1. What a bunch of horse manure! Did you know when he was at Memphis he wanted to play Gonzaga at neutral sites also. He said they would play at FedEX arena in Memphis for their neutral site. Thing is not only is it in Memphis but….it is where they played all their games as they did not have on campus arena.

    The guy is a snake! The comments on that link form the UK people make me sick. One called him a genius. ? He is a slime ball coach and I cannot wait till you go on probation.

  2. Sounds to me like a WHA, WHA — I wouldn’t schedule them again if they are that worried about losing players and not possibly being prepared to play strong teams due to kids leaving? If everyone took that attitude there wouldn’t be any schedules! LOL

  3. What arrogance! I think Glass and Crean showed him he does not call the shots for IU. I hope everyone on his nonconference schedule refuses to play his games. Figurative and literal. UK is not the only team that matters and the world does not revolve around Coach Cal and the Wildcats.

  4. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    “I’m not scared. No, really, I’m not. If I repeat it 20 times, hopefully you’ll believe me.”

    “Don’t listen to other fans/people. Be a good sheep and just parrot whatever I spoon-feed you. None of you are smart enough to think for yourselves.”

  5. Calapari is a stupid slime machine who puts a pound of grease in his hair everyday.

  6. He’s just plain CHICKEN! He’s scared that Indiana will go into Rupp and ruin their home winning streak. He’s not worried about his players. He’s worried about his bonuses if he loses.

  7. UK doesn’t want to play ON CAMPUS because, UK has a home winning streak that would end next year if IU played at Rupp (if the current schedule were to remain in tact). IU was right, of course, to either say “on campus, or no series”. UK made the decision, not us!

  8. Patches O’Calapari: “If you’re going to become true wildcats, then you’ve got to learn the five d’s of wildcat basketball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!

  9. Not one word about the student – athlete, just the athlete. Only at UK would the administration allow it and fans support it.

  10. Yep. Non-traditional program. We are all rooting and running college basketball teams.

    uk? Not so much. Good riddance. Hope the rest (ie UNC, etc) see this slimy bunch and their sleazy motives and refuse to play along too.

    BIG Blue???? More like big joke. Good riddance.

  11. what a tool, he basically is taking away any chance of his teams “losing” at home or on the road. He wants’ to “shelter” his teams. He complains about having to deal with things no other teams deal with…He CREATED that whole mess…let’s just see if this banner stays up..the other two he “won” came down…what a joke for college basketball..man up and play some real teams at home and on the road..the NCAA basketball program does not revolve around you or Kentucky

  12. That was pretty laughable. The best part was definitely the comments afterwards. I really liked the “turn the football stadium into a dome” comment. This guy and these people think they are the only team to win a national championship ever. I really could care less about the University of Kentucky. Now, I really won’t care about them.

  13. To be a Kentucky fan you have to know 3 words. One-and-done. What if Nerlens Noel broke his leg? They would be an even bigger JOKE! There’s 1 word to describe Kentucky JOKE!

  14. “If we see an opportunity to generate more revenue for our program, we have to take it into consideration”. That’s pretty much the only truthful part. They have to come up with funding for their semi pro team. Er, I mean college team.

    So he thinks playing in football stadiums is necessary to prepare for the NCAA tournament?!? I’ve never heard a team complain about losing in the tournament because they just didn’t have enough football stadium experience.

    And these blind pUKe fans think that it’s great because he gets the wins. Well people, winning isn’t everything. I’d rather go to more home games on campus and maintain all that tradition rather than convert the college bball experience into a semi pro traveling team.

  15. Bob Knight was right this guy has no business coaching NCAA teams. He is a cheater and only tells half truths to make himself look good at any cost. He is a coaching cancer that needs to leave or get kicked out of college basketball! The sooner the better!

  16. How long can you continue to be a “non-traditional program” before the NCAA Graduation Rate becomes a problem. Does anyone know the ansewer to that question?

  17. I’m dumber for having read that. Non-traditional, player first programs…yikes. UK fans watching Cal’s teams must feel like a guy who visits a prostitute, she’ll get the job done but you both feel empty afterward.

    I’d be fine if we never played them again.

