1. people who suggest a player going to prep school need to remember that that player than becomes a recruit again and can sign with another school. not saying that would happen if a player goes that route, but a reminder is needed that it is not a lock they come back

  2. Charles, you’re right, which is why the specific player who is asked to prep is an issue. I think if you ask Ron Patterson to prep, you probably lose him. If you ask Peter Jurkin to prep, I think he still comes to IU.

  3. OSD is telling someone to bring a loaded gun in here? As someone who has seen first hand the consequences of gun violence among teenagers, I am appalled at this comment as well as the decision of the HT to post his message. Shame on both of you.

  4. Have I missed something or do we still not have a replacement for Bennie Seltzer? It has been 2 weeks.

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