Sure.

    But that doesn’t mean he’s ALWAYS right and that we need to keep our mouths shut and never express an opinion.

  12. If you spell “its” correctly, you will appear more literate. You can think of “his” and “hers” lacking apostrophes, and “its” following that pattern. “It’s” is the contraction for “it is”. Just a friendly reminder.

  13. Uh…that’s how he used it.

    “I don’t think it’s fair” is merely a contracted form of “I don’t think it is fair.”

  14. Sweet 16, and to say he has not done all things right is hard to swallow. In fact the S#16 run signifies that he did and on a fast track schedule. Bet heavily these commits and the JUCO baller pan out also.

  15. No, he hasn’t done “all” things right as we got killed in a couple games we shouldn’t have.

    And we’re over-signed by one, meaning someone is going to have to leave that probably doesn’t want to go.

  16. No it doesn’t, Gomer.

    It proves we got to the Sweet 16….and that’s it.

    It doesn’t prove he’s done “everything” right.

    Hell, Davis got us to the Title game and MOST “fans” STILL crucified the guy.

  17. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    You re-tard racists crack me up.

    The WHITE coaches get ALL the credit but the BLACK coach gets ZERO.

  18. What does that have to do with the FACT you rednecks REFUSE to give Davis ANY credit for getting to the Title game?

    Oh, and if Bobby hadn’t quit mid-season, he probably would have been fired twice too.

    How many times has his worthless son been fired from coaching?

  19. Laffy, not that I care but one of the keystones of communication is everything that follows name calling is completely invalidated.

    So…you can be persuasive or you can call names but you can’t do both.

    Suit yourself.

  20. Who made you God to make that rule?

    I’ll tell you what “invalidates” discussion:

    Hypocrisy by racist hillbillies.

    You lose.

  21. Illinois fired Bubbles Weber and he is white. RMK’s “worthless” son has has been fired half as many times as MD. Oh, by the way the son is white too.

  22. Laffy,
    It’s not a rule, but it is the way things work. There’s a lot of times you have a valid point on here that gets lost with the fact that you call everybody racist hillbillies. I don’t think your basic opinion on this whole religious deal is out of line at all, and if you didn’t call everyone a Bible thumper, etc., you might add a useful dissenting voice to an obviously two-sided discussion. You can get people to reconsider their preconceived notions or you can call them stuff and turn them against you and shout at the wind. It’s your call.
    That being said, I’m going to take up for Laffy a tad here. Why are coaches viewed as static characters? Why are they viewed as constants in the equation? Isn’t it possible that Mike Davis did a really good job with the 2002 team and was a good fit for that group but then also made poor decisions that eventually led to his resignation? Why does what he did in 2006 completely invalidate what he did in 2002? Sometimes a coach presses the right buttons. Sometimes he doesn’t. In the long run, you add that all up, you look at where the program is, and you decide whether he deserves an extension. But just because Mike Davis didn’t push the right buttons for UAB in 2011-12 doesn’t mean he didn’t push the right buttons for Indiana 10 years ago.

  23. I get called names constantly, so save me the lecture on “If you call names, you automatically lose the debate” crap.

    Or, are you saying I’ve won virtually every debate I’ve ever been in on the various boards (because I get called every name in the book)?

    And if people have different rules for white coaches than they do black coaches, I’m going to call them racists.

    That’s not “name-calling”, it’s stating a fact.

  24. Performance dictates all, no matter the race. Perform and win and you stay, static mediocrity or losing and your gone. Ask Bill Lynch. The equation is simple.

  25. Of course, that has ZERO to what was being discussed.

    I was told that Crean did “everything right” because the team got to the Sweet 16.

    Yet when Davis got us to the TITLE game, we were told he was a “worthless” coach and the ALL the credit belonged to the players.

    There’s a reason that Davis was THE first black coach in ANY sport at IU:

    Bunch of redneck hillbillies.

  26. Oh, and spare me the “static mediocrity and you’re gone” nonsense.

    Knight was mediocre, at best, his last 6 years at IU and his worshippers STILL demanded he be kept on the job and think his firing was the CRIME OF THE CENTURY.

  27. Fast tracked to the S16 by Coach Crean performing flawlessly.

    MD has been shown the door twice, once by low level UAB.