  18. The NCAA needs to make rules that penalize a team for having so many one and dones. These guys are STUDENT athletes. pUKe is not even a legit university because none of their basketball players graduate!

  19. So how do the non-traditional schools handle the graduation rate imposed by the NCAA? Isnt there a scholarship reduction based on student athletes ( Im using that term loosely here ) not finishing their academic commitment?

  20. Where did we win for the run in 2002? Rupp was away from home we beat Duke in kentucky. I just think it is wrong to have lost one of the major games in NCAA history they have been playing since 1969 that is a long time. But i guess money hungry college wants to take it off site. So i guess we have to meet them in Atlanta?

  21. chicken in kentucky,and i don,t mean col. sanders fried either. chicken , coward what a scum bag. kentucky with your one and done,s you were not going to beat indiana over the years to come any way.

  22. That is the most arrogant thing I have ever read from a college coach. Convert “non-traditional” program to “special” program, meaning an above-the-rules program. This man thinks he’s special because he finally won an NCAA Championship with five one-and- done players. What a disgrace!

    Calipari is certainly very confident he’s going to continue to get the best basketball players in the country to come to his program. I wonder what makes him so confident? Maybe it’s because he knows he has a corrupt athletic department and alumni behind him that will spend whatever amount of money it takes, and bend each and every rule, to get some NBA-ready players to put in their 12 credit hours over nine months so that they can act like students.

    This man is corrupt to the core. He should be shunned. Kentucky is a national disgrace.

  23. Dustin – Couple of comments relate to the NCAA grad rate thing. Great question. Any possibity you could research or update us on that. What is the ramification of all the one & done?

    I kind of like the idea of playing the game in Indianapolis. Probably the only way I would be able to get a ticket to see IU play this coming season.

    It will never happen, but would love to see Ky play in the Big 10 and take the beatings with every game. But that may be what gives IU the edge this coming year.

  24. Quite an article by Terry Hutchens in the Star about Matt Roth’s situation. Worthy of deep thought.

  25. Calipari’s post is exactly what each, the NCAA and the University of Kentucky need to decide what it does to justify itself. Calipari is laughing in the NCAA’s face and using the University of Kentucky as a spittoon.

    I think I’m accurate in describing that one of the NCAA’s functions is to insure that sstudent-athletes are moving steadily towards completing their education and progressing towards a degree. I believe one of the measures when they look at a student-athlete’s GPA is to calculate whether this is true or not. In this case, Calipari is literally stating this is not even a thought and wiping himself with paper in the form of the NCAA Charter.

    It will be interesting to see if the NCAA does anything. In the meantime, I literally think we should unilaterally disqualify UK from any athletic competition with IU.

  26. Cals one and done plans can backfire pretty quickly. Anthony Bennett is not going to pUKe. pUKe will have a paper thin roster next year. One year it will backfire completely! Looking forward to that year which is this year and we can say bye bye to D league coach cal!

  27. We cut off our noses to spite our faces…All we had to was put our egos aside, agree to a neutral site, and we could have wiped their asses off the court.

    Look deep into your bitterness…a compromise(until the NBA farm system coach leaves UK when the NCAA gets to investigative for his comfort) would have given us the chance to shove his “uniqueness” in his teeth. We have them on the schedule next year and nobody cares how criminal “Criminalpari” is. Now we live with the “lucky shot” instead a shot to deliver a Hoosier team with all the pieces to annihilate on any site.

    Lastly, the NCAA loves to make questionable practices look harmful the minute IU nestles up cozy with one. The NCAA would have likely taken a harder line against stealing the college campus games away from the students if Indiana would have agreed. The NCAA will appear nonchalant in the face of UK’s greed motivation. I doubt they would have done the same when Hoosiers get involved in the friendship. Calipari played hid good friend, Tom Crean, and manipulated the result intended. No more lucky shots.

  28. Cal is doing this to try to attempt a perfect season. That is his new goal that he publicly stated after winning the championship. In order to do that, this is how they have to schedule. It would be next to impossible to do otherwise playing real teams.

