IU announces Watford and Zeller both staying

Indiana junior forward Christian Watford and freshman center Cody Zeller will both be returning for the 2012-13 season according to a release by Indiana. More to come, but here is the release.


Indiana University forward’s Christian Watford and Cody Zeller have announced that they will remain in school and play for the Hoosiers next season.  Both players were a big part of leading IU to a 27-9 record and a berth in the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16.

Watford, who made the NCAA South Regional All Tournament team and is the leading returning scorer in the Big Ten with 1,287 points, has averaged 13.4 points in his career.  He also averaged 5.8 rebounds and shot 43.7% from three-point range.  His game-winning three-pointer against #1 Kentucky in December was the GEICO National Play of the Year.  He was named honorable mention All-Big Ten.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to complete my degree and to continue restoring the winning tradition at IU,” said Watford. “I believe in Coach Crean and our staff and I am eager to lead my new teammates and build on what we started.”

“Christian really ended the season on a high note on the biggest stage and is building off that,” said IU Coach Tom Crean. “He is going to have the opportunity to be a leader and have an even greater impact on the program and his game, but more importantly, he will earn his degree from IU.”

Zeller, who was the Big Ten Freshman of the Year and an honorable mention AP All-American, averaged a team-high 15.6 points and 6.6 rebounds and shot 62.3% from the field (4th in the nation).  He was second team All-Big Ten and a first team Freshman All-American.   He was a finalist for the Wayman Tisdale Award (USBWA National Freshman of the Year) and was a candidate for the Wooden Award and Oscar Robertson Trophy.

“I grew up hoping that one day I would get the opportunity to play in the NBA, but at this point, I’m not ready for my college experience to be over,” said Zeller.  “Coach Crean and my family were very supportive and helpful as I made my decision.  My college experience at IU this year has exceeded my expectations, on and off the court.  I look forward to playing at Assembly Hall next year in front of the greatest fans in the country. Go Hoosiers!”

“Cody is player who, along with his unique skillset, makes everyone around him better,” added Crean.  “He is going to have great opportunities ahead of him, yet his demeanor, work ethic and his desire to be a great teammate never wavers.  He will have the opportunity to be as good as any player in college basketball.”

The Hoosiers have been chosen preseason #1 by Yahoo, CNNSI.com, NBC Sports, ESPN.com, and USA Today.  They return all five starters from a team which finished the season ranked 13th in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll.


  1. Expected but still very welcome news. Next year will be a special one for Indiana Basketball. GO IU!

  2. Smart move CW ,you made great strides defensively this year,and made a splash with clutch game performances.big senior year,,on a final four team could move you to a first round pick.We will be rooting for both you and Indiana to get there.Cody,your time will come..

  3. Yes!!!!!!!!! I’m going to advise all my UK fan co-workers to come read this immediately. My goodness I hope IU just administers unholy ***-whoopings to everyone they play next season.

  4. Great news, but I wonder if Creek is going to lose his scholly next year as he continues to recover from his many injuries.

  5. Zoeller only coming back cause he would be bench warmer forever in NBA. Bottom line is he will never get any quicker or better than he is now. A good player for sure in college. He better stay there. FYI, the Indiana fans were worst of year at GeorgiaDome. Obnoxious wannabees. Nasty and foul mouthed. Also, who was the IU fan who ran up and down the sidelines with the long strides in the stupid looking suit at the Georgia Dome? Good look next year.

  6. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to complete my degree and to continue restoring the winning tradition at IU.”

    Translation: “I was advised that I would not be drafted.”

  7. KY better fans? Yea, let’s see, fires, overturned car, more fires, riots, arrests & that’s only after the semifinals. What fan base from such a standout program would even think about being that stupid after “only” the semifinals??? I’m surprised they didn’t storm the court after beating us in the Sweet16!!!!

  8. …and pUke is in a position of fan citizenship to critique IU…as they say across the river that is a pretty fer stretch…

  9. Gonna be a long offseason waiting for next year. Gonna be even a longer season getting to that National Title, fun times are gonna be had in between the start of the season & the last NCAA game of the year.

