Wisconsin narrows Uthoff’s list of blocked schools to the Big Ten

After transferring forward Jarrod Uthoff’s meeting with Wisconsin officials, the school has agreed to only bar Uthoff from transferring to schools in the Big Ten. Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan had initially banned Uthoff from transferring to Marquette, Iowa State, Florida and any school in either the Big Ten or the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Bo Ryan was on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning and attempted to explain his case, but did not help the public perception of his role in the matter.


  1. listen to Bo reminds me of Blagojevich balogna….think he has egoitis….and I have no respect for that program any more….anyone remember luke recker leaving for Iowa

  2. Apparently Bo forgets that 6 year contract he signed at UWM and then bolted 2 years later for the big money at Wisconsin. What was he telling those kids he was recruiting at UWM? “I am going to be here for all 4 of your years here”, “I am committed to building this program long term”, “I can’t see myself going anywhere else but UWM”. Then bolts and leaves those kids holding the bag. Then he is going to tell a kid he can’t leave and go to school where he wants to go.

  3. Talk about an uneven playing field. Scholarships are renewable from year to year but a player has to commit all four years. If they do transfer they have to sit out a year and then the coach can block you from going where you want.

    On top of that the coach might bolt 20 minutes into a players career.

    I hope Jarrod Uthoff one day lights up Wisky for 50.

  4. Well if i were a student athelete and wanting to go to any school that is something i would ask the Coach. I would want to know if i could transfer somewhere i would like to know that would be an opinion. The way Wisconsin did is wrong student should have a choice where he would want to transfer. Putting a band on where to go is not only wrong but if it was an incoming recruit i would wonder. But i guess they can get recruits for football anytime they want and oh they do not have to sit out a year which it does not make since to me.

  5. Fortunately for the young man, someone at Wisconsin has some common sense and saved Bo Ryan from his own egotism and stupidity. But Ryan is still going to suffer for this. Opposing coaches are going to mention this for years to come. And if there is any doubt in the minds of any of the players he’s recruiting, he’s going to lose some guys.

    What a buffoon! Just wait, it won’t be long before Ryan gets himself into more trouble. This incident was just a sign that his arrogance and ego are starting to overpower his common sense.

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