    So what does this all mean for us? About the only thing we hopefully can do is hurt them financially. Don’t watch their games period. Make it so the ESPN’s of the world won’t broadcast their awful matchups and low rating games. Hopefully Indy and St. Louis won’t let them use their dome stadiums. It’s only a little bit but don’t feed into their hype. Why recruits would want to go there to never play anybody, I’ll never know. You’d think they’d want to showcase themselves to the next level vs actual talent. Cal, take your ball and go home and feel free to let the door hit you on the way out.

  29. In one, critical respect, Calipari has it all wrong about the program he coaches: they have always been a non-traditional program. From the moment Adolph Rupp took the lead chair, Kentucky has treasured no value except winning. Well, they treasured segregation for an especially long time, but that went by the bye, too, as soon as it got in the way of winning. Kentucky is an historic program, but they have never been traditional. Breaking rules against the traditions of college basketball has been the program’s (and fan’s) M.O. for 82 years now.

    That leads to the other way Calipari has it all wrong…when it comes to the history of the program he coaches, he and his program are as traditional as it gets. They have ALWAYS operated against the spirit and usually the letter of the rules. Calipari’s model is just a variation on a very old theme in Lexington.

  30. Calipari is another Jim Jones.”Drink the Kool-Aid now Big Blue Nation, drink it now , our enemies are coming” What a lowlife hustler.Kentucky will never be able to wash all the grease away after this jerk is gone.

  31. Ron in FL,
    The rule keeping teams out of tournament play for poor academic performance is not based on graduation rates but on APR scores. Players don’t have to actually have to graduate, but they do have to be on track to graduate whenever they leave. There is a higher grade point average requirement for a player for him not to hurt the APR if he transfers or goes pro than if he stays in school, but all the same, it doesn’t necessarily hurt the school if a player goes pro or transfers. Indiana has obviously benefited from this, as the transfers of Bawa Muniru and Bobby Capobianco didn’t keep IU from a perfect APR score despite the fact that they transferred.
    So I looked up Kentucky’s APR scores and, well, this is going to baffle you. These things are a year behind, obviously, so we won’t know the APR score from the 2010-11 academic year until June and we won’t know the APR score from this academic year until a year from now, but Kentucky’s APR score from 2009-10 when John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins and Daniel Orton and Eric Bledsoe all went pro after a year was 974. Kentucky hasn’t posted a score under the 930 barrier since 2005-06. Yes, really.
    So yeah, based on the rules as they are in place, Kentucky is safe from academic sanctions.

  32. Check that, 974 is actually the multi-year score through 2009-10, so that’s combining Gillespie’s last three years with Calipari’s first. But after one year, things were actually trending upward with Calipari. The multi-year score was 20 points better in his first year than it was after Gillespie’s last year. I can’t say what’s gone on the last two years because those numbers aren’t out yet, but it would take several years of bad performance, it appears, for Kentucky to be in APR trouble.

  33. Guest – great perspective. Agreed 100%, and it was actually an opinion and not just a rant.

    Now, because I feel like I’m just tooooooo well-liked here, I have to take a bit of a contrarian view to the IU masses. Before I do, I’ll state that I think Cal is a slime ball and a cheater and it’s just a matter of time before it all blows up (again). But that opinion aside, I absolutely see his logic here, and if I were the coach at UK tomorrow I would probably say the same thing. This is to me a flat out case of hate-the-game-not-the-player. He is well within his means to use this logic and schedule this way. Really it’s brilliant from a purely selfish UK perspective. If you need to have a problem with someone, blame the NCAA.

    1. Prepare for the Post Season – this absolutely makes sense. UK owes nothing to any school or fan base other than their own. They are judged on winning and championships right now and nothing else. The program and the fans don’t pretend to be concerned with the “student” part. They are 100% focused on winning a national championship (at almost any cost). It is definitely true that playing good teams in cavernous, neutral sites is best way to prepare for the Sweet 16 and beyond.