    Now Laffed-At I’m done as my belly is tired from “laffing”.

  28. During at least part of Mike Davis’ tenure the head coaches of the three biggest sports teams in the state, the Pacers, ND football, and Indiana basketball were all black.

    There went your racism argument.

    As far as Davis losing his job at Indiana that had as much to do with his repeated statements that Indiana was just a stopover on the way to the NBA. Compare that to CTC repeatedly saying that IU is, as far as he is concerned, the best job in the country.

    If you tell people you’re just temporary often enough they are gonna take you up on it.

  29. …you could add Dungy and Caldwell to that list as well.

    …sand the most beloved Pacer of all time is Reggie Miller.

  30. I don’t care about the other teams, Elmer.

    At IU, Davis was THE first black coach in ANY sport.


    It took THAT long to get a black coach?

    And from the SECOND he took over, he was given ZERO chance to succeed by the hillbillies.

    Even when he got us to the Title game, he was given ZERO credit for it.

    Just as now.

    Yet, Crean is slobbered all over for getting us to the Sweet 16.

    I’ve lived in 9 states and never heard the N-word more than in Indiana. So stop the cryfest there are no racists there.

  31. No, Righties have the patent on “projection.”

    Just look at how they went CRAZY over the comment one woman made about Mitt’s wife “not working.”

    They treated that “story” like someone had murdered 10,000 nuns, 20,000 Jews and 100,000 puppies.

    Hell, just today Mitt was CRYING how “attacking Americans is wrong.”


    After you ran one of the dirtiest primaries EVER and have called Obama every name in the book?

    The second you hillbillies stop having different standards for black people than you do white people is the day I stop calling you racists.

  32. Sounds more like a problem with the people you choose to spend time with. I never used to hear it when I lived there.

  33. …and I’ve lived in a lot more places than that.

    The only places I heard it a lot were South Carolina and Alabama.

  34. Hey Clarion, remember when Chet and I said something to Laffy about name-calling not helping in winning arguments and then you followed that by calling him Laffed-At? You do appreciate that you didn’t so much help the cause there, eh?

  35. Considering the turmoil IU was in after the Knight firing, I always believed Davis performed

    He out-coached what many consider to be the best coach in the land, Coach K, at a Regional semifinal game in Lexington. Most fun I ever had at a basketball game. Probably at the top of the list in greatest come-from-behind victories in NCAA history. Davis was the no-name “Italian Stallion,” the Rocky Balboa, in a fight few believed he had a legitimate shot. He and the Hoosiers shocked the world in taking down “The Master of Disaster,” the Apollo Creed of Duke Hoops, Mike Krzyzewski.

    I think the pressures and the anxiety in the fan base was considerably different when comparing how the reins of the program were handed to Davis as opposed to Crean. Davis inherited a program when the “God of B-Ball Knowledge,” a coach many still long a symbolic atonement a return to Bloomington, had been ousted in controversy. The fallout of “Zero Tolerance” didn’t make for a content village the prominent coaches throughout the country would have anxiously dropped good gigs, packed their bags, to step into the role a divided Hoosier Nation. Nutcases were building bonfires and Myles Brand was being torched in effigy outside his front lawn when the game ball was handed to Davis.

    Though decimated in terms of roster rebuilding, Crean inherited a program when most the hate was directed at the former coach and the ousted administration. With the bible under one arm, and a sales pitch under the other projecting his a desire to one day honor the ol’ “General” and provide a Knight-infused restoration the culture of student/athlete built our heyday, how could he not have the complete backing of the fans? Though Indiana had been “decimated,” Crean had the opportunity to step aboard a new ship rather than captain a divided ship in total mutiny.

  36. oops…I always believed Davis performed admirably in consideration his experience level.

  37. What’s hilarious is how people say they aren’t racists yet make “jokes” about Obama including watermelon and fried chicken…..and comparing him to an African witch doctor with a bone in his nose.

    Yeah, not racists at all…….


  38. Fischer is the steal nationally of the 2013 recruits. He should be a top 30 when the senior season is completed. Davis and Hartman will be the Victor and Will of their class nationally: really solid students, great character kids, terrific teammates, gym rats who have great motors and tons of talent on the floor, “just tell me what to do Coach” kids. The rating guys really don’t like IU. Even Cody was only a #15, when the season just proved that he was at least #3 in his class. So what, play with a chip on your shoulders and just “win, baby”!

