Hoosier Morning

The finances favored neutral sites, but Fred Glass and Tom Crean favored the fans and on-campus games, leading to Thursday’s announcement that the Indiana-Kentucky series would not continue, Dustin wrote.

College basketball analysts nationwide lamented the loss of the IU-UK rivalry, Dustin wrote.

When Indiana and Kentucky don’t play, nobody wins and everybody loses, I wrote.

Tom Crean saying no to John Calipari may have been tough, but it was necessary, Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal writes.

There’s no good reason for the Indiana-Kentucky series to end, writes Mark Story of the Lexington Herald-Leader.

It’s time to pass out the pacifiers to both the Hoosiers and Wildcats for being babies about the basketball series, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

The Big Ten Network’s Tom Dienhart analyzes the 2012 Indiana football schedule.

Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown says he would rather be fired than retract homosexuality remarks, Thaddeus Baklinski of LifeSiteNews.com writes.

An easy choice on this day — REM and It’s The End of the World As We Know It. Hope you feel fine!


  1. In regards to story # 3…..and people wonder why I hate bigot Thumpers.

    Guess what, moron? You have NO CLUE what “God” thinks.

    ANYBODY can write a book and say, “God told me to write this.”

    I could write a book and say, “God visited me last night and told me to tell everyone that black people should be shot.”

    Prove God didn’t.

    Homophobes make me want to barf…especially when they use the excuse, “Well GOD told me to treat them like dog food.”

    One more thing. The Bible also says a LOT of things you freaks NEVER follow so why don;t you treat THEM like crap too?


  2. We have the very homophobic Amendment One on the ballot down here. Recently, Jodie Brunstetter, the wife of North Carolina state legislator Peter Brunstetter, told poll workers that her husband authored the state’s anti-same sex marriage law because “the Caucasian race is diminishing and we need to, uh, reproduce.”
    At least these hypocrites can wrap up their homophobia and their racism into one neat little package.

  3. Of course not but that ignorant piece of trailer trash operates a ‘Klan bar’. I think it’s safe to assume anyone passing through his doors is a piece of dirt.

    He probably considers himself well informed (he’s the Fox News stereotype)and open minded (he’s undecided whether the President is a Muslim or an atheist).

    He’s no threat because he’s easy to identify. It’s the ones who can read and write you should worry about.

  4. Chet you need to rethink the 1st line of your 2nd paragraph. I could say I am offended but it would not be any truer than the 1st half of that sentence.

  5. Oh, baloney.

    The people who watch Faux are the dumbest hillbillies in the country who have never had an original thought in their entire lives and who think ALL Muslims are EVIL!!!

    All they do is parrot the crap their pundits spoon-feed them…including that Obama isn’t “one of us.”

    They flat-out LIE all the time and should be sued for claiming to be “fair and balanced” because they act like ANYTHING Obama does is THE WORST CRIME OF THE CENTURY while excusing away EVERYTHING the Righties do.

    And don’t give me “MSNBC is just as bad the other way” because they rip Obama constantly.

  6. HC, I didn’t say that was a description of all Fox News watchers, I just said that was the stereotype, much as some on the right might call someone a communist for watching, I don’t know, maybe the Daily Show (I can’t really think of an equivalent).

    I’d be willing to bet any amount of money that said bartender DOES watch Fox News, though.

  7. Laffy is off the meds again and sadly, Chet has joined him. Some of you spend a great deal of time tearing others down in the name of tolerance. If you removed the stories like the ones about the bozo with the racist signs, you guys would be the head bigots. You are intolerant of anyone who believes differently than you and you are so arrogant that you think you can lump a large percentage of the population into a neat little stereotype that makes you feel superior. You guys are being a**holes. No sarcasm here today gents.

    FWIW I don’t even watch Fox News but at least it was not Al Qaeda’s favorite news channel. Laffy, I think it was MSNBC.

  8. Is someone a “bigot” for calling KKK members racists?


    Thumpers COMDEMN gays and when you call them on it, they call YOU a bigot.


  9. So in typical Laffy fashion you resort to name calling and inane statements. Thanks for making my point. I made no reference to excusing the bar owners boorish behavior. I believe that I called him a bozo. That is not a term of endearment. Laffy you are an immature person who hides behind a screen name and a keyboard. I think there is enough history with your childish posts to prove that.

