Indiana offers scholarship to East Chicago’s Hyron Edwards

According to reports from and, Indiana has offered a scholarship to Hyron Edwards, a 5-foot-11 point guard from East Chicago in the 2015 class. Indiana extended the offer Wednesday night and became the first school to do so. He also has early interest from Michigan, Northwestern and Purdue.

UPDATE: Abe Brown, Edwards’ coach, confirmed that Crean offered Edwards a scholarship after an open gym Wednesday night.

Brown said Edwards averaged 14.6 points, six assists, five rebounds and two assists at East Chicago last year.

“Right now at this stage, he’s a combo guard,” Brown said. “He can play either the 1 or 2. He has great court vision. He can see it real well. A lot of times, his teammates don’t think he can get the ball through the lane, but he can. He’s pass first, but he certainly can score. He’s a slasher and he can get to the lane at will right now. He’s the total package for his age.”


  1. 2015 class means he’d sign in fall 2014 and enroll in fall 2015? If so he’s a freshman, and those are really terrific numbers for a freshman playing in a very competitive part of the state. He’d be a freshman when Yogi is a senior. Sound like it’s got some real potential.

  2. Will Yogi ever be a senior in a Hoosier uniform?

    I’d imagine Yogi will be in his 2nd NBA season by 2015. I thought Yogi was the best point guard since the cat’s meow….?

  3. Yeah, where’d you get that idea Harvard? I think he could be an all-American his sophomore season and not get a sniff of NBA interest because of his size. He’d have to really go in and prove it. He has freak speed, so he has a shot, a la Isiah Thomas of the Kings, but as far as I can tell he isn’t a powerful leaper like a Nate Robinson. Basically unless he has a growth spurt his destiny is back-up NBA PG. That hopefully means he stays all 4 years at IU, because at the college level he could set school records…

  4. Where’s Geoff? We have an NBA question. What is the likelihood Yogi will enter the NBA draft before his junior year? How tall was BJ Armstrong on the championship Bulls teams from the ’90s? Yogi probably can’t jump as high as Nate Robinson, but it sure sounds like he has skills that could easily find him a backup spot on an NBA roster after 2 years college development. Maybe Yogi can still find a late spurt of growth an inch or two. If he develops a deep perimeter shot he can hit with some consistency, I don’t see him not chasing the dream after we hang our sixth banner next year.

    What ever happend to the blogger named Husky Tom?

  5. Well, there you are…You must have been stalking the site..You gave your assessment before I could even get that post #7 submitted in calling for your opinion.

    I will defer to the NBA expert, but still say Yogi will be ‘hasta la vista’ long before 2015.

  6. Let’s go retro! Yogi is pretty tiny..Maybe Yogi will be more of a _____?_______ when he goes into the NBA. Can he skate?

    _______?________ was a willing passer and an adequate shooter from midrange. However, it was his quickness and speed and shiftiness that made him difficult to guard in the open court, as he would regularly drive past defenders on his way to the basket

  7. This clip is more fun. Get ready, Hoosier fans…This is what Yogi will be doing in the Big 10 next year.

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