  39. Davis was in a no win situation. You rarely see someone last long term when they step in for any sort of ‘legend’, even if his performance hadn’t been very legendary in quite some time.

    I wouldn’t put much money on Paterno’s replacement lasting out the decade.

    While I’m sure they were out there I doubt that racism played any role in his ouster. There is no valid evidence it played any role in his firing any more than it played a role in his firing at UAB.

  40. It played sort of a tangential role, as it didn’t exactly help his mental well-being at the time. He got death threats and nasty e-mails and letters and phone calls. The racism was a real thing and Davis was something of an emotional dude, so it certainly didn’t help. But he did leave the gig on his own.
    I again, submit my tale on the issue with thoughts from the principals.


  41. DD, If you honestly think he was going to stop per the lessons in debate I will consider your remarks as just. But somehow I do not think I would ever have to. He cannot win an argument in his mind w/o doing so, hence he will never quit. So your rub on me is neutralized by his forever effervescence. He considers me a racist, yet my 2 favorite players of all time at IU are Anthony Thompson and Bobby Wilkerson. I know before your time(maybe his). Are they black? Do cows have cloven hooves?

  42. I don’t Davis was fired because he was black.

    I think many “fans” hated him because he was black.

    Big difference.

    Same with Obama.

    They’d have video at Palin events where people said, “I don’t care if Obama is black” while they were on camera.

    Yet when the camera wasn’t on them, but the sound was still on, that same person would then say, “I’ll never vote for the n-word in my life”…..and other racial crap.

    I was watching something last night that showed Klan members in the 70’s. You guys really think all those people/feelings are gone?

    Get real.

    Hell, look at all the Tea Baggers STILL crying about Obama’s birth certificate.

    Nothing but veiled racism and bigotry.

  43. Ahhhhhhh, the “some of my best friends are black” nonsense…..

    I’ll bet you $10,000 there are COUNTLESS racists who consider Jordan their favorite player.

  44. Anyone remember the Loopers?

    They were/are the biggest Knight-worshippers on earth.

    And FLAMING racists.

    They didn’t even try to hide it.

  45. Well DD, there you have it, proof your jab at me is neutralized. He has toys in his head and his enjoyment is playing with them here in front of us. A lost cause.

  46. Jeeeeesus Laffy, Clarion isn’t a racist. Is he a staunch conservative, yes, but just because he votes GOP doesn’t mean he takes every single cue from the radical right just as just because you’re liberal doesn’t mean you’re a communist.
    Was going for slow progress there, man, babysteps. Trying to slowly counter this across-the-board wave of ridiculousness because if things keep going the direction they’re going I might just have to ban all of yinz and start over.
    And now I’m dropping Pittsburgh-speak so you know I’m serious.

  47. Are you really trying to tell me that if you say, “I like certain black players” that you can’t be a racist?



    I’ve heard MANY people PRAISE Jordan…..and then turn around and use the n-word about other blacks.

  48. I’m not a liberal. I think they are just as crazy as the extreme Righties.

    And I don’t think everyone who votes GOP is a racist. Not at all.

    Just the people who have different rules/standards for blacks than they do whites.

    Like giving all the credit to white coaches but none to black coaches.

    When Crean’s team did well, it’s because HE is a great coach.

    When Davis’ team did EVEN BETTER, it was “in spite of him” and ALL of the “players'” credit.


  49. Gosh, I hope the members of my family who are black don’t find out what a racist I am. That could really screw up Christmas.

    I’m going back to ignoring him. He is incapable of dialogue.

  50. 1) You’re right. It’s impossible for white people to be racists if they have black relatives. How silly of me.

    2) Of course, you’ve all ducked the points I’ve made about having completely different standards for white coaches than black coaches.

    3) You kkklowns think YOU’RE capable of “serious dialogue”? Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! According to YOUR rules, if you criticize ANY member of the team, you “hate IU” (unless, of course, the coach is black. Then, it’s your DUTY to rip him if you think he sucks or did something wrong).

