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John Calipari defends his approach to scheduling, as Dustin chroncicles.

IU baseball’s Sam Travis won his third Big Ten Freshman of the Week award, and men’s golf earned an NCAA bid, we reported.

Northern Illinois’ Claire Jakubicek decided sitting out a year would be worth it, and the MAC Freshman of the Year signed her letter of intent with the Indiana women’s basketball team Sunday, Joe Stevenson of the Northwest Herald (Ill.) writes.

Indiana football has a long way to go to get out from under the Big Ten pile, Zach Travis of The Maize n Brew writes.

Louisville and Indiana are now discussing a home-and-home basketball series beginning next season, blogs ESPN’s Andy Katz.

It’s time to play a little Truth or Fiction regarding Kentucky basketball scheduling in the wake of the Indiana flap, writes Mark Story of the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Former Ohio State star Art Schlichter now blames concussions for his gambling addiction and 30 years of criminal behavior, Kathy Lynn Gray of the Columbus Dispatch wrote.

In honor of the Hoosiers’ outstanding baseball freshman, the band Travis with Sing:


  1. Wow!! Coach Miller is really getting the IU Women’s Basketball program going. Great first steps. You have to have players, these first three are exactly what “the doctor ordered”: great players, great student-athletes, strong Hoosier backgrounds.

  2. I do not know what Mark wrote but like a marriage with wrong-s on both sides. The thing you have to focus on- is who filed for divorce and quit. You have to point the finger at Glass.
    He will really regret this and I.U. will pay the price unless they fix this. I hope Glass gets a million calls, emails and tweets. THIS IS TERRIBLE

  3. 12/13/69 L 92-109 Lexington
    12/12/70 L 93-95* Bloomington
    12/17/71 W 90-89** Louisville
    12/9/72 W 64-58 Bloomington
    3/17/73 W 72-65 Nashville
    12/8/73 W 77-68 Louisville
    12/7/74 W 98-74 Bloomington
    3/22/75 L 90-92 Dayton
    12/15/75 W 77-68 Louisville
    12/6/76 L 51-66 Bloomington
    12/5/77 L 64-78 Lexington
    12/16/78 W 68-67* Bloomington
    12/15/79 L 58-69 Lexington
    12/6/80 L 66-68 Bloomington
    12/8/81 L 69-85 Bloomington
    12/22/82 W 62-59 Bloomington
    3/24/83 L 59-64 Knoxville
    12/3/83 L 54-59 Lexington
    12/8/84 W 81-68 Bloomington
    12/7/85 L 58-63 Lexington
    12/6/86 W 71-66 Bloomington
    12/5/87 L 76-82 Indianapolis
    12/20/88 W 75-52 Lexington
    12/2/89 W 71-69 Indianapolis
    12/18/90 W 87-84 Bloomington
    12/7/91 L 74-76 Indianapolis
    1/3/93 L 78-81 Louisville
    12/4/93 W 96-84 Indianapolis
    12/7/94 L 70-73 Louisville
    12/2/95 L 82-89 Indianapolis
    12/7/96 L 65-99 Louisville
    12/6/97 L 72-75 Indianapolis
    12/8/98 L 61-70 Louisville
    12/04/99 W 83-75 Indianapolis
    12/22/00 L 74-88 Louisville
    12/22/01 L 52-66 Indianapolis
    12/21/02 L 64-70 Louisville
    12/20/03 L 41-80 Indianapolis
    12/11/04 L 58-73 Louisville
    12/10/05 W 79-53 Indianapolis
    12/9/06 L 54-59 Lexington
    12/8/07 W 70-51 Bloomington
    12/13/08 L 54-72 Lexington
    12/12/09 L 73-90 Bloomington
    12/11/10 L 62-81 Lexington
    12/10/11 W 73-72 Bloomington

    42 years in a row we’ve battled Kentucky for the accolades a bit of regional and rights to state pride two programs with 13 NCAA Championship banners between them. Putting an end to that streak, a game that many Indiana fans year after year get up for like no other and truly believe the marquee game on the schedule, is something that doesn’t deserve flippant regard no matter our perceptions the coach now in charge at Kentucky.

    As highlighted in bold above, neutral site locations are no stranger to the series. I, for one, will miss the great anticipation I used to feel when I saw the UK game coming down the road on the schedule. I could care less where it was played. 42 years of consecutive games flushed down the toilet because of stubborn egos from men that are so inept their jobs they could find no compromise. I don’t really agree with Mr. Atkinson…Men with these selfish type of pursuits never feel regrets. They obviously could give a shi#t about the memories that will never be for the fans or about preserving a game that has had far more longevity than they shall ever have, by comparison, their short-lived time at IU.