  10. I did spell one word incorrectly on purpose, just to get some wannabee like John Galt to mouth off about something not related to reality and winning basketball championships. Thanks John Galt for making my point. Again the indiana fans at the Georia Dome were complete standouts for worst fans of the year. Terrible. No comparison. I saw one Indiana fan insult an 80 year old UK fan walking down the aisle looking for her seat. He yelled out “UK fans are too stupid to find their seat”. Enough said. IU fans I saw had 0 class. I have never written on a blog before, but you are ana bad class of your own. Embarrasing to all good college fans.

  11. Oh, spare me the cryfest about “IU has the worst fans.”

    When you in-breds visited IU last year, there were a few fans that gave you grief.

    Big deal.

    I’ve got a friend who is a HUGE Kentucky fan and we’ve been talking about going to the game at Rupp next year.

    I told him I would wear my IU shirt and hat and he said, “No way. They will kill us both. No way in hell you can wear your IU gear to Rupp. I would truly fear for our safety.”

    He was not joking one single bit.

    You hillbillies shot one of your own and he had to have a foot amputated.

    Kaintuck fans CRYING about other fans having “no class” is like the Octomom ripping someone else for having too many kids.

  12. Well shoot, IU fans must be doing something right to earn such derision from a UK fan on an Indiana blog. If we’re doing something to make them that mad, or at least this one, we must be on the right track!

    It’s funny, Big Blue, I live in Nashville, TN, which has as many UK fans as UT fans, and they’ve all been very complimentary toward IU, the team, the fans. I got 3 messages when UK beat IU in the Sweet 16 congratulating me on how well and hard the Hoosiers played. They were respectful messages between fans who respect one another. Your animosity seems to be unique to you.

    And it’s also funny that commentators who call IU games from Assembly Hall almost invariably comment on how enthusiastic and knowledgeable IU fans are, and what a great college hoops experience it is to do a game in Bloomington. Again, the rest of reality, which is to say the world outside Kentucky, appears not to have such acrimonious sentiments toward Indiana basketball. Perhaps you’d be well-advised to 1)get a life; or 2)try on some glasses without such thoroughly blue lenses.

  13. Hey Big Blue Better Fans, thanks for stopping by. Your comments about Zeller shows how very little you know about basketball. You’d be better off sticking to something you know something about. Seriously, dude, after that insane comment, we’ll never take anything you say seriously. Go away now. Bye, bye.

  14. A fan of the national champions wouldn’t waste time coming on Hoosier Scoop. My guess says it’s Zach Osterman trying to incite bimbos, do Dustin a favor, and get a slight pulse of moronic activity on here.

    Dustin has watched Korman and Kartje both move on to bigger bucks and more prestigious jobs. Even Hugh Kellenberger couldn’t stand the claustrophobia of working around a self-infatuated religions fanatic like Crean and kissing ass the hypocritical Pollyannas that populate Scoop. It must get very depressing kicking tires around with old farts that have nothing better to do with their days than hate on each other, brag about their pretty wives, or lamely complain about Kentucky ads popping up on a hopeless website destined for doom.

  15. I want to know how many people it took to help the pUKe fan figure out the math question in order to get his comments posted. Seriously… he must’ve had to count out the fingers, toes, teeth, and tattoos from all 40 kin living in his barn.

  16. Yes sir, Kaintuck has some CLASSY fans. Have they pulled the National Guard off the streets of Lexington yet? How about the 10:00pm curfew? Still in effect? Hope the fire are all out. I hear they’re gonna tow away the burned out cars any day now. They just want to make sure there aren’t any more drunks sleeping under them.

    BTW, I was in Atlanta, too. That was QUITE a bunch you brought down. Yes sir, quite a bunch. So, are they representative of you?

    Oh yes. Classy, very classy.

  17. AinD, hey, thanks for the shout out!

    I think it’s a reach to call an Oxford, Mississippi gig ‘more prestigious’.