  51. Quick question Laffy, because it seems you’re painting with an awfully broad brush…

    What could or would these “racists” be able to do to prove (to you) they aren’t racist? It seems like a tough label to undo once labelled, whether fairly or unfairly…

  52. DD…you can’t blame that one on Clarion. That’s unfair. We have months of posts of immediate and unprovoked insults including “moron, Gomer, retards,racists, rednecks, hillbillies, Elmer (also suggesting a challenged individual), righties, bigots…. Generally, there is only one tone ‘Hoosiers are bigots’, generally all whites are racists, all who believe in a higher Being are automatically mentally challenged, ignorant and deranged…and somehow he is able to get you DD to intercede in defense of his rights to insult everyone else.

    That’s fine. I went through it, decided he was not intelligent, talented or civilized enough to concern or occupy any of my time. I’ll argue (I know even you DD know I like a good argument) with anyone who have enough intelligence to be able to defend the fact that they breath in and out but there’s a point at which I look and see absolutely nothing but darkness.

    And that’s scary…even (or perhaps especially) in a blog we come too looking for intelligent, interesting and challenging materials and individuals who show some (any at all) willingness to disagree even argue but with at least the substance of a soap bubble.

    Chet…I agreed before and, at least I, decided that the sum of 0+0 is still 0 and ‘it’ simply disappeared. Eventually, like the soap bubble, it will go ‘poop’ and it won’t be there. Like I tell my grandchildren “all gone!”

  53. [Par 2] …who have [should read ‘has’] enough intelligence to be able to defend the fact that they breath[ he breathes] in and out but there‚Äôs a point at which I look and see absolutely nothing but darkness.
    [Par 3]…in a blog we come too [should read ‘we come to’].

  54. Geoff–

    Have you not read one single thing I’ve written? Do you want me to type slower for ya?

    Here ya go:

    Don’t have different standards for black coaches than you do white coaches.

    Pretty f-ing simple.

    And I’ve said it at least 5 f-ing times.

    With Crean, we hear, “He was PERFECT because he got us to the Sweet 16. You can’t fault ANYTHING he did because of how far he got us in the Dance.”

    Yet when Davis was in charge, even getting all the way to the end got Davis ZERO respect.


    He was STILL called a “horrible” coach and ALL of the credit given to the players.

    All. of. it.

    Just look at the redneck who did it in this conversation.

    To recap: White coach has success…..he gets SLOBBERED all over on how PERFECT a job he did.

    Black coach had better success and he’s called the worse coach in the country.

  55. TT, for a “Christian”, you sure do lie a lot.

    Of course, that’s typical for you frauds.

    I never even insinuated this: “all who believe in a higher Being are automatically mentally challenged, ignorant and deranged”

    In fact, I’ve said the opposite. I think there IS a “higher being.”

    What I HAVE said, Mr. Intellectually Dishonest, is that anyone that believes the BIBLE is mentally challenged.

    Completely different things.

    You bigots think if people don’t believe in the Bible, they don’t believe in ANY “higher power.”

    Complete hogwash.

    And it’s been explained to you 1,000 times and you STILL repeat the same old crap.

    And yet, you cry that “I” am “incapable of dialogue.”


    And spare me the constant victim act on how you guys treat everyone with respect and can’t understand how anyone is rude to you.

  56. Regarding Mike Davis: Mike Davis did do a good job with the first team he inherited from Bob Knight. He did so by staying with Knight’s system that entire first year and the players (all personally selected by and stamped in the image of BK) did a great job playing within that system; offensively and defensively.

    After that Coach Davis (and I am not one of those who gets any satisfaction whatsoever from the fact that professionally he’s suffered a strong setback- I liked him, he was a good guy and am still grateful he stepped into the aftermath of the mess made by the IU administration) made three points very clear. 1. He would play an up tempo, NBA style basketball (a huge mistake in an environment that took pride in the Hoosier’s signature disciplined basketball- simply said that was us). 2. Would recruit players to his NBA style system 3. Would recruit players outside of Indiana (another huge mistake in a state where the Hoosier player is a signature statement. (Even within his style, he would have been better off to recruit the state’s urban areas).

    Then, Coach Davis became publicly derisive of Hoosier roundball, gradually became defensive and slowly lost his support. What was saddest for many was watching Mike Davis slowly blow himself up so publicly.