    To address JohnFromBeyond in post #17, I couldn’t agree with you less. I hear coaches talk about back drop and big arenas all the time around tournament time. Izzo talked about how strange it was to play on the aircraft carrier. Hackman made a show out of Hinkle for his boys to prove the basket was still 10 feet high. And I have coached at 3 different HS’s that made deep tournament runs, including losing a state final. HS teams play all their games in (fairly) small gyms, but after the pre-lims are playing in the Portland, Augusta, or Bangor Civic Center. That is a massive change in spatial perspective. It is often a massive change in the number of fans and type of noise. That is true for college teams as well – there is an enormous difference between watching a game at Assembly Hall vs Lucas Oil Field. Do you really think the players are oblivious to that difference?

    Any time a team has opportunities to gain real-game experience against a top-flight opponent in that atmosphere it is absolutely a plus for them. Especially a team with as little college-game experience as UK with it’s constant turnover year-to-year.

    2. Fans – I don’t know for a fact, but I assume that UK sells out all it’s big home games and there is a large demand for tickets, especially if they are priced right. Playing in a huge venue solves both problems, and it allows the UK fans to keep their egos in tact with a prolonged home win streak. If they lose they can always justify that it was at a neutral site with an inexperienced team.

    3. Finances – I have no idea again what the financial benefits are of playing at a neutral site versus hosting a game at Rupp. My guess is the local businesses would rather have a big game at Rupp than in Louisville, but outside of that if they can make more money playing at enormous neutral sites then they have to consider that. The economy ain’t great and Title IX has demolished athletic budgets. Almost every school without a powerhouse football program operates at a huge loss. UK football ain’t exactly Alabama or Notre Dame from a marketing or fanbase perspective, so they need to generate as much revenue as possible through their basketball program to pay for women’s lacrosse and men’s tennis.

    By my view, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Cal is doing or saying in this particular situation. He is playing within the rules and looking out for the best interest of his team. If you take away his name and apply those two statements to any other coach in the country it would be viewed as at least shrewd, if not positive.

  34. Geoff,
    Perfect score is 1000. Minimum requirement requires some explanation, because since the penalties are usually based on four-year scores, there are a lot of rules for leeway. I think the amped up rules say teams will be subject to penalties if they’re under 930, but there are obviously a lot of issues there to consider. Crean’s first two seasons were excellent by themselves from an APR perspective, but he’s still lugging around the second Sampson year. As it stands, the IU APR is 929, but because they’ve improved from the Sampson days, they are not subject to additional penalties other than ones that were already imposed before Crean’s first year. Connecticut is in trouble, I believe because they have posted poor APR scores for a number of years.

  35. Geoff, I agree with your assessment of Criminallypari’s scheduling scheme. With his arrival at pUKe(vs. Memphis)he now has the platform to wholesale launch it into action. But after reading your post twice it is evident he will have more success implementing it against smaller programs, non B10 teams(BTN $), non state universities and schools w/o solid FB revenue. He has an angle but can he be as successful implementing it as he wants? Maybe? I also believe part of his philosophy for big, neutral venues is not just for $ or the perfect record but rebuild his reputation and to leverage recruiting exposure all season long. As with your thinking it is not a bad plan. Also Amen about Title IX.

  36. One way to look at Coach Calipari’s statement is the unintended honesty: UK has acknowledged taking the first steps to become the NBA’s first Division I basketball program Triple A minor league farm team. UK is a far smaller financial drain on the NBA than any of its developmental league teams, and provides better talent at a quicker pace. Still, there is a long way to go structurally to match the MLB farm system with team affiliations. But it is still a start.

  37. Coach Cal’s plan falters if he can’t schedule marquee games in a big arena someplace. Indiana is gone and maybe North Carolina. Who can they replace those teams with that wants to be the patsy for a horde of UK fans? And then where do they play? Lexington is pretty far away from a major domed stadium. So if IU says no to Lucus Oil, who does he play and where does that fit in his scheduling scenario?

    Even UK fans have their limits. If they have to travel to Atlanta they will. But for most UK fans traveling any distance would require them to play a major power in the NCAA.

    My Guess is UK is scrambling to find the teams and the places to use Coach Cal’s method. If they don’t, their schedule will be weaker than last year. Maybe that is what he wants.

  38. He wants the perfect record…especially at home.

    If it’s against patsies, they don’t care.

