Kentucky starting five declares for draft

Not that anyone’s surprised, but Kentucky starters Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Doron Lamb, Terrence Jones and Marquis Teague all declared for the NBA draft on Tuesday at a press conference. With Darius Miller graduating, the national champion Wildcats have a chance to have six players taken in the draft.

Despite yet another high level recruiting class for Kentucky, this makes it even more likely that Indiana will be preseason No.1. It also means this and every other Indiana-based blog will burst into a rant about the evils of the one-and-done rule and of Kentucky and of course of John Calipari in 5…4…3..2…1…

UPDATE: The talented Dana O’Neill of wrote an immediate column about this topic. Maybe it adds something to the discussion.

Here’s one most of you won’t like from Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News, but it brings up some interesting points I think are worth mentioning.


  1. he only problem is that 5 players of the six were not student athletes. Aside from that, if the NCAA allows them to rent a team to win a championship, then why not?

  2. And if only one-and-dones see the court, how do you ever even pretend to have student athletes?

    Cal should just start an NBA team in Lexington if that is his intention.

    I despise uk.

  3. Not really a news scoop here. Stuff like this makes you wonder why there is a NBA Developmental League. No need for it. Simply go to a program that promotes one and done, win a championship and enter the draft. Seems like a college degree to many athletes these days means nothing.

  4. Vini, vidi, andato…(I came, I saw, I left). Julius Caesar after riding into Lexington, Ky.

  5. Just classic. It is impossible to shame the Kentucky basketball program, or any of their fans.

  6. real iu fan is right. I mean, what do you say? The NBA and the NCAA have written the rules and Calipari followed them, squeaked by Indiana, and won a championship, such as it is. It makes a farce out of the term student-athlete but, if all you care about is winning a title and education means nothing, then Kentucky is your poster child.

  7. Both linked articles were spot on. There’s nothing wrong with Calipari’s end goals, which are preparing his recruits for their future careers in the best way possible.

    What most IU fans wring their hands over, however, is the manner in which he attempts to achieve said goal (again, there is nothing wrong IMO with wanting your players to go to the NBA). While I certainly don’t condone his practices, please make sure to blame the NBA equally for their monopolistic policies that would be illegal in any other walk of life.

    Then again, when things go sour in Lexington (and I still believe they will at some point, but not nearly in the fashion some Hoosier fans hope for) Coach Cal will get hired by an NBA team. As they saying goes, you scratch my back (Cal, Kentucky) and we’ll scratch yours (NBA Team, agents funneling recruits).

  8. Could someone explain how the APR works again? At some point doesn’t Kaintuck have to start losing scholarships?

  9. Chet,
    Actually, they don’t. As long as the players are in good academic standing (I think it’s a 2.5 GPA having fulfilled the right amount of credit hours to that point) there’s no penalty if they leave early. That’s the same reason Bobby Capobianco and Bawa Muniru don’t count as marks against Indiana’s APR. They were in good standing when they left. Obviously, Kentucky doesn’t have a perfect APR and I’m sure everyone wasn’t in good standing when they left,
    The point is, for Kentucky to continue to undertake this experiment or farce or however you want to phrase it, at least some of the one-and-done guys have to go to class, and they obviously are to at least some degree. Otherwise, they’d be in Connecticut’s shoes.

  10. Dustin, if the, win at all costs or do whatever it takes, is the blueprint for most/all of the athletic department then what makes you think there aren’t enough people in the academic part that would adopt the exact same type of thought pattern.

    Can’t wait for the smell of cheating to finally reach the point to where even the college mafia, known as the NCAA, has to take their fingers off of their noses and do something about it. Then the pUKe fans will be the ones going on endlessly about how bad of a person Calislimy is cause the fans, and whomever comes after him, will be the ones left to deal with the aftermath while Criminalapari, having abruptly left town under the cover of darkness, smiles from the bench of some NBA team. Calicheat could possibly end up leaving a mess behind that makes what Eddie Sutton left pUKe with look like a sunday evening picnic and that is called reaping what you sow I believe.

  11. Coach Cal has finally found his home. If you don’t mind being totally corrupt, then you can have great success coaching NBA talent against college programs on a “one year at a time” basis. He could not “cut the mustard” in the “real” NBA. But no one else in college hoops has elected to totally sell-out to the “faux NBA” except KY.

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