Crean discusses Kentucky talks with CBS

Tom Crean spoke with Matt Norlander of about the discussions between Indiana and Kentucky. The upshot, as Crean said in a press conference last week, is that the Hoosiers want the series to remain on campus sites and Kentucky wants to take it to neutral-ish sites, i.e. Indianapolis and Louisville. Crean said he believes the situation will resolve soon and that it’s possible the series will not continue.


  1. If you beat KY, then they take their ball and go home. Cal can see the writing on the wall- Indiana will win 80% of the games in Bloomington and 40% of the games in Lexington. He cried “uncle” but won’t play the tough guys at their place.

  2. Yucky Tucky can take this series and shove it!
    Bring on someone else that will love the on campus atmosphere. Calipari is such a scum bag.

  3. I was hoping to see IU end pUKe’s home winning streak this coming season, oh well. Add Louisville or Kansas in the future and move on.

  4. If pUKe is to scared to play us at Assembly Hall and Rupp forget about it! They are scared their home winning streak will come to an end!

  5. Play it at Lucas or field house in Indy and yum in Louisville. Huge payday at Lucas/not a bad site every year if KY could be convinced. It doesn’t really matter to me but this is a rivalry game that fans and the states should have every year.

  6. Bk, I don’t think U of L will let UK use the Yum Center to host their home game. Agree with you about the huge payday at big venues, but UK doesn’t have one to use. Given that, we should play on campus. Bottom line IMO is they won’t because they’re afraid we’ll end their win streak at Rupp.

  7. Keep the games on campus or tell KY to pound sound. There is no substitute for games on each schools’ home turf. Neutral sites deprive many of the students the excitement of watching their teams play rivalry games.

    KY’s demand is cowardly and stupid.

  8. This is ridiculous. IU/UK has been going on forever. Long before the cheat Calipari came along. The next game is at Rupp Arena, why wouldn’t they want to play? It would be a home game for them. It’s not Indiana’s fault their home court atmosphere is boring. I keep hearing all this crap that it’s about money. That is an excuse. IU made more a hell of a lot more $$ than UK this past year. Plus, I don’t see them asking other teams for a neutral site.

  9. Everybody knows what’s going on here.

    When the games are in Bloomington, now that the Hoosiers are back, Calipari does not think he can prepare his young teams adequately for such an early game in the season.

    IU should walk. Kentucky represents everything that’s wrong with college basketball right now…IU has now business rewarding them. Really, I’d rather play Kansas from that perspective, anyway.

    I hate to lose the history. But Calipari is just too slimy and playing them in this game means legitimating him.

  10. Look at KY fan’s reaction to last year’s game and tell me if you really want to dignify these mouth-breathers with a game with IU. Evidently, we groped and molested their fine women, terrified their tender young student-athletes, and (gasp!) actually SAID MEAN THINGS during the game. Schedule Kansas, Louisville, or some other high-level program and let KY schedule another home game with Austin Peay to replace the loss to us with an easy money-making win.

  11. See ya. Don’t let that door hit your butt on the way out.

    If Dustin is right about the rule change in 2014 Calipari will have to change everything about his MO. I’m not convinced he can do it.

  12. Despite the bad judgments that led to the Sampson era, playing Indiana University is something Kentucky needs much more than IU. One way to solve it is to double the guarantee Kentucky pays for borrowing off our good and athletically ethical reputation.

    If they do not want to pay it, there are teams out there than reflect what college basketball us about. And, it isn’t about continuing the modern day parade of exploited ‘futures’ (as in the Lexington commodities market) by the P.T. Barnum of the NCAA, John Calipari.

  13. I don’t remember the exact percentages but, starting in 2014, a certain percentage of players has to graduate in order to qualify for post season play. Maybe Dustin can clear up my vague description.

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