    And if they throw enough money at some scrub team, they’ll play in a dome, though I have no idea where.

  39. Playing patsies or low level competition prepares you for nothing. It doesn’t matter where you play.

  40. To throw this into the mix, though, no one promotes games between top teams and lower level competition at football stadiums. There has to be a draw, and there probably will be because there are a number of big time programs who don’t necessarily have natural non-conference rivals and who would be more willing to play neutral site games than home-and-home series. Michigan State, for instance, is a team that has been big on playing at neutral sites, some for admirable reasons (The aircraft carrier game, for instance) but the Spartans have used Ford Field and other places and no one, I mean no one has ever accused Tom Izzo of ducking people.
    The argument against Calipari, I think is that hostility over-prepares you for neutrality in a way that it feels like nothing to you. It’s sort of the same general logic that leads someone to take warm-up swings with a bat that has a metal doughnut on it as opposed to just swinging the bat. And obviously, this is a sin against the tradition and pageantry of college basketball and everything that makes it unique. But I think it’s inaccurate to suggest that there aren’t other superpowers out there who would be interested in a neutral site game with Kentucky.

  41. Gary M.Kitts, that is one excellent observation. It is the perfect convenience marriage; the NBA and its lust for cheap pros; the University of Kentucky, legendarily promiscuous and willing to act as a host womb and John Calipari, pimping for both.

    The problem is that the good hotels check id’s so, as Rick Dickman points out, they’ll have to settle for a Motel 6 or a back seat somewhere.

  42. One last comment on the very unworthy subject of the University of Kentucky and its. Is it worth 49 posts? Do you think our intense reaction will be interpreted by the slobbering ukies.

    Best said in italian. Cali pari merda! (Drops of ____)

    (A hint: Just let it run in the sewer…Don’t need to stir the toilet any more, the only thing that can come out is the smell.)

  43. DD, Izzo would not duck playing anyone, especially at Breslin. It does not appear the same way for Criminallypari at rupp. It is about recruiting and his rep. Losing at rupp is not good for recruiting.

  44. Yeah, I agree with Dustin… There are plenty of teams out there with a big enough name to attract an audience, a network, and a few million $$. Syracuse, UConn, G’town in the Big East. MSU, OSU, and Michigan in the B1G. UNC, Duke, and probably NCST for the near future in the ACC. Texas, Kansas, Missou, and UCLA if they look a little west. Heck, even his old school Memphis may turn into a perennial power with Pastner at the helm and make that an attractive 2 year series. He only has to figure this out for about 4 more contracts (8 years), if he ends up staying at UK for that long… I’m sure 5 years from now there will be attractive teams that we can’t think of right now – Xavier, Butler, Cincinnati, Pitt, Temple???

  45. I really don’t see the big deal. Don’t they have to play about 16 conference games like everyone else? As Dustin points out(his MSU example), there are plenty of other programs that like to schedule high profile games on neutral courts before their conference schedules kick off. There are also preseason tournaments(e.g. Preseason NIT @ Madison Sq. Garden) …There are travel tournaments like the Maui Classic. Aren’t these all neutral site contests?

    And as pointed out below in the “Truth or Fiction” by Mark Story of the Lexington Herald-Leader(link offered by Jeremy in the latest edition of Hoosier morning, the IU vs. Kentucky series was played on neutral sites for many years when Knight was at the helm.

    But most of the recent history of the Kentucky-Indiana series has been at neutral sites. UK and IU played exclusively in Louisville and Indianapolis from 1991-92 through 2005-06. The two schools only resumed playing home-and-home after ’05-06 because the relationship between UK and the University of Louisville had frayed so bad that U of L squeezed Kentucky out of all prime weekend dates in Freedom Hall, preventing the Wildcats from facing the Hoosiers there.

    In the UK-IU impasse, the position of neither school is “morally superior” to the other’s. Playing on campus, as Crean wanted, is better for students and season-ticket holders. Playing at neutral sites, as Calipari preferred, is better for “average” fans of both schools who can’t get season tickets.