  18. Big Blue Better Fans:

    1) spell Zeller’s name right
    2) Look at the NBA scouts who all rate Cody as a high lottery pick. Evidently your are a better evaluator of talent than NBA professionals.
    3) Notice how IU players understand the value of a college education and the college experience. The KY freshmen probably stopped going to class after Christmas break.
    4) IU fans storm the court after a win against a top team whereas Ky fans riot, damage others personal property and shoot each other.

  19. Now comes the issue of the oversign. IU is oversigned by 1 next year. So the options are essentially:

    1.) Someone transfers.
    2.) A frosh goes to prep school instead
    3.) Someone pays his own way
    4.) A scholarship taken away from a kid.

    Not sure if I’m missing another option…but those seem like that’s it.

    I’m not going to speculate on names…but it will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

  20. Crean brought the Bible Belt, “Jesus loves me,” crowd to Bloomington. Before Crean even brought his heavenly graces and singing choir boys to play at IU, the campus was looking more hick than a weekend getaway with the Zeller’s in French Lick. Now there’s probably more Kentucky in Bloomington than Kentucky in Kentucky.

    Won’t be long before your spam protection question is the proper identification a particular verse from the Bible you’ll need numerical reference before you can spit out your vulgarities and talk of the dreamy wife you lured away from Brad Pitt.

    Korman couldn’t stomach the hypocrisy and the hate aimed at the Sampson thugs. Kellenberger was sophisticating from the restrictive walls placed around the untouchable gods running the basketball and football programs. Kartje was blown back by the stench of bigotry and superiority.

  21. Higgi – why are you so concerned about Creek? What relevance does it have here? We were 27-9 without him, return everyone of significance, and bring in a tremendous recruiting class…

    Why is your “but” a concern over Creek?

  22. Why do you think your Indiana god, Peyten Manning, didn’t want to play for Harbaugh in San Fran? Even decent men grown out of the quiet values a conservative South still can’t take that level of offensive, in-your-face, religious bigotry that spews out the Harbaugh family circle.

    Your coach married into that circle. He is nothing but an opportunistic greasy snake oil salesman that thrives in stealing the light of those that paved the way his gloating fortunes. He had no desire to help troubled kids from hard streets. His job was saved by landing a mediocre center that bought the wind his Christian spiel. Bob Knight will one day come back to Bloomington to rub his anal crevice in his face.

  23. Whoa there Adventures in Dentures, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Not sure what
    your major malfunction is, but take it elsewhere.

  24. Again, I noticed you IU wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabees, wannabess, wannabees, wannnabees, wannabees, wannabees. I give up. Bottom line is your fans were so hateful, and the worst I have ever run across in Georgia Dome. You are filled with loser mentality for sure and just wnat to be champs. And can’t remember what it was like, its been so long. So you behave the way you do. I had no idea you were like this until Georgia Dome. Nasty You are nasty.

  25. Big Blue, by the way, most fan bases have those bad apples. I have met plenty of very classy IU and UK fans and believe this is the majority. Just because you had a bad experience, don’t take it out on our entire fan base.
    As a said to mr Denture above…you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Not sure what your major malfunction is, but take it elsewhere.

  26. Do the Kaintuck in-breds even know the word “irony”?

    He’s spamming an IU board while crying his eyes out about others not being classy?


  27. Big Blue Bonnet Margarine is a fraud. Nothing but a plant planted to spruce-up the same old stale Scoop office.

    This place is dying off quicker than a Zimmerman defense team. There’s an obvious internal problem when the top writers are never willing to stay. I have a feeling there must be some real dinosaurs that have a fixed and stagnant agenda at HT. Christ sake, they can’t even change the poll question or get rid of football standings from a year ago. Do you realize the Big 10 standings and your national basketball rankings were never posted on this site when the your Hoosiers were at the height their resurgence onto the college basketball scene?

