One more reason you need to follow Cody Zeller on Twitter

Zeller’s Twitter explanation for why he’s staying a second year follows.

I’m returning to IU next year because I haven’t accomplished all of my goals yet. For example I haven’t gotten a date with @KateUpton yet.

Have to give credit to a man who sets his goals high.


  1. Pretty sure he’d have a better chance if he were a millionaire NBA lottery pick. But hey, that’s why you stay in college… to learn those life lessons. He obviously still needs a year or two.

  2. Pursue the big game, Cody. Pursue the big game. And win the big games, for that matter, but today, pursue the big game.

  3. I seriously doubt he stays 4 years….especially if we win a Title next year.

    And don’t tell me about his brothers staying all 4 years because I don’t think any of them were a Top 3 pick.

    Maybe he gets his degree in 3 years and we have him that long.

  4. Tht biggest KINKO jerk, has provided his opinion. Well done Laffy, you continue to provide proof that you are truly a fool.

    Please notice, Laffy, no swear words included. You are just a fool.

  5. Were you trying to post this on another thread It’s Official, because I’m not sure what Laffy said there that isn’t perfectly rational. I don’t know if he’s wrong or right. I’d venture to say that Zeller doesn’t know if that’s wrong or right. But there’s nothing irrational about that.

  6. Say Dustin, there’s a squirrel outside my window that I’d like you to talk some sense into when your done with IO.

  7. Okay. I don’t know what that means, but okay. Don’t listen to the squirrel, though. He’s a liar.

  8. I will not go any further. You know that you have not always been honest, sometimes you make poor statements. Chet, the squirrel is fine.

    Let’s leave it alone, okay?

  9. I find myself posting more here after the season than during, primarily because of poster like It’s Official.

    Pardon my language, IO, but what in the hell are you talking about? Like Dustin, I didn’t see anything irrational in Laffy’s comment, then Chet got some humor at your expense, and you replied with a series of non sequiturs. I can’t make any sense of any of it, which of course will probably lead you to believe that you also know more than I think (I think) (or maybe not).

    I wonder what caused Perea to drop? #43 is certainly not bad, it’s just perplexing that he’d drop that much this late in the process. He’d almost have to regress.

  10. I can’t imagine what you are talking about but I just don’t like the way that squirrel looks.

  11. eric, I’m not sure I think you know, or don’t know, more than I can say…or not, to be honest but I think I can say that I think you will know that I can but I won’t…for now.

  12. Tebow, Bubba, Crean…It’s been a decent year for born-agains.

    The Holy Spirit truly does guide us to stages our best.

  13. Oh yes! IO, the guy who we don’t know how much he knows because we simply can not know in the sense of really knowing what is important to know if only we new what there is to know but, most important, is knowing what is worth knowing. If we only knew.

    So what’s knew buddy? Go ahead and just post under your old, and still official name…

  14. This is just more proof my stalker-fans will knee-jerk and cry I’m “stupid” no matter WHAT I say because they are so obsessed with me their only reason for living is to attack me.

    Sad little lives……..

  15. Chet, the funniest (really bellow out funny, as in sick) funny thing my statement had absolutely zero, nothing, nada, less than poquito to do with the individuals who feel alluded to that I absolutely never, ever even think about these days. But, it is true…turn off the lights and the cockroaches think it is their turn. In other words, if a tree doesn’t fall and no one’s around to hear it, did it make a noise? I didn’t know empty vacuums could make noise.

    Oh well…back to never thinking about empty space and vacuums.

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