    Crean is somewhat breaking tradition with his wanting the series exclusively played at Rupp and Assembly? Playing the games on neutral sites didn’t seem to be a big issue with Knight for nearly a decade while he was at the helm our program. So why are the ‘Knight lovers’ so outraged now in their condemnation for Calipari when he’s doing nothing different(notwithstanding his broader philosophy to take many other games to off-campus sites)than the the guy that headed our program when we hung three banners?

    And what program doesn’t do quite a bit of soft scheduling in October and November with relatively weaker opponents in order to increase the winning percentage probabilities before the conference grind begins? I really didn’t perceive UK’s preseason scheduling(dispersing 3 to 5 stronger opponents amongst a handful of cupcakes) far different from anything Indiana has done for decades.

    IU students have had plenty of conference rivalries to watch in Bloomington(plus the occasional visits from teams like Duke)to keep the great atmosphere and experience of heated battles in Assembly alive and flourishing. There was no need to get hung up on egos to the point of trashing next year’s(and possibly many more to come)highly anticipated match-up. Completely foolhardy and careless.

    At the end of the day, both programs screwed the fans of Indiana and Kentucky out of a contest that brings two historically successful rivalry programs together(albeit very different in perspectives on building a basketball program as it functions within the realm of what it means to be a student athlete). Attempt to justify the moral high ground all you want. I’m tired of the guys that make multimillion dollar salaries telling me about their strong values and convictions behind their hard-line decisions. These men are plenty comfortable.

    I wanted the chance to beat those damn rednecks next year. I wanted the chance for the guys wearing white hats to send the monopolizers of talent back to Rupp with their heads between their tails..I wanted to see kids that stay for more than one year in college prove they can collectively, with perfect meshing a couple NBA prospects with multi-talented heady kids gifted at various facets the game, can be just as dominant as five that are individually superior and considered the “elite of the elite.” It’s great for the sport to see the contrasts in methods. Doesn’t the stark contrast make the rivalry even more the laboratory of a pure basketball enthusiast to delight upon? Whether we believe a program be one that partakes in seedy backdoor recruiting deals, or one clean as a Tom Crean Twitter whistle blowing up Joyce Meyer’s dress, the fact remains Kentucky is the defending champion. This was like Frazier ducking a rematch with Ali. What contending heavyweight doesn’t do everything possible a shot to get in the ring to take a swing at the best? No fan of any sport wins when the best with all their variant styles (especially contrasting styles) refuse to climb in the ring together.

    No history or reason supports the throwing in the towel on this one.

  46. couple corrections…

    And as pointed out below in the excerpt from “Truth or Fiction” by Mark Story of the Lexington Herald-Leader(link offered by Jeremy in the latest edition of Hoosier morning), the IU vs. Kentucky series was played on neutral sites for many years when Knight was at the helm.

    Given the facts presented by Mark Story above, isn’t Crean somewhat breaking tradition by demanding the series now be played exclusively at Rupp and Assembly?

  47. Harvard…I said in my first post that I felt there were good arguments that could be made for either case. No doubt, Indiana University has its roots in Bloomington and its core there as well. I can see the argument for a campus game that is part of the season student ticket. Am not really 100% convinced this is in back of what TC has in mind but he’s earned the right to have me give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Nor do I disagree with the John ‘Merda’ Cali Pari argument that playing in Indianapolis and Louisville would create more revenues; if, as you say, they are used to expand athletic programs and provide better facilities and equipment for other non-revenue making sports and athletes.

    I can live with either. You are quite correct that Bob Knight would have played them on the bridge (simply lay out a court and build temporary stands right smack in the middle of that bridge). Knight sought the best competition and would likely have rejected and with an adequate description the idea of ‘packing’ the non-conference schedule for a better record.

    But, I also think a greater point is that the two programs are fundamentally different. One- the Hoosiers- is for student-athletes. When one coach did try to take us down the path of professionalizing it, we were steadfast that we wanted a program above board. As it should be. Bob Knight himself was uncompromising on his expectations of the purpose and objective of the program and said so.

