Women’s basketball notes

A few notes on Indiana women’s basketball three weeks into new coach Curt Miller’s tenure.

One of the comments Miller made at his introductory press conference was that IU needed more players. Well, that’s more true than ever now as both 2012 fall signees are headed elsewhere.

Haley Videckis asked Miller for her release after the coaching change, and he granted it while trying to re-recruit Videckis. But she picked up offers from Illinois, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Rutgers and Arizona State, before signing with the Sun Devils on Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, ESPN HoopGurlz reported that Heritage Christian point guard Brittany Webb had decommitted from the Hoosiers. That leaves IU with no incoming recruits at this point, though with nearly 50 coaching changes nationwide, more changes of heart by recruits and general transfers make the situation very fluid.

As for the coaching staff, Miller’s associate head coach at Bowling Green, Jennifer Roos, was tapped to replace him there earlier this week. The Toledo Blade reported that she is expected to keep the director of basketball operations on the BG staff, while assistant coaches Brandi Poole and Kevin Eckert are expected to join Miller at Indiana.


  1. This could all have been avoided if Mr Glass would have been smart enough not to have extended coach Jack’s contract after 2 concecutive years of losing records at IU a year ago. Extending her contract before this past season was simply throwing good money after bad! Anyone who was paying attention to coach Jack’s game day coaching and poor recruiting year after year could tell she was not the answer! If she would have been let go before this past season, we would have had a coach in place and recruits coming in for this upcoming season with letters of intents in place. Now, expecting coach Miller to recruit players of high quality at this late date is certainly a reach! Again, Glass put us in this position when he blew it last year!

    It should be added that I am incredibly excited at having coach Miller at IU! He is an incredibly gifted coach who knows how to recruit the state of Indiana and will get it done here. It is unfortunate that he is now handicapped by the recruits we had coming in back out! He now has to scramble to find recruits for the upcoming season.

  2. This is what happens when you leave the wrong coach in for too long hoping things will change. FLJ has put IU 3 to 4 years behind, which is pretty much what K. Sampson did to the mens program by cheating. FLJ may have ran a clean program but poor recruiting and poor coaching have left IU in a terrible situation for years to come. Miller has a lot of work to do.

  3. Welcome to Bloomington Coach Miller! Yes, the cupboard is bare, like totally bare. We will give you time to re-stock it before we complain too much.

  4. Hoosier Clarion and Beat Purdue make a very, very important point. Coach Miller obviously had no problems with the situation that AD Glass handed him…he took the job. Last chapter over, Hoosiers (the good ones) turn the page.

    Now, since a couple of you claim you love him (Miller) and the Hoosiers support him nothing could demonstrate that love more than if you laid off the issue. One other thing, (and I admit I have not been an involved fans of women’s basketball)…but FLJ seemed to have a lot of well deserved respect as a person, a mentor and a human being. So, please help me, Mike and Sam…what is the point of piling it on and demeaning and destroying her reputation?

    Glass, who seems to be handling his job professionally and with intelligence, made a judgement. It did not pan out. He then decided that the evidence did not point at being able to fix it and took action to replace a respected person (always, always a tough choice) with a well vetted successor who brings a strong reputation. Can we simply get on with it rather than stir the water in the toilet. It brings up nothing but stink and that doesn’t help anyone .

  5. Tsao Tsug, perhaps if you would take the time to attend games and actually follow IU women’s basketball, you would understand the frustration of those that have! For the last 20 years I have driven to Bloomington 5 or 6 times a year on the average which for me is a 200 mile round trip (2003-2007 had season tickets for the women)and have experianced the frustration live on site the last 6 years of coach Jack . Coach Jack’s reputation as a person is without arguement, unfortunitaly, she was hired to win basketball games, that she failed at! Walk in a true fans shoes of women’s basketball and I will take seriously your comments about me expressing my opinion. As previously stated, coach Miller will get the job done!!

  6. Yeah…I do understand your frustration. I am a huge Hoosier football fan so I’ve had my experience waiting for Godot. My point Mike, and it was clear to me you do like the naming of Miller as head coach, is that the change has been made. It seems to me AD Glass acknowledging (always hard to do) and rectifying the previous decision and trying to repair it with a quality coach (I rely on someone who follows IU women’s basketball like you do to make my first ‘guess’ about the quality of the new coach).

    Now, seems to me the big thing is to be as supportive as possible so you’ll make that 200 mile trip several times. No argument with anything you said; indeed, I hope your patience and loyalty are rewarded. I was just advocating for giving it a chance to work out and letting the professional do his job, just as I tell myself the same thing in regards to football at IU. (Sorry, it would be close to a 400 mile trip for me so I’ll follow it here and in your postings).