  4. It seems to me that they can revisit this in a year or 2 and schedule a series if they’d like. The only animosity I feel is from the fans. I think there are probably some media sources that are trying to stir up controversy, but I hear all the coaches and administrators playing nice.

    There is innuendo in Gary’s post that we (IU) somehow need UK to validate our program. I just don’t feel like that’s the case. I don’t think we need UK, but I would prefer that we schedule another tradition-rich program instead of a cupcake, mid-major, or high-major flop. My memories of playing a Kansas or Syracuse, or even Arizona or UCLA (now that they seem to be back) would be plenty fond if we won. I can’t imagine not anticipating a match-up against a highly ranked Louisville team.

    Everyone keeps trying to make this current break of the series out to be “the end”… It’s not. It’s a break. Either they’ll return to it full time or in spurts. And at some point soon there will be a new coach at UK with a different philosophy (and probably crappier teams) that will be more than happy to schedule us as he tries to rebuild the UK reputation from its most recent disaster.

  5. COACH CAL COULD FINALLY BE AT THE END OF THE ROAD AT KY! Of course we all think that as it continues to be more obvious that he has no respect for the the NCAA and continues to do as he pleases! Every school he has coached at has been or is on probation and has had to pay thousands of dollars plus sanctions to maintain membership in the NCAA! His and the KY faithfuls only focus is to win at all costs!He has somehow been able to dodge responsibilty! However with the Noels recruitmentment and his alledged reclassification as well as coach Cal’s possible ties to a sports agency the plot thickens! Coach Cal couldn’t care less if they play I.U. it’s just another game for him .The KY. administration gave up all integrity and character when they hired this guy knowing his past and hired him anyway!KY has not been in compliance since Pitino left and are willing to take the risk of Calipari to win.The alumni of good old boys were the main reason Pitino got out. Lets hope the University of one and done well reap what they have sown! The game was a great tradition but it’s not the end of the world for either school.

  6. Geoff-

    You can obviously see from the list that Kentucky has had our number for a sizable hunk the past few years. They’ve had our number long before Calipari’s setting up his NBA camp in Lexington. Hoosier teams went 3-8 the ten years Tubby Smith was at the helm(’97-’07). Clean coach, or corrupt recruiter, Indiana has struggled on any site other than Bloomington(9-5). Even in Indianapolis we’re 4-6. From ’91 to ’01(the last decade the Knight years) we went 2-9 against the Wildcats.

    Can we honestly say we’re ending this because of Calipari? We’re ending this because outside the heyday years of Knight’s best teams(’71-’76), it’s a probable loss on the schedule. Have we ever backed down to those odds? Do we still not persevere in hopes to one day turn the tide? Have we ever stood undaunted? Did we ever stop believing we can start making inroads to getting the score closer to even? Did we ever scrap tradition in the face of defeat? Did we ever refuse the Hoosier fans the rare taste of redemption? Did we ever hold up the white flag and claim were finished?

    Yes, they are the criminals..They are the school that puts winning so high on the priority list they will abandon principles..They are the team that bribes referees and offers ugly promises to naive kids that will wear their tainted colors. The good guys rarely win against that type of system..It dominates politics..It dominates the business world..It dominates sports. Corruption wins. The inequities of the “haves” vs. “the have nots” is in our faces everywhere we turn this world. Do we think the glaring example of “greed” vs “integrity” is something only the stage of Kentucky vs. IU?

    Yet, those that believe winning has no taste to be swallowed unless earned with honor have always stared corruption in the eye and battled despite the systems of inequity. It brings to the forefront the decent man(the honorable program). It brings to light a truth and a discussion rather than ducking from the injustice. The best way to fight injustice is to stand proud against it no matter the outcome. We must believe good will finally prevail and the decent pursuits find home in hearts that never choose to run and hide. No one takes notice when you raise the white flag.

    The rivalry has always been about the ‘truth in the Indiana way’ vs. the ‘lie in the Kentucky way’. I live for the few opportunities men of honor be awarded on that stage. I am the cynic and have witnessed a world that does very little to even the playing field for those that attempt to win with honor maintained. Steroids in Baseball…Bounties to end careers of QBs in Football…Doping in the Olympics…Bailouts and preserving of parachute packages preserved for the corporate elite while the average American struggles to pay their kid’s college tuition.

    When on earth have strong men thrown in the towel in the face of injustices? We fight not because it’s right. We fight because it’s wrong to do anything else. We must put evil on stage against the humble remains a man that still has faith in man. If we duck from evil because the easier the pain to face it, we become it.

    We never ducked from it for 40 consecutive years….until now.