  10. This is an IU website guys not a racist anti Obamba site. Obama is a monster though. He’s turning this nation into a communist country! Romney 2012! (Jordy Hulls is a Republican)

  11. With all due respect Chet, why do I need a mirror for my post? I wrote nothing intolerant. Most of that was directed toward Laffy. I referred to you simply because of your snide remarks towards conservatives. In the past I have read posts on here belittling conservatives and have not responded. I chose not to respond because this is a sports blog not a political forum. I am tired of it and will respond in kind from now on. I do not like to be categorized as ignorant and worse just because I don’t share in someone else’s belief system. That includes any belief system which denigrates others because they have a different perspective.

    I respect most of your opinions on all things relative to the Hoosiers. That is all I care about. Maybe you and others here should try to do the same.

  12. When your Messiah Georgie wanted to spy on all Americans, you bootlickers said, “So what? I have nothing to hide.”

    So stop your phony outrage now.

    And wipe away your tears with, “I don’t like to be called names just because I don’t agree with someone” as I never said that, Nancy.

    Not every Conservative watches Faux. Many think that station is a steaming pile of dung. I just called out the retards who take it seriously.

    Sounds like you have a guilty conscience.

    Lastly, spare the sermon about “this is a basketball forum.” Other people on here talk about their gardens and motorcycles and other nonsense and we’re told, “It’s the off-season so deal with it.”

  13. So, Jeremy, regarding the story on the Nebraska football coach, are you a regular reader of LifeSiteNews?

    Just curious.

  14. The Nebraska Coach is an awesome guy! Good for him for sticking up for what’s right!

  15. Yeah, that last one (Laffy) was not me.


    So, being a homophobic bigot is “right”?

    Thanks for proving my point, you waste of oxygen.

    So, do you follow the entire OT or just cherry-pick the parts you like?

  16. Yeah, that last one (Laffy) was not me.


    So, being a homophobic bigot is “right”?

    Thanks for proving my point, you waste of oxygen.

    So, do you follow the entire OT or just cherry-pick the parts you like?

  17. Chet, like Who, I think I generally had it clear that you had a liberal leaning and (not but) really respected and enjoyed your thoughts on all things Hoosier. The rest, political idea, religious beliefs were simply mine to have and enjoy as I respected the idea that all have a right to their beliefs, period.

    So…I was simply a but surprised …somewhere a lot of noise and interference started coming in and your comments got lost and therefore confusing in those. I don’t understand where all that garbage interference/noise come from….????

    Whatever…Who’s comments are clear and very sensible. Glad that despite the noise we are constantly identifying more and more good thoughtful, true Hoosier friends (like you Chet, HC, Podunker and Who), eventually drowning out and clear the junk interference that sometimes makes our dialogues a bore.

  18. Chet,
    I believe that is the very first story on lifesitenews.com I have ever read. Just ran across it as I was googling for a good Big Ten-related talker … guess I found one!

  19. I just read Nebraska coach Brown’s statement (had not had a chance earlier). Actually, admirable statement of conviction. And brave as well, given that he knew it would be controversial. I also think that given our right to enjoy and exercise both freedom of religion and freedom of expression as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, Coach Brown’s right to do so in any forum is protected. As is the right of those who vehemently want to oppose his views.

    Sad, very, very sad that a school leader like Barbara Baier would go to such lengths to exercise such an intolerant, biased and un-American posture.

    Further, I believe the greatness of our Nation is in the Universality of our Differences- the universal agreement we hold that the ‘differences’ between us must always be protected and celebrated if we are to survive as a whole.

    I do regret that some (like Baier) are so bound and limited by their prejudice and bigotry that they would deny Coach Brown his right to express his faith; while others, I am sure, are equally biased and prejudiced against those who honestly and of conviction disagree with Coach Brown.

    What a great country we live! We are all guaranteed the right to think and believe freely and where most can do so in a civil, respectful and most important, accepting (such a better word than tolerating) manner of that difference.

  20. Jeremy, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that is the first and last article that has any relation to Big Ten sports you’re likely to see in that publication. It’s a Canadian anti homosexual (among other things they dislike) ‘journal’. The Big Ten tie in was a shot in the dark.

  21. The last two comments are, indeed, mine but there are several in this thread that are not. It’s apparently someone who wishes they were me.

  22. TTG, one man’s conviction is another man’s intolerance. I think it’s important to remember that Coach Brown is staking out the same position as David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan.