    And Chris, sell that blow to your mirror. I’ve seen hatred spewed on this site that makes my words look like grandma’s fluffy sponge cake. Don’t like it, ignore it. You’ve got a blogger on this site that almost all your regulars on here have advised to ignore whenever he posts comments. That blogger is not Adventures in Dentures.

    What’s really hysterical is that the only person refusing to take the suggestion to ignore someone that continually has nothing to offer but hatred and contempt is the guy that runs this site.

    Bottom line: If you want to talk about total hypocrisy that infects this blackboard jungle, there is more than enough to go around. Take your arrogant directive to “take elsewhere” to your own mirror and your own webmaster that lets his hate-filled biases allow the guy everyone else says to “ignore” to make despicable accusations beyond compare.
    Kiss my a$$ if you and your butt-buddies don’t like free speech.

  28. In the words of Dan Dakich..”Haters be hating.” Guess that is what happens when others figured out IU was back.

  29. Dan Dakich is the biggest blowhard pansy wearing pants to walk the earth. The only “culture” he ever contributed is on a slide under a microscope for a positive herpes test.

  30. I’m left nearly speechless by the acrimoniousness of this string of comments.And I thought I was going too far in telling ‘Better Fans’ to get a life; that’s mild compared to the polemics unleashed in the last couple of hours.

    Adventures, I’m not sure who the hateful blogger is you refer to. If it’s the pseudonymous ‘4 Guards,’ he was banned long ago. If it’s ‘Better Fans,’ this is the first I’ve ever seen of him/her.

    As for writers leaving the H-T (and thus The Scoop), it’s an aspect of present-day corporate media outlets that newspapers, TV stations and radio stations are owned by large conglomerates with affiliates in markets ranging from Butte, MT to NYC. Thus if a young journalist starts work at a smaller paper like the Herald-Times, it’s the natural career progression to move up to progressively larger markets. The nightly news anchor or feature columnist in Chicago didn’t get that job straight out of college; they probably started in Butte or Boise or Bloomington. They gradually ascended to that job in the Windy City. In this way the bloggers on this site who have left are only pursuing a career in the conventional way, even if they’ve gone to a different media company for a job in a bigger market.

    That said, some people, perhaps Dustin among them (or perhaps not), get to a place that they like, that they’re happy in, where they’ve started a family or established whatever life makes them happy. Those people tend to stay because they prioritize stability and familiarity over climbing the ladder. There is nothing wrong with this approach to life, or with climbing the ladder. You can be successful at either or both at different times; that just depends on how you define success for yourself.

    So to denigrate the existing H-T staff writers who’ve been there a long time is at best honest but uninformed and at worst mean-spirited. I hope it’s the former.

  31. Just when you think the Knight-worshippers couldn’t be any more insane……..

    Their entire reason for living…..thinking IU would ALWAYS SUCK without their God in charge…is about to crash on them.

    I hope they use hollow-points when they blow their brains out.

  32. 4guards was the real deal. Now you just got haters and blowhards on here.

    Did I mention the Bible is a fairytale? Did all of you scream it out when you went to church on Easter Sunday and your Drama Queen priest was taking a break from molesting boys to tell you how it all went down? Does any of that ring a bell the poster on Scoop you’ve been instructed to ignore? Make sure to scream it a your fairytale breathing coach that wants to shove it down your throats like Twinkies filled with the fat growing in your gullible bellies filled with his podium “we’re back” malarkey.

    Korman, Kellenberger, and Kartje couldn’t stomach the superficiality and bigotry this childish lunchroom. That’s why they wanted out. More time was spent on here making fun of hair then following a basketball team.

  33. than following a basketball team.

    Crean spreads the word of Christ. Laffy works the crean out of his Twinkie.

  34. Chet, its a shame powerhouse Va Commenwealth did not score 3 more points in NCAA tourney. Because I would have had their fans to deal with, likely would have enjoyed the friendly banter from them at GEorgia Dome. No insulting 80 year old fans, foul language and over the top disguisting lanaguage like IU fans. Again, I understand it has been 25 years since IU held the trophy. I remember those IU fans well, they had class, and I had many friends who loved IU. Now I saw the real nasty wannabees at Georgia Dome. I am sorry I took time to write on your blog. I hope you never win it all again, cause youhave no respect for champs and would not know what to do with it, unless you asked the fan base from 25 years ago. And no wonder ther are so few posts on this, with the math questions and all.

