Indiana finishes ninth in the nation in attendance

Indiana finished ninth in the nation in college basketball attendance as the Big Ten led all conferences for the 36th straight year. So says this release from the Big Ten.


Park Ridge, Ill. – The Big Ten led the nation in men’s basketball attendance for the 36th consecutive season according to figures recently released by the NCAA. The Big Ten led all conferences with an average attendance of 12,868, which is more than 1,300 higher than the next-closest conference.

During the 2011-12 regular season, the Big Ten welcomed 2,856,785 fans over 222 games, which marks the conference’s all-time total attendance record and is the 20th straight year the conference eclipsed the two-million mark.

Six conference schools ranked in the top 25 in average attendance, while no other conference had more than four top-25 programs. Wisconsin led the Big Ten and ranked fifth nationally with an average of 17,181 fans per game. Ohio State (16,511) and Indiana (16,462) ranked eighth and ninth, respectively, followed by No. 14 Illinois (14,986), No. 15 Michigan State (14,797) and No. 21 Purdue (13,324). The Buckeyes and Hoosiers also posted two of the largest increases from the previous season.


  1. Syracuse & UK are at the top. It’s time for us to build a bigger arena. I can’t believe we are wasting money on a baseball stadium which brings in about $0.25 a year in hot dog sales.

  2. No!! We don’t need a new arena. Assembly Hall is just right!!! It isn’t about the size of the arena, it is the passion of the fans. Just asked UK about that one!!!!

  3. Whoever wrote the comment about the baseball stadium is an idiot. Have you been to the baseball/softball fields? If we want to have a good representation of all sports, not just basketball, those fields don’t do IU justice.

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