Samford makes it official, Seltzer the new coach

Samford officially announced Bennie Seltzer’s hiring in a release on Wednesday night. It follows.


— The Birmingham native and former Indiana assistant will be introduced at 9:30 a.m. —

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Samford University will introduce Bennie Seltzer as the school’s Head Men’s Basketball Coach Thursday at 9:30 a.m. (CDT) as the Bulldogs’ Athletic Department is scheduled to hold a press conference at the Howard Room in the University Center.

Thursday’s press conference will be streamed live for FREE on the Bulldog Big Screen at

Samford Director of Athletics Martin Newton will officially announce that Seltzer, a native of Birmingham and graduate of Parker High School, has been hired as the 27th head men’s basketball coach in school history. Seltzer, who has been a key assistant coach at Indiana, Marquette and Oklahoma, will be introduced to both the media and Samford supporters Thursday.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the future of Samford basketball,” said Newton. “After an exhaustive national search, all roads led to Bennie Seltzer. His character, energy, enthusiasm and work ethic make him the perfect fit at this time for this University. He brings the total package with his ability to coach, recruit and develop players, not to mention his ties to the Birmingham community. This is truly a new day for Samford basketball.”

Seltzer will take the reins to the Samford basketball program Thursday after spending the previous four seasons with the Indiana Hoosiers. He came to Indiana with Tom Crean after spending two years at Marquette where he helped the Golden Eagles earn back-to-back trips to the NCAA Tournament.

“Believe me, Bennie Seltzer has seen it all and there is no task at Samford University that will not be ready to attack with integrity, energy, and unyielding attitude for success,” said Crean. “He will be thoroughly missed at Indiana, but will never be forgotten for the work that he put in with us. Congratulations to all at Samford University for adding Bennie Seltzer to your University, athletic department and basketball program. There is no task too small or no challenge too great for him to be a part of. You will be energized and inspired by his personality, work ethic and teamwork.”

During his tenure at Marquette, the Golden Eagles saw Dominic James earn All-American honors. Under Seltzer’s tutelage, James, Jerel McNeal and Lazar Haywood all earned Big East All-Conference accolades. In addition, Marquette was nationally ranked for a majority of his final year on campus.

Prior to his time at Marquette, Seltzer was an assistant coach at Oklahoma where his duties included day-to-day operations in the areas of conditioning, scouting, practice, game preparation and film exchange. He tutored a number of the Sooners’ up-and-coming backcourt players and was heavily involved in the program’s summer basketball camps.

During his nine-year tenure in Norman, Okla., the Sooners averaged 25 wins per season and earned NCAA Tournament berths eight times, reaching the Sweet 16 in 1999, the Final Four in 2002 and the Elite Eight in 2003.

Seltzer, who flourishes in the role of player development, was selected as one of four court coaches for USA Basketball national team trials in July 2004. In that role he was responsible for conducting drills, coaching scrimmages and working with players in East Rutherford, N.J., who vied for spots on the 2004 USA World Championship For Young Men Qualifying Team.

The eventual 12-man team later won the gold medal by going 5-0 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“After working with Bennie for a few days with USA Basketball in 2004, I knew he could be a very good coach,” Crean said. “After six years of working with Coach Seltzer, I know he is an outstanding coach. He helped take us to high levels at Marquette and after four years at Indiana, helped us endure the greatest professional hardships we had ever faced to get to a point where our program is nationally relevant again.”

Seltzer played four seasons at Washington State before spending the next four years playing professionally in Turkey, Venezuela, Poland and Holland.

Seltzer, 41, is the all-time assists leader at Washington State (473) and also ranks second in 3-pointers made (230), sixth in steals (147), sixth in points (1,423) and sixth in minutes played (3,227).

“Bennie Seltzer is an outstanding choice as Samford’s head coach,” said Jay Bilas of ESPN. “Bennie is smart, energetic and passionate. He has a great feel for the game and for players, and he has a tremendous work ethic. I think the world of Bennie Seltzer.”

A First-Team All-Pac-10 Conference selection his senior season when he averaged 17.9 points and 4.7 assists, Seltzer closed out his career as the league’s career record holder for 3-point baskets. He was also a member of the Pac-10 All-Freshman Team in 1989-90 when he averaged 11.7 points, 4.1 assists and 1.4 steals.


“This is a great hire for Samford University,” said Alabama head women’s basketball coach Wendell Hudson. “I have known Bennie for many years and share a special connection with him, as we are both graduates of Parker High School in Birmingham. It’s always nice when you can bring one of your own back home. He did an outstanding job as an assistant at Oklahoma, Marquette and Indiana, and I am confident he will be a great leader for the Bulldogs.”