  35. ^^^Complete fraud. It’s probably that blogger from Ottawa. No real Kentucky fan would bother being a hemorrhoid to a bunch of anal Christian Hoosiers.

  36. Nice to see Harvard appear, once again, this time as Adventures in Dentures. Quite a guy! Either too much time on his hands or something too small in his hand.

  37. Again, “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to complete my degree and to continue restoring the winning tradition at IU,” said Watford. “I believe in Coach Crean and our staff and I am eager to lead my new teammates and build on what we started.”

    Translation-It felt good to win a meaningless game on home court against Ky., and I found out I was not going to be drafted, so I have no choice to stay here.

  38. I prefer we call you “It’s a Fish Hole.” Pretty much explains were you spend the time with your dangling night crawler.

  39. To: Big Blue and Dentures

    Life is tough then you die, IU fans die with clean championships while UK fans die with crooks,racists, and cheats for their championships. For a state that spews hatred against our President and has such a bigot for a Senator (McConnell), you guys are two faced. The only African-Americans that you tolerate dribble basketballs.

  40. where you spend the time. Most likely came to Bloomington after exhausting his studies in “Steve” while ice fishing in Ottawa.

  41. I love how a bigot like “real iu fan” jumps to bring up the race card into his mature discourse when IU sent kids out of Bloomington on their designated Rosa Parks buses, let their executioner coach play judge and jury as he indiscriminately lumped them and labeled them as drug addicts and thugs, for doing nothing more than the privileged son of their school’s white president.

    As long as they’re not McRobbie white and can tolerate the hypocrisy Crean’s Christ, any African-American can dribble off their toes for four years in Bloomington.

  42. Just to clear this up, at least for myself, in no way was me departing the HT (and thus, the Scoop) an act of defiance in the face of bigotry and whatnot on this blog. Honestly, I laughed a little bit when I heard that.

    Sure, I’ve gotten my fair share of crap on this blog. But honestly, I enjoy the banter. If I can’t make fun of myself or laugh at other people making fun (read: my hair), then what can I do? I had a great time at the HT, and I appreciate you all on the Scoop, no matter how crazy some of you may be.

    This paper and this blog are great — one of the best I’ve been around. And I think Hugh and Korman would say the same.

  43. Adventures,
    You’re drawing a lot of lines that aren’t really there. You underestimate us by a lot if you think our quality of life is determined entirely by the comments on this blog. Ryan left because he got an incredible opportunity one year out of college. Korman left because he had an opportunity at a major metro paper. Hugh left because he had an opportunity to be a full-time beat guy, which is better for him then taking on the high school and page design stuff he had to handle here. As for me, I’m not going to be here forever, but I’m not looking to take the very next train out either. I have a chance to cover the preseason No. 1 team in college basketball next year. I’m not passing that up unless I’m making a move that makes a marked improvement in my life professionally or personally.
    With the exception of the fact that I’m not settled yet, Eric is pretty much dead on.
    Also, it’s my fault the poll hasn’t been changed. I never think to do that.

  44. And instead of finally opening your trap now, you should have had the class to thank many the kind bloggers that wished you off on your “Goodbye” thread.

    Now you just look like the superficial Michigan douchebag most on here already knew you were. Do you really think I meant that stuff? Dustin has more class than Korman, Kellenberger, and Kartje put together. He’s also smart to not let his ego take him away from a solid job he’s very good at simply because a pot of fools gold comes calling.

  45. You yanked some of my posts but let his BS stay up?


    He’s using gay slurs so how is that allowed?

    The guy is a f-ing idiot crying that Ryan took that job. Sounds like he’s JEALOUS from never having been promoted from toilet bowl cleaner.