    I’m not opposed to your admiration for his ‘conviction’, I’m just pointing this out.

  23. This is from the City of Omaha press release (as opposed to an anti-gay website).

    Omaha Nebraska’s City Council passed a bill protecting its LGBT residents, allowing them to “file complaints with Omaha’s Human Rights and Relations Department if they were fired over their orientation, suffered other workplace discrimination or were refused services at restaurants, hotels or other places that serve the public,”

    This is what Coach Brown is so vehemently opposed to. It’s what most of us would call ‘human rights’.

  24. TTG, thanks for the kind words. I don’t dislike Chet by any means. I greatly respect his oservations and his dry wit. Same for you even though I have been critical of some of your posts in the past where I thought you were a bit harsh in critiquing this blog’s writers. I also commend you and others on making astute observations regarding Hoosier athletics. I don’t even dislike Laffy. He can make some very sensible posts at times when he is speaking of IU sports. It is the continual rants over religion and politics that get under my skin.

  25. “who?
    Friday, May 4, 2012 – 8:46 PM EDT

    Sorry for being an idiot guys. I won’t be such a jerk anymore”

    This was not my post. I do confess to being idiotic and jerkish at times but last night was not one of those times. 🙂

  26. You never said anything idiotic. You just expressed your opinion.
    Nothing wrong with that.

  27. Looks like I hit a sore spot and got under someone’s skin where he has to try to imitate me.

    My stalker needs to get a life…..and stop being a bigot.

  28. It’s “admirable” he’s a hateful bigot?


    And I LOVE how you assssholes cry INTOLERANCE and BIGOTRY when it’s directed at YOU but think it’s OK to treat gays like DOG FECES.

    F-ing hypocrites.

  29. Chet, like Who I don’t think I have anything but respect and admiration for your posts and what they add to this blog and to the love we all have for Hoosier Nation.

    My statement on this thread underlies my respect for Coach Brown for making his statement, my agreement with him about belief in God and his willingness to prioritize his belief and spirituality over his position and professional concerns.

    I also don’t think I’ve ever felt anything but respect and admiration, and a feeling of a growing bond of friendship and shared love for ‘Our Indiana’ with you. I’ve never been offended by any disagreement we may have had; to the contrary, when we have disagreed (as also is the case with Podunker, HC, Who and others at different times) it only adds to my feeling about the ‘universality of differences’ and what it contributes to our common lives. And, I do enjoy your spirit and the nature of your Great American Adventure. I have gotten many a good smile. (I often think that I am indeed lucky to live in the time of the internet,when growing friendships, sharing and bonding can cover great distances, ages and experience and turn a corner of the room into a booth full of friends at the corner bar).

  30. Thanks for your thoughts Who. There’s a great message in your comments. I do get too involved once in a while, but once in a while I do realize the need to stand back and try not to be a pompous arse. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes…well,… you’ve read them.

    Chet, good friend, I’ve re-read Coach Brown’s statement. I still see it as a good and clear statement of his deep and sincere belief and not as an imposition on anyone else. I like that and respect it a great deal.

    The basis of this issue (for me) is respect and acceptance (again, as opposed to toleration). I can accept a belief, a life-style, a like or a dislike and do it with an awareness and respect of the individual to whom it belongs even though the behavior or life-style it represents may originate in my own fundamentally different belief system than mine.

    Like most here, I sense a lot of wisdom in you. Hope your family is great, I particularly enjoy reading about your raising of your kids and your sharing with us the obvious and deserved pride they bring you.

    p.s. In mentioning in the previous post some of my favorite contributors I also meant to specifically include Davids, Geoff and Harvard in the “several others” I regularly enjoy. Also, always appreciative (while not always agreeing) of DD’s quality writing and, after many years of reading him, the brilliance and analysis of Andy Graham.

  31. Thanks Tsao, I feel the same. For the most part disagreement is rarely met with acrimony here. I think most of us have even developed what I think of as a ‘Laffy filter’. I’m usually able to garner to content without even noticing the rant anymore. As much as it might disgust him I’ve come to think of him as one of the gang.

    I couldn’t help but be amused by the fella that was trying to disturb me by putting out personal info on me. As if I hadn’t shared all that already.

    Where is Harvard?

  32. “The basis of this issue (for me) is respect and acceptance (again, as opposed to toleration).”

    Oh, barf.

    How is it “respectful” and “acceptance” to tell gays they are SINFUL and BURNING IN HELL for simply being who they are and how God made them?

