Muhammad to UCLA, Noel to Kentucky

Indiana’s class was signed and delivered long before the spring signing period, but the events of the first day of the period could have an effect on both the ranking of the class and the Hoosiers’ team ranking in the preseason.

Kentucky got the nation’s No. 2 player in 6-foot- 11 center Nerlens Noel but did not get a commitment from target Shabazz Muhammad, the nation’s No. 1 player who elected to join No. 3 prospect Kyle Anderson at UCLA. UCLA’s class could pass Indiana’s — which was ranked No. 2 by heading into Wednesday — and Kentucky’s could as well. However by missing out on Muhammad, the Wildcats are less likely to follow up their national championship campaign with a preseason No. 1 ranking.

Though the Wildcats starting five was made up entirely of freshmen and sophomores, it’s possible that all five will leave early for the NBA with senior sixth man Darius Miller also joining them. Kentucky still has a strong class with Noel, No. 8 Alex Poythress, No. 14 Archie Goodwin and No. 40 Willie Cauley. However, it certainly doesn’t have the star power of the Wildcats’ 2011 freshman class, and with the Hoosiers’ returning the top five scorers from their Sweet 16 squad and adding four top 150 players, Indiana may hold its spot as preseason No. 1.


  1. A lot of people will see how much Kentucky will miss a solid senior in Darius Miller coming off the bench. I mean, they no one to come off the bench next year… still like IU going forward because of experience and it sounds like Noel is very sketchy, may not be eligible.

  2. Wrong! IU returns the top 5 scorers from last season and the full starting 5. Jones (Sr) was the 6th scorer and Roth (Sr) was the 7th. Does anyone do any proof-reading anymore?

  3. ESPN just released their “revised” pre-season top 25 based on the newest recruit commitments. IU is still #1 baby!

  4. Noel and Muhammad will be on campus one year and then they’ll be in the NBA.

    This also confirms that KY’s current center will be gone in a few weeks. No way Noel goes to Kentucky if he’s not the man next year.

    The NBA and NCAA need to get together and change this ridiculous policy. Either draft them out of High School or wait until they’ve been out of HS two years. This has made the concept of”student-athlete” and NCAA basketball a joke. Any anyone with any common sense knows that the lust to sign these NBA lottery picks for a years is causing some unethical college BB programs to do whatever it takes in the recruiting process.

  5. It’s great to see this forum stay busy with men’s basketball articles & comments even during the offseason. This will help the offseason go much quicker…hopefully!

  6. The only thing keeping the interest in NBA alive is this viewership these 1-year studs on the college stage. The dwindling fans of the NBA game will hang onto intermittent watching to stay in touch a kid they attached to in the highly-spirited games of college ball. But before long, the interest soon fades. The hype surrounding the one-and-done is vital for the NBA. It also serves as free advertising and rejuvenates a bit of following the forgotten pros that have lost the glamour their March Madness spotlight.

    The NCAA doesn’t care about the concept of student/athlete. They care about dollars. Boosters that work in conjunction NBA pimps feed the money through backdoor deals to the colleges the have most to gain from their influence. Banners are bought and the funds are used to educate foreign students filling the campus science labs for the price a select group of athletically gifted future millionaires from streets our dying cities filled with broken-down and underfunded schools.

  7. Hahahahahahahhahahahahha.

    Within the exaggeration there is some truth all conveniently ignore in the hypocrisy our price willing to pay our entertainment. Within those giant NBA contracts is the abandonment of more collective values and helping those in need our forgotten cities engulfed in poverty by the crushing circumstances that go along with being born into crippling economic strife and crime-ridden streets. For those that aren’t gifted with a ball in their hand? We really don’t care. They add no prestige to the halls our institutions. It doesn’t’ matter if they believe in Christ, Stars and Stripes, or candy-stripes. We can’t afford the tutors and we can’t afford the risk. We can afford to put them on foreign soil in front of bullets to defend our luxuries taken for granted.

    We will one day pay the true price for sweeping so many under the rug of an American illusion a liberty and justice for all.

  8. AinD; I would suggest that if University Presidents around the country don’t like the arrangement with the NCAA or believe that the NCAA does not care about the concept of “student-athlete,” they should force the NCAA to make significant changes.