  7. Harvard, that’s a great locker room speech, and I would agree with everything you said EXCEPT that I don’t agree with the premise you base it on. I do not agree that we are ducking them. I think there are legitimate philosophical differences and neither side is to blame more than the other.

    Furthermore, I simply don’t care. If we play UK – great. If we don’t and fill that with another marquee program going forward (including potentially UK in some years) – Great!

    Kansas is just as big a risk for a loss on our record. We aren’t ducking them. Louisville is a Final Four favorite next year. We aren’t ducking them.

    I don’t think we need UK to legitimize our program or our schedule. Watford’s buzzer beater was a great moment and will be a great memory, but I’m pretty sure I would have been jumping up and down and hugging my brother and father if we had beat any #1 team on a buzzer beater, especially after what we’d gone through the past few years. I don’t need UK – period.

  8. Harvard, if your logic in #9 were correct then Crean/Glass would have wiggled out 2 years ago when things were looking pretty bleak for IU basketball. Now that the Hoosiers are seemingly back in the hunt for championships we suddenly decide that UK is too much? That dog won’t hunt.

  9. How can a man that puts on public display his almighty proclaimed faith duck from such a tiny evil as Kentucky?

    Those decent Hoosiers fought their hearts out in that Sweet 16 game last March in Atlanta. For what? What a dishonor their efforts to not give them another shot because we fear those that bed with Satan may find their powers unexpectedly rejuvenated.

    The beast is regrouping and changing thy armor.
    With soft belly exposed, it chooses to lay low.
    And though died a thousand years until this day,
    Now the most opportune time to thrust our sword, Penetrate deep into the empty vessel its cowardice way; Prove men of honor rewarded by the powers of faith.
    And know unsullied victory, still virtuous, and not lost her way.
    For the deeds of thieves this ugly beast must face to fight our polished men of earned will and tested truth. Weakened and exposed in all its unshielded corruption, The inferior sloth in uninspired lying skin,
    stands alone in fear and fate,
    While the men of good of glory, of Hoosier heart, shall now prevail in the eternal glow of honor.

  10. Crean is not ducking KY. That cynical hypothesis simply makes no sense at all. In fact, given the stats provided, there’s nothing but upside for IU to play KY, regardless of location. If IU beats them, the upside for IU is huge (just as it was last year). If they lose to them, especially in Lexington, no big deal because that tends to be the history of late (with last year as an exception) and what would be expected given the home court advantage. Sorry, that hypothesis does not make sense.

    The series is over for a while. Good riddance to Calipari and his corrupt basketball program. IU can find other strong programs that respect the students and the value of providing an event for the local communities involved.

  11. blah…blah…blah.

    You simply don’t take this game(a non-conference historic rivalry game)away from the team that has brought us back. If most so highly critical Calipari’s corrupt practices are correct their assessment his unchanging ways, Tom Crean’s good friend will self-destruct anyway.

    Don’t make the Hoosiers that committed to Indiana when she was the laughing stock a nation anxious to ridicule..a group of young men of stellar character that came to IU for all the right reasons and bring us out of the ashes our decimation, now be denied when they have a true chance to shine against our most hated rival. Without some very strategically placed foul calls against Zeller and Oladipo(hampering their impact and substantially curbing their minutes on the court), out undervalued Hoosiers could have very well been 2-0 against the Wildcats and found themselves in a very probable position bringing the 6th banner to Assembly Hall.

    This should have been more about their immediate wishes, than Tom Crean’s unscathed morality needing more validation. The honorable players this Hoosier bunch should have had the chance to flex their might against UK on any site. For Danny Moore…for Tijan…for all the blood spilled and humiliation endured, this was the time to put down the Bible and side with Evolution; the evolution of a basketball team that deserved the national spotlight their resurgence by way of honorable path..They, the Hoosiers that wear candy-stripes(not the fans..not the bloggers..not the blowhard coaches with ballooning egos their recent success), deserved the chance on their watch(rather than wait for the dragging feet the NCAA to put a stop to Calipari) to spank some Wildcat ass. You denied them what they wanted a taste likely more than any other reason their pride in Indiana…You may have just taken the wind out their sails.

  12. oops.

    “…came to IU for all the right reasons to bring us out of the ashes our decimation”

  13. Oh, why not…

    Harvard, the Hoosiers Of Stellar Character that you refer to have had their chance to shine in the sun, and they took full advantage of it last year. We aren’t stealing anything from them. We ARE in the national spotlight… We are basically the unanimous preseason #1 team in the country… We didn’t need UK for that that. UK is also in the spotlight, but for mostly negative or controversial reasons.