    DD, you had to be here and follow the slow-w-w erosion of Indiana basketball to understand how much was a matter of internal combustion. I truly believe we came within a hair’s breadth of becoming irrelevant and that only this year did we stop the slide.

  57. Every irony meter in the universe exploded over this:

    “What was saddest for many was watching Mike Davis slowly blow himself up so publicly.”

    When Knight BLEW UP PUBLICLY, he was PRAISED for it.

    Of course, when the BLACK coach did it, it’s “sad.”

    Thanks for proving my point even more for me, Grand Dragon.

    Oh…..and it stopped being “Indiana” basketball LONG before Davis took charge.

    Knight’s last few teams were a JOKE….which is why he got PUNKED in the Dance by FAR worse teams.

    And you hillbillies STILL slobbered all over him.

  58. Laffy, I read everything you wrote I just don’t have the same perception you do of the larger audience. Maybe it’s because I havent been here for years upon years. I don’t know how old The Scoop is, but was it even around to discuss Davis’s run in 2002?

    I guess I find it hard to compare the feelings about the two coaches unless you can trace back specific statements made during the actual time the events were occurring.

    If you want to talk about the overall attitude toward Davis then that includes a lot more than just 2002. Lots of people had questions about Crean until this year. I’m sure if things don’t go swell going forward that people will have an overall bad feeling about Crean as well.

    Now I do remember that Davis wasn’t given total credit and named a savior back then, but the blogosphere was in its relative infancy and I find it hard to believe that you could credit any quotes from the current posters you are calling racists from that specific time on a blog.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it just seems unlikely.

    Also, I fail to see the association with not thinking that Davis was a great coach and being a racist. Even if you are psyched and amazed at what Crean (read: team) pulled off this year. That excitement is due to many things, most notably pulling IU from the depths of the NCAA dungeon, taking an unexpected run to the Sweet 16, signing Zeller, following that signing up with the 2012 and 2014 classes. There is just a lot more to look forward to, so the vibes are positive.

    Lastly, Crean came into IU with a resume of success at a high profile program in a BCS conference. Davis didn’t have a resume to speak of…

    Again, if things don’t work out and IU remains mediocre over the next 3 or 4 years, Crean will get run out of town as well, with plenty of people saying nasty things about him on the way out.

    I just think you are throwing a lot of people wrecklessly under the bus . Using terms that are hard to disprove or undo. It seems you are targeting people that disagree with you, not people that are obviously, or even passively, racist.

  59. Interesting how much talent is coming out of Texas near the top of that list. It looks like Kentucky will actually have a player on their roster that speaks their native tongue. Fortunately, he’ll have the benefits of a Kentucky high school education.

  60. Much as he has painted a picture in his mind as everyone here being a racist I have come to paint my own picture of Laffy.

    Despite the name, he is quite obviously miserable. Possibly clinically depressed. He lives alone, resentful of the one relationship that didn’t quite pan out. He hates his job and his coworkers. He feels they are all idiots and he’d like to think they are inferior to him but he knows everyone thinks more highly of them and their abilities.

    The blinds of his home are drawn far more than the Las Vegas sunshine would require. His refrigerator hasn’t been cleaned out in weeks. Though he lives in a town known for its nightlife he spends his evenings alone, except when he’s working. He last worked out in 2007, just before his girlfriend moved out.

    He does not own a dog. Maybe a cat.

    I’m guessing that’s more spot on than the racists charges he bandies about.

  61. Geoff–

    Not sure if The Scoop was around back then. At Peegs, 99.9999% of the fans CRUCIFIED Davis from the start. And did so even after he got us to the Title game.

    As far as “current posters” here, one of them, at least, has already said the credit belongs to the players…..not Davis. Which is EXACTLY what was said back then.


    What do you mean the “ball is in his court”? Are you crying to get me kicked off because you’re mad I exposed you as frauds?



    I never said “everyone” here was a racist, you f-ing crybaby. Just the people who said Crean was “perfect” this year because he got us to the Sweet 16 but BLASTED Davis even after he got us to the Title game.

    Sounds like you have a guilty conscience.

    Nope, don’t live alone. Have a great job. Don’t have a cat. Rest of it is pure nonsense too.

    You can go back to sticking pins in your Obama voodoo doll with your other Klan buddies.

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