Sporting News calls IU Final Four contender, ranks Watford as No. 5 most important NBA decision

Ryan Fagan of the Sporting News calls Indiana the No. 1 new Final Four contender (not counting teams that made it last year) and says Christian Watford’s NBA decision is one of the five most important facing college teams this offseason.


  1. Critics have cited class basketball as the reason for declining attendance at high school games. They point to a record low attendance of less than 23,000 people at last weekend’s four state championship games.

    Other than a new basketball stadium in Bloomington, my other big hoops wish for my home turf is that we finally decide to go back to the format that made our state high school tournament the place where miracles could find the hearts a young Indiana lad driven toward a culminating event, a onetime shot the ONE special stage all his dreams, humbled with dumb grit and naivety in its quest though it may be, and the simple lifelong rewards the perfections of the goal a team greater than individual parts and all the skills realized with a round leather ball could actually happen.

    Funny how this isn’t making news into a blog that dedicates so much space to Indiana hoops.

  2. Something is amiss at Kentucky. I have absolutely no proof, but my instinct tells me something is not kosher with KY basketball.

    A lot of people back in the 60’s and 70’s used to say that about UCLA basketball. And, based on the stories I’ve heard direct from a friend of mine that played for Wooden for a year, I’d say they were mostly right. But who knows, maybe that was common back in those days.

    By the way, aside from Florida and Vandy, do any other schools in the SEC even care about basketball? That conference is pathetic in basketball.

  3. Something amiss at Kentucky? The next thing you know you’ll be telling us the Gotti family is involved in crime.

  4. Calipari may or may not be guilty of anything but he has been spotted near the scene of the crime more often than OJ Simpson.Couple that with the fact that Kentucky has a known history of paying players, it is completely fair to question the programs morals and ethics. Their “win at all costs” mentality speaks volumes about Kentucky Basketball.

  5. Kaintuck fans openly brag they don’t care about cheating.

    And Calipari is a proven scumbag.

    You will never convince me they aren’t cheating now.

  6. Laffy’s comment reminded me of an interview conducted a couple years ago, immediately after the scandal involving Louisville’s basketball coach broke. An TV reporter asked several Louisville basketball fans if the school should fire Patino because he had confessed to committing adultery with the wife of one of his assistant coaches. One women in her mid-twenties, with a big smile on her face, responded, “Hell no! We don’t care what he does as long as his team wins basketball games.”

    Of the six people interviewed on camera (at least the ones the broadcast showed the audience), none thought Louisville should fire Patino. Witnessing this, my wife (also a Hoosier alum) turned to me and said, “What’s wrong with these people?” I responded, “They live in Kentucky.”

  7. High School Basketball Grading Scale Guideline: Usually…there are always exceptions…

    Class A State Champs = Sectional Champs in traditional system.
    Class 2A State Champs = Regional Champs in traditional system.
    Class 3A State Champs = Semi State Champs in traditional system.
    Class 4 A State Champs = State Champs in traditional system.
    This system is a watered down system no matter what anyone says….It makes some principals and coaches look good.
    The sectional + regionalo champs used to mean something. Now kids and parents are just brainwashed.

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