    Here’s to two Hoosiers!

  7. One more thing Mike…20 years huhh? That’s a long time!

    I remember when we beat Marquette 33-0 (I think it was 1960)and Marquette announced they were dropping football the next week. (Well, at least I had the Rose Bowl year and the Mallory Era).

  8. TTG, I remember that whipping of the Warriors too. Probably the only time IU knocked somebody out of the FB business although I believe it was for $ reasons they dropped FB. Then to add insult to injury we steal their BB coach 6 decades later.

  9. Clarion, yep. Remember the Side-Saddle T formation? The quarterback one step back between the center and the guard, facing towards the end and with his hands extended to normal position but sideways. He could either receive the ball or allow it to go through his hands to the wing-back.

    Actually, just before that (1957? 1958?) we had a pretty good team, full of very recruited players. I believe a Canadian QB (Johnson?); a great fullback, Vic Jones(?)…but it didn’t last. The powers complained about the recruiting and we got smacked down pretty hard by the NCAA.

    We’ve tried everything to win…! I do have a good feeling about Coach W. A bit more patience is a piece of cake at this point.

  10. I remember now since you mentioned it. I am with you Coach KW is a keeper. That whole staff exudes competence and confidence. One more level improvement in talent and this staff will be heroes.

  11. Here’s what bothers me.

    TTG, you and Chet, really took the a hard line with JPat when he posted some thoughts concerning Wilson. Well, heres a little ditty by Kravitz concerning Wilson. What I am posting is at the end of his editorial from Thursday, I believe.

    “Wilson didn’t make a lot of friends last year, whether he was cursing out a resident assistant at a dorm or acting like a punk on a radio show. There’s been concern from the start that he hasn’t quite acted the part of a high-profile coach when he has been away from the field.”

    I like Wilson’s approach to football, the game. Since I am not in Bloomington I cannot comment on his off-field behavior or his approach to life.

    I guess I am still a little miffed that you TTG and Chet chose to play judge and jury concerning JPat’s statements several months ago. By the way, Dustin also intimated that there were/are rumors concerning Wilson’s behavior.

    TTG, I respect your opinions. The incident with JPat really aggravated me. JPat is genuine man, a teacher I believe. I believe that he would have given away a body part to play football at IU, even as a walk-on. Nothing that JPat ever posted was inflammatory. JPat, like me, may not be as glib as you and the herd of posters on here but he was every bit as genuine and sincere as any of you, probably more.

  12. Clarion,

    Hart, ex of WC, has taken a position at Huntley, IL. Huntley is west of Chicago, about 45 miles. Probably will get a pay increase but the cost of living will also increase.

  13. When was he referring to as “acting like a punk on a radio show?”

    If it was the well publicized incident the jury is in on that one. It was the DJs acting like punks.

    As far as JPat getting offended, it kind of goes with the territory he put out there. What I find interesting is he had no qualms about repeating unsubstantiated malicious rumors (even if they turn out to be true) but he took such great offense when he was called on them.

    If you’re gonna do that kind of thing you surrender the right to act like the offended party.

    At least that’s how I was raised.

    I have no doubt that he is a fine person but that doesn’t make it OK. He seems kinda thin skinned to be laying waste to the reputation of others.

  14. …and as far as ‘judge and jury’, not a chance. We just pointed out the ‘crime’, as such.

  15. Jay Gregg, I respect you and your posts, I comment on many because they always add to the conversation and raise interesting and valid points, whether we agree on any one single issue or not. You really do add to the enjoyment of the blog.

    We do disagree on this one issue. I really can not add much to Chet’s post because he has said it perfectly and exactly as I thought about it. The only issue I strongly objected to; the raising of malicious rumors and innuendo to personally attack individuals (mostly coaches) with little or no substantiation. People and families can be destroyed by false allegations and careers decimated by falsehoods. No judge, no jury…simply put I felt it necessary to voice my objection.

    It’s that simple Jay Gregg. If he want to contribute without the gossip and innuendo he’d be welcome. I would, however, continue to voice my rejection attacking the character of individuals or abusing by gossip and innuendo. That’s just simply how I feel.

    Jay Gregg, thanks for caring enough to say your piece. I do want to make it real clear Jay Gregg I consider you an extraordinary and valuable contributor and respect you as a person. Go Hoosiers!

    (p.s. Interesting on Hart. Hope we look for prospects there and around him. There are many good football players in that area and it may be fun to follow him.)

  16. Oops! “I would, however, continue to voice my rejection [TO attacks on”].. the character of individuals or abusing [them]by gossip and innuendo. That’s just simply how I feel.