  46. Biggest hypocrite in the world. Hates every Biblehead except the one he worships coaching at the new Lipscomb of Bloomington. What a Drama Queen. Fears Kartje’s hair. Why are all you pansies afraid of this Twinkie?

  47. LOL!!!

    Man, I knew people went insane because they’re mommy never hugged them, but you are King Fruit Cake.

    Why are you hiding behind this name, coward?

    What’s the one we all know you by?

  48. Dustin & Ryan,

    I’m not surprised that some of the posters got sucked into Adventure-land, but I’m mildly astonished that you dignified this with a response…

    It isn’t possible to post what that guy posts and actually believe it. The ONLY possible reason is to try get reactions and entertain himself?

    PS – does this officially begin the career of Kartje the amateur Scoop commenter? Will we get to continue our relationship with Ryan in this less formal scenario? It’s tough to leave ain’t it Ryan… Sucks you back in.

  49. Good news, Hoosier Scoopers. The on deck hitter for the Hoosier Scoop, Mr. Price, will never be in any danger of getting called up to the big leagues.

  50. Well, that was interesting. No one cares about Kentucky. That state is in the middle of nothing and nowhere. Let’s focus on IU now. I have a feeling this is going to be a surprisingly busy offseason.

  51. Wow, what an entertining string of comments. It’s these times that I can fully appreciate Dustin and Ryan and how defensive I feel when this guy bad mouths them.

    This guy is on a roll though, I think you have hit every personal attack on a program possible.

    Bottom line: we love our basketball. If that comes off as bad I’m sorry, but we have been through a lot in the past five years and e are just excited to start winning games again.

    You can say whatever you want about us and this blog, but we will always be proud of IU.

  52. Kentucky is best known as the state that was never in the Confederacy yet feel the need to fly Confederate flags as if they were.

    It’s like claiming to be a pedophile when you actually aren’t.

  53. You people aren’t fans of anything but your own fat asses.

    Typical how the hypocrite can’t come to terms with his hatred all Bibleheads except the coach he drenches with his endless fake Twinkie love. Such a fair and decent man to judge all except when the bigotry knocks at the door the Hoosier castle. He comes on here with an act from day one to use this place as his platform and a form of silent ridicule of the superficial man heading up the IU basketball program.

    All you hypocrites see it and choose to turn the other way. You let him throw his labels and fear to challenge his contempt. Only cowards turn in the face of hatred to play in comfort the role of fool. That’s what all of you do. You slather the hatred and when you’re scared you might one day recognize the hypocrisy your own reflections, you massage yourselves in the praises your own brilliance and self-infatuations. Hoosier fans? My ass.

    Keep playing the fools.

  54. Geoff, why wouldn’t we be concerned about Creek? He was a heck of a player- easily the one with the most upside- before his injuries. The injuries were not repeat injuries so I would hope he will be a very attractive player especially since he fits exactly where we need help. Additionally, since we are talking about a program that works hard to develop loyalty, some loyalty from us to him would be important. Time will tell just how much he’ll recover but his injuries were the type that sports medicine can deal with quite well. He’s certainly got the will to work as hard as he needs and he may end up being one of our most important contributors. What a gift he would be for the next two years (if no three). And, he’s just the kind of player who may be able to make a good living at ShowBall(NBA) for a while.

    Glad we still have him. I’m sure we’ll see him in the candy stripes as it should be.

  55. Loyalty? That shall be left to Jesus. Crean would cut the Holy Spirit from the roster if he couldn’t run the break on a cloud of water after a torn ACL.

    Joyce Meyer for assistant coach!

  56. Such an enigma, isn’t he? I don’t recall anything of the likes of the Mo situation. All world…then boom. Coming back, but still looking like a guy coming back and then…boom.

    He could be all Big Ten…or he could be a shadow of himself.

    Who knows?

    I respect the heck out of everyone connected to the situation. I can’t imagine it being handled any better.

  57. I’m glad we have him too, if for no other reason than his leadership and loyalty. I just don’t know why that would be anyone’s first thought when this story comes out.