    You freaks keep crying, “I’m only repeating what GOD said.”

    You have ZERO proof that “God” said ANY of your garbage.


    I would argue that “God” would NEVER say the nonsense you pin on him/it/her.

  33. To explain… I wrote #41 and then thought I had hit the wrong key and lost it in cyber space. So, I rewrote it (the same general thoughts and purpose) and it became #42. Just realized both had survived the key hunt. Anyway, they are both my thoughts (though they may seem curiously repetitive).

    Harvard? I think he’s around here somewhere… I guess. Sometimes I’m not sure since he sometimes posts in different handles. But, gratefully, sure he’s around or will be shortly.

  34. How about the irony of “I’ll Have Another” winning the Derby on Cinco De Mayo? I’m enjoying some Shiner Ruby Redbird this evening. It is a delicious ruby red grapefruit and ginger brewed lager. Light and refreshing in this Texas heat. If you can get it where you live I highly recommend it. It is available in some parts of Indiana according to Shiner’s website.

  35. Laffy, I’m in the same camp as you regarding our gay friends.

    That’s the kind of stuff that turned me off to religion.

  36. And I was silly enough to think this site was about IU sports.

    I’m sure there are a lot of blogs (sites) that encourage debate about a variety of social issues. Nothing wrong with those types of debates. But I suggest this site is intended for those people with interest in Indiana University Sports, and is probably not the best forum for social commentary or political debate.

    I wonder why anyone would take the time to participate in a debate on social/political issues on a college sports site? Perhaps its because they’re afraid the competition on a social issues site might be a little too challenging for their intellectual capacity. Or perhaps they simply have an overwhelming need to vent their spleen to an audience that, for the most part, could not give a damn about their social or political perspectives /opinions /philosophies.

  37. who? Twenty two years ago ago my wife and I went to the Derby. My cousins had inherited my aunt’s tickets. Best seats at Churchill Downs, Halfway between the starting gate and the finish line just far enough back to be under the canopy. We had a great time.

    One year later my baby girl was born, on Derby Day. She was 21 on Friday.

  38. A closing thought on Coach Brown. I think it’s important to keep the ‘presentation’ in mind. That article was in a gay smearing web journal. Coach Brown was nearly deified while his detractors were portrayed as the sinful masses.

    I went to the local papers to see how it covered. Suffice it to say that there is more than one way to view his words and actions. In Omaha, the human rights law he opposed had a 61% approval rating and only 29% disapproved. Omaha is hardly San Francisco.

    It’s a good law the the people of Omaha broadly support. Coach Brown is the one that held the extremist views.

  39. You guys think I’m using your names or something? Chet is acting like an absolute lunatic. Are you drunk Chet?

  40. TsaoTsuG clearly received a sub-par education. So sick of idiots without any legal education all the sudden becoming expert attorneys and constitutional experts. Stop citing the First Amendment for the proposition that one can say whatever they want without consequences. The First Amendment only protects one against government censorship and punishment of speech.

    However, one is not entitled or has a right to hold high-end six figure jobs coaching football. The First Amendment DOES NOT people against the consequences of their speech- whether in the court of public opinion or in their employment situation. If my boss doesn’t like my tie tomorrow or my comments on HearldTimes, he can fire me on a whim. This isn’t France- the vast majority of the nation are right-to-work states with at-will employment.

    Of course there might be additional protections for state workers like Brown because of his negotiated contract. But stop with the constitutional gibberish.

  41. Harvard, you use sock-puppets more than anyone on here.

    And, you’re the most unstable person.

    So, it’s not a stretch to think it could be you.

    Why this place doesn’t make people register a name like EVERY other place is beyond me.

  42. Laffy, I hope you can appreciate the irony in that Harvard probably wouldn’t disagree with anything you said.

    who?, thanks but who really wants their kid to turn 21? She’s got a good head on her shoulders, though. I never really worry about her making bad decisions. At least not the big ones.

  43. Hey fellas. Sorry about the impostering and what not. I’ve obviously been at Fort Wayne all weekend and didn’t have a whole lot of time to monitor this. Someone please send me the numbers of the imposter posts and I’ll get this taken care of.

  44. Attorney…if I ever need one, I’ll be sure to get one who is literate…which is exactly why it would scare me to have you representing my rights.