    Kentucky is equally unapologetic and consistent about its purpose and ‘Merda’ Cali Pari wrote thus in his ‘strategic’ letter to fans.It has little to do with improving the horizons of the participants they bring to Lexington. I seriously doubt we’ll ever hear Coach Merda Cali Pari state that his purpose in life is to create opportunity for kids who would not otherwise be able to do so a chance to go to college. His players will not get more out of their UK experience than the horses brought to Lexington to breed. At least the horses, I expect, will be around the area longer.

    Two totally different worlds we live in than UK. We Hoosiers expect our recruited athletes to get something that enriches their lives and makes a difference to their generations. Does UK even pretend it has a purpose to offer theirs anything other than hang a garland of roses over their neck- roses that wilt in less than two weeks after the race. I remember a good play/movie from the 60’s/70’s…”They Shoot Horses Don’t They?”

    Maybe, the truth is we don’t belong together, not ever.

    In a way you surprise me Harvard. Though maybe not really..; you do love the argument and sometimes do so against your own expressed values. I really believe this is one of those times.

    Reading you is always fun however.

  48. Podunker…I really hope you’ll always be around to point it out when we get too crazy… or bored.

  49. Knight played a TON of cupcakes so please stop re-writing history with HE ALWAYS PLAYED THE TOUGHEST TEAMS nonsense.

  50. Playing a soft schedule has killed Virginia Tech and New Mexico (or State) I can’t tell them apart) for years. VT will win 20 and beat Duke twice and end up in the NIT.

    My phone just changed NIT to Netherlands. That would have been a confusing post.

  51. Tsao-

    I guess we haven’t looked at that angle as the cause to the roadblock. It’s been no secret Knight has made some pretty strong statements about Calipari in recent years. It’s also been pretty obvious no matter what promotional gimmicks Glass and Crean come up with to attempt to lure Bobby Knight back to Bloomington, they have failed in convincing him it is time to make amends.

    Maybe this is another manipulative attempt by Crean(scrap the series with UK and “Criminalpari’) to win over the one recruit he just can’t seem to convince a visit to Bloomington. Will dissing Kentucky finally give Crean the respect he’s forever longed from the man that put Indiana University at the forefront of moving into consideration a storied college basketball program? Can distancing himself from his corrupt buddy in Lexington finally make him worthy a handshake of validation from “The General?” Is Crean wholesome enough? Can he ever be Christian enough? Can he ever throw enough dirt at the horrible deeds of those degenerates that played for Sampson? Can he ever secure the borders enough to always get the best of the state talent to again desire Indiana as their first choice to play hoops?

    Now there is a recruiter! If Crean can land Knight he will heal all of Indiana…Everything hinges on Knight. To hell with giving the fans a great rivalry basketball game. To hell with giving the little guys in this world something to look forward to. Hell with rivalries and proving you have the coaching genius of Knight by taking college kids and beating an NBA team. If you can never be Knight, then recruit Knight! How could Coach Crean ever live with himself if he still doesn’t have enough persuasion in his entire verbal tank to land “Mr. Indiana” back for a final curtain call? Maybe saying “go screw” to Kentucky will be the straw that broke the camel’s back to finally validate the goofy Christian with the huge inferiority complex.. Not only would all Hoosiers be astonished, but Jesus would be humbled and damn proud. Hell, the Devil himself would be impressed if Crean could perform a Bobby exorcism. Is ending the UK/IU series really about taking a stance and finding the moral high ground or is this about a man that cannot seem to convince his peers one ounce of validation his belonging on any high ground?

    God help us all if that’s the shallow desire that built the monstrous walls this great impasse to playing a dumb-ass basketball game against a silly rival to the south we’ve never questioned anything equal a Hoosier.

  52. “If Crean can land Knight he will heal all of Indiana…Everything hinges on Knight.”

    Put down your crack pipe…….

  53. Harvard, that last post made my head spin. Glad I didn’t get the pea soup for lunch…

  54. As I’ve said several times, I skip most of what he writes and just scanned it.

    Sad part is, many people think IU will never be “complete” unless/until Knight loves us again…even if Crean won 5 Titles.

  55. DD- aaahhhhh!…thanks for explaining DD. Once in a while I forget what a superior education one can get at Penn State. Maybe I should start signing as The Damned. (But then that would provoke a mess of false name responses).

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