The Birmingham native and graduate of Parker High School holds a sociology degree from Washington State. Seltzer and his wife, DicQues, have two sons, Diamond, 18, and Bennie III, 10.



  1. Reading gossip about A.J. Guyton being a possibility for Dir. of BB Operations if CC is indeed the new assistant.

  2. Congrats, Coach – our progress over the last few years couldn’t have happened without every coach being top-drawer. Now, let’s get Samford on the schedule asap so that we fans can give Bennie a little love when he’s announced. Then whip his a**, of course.

  3. How about people “try” to mention a source when saying stuff like that since there are ALWAYS “rumors/gossip” from anonymous sources on the net just throwing crap out there?

    I was never much of a Guyton fan as I think he was LAZY on defense.

  4. Laffy, I disagree with that assessment. Guyton was one of my favorite players of the last period of Knight’s tenure. Defense wasn’t his strong suit, that was shooting the ball. But that doesn’t mean he was lazy.

    I don’t know anything about Guyton as a coach, but I think he’d do a great job as an ambassador, administrator and positive influence on the players, as Calbert has done. Plus it’s another tie to Knight; enough of those and perhaps he’d acknowledge IU again (beyond his red sweater in the State Farm commercial). I’m not one of these people who thinks things can’t be quite right until that happens, but I would like to see it. So Guyton seems like a good fit, if he’s qualified for the job.

  5. HC….settle down, crybaby.

    I never said you couldn’t “post when you please” or “you owe me anything.”

    You posted some gossip…..I asked where you got it….and one of your BFF’s got snarky saying I needed to read the Star.

    Anybody can come on here with “gossip this” and “gossip” that since ANYBODY can put up “gossip” on the internets.

    So, wanted to know where you got your “gossip” so I could decide to take it seriously or not.

    Get your panties out of your crack.

  6. Eric….ask any coach about defense and this will all say it’s mostly about effort.

    Some don’t have the athletic ability, like Jordy, but he still tries.

    Guyton had the ability. and he wasn’t stupid.

    To me, he just didn’t care about defense that much.

    And I blame Knight for letting him play.

    I remember people crucifying Davis for letting Bracey play when his defense wasn’t great.

    Those same people never ONCE ripped Knight for letting Guyton play when his defense was sub-par.

    I don’t want Guyton any where near our players.

    Defense wins championships.

    Guyton never cared about it.

  7. Jesus, you’re dense.

    You’re right, Gilligan, you don’t “owe” ME “anything.”

    Most people appreciate a source of “gossip” since the internet is FULL of garbage.

    I didn’t say anything about “owing” anything, bedwetter.

  8. No problem Jay, just messing with you. I forget sometimes that my Twitter followers, newspaper readers and Scoop people are often three separate groups. I should’ve put that on the blog when I saw Guyton tweeting about it.

  9. HC and eric, why do you guys respond to his mindless drivel? You KNOW he’s not going to have a coherent response. All he is capable of doing is 3rd grade name calling and ‘poor little me’ whining. It’s probably his only outlet from his miserable life.

    Don’t let him share his misery with you. Just ignore him.

  10. There are a lot of good coaches that when, as players, never demonstrated what they now teach or demand of their players. It’s the difference between being a boy and being a man. And I think that’s typical in many aspects of adult life. There are a lot of parents that were, in relative terms, irresponsible partiers in their teenage and young adult years that, once they became mature adults and parents, raise their kids with discipline and try to prevent them from being irresponsible partiers. It does not make them hypocrites or unworthy, it makes them mature and responsible adults, who have become aware of the realities of the real world.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure Bob Knight exemplified that “transformation.” I remember an interview some TV journalist did with his old college coach. They asked what type of player Bob Knight had been. The old OSU coach went on describe Knight as a player. Most of his comments were complimentary, but he also informed the viewing public that some of Knight’s aspects as a player were in direct contrast direct contrast to Knight’s coaching philosophies. I remember that Knight, sitting next to his old college coach, was a little chagrinned to hear this being voiced to a national TV audience.

    It’s not as if today’s college players are going to remember that Guyton was not a good defender. That’s a relative statement (actually an opinion) anyway. “Not good” relative to who, or to who’s standards. I don’t see Guyton’s style of play when he was an IU player disqualifying him as a candidate for a position on Crean’s coaching staff. Other more important criteria will take precedent.

  11. So now we result in using the Lord’s name wrongly and name calling over gossip. We have your opinions so enough! Stop! If and when Coach names replacements we can talk about the choices. Just because a former player was not good defensively does not determine if he will be a good Coach. Knight was a bench player as are many coaches so being a great player does not always mean they will be great coach. Whoever CTC picks will be a good fit. You can count on it!