    First, what I wrote: “…given our right to enjoy and exercise both freedom of religion and freedom of expression (‘speech’)as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution…”, never mentioned the First Amendment. (go ahead, read it again)

    Obviously my college education at Indiana University, graduate education at Yale University, post-graduate fellowship and post-graduate studies at two foreign universities and had given me a perfectly good understanding of Constitutional rights extended to individuals such as Coach Brown and me. My only concern would be to have a lawyer (if indeed you are one) with your intellectual limits representing me,… but I am way too smart to make that mistake.

    I also understood that Coach Brown’s employer in fact may (the word is MAY- I know, this is a hard one for a vocabulary challenged individual such as you; but I do make appropriate allowances for the degree of challenge of struggling illiterate lawyers-) have a say in what he may be allowed to state publicly while representing his employer or organization. That’s exactly why I worded it as I did.

    In conclusion, try a remedial reading course. Most do a decent job providing remedial vocabulary and comprehension reading assistance. Now, if you were just trying to flutter your feathers… don’t do it, you are not smart or good enough. You’ll end up embarrassing others in the legal profession who actually can read and write.

    Lord you’re a fun boy!

  45. Chet-

    An undisclosed source has informed a friend of JPat that post #55 was made by Dustin Dopirak pretending to be Harvard.

    The undisclosed source also told JPat that Tom Crean and Ron Brown are very close friends….Brokeback Mountain kinda friends brought together by Coach Wilson. Remember the night the Hoosier lost @ Nebraska?

  46. First, I’ll never understand how people who slobber over others for “sticking to their guns” on issues. To me, I much more admire a person who looks at the facts and has an open mind and is willing to admit they’re wrong and change than “always sticking to their guns.”

    Why do Righties think admitting they’re wrong is THE worst thing they can EVER do?

    Second, all this reminds me of a quote by Jefferson:

    “I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions. But laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.”

    To say, “We CAN’T let gays marry because it’s ALWAYS been one man and one woman and it’s SACRED.”

    First, marriage has been mostly a business arrangement across the world for most of history….so stop the “sacred” baloney.

    And even in the Bible, men had multiple wives.

    And as Jefferson said, people/minds grow and we need to change laws to follow that.

    If the bigots had their way, blacks still couldn’t marry whites…..which they said would “destroy America” just like they’re crying over gays marrying.

  47. Btw Laffy, I thought post #66 was great. Not sure you’ll ever be able to do it, but if you could lose the overly pissed off tone, fewer people would tune you out.

  48. Thanks.

    I’ve tried the “nice” way before and they still don’t listen.

    So, I may as well express my true disgust with them.

  49. Laffy needs to get a sense of humor… along with an understanding that continually portraying himself as being completely incensed and offended by every example a bigot in this world does nothing to further the perfection his own image amongst the Scoop natives.

    All people are flawed… Painting every individual you find intolerable with a wide brush of extremism/contempt in order to tie others into your constant generalizations and assumptions becomes tiresome to the point any your stances struggle to be taken seriously. It truly does the causes in equality and civil liberties you proclaim to be an ardent believer/defender a true injustice.

    Can there be no effort and hope in people? Why can you see the Constitution(your Jefferson example) as a living document but refuse to ever believe individual’s cannot be enlightened to move out of the stagnancy and narrow definitions you chose to forever mummify them in? Why must you always attribute the misdeeds of one to monopolize so many?

    Are you the last living decent human on earth?

    And Dustin…You need to tell Laffy that I have never stolen a blogger’s screen name. You also need to tell him he falsely accused me without any facts or the presence a jury of my peers. This is the “Constitution” he lives by.

  50. I will never “find humor” in bigots treating gays like dog food….especially while hiding behind “My religion makes me do it” when that very religion tells them to love their fellow man.

    And save the “hate the sin, love the sinner” crap.

    And you need to give your “you think you’re perfect” speech to the Thumpers.

    They want to CRUCIFY others for THEIR sins while screaming INTOLERANCE if you point out THEIR sins.

    Enough hypocrisy to choke a whale…..

  51. Tsao, sorry to disagree, but the genesis of this string goes way beyond a few people being bored in the spring. What’s boring is reading a lot of political/social/philosophical opinions, that have absolutely nothing to do with sports, posted on a site intended to discuss IU sports. Boring is a few posters that feel compelled to attack each other over perceived differences in their personal politics.