    Yes, they all like the money, and rightfully so, since football and basketball fund a lot of money-losing sports and allows hundreds of other athletes to get a college education that they would not otherwise be able to afford. But I don’t believe for a minute that mens college basketball would suffer, or lose one dollar in revenue, if the NBA reverted back to drafting elite players out of High School or delayed their draft until two years after High School graduation. In fact, I believe that the growing prominence of “one-and-done” players damaging college basketball and will reduce fan interest as the college game increases its resemblance to the NBA game. Hell, we hardly get to know these kids before they’re gone to the NBA.

  9. One and done’s make a farce of the ‘student-athlete’ in college basketball. They take a handful of classes one semester and the NCAA calls them students.

    What a perfect setup for places like Kentucky. One the other hand, I suppose they aren’t much different than the rest of the student body.

    I read a while back where 75% of former NBA and NFLers are broke or bankrupt within 4 years of the end of their careers. The one and done rule will only make that situation worse.

    It’s tragic, really. Kids like Anthony Davis will be uneducated and penniless by the time they are 30.

  10. Podunker, [to] follow your point…colleges filled with lust [for] these [lusty] NBA lottery picks for a year is causing …unethically [lusty] NCAA BB program coaches and administrators to …fill with lust for these [lusty] teenagers.

    Tell me that doesn’t describe the NCAA. Isn’t that how Penn State got in trouble?

    Let’s pray for them.

  11. Those in my own family who are Kentucky fans (and grads) feel no shame about the sham of a school UK is but I have to wonder if there isn’t some tiny segment of the UK community that is embarrassed by what a joke their program has become. The list of distinguished Kentucky graduates could be written on a matchbook but surely there are some out there who are appalled by what their school has become.

  12. Chet,

    No, I haven’t met any UK fans who have the slightest twinge of conscience about Calipari’s practices. They’d have to value education, for people of all colors, to have such concerns. I won’t express, in a public forum, the underlying (and overriding) attitude of SEC fans in general about athletes, but let’s just say it doesn’t include a concern for academic progress.

  13. What a luxury CTC has taken advantage of in Indiana. He has recruited bordering on exclusively in the Hoosier state and has, consequently, put a solis team on the court this year and, we expect, for years to come.

    Imagine if UK and Calipari took the same approach to in-state talent. Take a look at where the top prospects in Kentucky will be playing next year.

  14. A bit off-topic, but I think we’re going to miss not having Pritchard to backup Cody next season.

    Pritchard was very undervalued and was a hell of a crafty basketball player. Poor kid just had a stiff release on his shot that looked like Shaq from the charity stripe. Rather strange he could never get the proper coaching instruction in his early high school days to fix his form.

    If Pritch could have shot the ball from 10ft. he would have been All-Big 10 by his sophomore year. Classy kid, too. Recruited by Sampson from the same state we found Scott May.

  15. Poor Pritch, I’m not saying the guy didn’t foul but, good grief, he could pick up two while sitting in front of the scorer’s table. He had more nonexistent fouls called on him than any player I’ve seen in my life.

  16. The two quick ones picked up by Cody in the Sweet 16 game was the same whistle Pritch faced the entirety his college years.

    I almost think that dunk was emblematic the tide had turned…Pritchard telling the nation the sleeping giant will sleep no longer. We’ve taken enough sh*t and a change is coming. Let the cheaters hoist their flag with shiny empty prize granted a fraudulent NCAA that took down Indiana for nothing.

    The troops have reassembled and they are angry as hell. The Hoosiers are marching and no fat tongue journalist tooting his own horn shall hold the castle of hoops hostage while filled with whores and “keep out” signs their corrupted doors.

    Soon Seth Davis will be our bitch.

  17. I must go now. This Redford/Streisand affair with Chet must end. Time to tidy up..The wife be home soon and chores have been left undone. My beyond patient loyal canine companion is giving me that eye again….”Friday the 13th may come in form a present placed on carpet if you don’t get your butt out of that chair now.”

  18. HforH; I think Pritch was a great young man and I love him for his unselfishness, his enthusiastic support of his teammates, his great attitude and especially for his perseverance through three difficult years. If his athletic talent matched his heart and his attitude, he’d have been a lottery pick in the NBA Draft.

    Pritch may have been most valuable in the locker room, but he will not be missed on the floor next year. Not in any significant way. He was not a scorer, he was a liability on defense (a foul machine), and he was not a particularly good rebounder. I think Crean will find it rather easy to upgrade the back-up center position next year. At worst, IU will be no better at back-up center.

    I admire Pritch, but he did not have Big Ten talent.

  19. Dustin-

    You need to stop typing the name “Christian” into your stories.

    Bad enough Kentucky ads popping up on Scoop.

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