  12. Laffy, and you wonder why some other posters on this site give you grief? I believe, that if you eliminated the name-calling, you would see a reduction in the “attacks” that you so frequently complain about.

    As I said on another post, “what goes around comes around.” If you don’t like other posters “attacking” you, maybe you should evaluate the comments you direct at others. And please, do not respond by telling me, “but they started it.” That justification has not been valid since kindergarden.

    I’m not taking sides here, just trying to elevate the dialogue.

  13. You losers really are the dumbest mother f-ers walking the face of the earth.

    Go to ANY board on the net covering sports….ANY of them….and if some guy throws out “gossip”, people will ask, “Where did you hear that?”

    So I don’t know why you’re soiling your pants because I asked that question.

    Oh, wait.

    Yes I do.

    If I said the sky was blue, you’d all start SOBBING, “No it isn’t. It’s LIGHT blue. You’re a MORON!! Waaaaahhh!!!”


  14. podunker……no, I actually don’t “wonder why.”

    I know why.

    They’re complete morons who soil their pants no matter WHAT I say.

    For one reason, I don;t think Knight is GOD like they do.

    And, I think the Bible is the dumbest fairy tale ever written.

    So, they are just going to knee-jerk and go exactly opposite of what I say.

    Or, like they did here, rip me for asking a question that is asked on EVERY BOARD IN THE FREAKING COUNTRY just because they’re obsessed with me.

    All I did is ask where he heard it.


    And he starts whining about “I don’t owe you anything.”


  15. O.K., so let me see if I understand this. You’re O.K., normal, rational, and sound in your logic; but everybody else that posts on this site is a loser, a moron, MF’ers, or children that soil their pants and believe in “the dumbest fairy tale ever written.” Does that about cover it?

  16. Po – good stuff in 18

    I wore #25 as my college number because of Guyton. We played over the same years. Loved the guy… But then I never played great defense either. Come to think of it, I didn’t really play great offense either. Still loved AJ though.

  17. Everybody?

    Not at all.

    Geoff and I had some issues before, but I’m fine with him now.

    I’m sure there are others but their names don’t stand out to me as I don’t memorize all the screen names.

    But there are a handful who have this WEIRD obsession with me.

    Like I said, all I did was ask a SIMPLE question that is asked on EVERY board in the COUNTRY.

    And his pants started turning brown whimpering “I don’t owe you anything!!!!”

    Get a grip.

    I just asked a simple question.


  18. Podunker, Knight himself talked about the fact that as a college player for the great Fred Taylor at Ohio State he spent a lot of time on the bench because he played defense with less than maximum enthusiasm (as they say) and was a pretty undisciplined ‘gunner’. And, he attributes the basis of his initial development as a coach to the knowledge and philosophies he witnessed while near Taylor and the ‘reminders’ he received of his shortcomings as a player.

    I do remember BK on the bench and, when sent in to play some, the crowd immediately beginning to yell “shoot!… shoot!”. Of course, he was also playing on an Ohio State team that had Jerry Lucas (everyone’s All American), John Havlicek, who went on to become one of the NBA’s legitimate best ever and one of BK’s closest friends. and (I believe also a kid named- I think, Mel Nowell; Larry Siegfried and, maybe, a fifth starter named Roberts. At that time (as Knight told it), he had a reputation for being somewhat of a ‘biker’. (There you go Chet).

  19. What has Guyton been doing since he played at IU?

    Does he have any qualifications for the job besides just being a former player here?

    Does he admit he sucked on defense like Bobby did?

  20. Off-topic, but I just found out today that Ball State actually has a dormitory facility known as the “Johnson Complex.”

    Hmmm..Talk about your oxymoron. Maybe not so off-topic as it relates to this thread. Carry on, privates.

  21. oops…every Kentucky basketball player is honored

    This concludes my attempt at an unscheduled humorous intermission.

  22. Go after Dane Fife! Wasn’t Fife a very good defender(outside of one foul committed against #1 Duke)?

    Fife’s heart is with the candy-stripes. What the hell does Izzo need with him?

  23. Harvard, the sad thing is, while wildkitty fans will proudly tout the national championship they bought this year, a decade from now they won’t remember a single name of the one and done mercenaries they hired to steal the trophy.

    It’s almost meaningless.

  24. Laffy, my mistake. I thought that when you wrote, “You losers really are the dumbest mother f-ers walking the face of the earth,” and it was not addressed to any individual poster or any specifically referenced group of posters, you were sending that out to pretty much everyone that posts comments on this blog.

  25. Chet, You are correct, thanks.

    H4H, There also was a female residence hall at BSU called Hurlbut. Apropos?

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