    That stuff would be fine if this site was dedicated to debating politics and social philosophy, but it’s supposed to be about IU sports. I’d much rather read opinions about Calipari and other Kentucky officials getting a significant increase in compensation, and what that portends for the future of college basketball, than to read the kind of drivel contained in this string.

  52. I don’t find humor in it either, Laffy.

    I also think people that preach down to others(e.g. Mr. Brown), or often advocate a strong distaste for anything contrary the teachings their ‘book’ or ‘creed’, may be running from their own desires condemned by such literal interpretations….as if screaming its wrongs will vacate it from their own soul.

    It’s much easier to accuse the rest of the world a “sin” you can’t remove your own heart.

    Though you would never care my opinion, it is one possibility. Mr. Brown may be having sincere trouble with his faith as it applies to his own inclinations. The Bible could be making him feel shame where their should be none.

  53. The social topic was brought up because of a sports link provided by this site.

    No one has a gun to your head making you read posts…..I go right by most of Hillbilly’s garbage.

  54. What is the deal with Harvard pretending to be other people? Did he pretend to be Dustin too?

  55. Laffy,
    It isn’t Harvard. Also, if you stopped shouting at the wind for maybe one minute, you’d realize that he actually agrees with you on most political issues. I’m pretty certain that the entirety of your disagreement stems from your critique of Jordan Hulls’ defense, his defense of Hulls, and your insinuation that Harvard’s preference of Hulls to Yogi Ferrell or Verdell Jones makes him a racist.
    Harvard, I promise, is not a racist. Nor is he a Bible thumper, despite your insinuations on both accounts, and if I were to try to place both of you on the political spectrum, I’d presume you both to be short of radical leftists but definitely at least center left and pretty close at that. (Chet would be in your near vicinity, Geoff would be just about dead center, who?, Tsao, Podunker and Clarion would be on the right, though short of Tea Party level right)
    Geoff was right. Your post on No. 66 was very reasoned. You could get a long way if you stopped just typing inflammatory words in capital letters, figured out that you actually have allies and learned how to use them.

  56. When I talk about Thumpers, I’m talking about TT and his ilk.

    I think Hillbilly is a worthless troll and don’t read half of what he writes. And he was calling me being “boil of pus” LONG before I ever called him a racist.

  57. Oh….and as far as “being a Lefty”, you’d be wrong.

    Some issues? Yes.

    Others? Very right wing.

    I’d actually argue that letting gays marry is a “conservative” stance in that “conservatives” should be for less government…..and government has ZERO business saying who should get married.

    Just as “conservatives” should be the LOUDEST voices for legalizing pot.

    Republicans today are about as far away from “conservatism” as there is. They are more “big government” than the Liberals they love to crucify on the issue.

    Hell, Santorum wants to ban porn.

    And they cry about “Liberals” wiping their butt with the Constitution?


  58. Tom Crean is a huge conservative. He spoke at my church last year in Greenwood!

  59. Podunker…you are probably right. This is getting way out of hand and, sometimes, has little to do with Hoosier athletics. I don’t mind an argument that comes from a related topic (i.e. NCAA-integrity-administrator salaries), in fact I enjoy them. Nor do I even mind comments of a personal opinion by someone upset by religious tweeting, or the defense of that right- as long as it is a comment somewhat related to the Hoosiers.

    But, I do agree that sometimes we stray. I also think we need to be more civil and our language has to be gauged to the possibility that 15-year-olds can have and probably do read this blog. The language used could attempt to stay a bit more civil.

    I don’t think it is solely DD’s responsibility (we should also impose limits on ourselves)to keep it relevant or within the limits of good taste alone. But, since he manages it and has practical access to the identities of the posters he could develop some ‘generic’ reminders about parameters of the blog and of civil language.

    You do raise a good point Podunker. Thanks.

  60. Chet, DD- Chet… I assume on your post to DD, you meant posts #2 and #5 are not yours (#4 would not make sense).

    DD…What do you mean by your comment in your post # 75 where you state: “…your post #66 was very reasoned”. For Pete’s sake, that post is two words long!!! We’re all over the place, attributing anything to everyone, signing whatever handles occur to us at the moment and generally turned the blog into one big SNAFU (if you don’t know what the letters mean, ask).

    I think Chet is completely right. It is getting very annoying, makes the blog unreadable and pollutes the meaning, robs the value of the comments and threatens the life of the blog. And that would be a huge tragedy for all the Hoosier fans who like I want to stay in contact and informed.