    I would be shocked if Creek were able to contribute next year. I don’t really see him filling a need, because I don’t see the need. He is clearly a SG, and next year we’ll have Jordy, Abell, Patterson, Dipo, Etherington, and Sheehey that can play that role if/when called on. (maybe even Roth)

    Obviously if Creek were 100% of the player we saw before all the injuries then he is a major luxury to add to that list, but I just doubt he can come back at that level after so many injuries and so much time not competing at that level.

    So yeah, I just don’t see the relevance to today’s story and why it came up so early in the thread.

    But hey, whatevah…

  58. Bow to presence of the all-knowing one from Lobster belly.

    I believe the learned son named Higgi brought up the topic of Creek as it pertains to possible scholarship crunch now that last year roster appear to remain completely intact. Christian no like by NBA execs and thus must return to living by precepts in valley of small limestone mountains the Hoosier village to play one more year with round ball.

    Dustin is Kung Fu master of the scholarship crunch move. He shall soon sort out numbers and suggest possible heads must roll.

  59. On the eve of Easter Sunday my old man of eight decades plus eight told me that long after he gone from this middle life of existence, his favorite learned son will end up living under bridge somewhere. True story. I know I’m no Tom Cruise, but to tell your own son he be living under bridge one day? Ouch.

  60. Too much….way more than I can handle Dentures. We’ve (many of us) honestly offered our friendship, have stood by you, haven’t hidden the fact we like you…and respect your contributions. Do you have a responsibility to be up front, remain the person we befriended?

  61. Blah blah. Blah. Blah. Blaoh-Blueh Blohnzalez. (As always).

    I mean: what did you expect.

  62. “You underestimate us by a lot if you think our quality of life is determined entirely by the comments on this blog.

    This can’t be said enough. It’s a reflection of our complete self-absorption that we think that this little space called the Scoop is the heart and soul of Indiana sports, and that everyone reads us and thinks about us and strives for our approval or longs for our opinions. People on here criticize Crean’s Twitter, but what they are posting on the Scoop might as well be Twitter and serves the same self-flattering purpose.

    The internet has plenty of benefits. It gives everyone a voice. But it also creates an endless barrage of delusions by making everyone think their voice is much more important than it really is.

  63. Adventures, your description of IU as the ‘new Lipscomb of Bloomington’ is laughable. I live in Nashville and am very familiar with Lipscomb (formerly David Lipscomb) University, which is located here. It’s a Church of Christ school in which employees have to sign an agreement that they won’t drink alcohol, even after hours off campus. I once dated a girl who was an alum and a part-time faculty member there, and if we were out and she had a glass of wine or a beer, she had to put it in front of someone else in case she saw someone from Lipscomb. If they reported her as drinking, she’d be in violation of her agreement and could be summarily terminated. This for doing something legal on her own time in a public place. Yeah, sounds exactly like IU and Bloomington. No one ever drinks, has sex or enjoys themself in any way at IU or in Bloomington. Yeah that’s it.

    Thanks for saying I was dead on, Dustin. I just couldn’t stand by and let you all be lampooned with inaccuracies.

    I will now take my leave of this ridiculously acrimonious discussion.

  64. eric-

    If Lipscomb is anywhere near as repressive your descriptions, I find it more than disturbing that Indiana would put them on their basketball schedule.

    Frightening stuff that our liberal and public institution is being manipulated in its most prominent athletic program by people with such blatant disregard for Indiana University’s roots; bigots with the highest entrusted authority using the stage Indiana can provide them to spit in the face our all-inclusive foundational beliefs to perpetuate narrow-mindedness and use her fine halls and storied sports program in a singular arrogant quest as a pulpit to embrace and parallel themselves with such extremist sectarian purpose.

    “Because it’s Indiana,” my ass. Because it’s your version of Christ and Indiana is merely your loudspeaker. Use her like a cheap whore to build your mountain and erect your plastic cross of self-serving gloat; an intolerant pursuit devoid any honest and loving true faith.

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