  17. Jay Gregg- Kravitz is not exactly a light bulb. And the incident on the radio involved two jockeys who couldn’t spell credibility. If I recall, they began by ridiculing IU football and KW called them out on it.

    One of those two jockeys (a former QB who had a 10 minute tryout with someone, somewhere) had a lot more serious character issues. He himself had documented issues of his allowing under age drinkers at parties in his home. I emphasize the documented. And, as I understand it the radio station has now terminated the program. It all comes around.

    As for DD’s, I do remember not being too comfortable (nor happy) reading the allegations in some of his pieces. Good journalists avoid being used to circulate personal rumors. Generally, DD is very good and I dismissed that one incident to the problem of ‘sources’. That’s partially why I think holding high standards is so important.

  18. I’d like to second the fact that Jay Gregg has always seemed to be a sincere contributor to the Scoop. I, also, disagree at times but that is of no matter, including the issue at hand.

  19. DD will, one way or another. regain his footing on this. Perhaps, proving me a fool.

    Dustin is our gatehouse. He draws a salary (not his worth) letting us know when we become buffoons.

    I truly value that.

  20. I agree totally Chet. I have my moments of scratching and making the window panes whine, but DD’s very, very good and very consistent…a “go-to guy”.

  21. J Pat, after reading these posts initiated by Jay Gregg to and then from TTG and Chet I have to say I valued you as a contributor and would welcome you back as the SCOOP is not as good w/o you. I too did not like hearing the negatives about Coach Wilson but knew they(negatives)must be out there in circulation(supported by DD)as it was coming from you. Even though it drew criticism at times your posting info, opinions or rumors with that personal local flair that you own is what I miss and it is because you have a network(pipeline)and a vantage point of observation few of us has for offering topics for discussion, debate and yes argument. Not blaming you but I do not think Mike P. posts as often since your absence, maybe, maybe not. Give us a shout.

  22. Jay Gregg,

    Any insight or notion as to who the new WC HC will be? After the public indictment declared by Hart when he departed does it make the job less attractive to top quality applicants? I also consider Huntley if it was not before to became a recruiting resource for IU.

  23. Clarion,

    I have no idea. If I were to guess there will be some discussion or investigation into what transpired.

    Wilson and his staff are working Illinois more than Lynch or Hoeppner ever did. Recruiting is very competitive here; Michigan, ND, Ohio State, Northwestern, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Minnesota and others. Purdue is not recruiting here as much.

  24. Clarion, Jay Gregg …fyi (you probably knew this already), KW’s recruiting of Tev Coleman was very important in penetrating suburban Chicago recruitment. He was considered a top notch football player with a big horizon. (Perez was highly thought of as well, and continues to be very respected). What is interesting is that we can now look at a minimum of four high caliber running backs). Indiana’s problem in the Big Ten has been its depth more than anything else. We simply could not handle losing first line player or count on third team players to hold their own when needed. That’s one of the most encouraging things I see changing, that the level of performance expected of a third/fourth team player now is not too different from that of the starter.

    One of our complaints, and rightly so, was our inadequacy when called to tackle and block, at executing fundamentals. I believe the drop in talent quality between second and thrid string (sometimes, 1-2 string) was the reason coaches like Coach Lynch feared injuries and exhaustion to the point they saw it as a necessity to limit hitting, tackling and blocking in practice. It was obvious to me that this particular limitation was way too heavy a burden for us to bear in Big Ten play.

    Indiana, should be fertile earth for talent from the Chicago, northern and central Illinois area because it is within a 4-5 hour car ride, but is a college ‘campus’ town very attractive to parents who are looking for a more pastoral, placid typical college environment.

    Notre Dame has always been the dominant factor for top talent. Chicago has a strong influence of Irish and Catholics(‘the ‘fathers and brothers’ organize buses to South Bend in the fall). Of course, Illinois will compete (but not as dominant as you’d think), as will Wisconsin. The biggest change in the locals has been in the presence Indiana should compete every year with 4-5 players.

  25. TTG, Good stuff. I am sure Johns is a resonating factor with our Chicago/Illinois recruiting in competing for talent with bulldog stubbornness. I’ll also add his coaching QB’s this year will make an impact. As I have stated previous I am higher on the future of this program than at any time solely based on the staff assembled. I do believe it is the 1st time IU has had BSC level coaches in total. Jon Fabis is going to make a difference not only at DE but together with Hagen coaching ST’s.

    On another note does anyone know about DL/S&C coach Bryant Haines from Adrian College(Mich.)being hired onto the IU staff? I have looked up his Bio but found no confirming report or announcement of his hiring. DD you got any info?

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