    Lastly, I know you hate to hear this, but… If it weren’t for “some very strategically placed foul calls against” Davis (hampering his effectiveness and substantially curbing his minutes on the court) Kentucky might have very well been 2-0 against us this year. And with that motivation going into the SEC championship game gone undefeated on the season for the first time since our Hoosiers.

    Yep, pretty sure after being doormats for the first half of their careers, leaders of the team like Hulls and Watford are going to lose the wind out of those sails now that they have a legitimate chance to win a title. I don’t think the new kids signed at IU for the sole purpose of beating UK once per year.

    However, you continue to spout nonsense with more style than anyone else here… No question about that.

  14. Harvard…I do not need the University of Kentucky to define me as a Hoosier. That definition comes from our history, the two decades beginning in 1972 through his departure of having a coach, RMK, who set the standard and the parameters of the relationship between intercollegiate athletics and academics (I’ll preempt the comment you will make in response by agreeing and admitting that the same was not true of game behavior and decorum)and made Indiana the model of integrity in intercollegiate sports.

    But I repeat, the day I have to depend on the University of Kentucky to define who we Hoosiers are, I would also be accepting human trafficking as a legitimate and ethical economic activity.

    We don’t need them (UK), we don’t want them… it rubs off.

    What could I possibly point out to my children and grandchildren that has any merit whatsoever and should be an example for them about the University of Kentucky?

  15. Geoff, I’ve questioned you when you’ve clearly overreacted and overstated the importance and intent of fouls called against the Hoosiers in games we lost or where the score was too close for comfort.

    The same is true the other way. Your statement that “…strategically placed foul calls against [Kentucky’s] Davis suggests that the calls you refer to were deliberate and planned as to impact on Kentucky.” That is the only way to understand the word “strategically” and its inference that the result was, indeed, fixed.

    Again, I’m surprised that someone who relies (or tries to rely) on empirical evidence to describe cause and effect in a basketball game, would be so loose with language.

    Geoff, you’re better than to be so cheaply emotional.

  16. Tsao- He took my quote to feed it back in my face. Geoff was only using it as a counter argument my ridiculousness.


    I thoroughly enjoyed your post. You have some damn good debate skills. I’m just going to miss the game. Whether you want to believe it or not, I think our players will miss the great national exposure that comes with the rivalry. What was wrong with playing a couple years on a neutral site? Crean has recently let it be known Calipari was content with playing in Lucas Oil. I think it would have been a great atmosphere. Why not beat the defending champions on any site their choice(it is their year to host the game) so they can’t claim our potentially bias officiating at Assembly entered into the equation?

    Glad you tried to talk some reason int me. Unfortunately, it shall do no good. There is no convincing me that this was nothing but two warring egos that pissed away tradition a great anticipated rivalry. They are the first to do so in nearly half a century. It was a disservice to the Hoosiers that have a right to a bit of theater and hype(even if somewhat created and exaggerated for ESPN/CBS ratings) there work to bring Indian back to the forefront of college basketball. This whole shenanigans was nothing but theater for the men that wear suits. It’s all rather sad.

    Anyway, I respect your opinion. I’m sure it is sound in principle and in the majority those that believe our britches now big enough to never bend.

  17. Tsao – I was directly quoting Harvard from post #15. I wasn’t using language loosely…

  18. Groff, I was sitting under the hoop in Atlanta. Twenty feet from the action. Davis was given carte blanche in the Regionals, as was the entire Kaintuck front line. If that game was called better we’d be 2-0.

  19. Cret – I am not disputing the way the game was called in Atlanta, just pointing out a UK fan (or an objective observer) could point out the same in the first game.

  20. Chet- I was wondering the same thing, did you make it to Maine? It turn out that my son (who spent a good part of his career in Ft. Bragg) did know of your friend.

    Hope all is well. Glad to have you back.

  21. Well, the weather looked bad so we drove toward sunshine and ended up visiting Niagara Falls, up through Toronto, and into Ontario. Beautiful place. I’m now outside of Ottawa pondering my next move. Maybe Maine. Maybe Vermont.

    It all depends on what the Weather Channel says in the morning.

    I have managed to avoid that weather system, which has been no small feat.

  22. FYI, ended up in Stowe, Vermont. Not a bad landing. It’s actually very affordable

    …in May.

  23. Where are you staying? the Stoweflake? The Von Trapp Family Lodge? The Golden Eagle?

    If you place has bicycles to loan out or you feel like a long walk there a great nature trail that goes through town and out by the river.

    Piecasso is a great pizza joint with lots of different crust flavors and fresh local toppings.

    The Depot Street Malt Shop is also a good spot for cheap eats and an old timey feel.

  24. Do they have an International House of Pancakes? Ask for the Aunt Jemima syrup. I also recommend Laffy’s Bakery…(famous for their sticky buns).

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