    I believe individuals here should have one handle each per address. You would be doing a great thing for the success of the blog if you consistently enforced such a policy. It would insure respect for the individuals who want to contribute. It does not have to be ‘vanilla’ (I know I’m not), but it does have to be sincere and decent. We are all (and I emphasize the all) owed that.

    Many of the contributors have become friends over a year. But, it has gotten where I can no longer rely on who is speaking to my comments and who is representing who under their ‘handles”.

  61. The only reason TT thinks this has “got out of hand” is because he knows his head has been handed to him and he’s been exposed as a hateful close-minded bigot.

    And a hypocrite who CRIES about “intolerance” when that is EXACTLY how they treat gays.

    And spare me the whining about “being decent” when you give props to a disgusting homophobe.

    I hate to break it to ya, but most 15 year olds don’t think gays are THE WORST FORM OF HUMAN LIFE like you old bigots do.

    Most of them have evolved and have no problem with gays getting hitched.

    And…..again…..it is the SCOOP that brought this topic to the board, not me, by putting up that article on the gay-bashing coach.

  62. Dustin, Can you make a Laffy and Chet filter? They sure do act nuts sometimes. Maybe it’s the imposter though.

  63. SERIOUSLY STOP TALKING ABOUT NON IU STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN IU BLOG NOT A FREAKIN ANTI OBAMA BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Who thinks this is the best lineup for next season?
    Zeller/ Jurkin

  65. Etherington won’t be a key player next year but his junior and senior years he’s gonna be huge for us! Yogi is the only true pg we have next year. Hopefully Luke Fischer will turn into a shooting big like John Luer was.

  66. Laffy-

    Though I’m sure not your intention, I must say, you do give me quite the chuckle. I’m beginning to almost enjoy the insults…Keep ’em coming!

    Your paranoia is also getting the best of you, fiery tongue friend. Meds may certainly do me a world of good, but I had nothing to do with posts 86-90 if that is your implication.

  67. Dustin, all you need to know about my politics is that I believe in the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the rule of law. Now, moving on to sports……………………

  68. Well pUKe, I’m sorta assuming that’s your depth chart… in which case there is one glaring change and a couple areas I’d need to reserve judgement.

    1. Switch Elston and Hollowell – you have their positions mixed up…
    2. Creek has a lot to prove before he climbs into the rotation, which for me means Dipo becomes the starting 3 and back-up 2, with Hollowell and Sheehy getting plenty of minutes.
    3. I have a hard time believing Perea will be a 3rd string player for very long, maybe a couple games to start the season, but he’s just too good an athlete to keep off the floor to play Elston.

    Enough basketball tho…

  69. Laffy, regarding post #69… Not that I always do a great job of this, but usually I use the person I’m debating with in this forum to further my argument with the people that may be paying attention and have an open mind, not the person who is dead set against me and trying to rebut me or call me names.

    I think there are a lot of people who are absolutely set in their ways like HC (and Ive basically learned my lesson with him, as frustrating as that can be). There are people who have generally made up their mind about me, like Jay Gregg, and think I’m a poser or stupid or worse… But there are, or may be, many more people on here that wait to hear a couple perspectives before choosing sides (although it’s doubtful people are coming here to open their minds about religion or politics), and even more people that agree with you, but don’t want to get caught in this web and so remain silent.

    I guess I just think most of the people you actually could sway, or do already agree with you, are tuning you out because of the contemptuous nature of your posts. Btw – I don’t think Harvard or Tsao is immune to this either (or me for that matter), although maybe for slightly different reasons.

  70. I am feeling more and more like MC holds the key as to who will be the odd man out to not stay.

  71. Laffy, not sure if you’ve ever used this infamous letter, but here’s a link (from Snopes as a pro-active measure) that does a good job of rebutting the religious (Christian) views of anti-homosexuality.


    My hope is that one day we can all live HAPPILY and PEACEFULLY, free of other people’s restrictions imposed upon us. (caps for you LAFFY)

    Now leave our guns alone and quit taxing us middle-folk so much. Oh and let women decide what to do with their bodies, legaliiiiiize it (even though I don’t use it)… Any other cans of worms I can open up?

  72. I’ve seen that letter before…..and it’s awesome.

    I especially like C.

    Of course, Thumpers always ignore the whole thing while they continue to gay-bash using their fairy tale as the reason.

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