Letter from Glass to Barnhart shows Kentucky rejected Indiana’s recent compromise proposal to revive series

After announcing earlier this month that the heated border rivalry would not continue this season, Indiana re-opened negotiations with Kentucky on May 10 by proposing a compromise that would allow for two years of neutral site games followed by two games on campus sites.

Kentucky rejected that proposal last week, however, according to a letter from Indiana athletic director Fred Glass to Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart. The letter was provided to the Herald-Times pursuant to a public records request asking for all correspondence related to the series.

In the letter, Glass detailed all of the negotiations in the attempt to revive the series since it was publicly declared dead on May 3. Glass said that Indiana had indicated that it would be willing to play at Lucas Oil Stadium in December of 2012 and 2013, “consistent with Coach (John) Calipari’s previous offer to do so.” The series would then be moved to Rupp Arena for the 2014 game and Assembly Hall for the 2015 game. Glass said that was acceptable to Indiana because it would allow the freshman class that arrives next year to see at least one game on campus in their four-year careers.

“We were trying to find something that worked well for everyone,” Glass said by phone. “That was a suggestion that a number of people had written in to me had made. That four-year plan struck me as a fairly good idea. We reached out in the spirit of compromise to save the series and to save the ability for our students to see at least one Indiana-Kentucky game on campus in their tenure.”

Glass said both in the letter and by phone that Indiana tried to make several other concessions to Kentucky to ease some of their logistical concerns. Kentucky had scheduled a game with Portland on Dec. 8 — the second Saturday in December when the IU-Kentucky game is traditionally played. Breaking the contract with Portland required a $100,000 buyout, but Glass said in the letter and by phone that Indiana offered to pay half of that buyout to make it work. The letter also said that Indiana was willing to move this year’s game to Dec. 22 and move a conflicting game the Hoosiers had scheduled to make that possible.

Glass said that he and Barnhart had several phone conversations and that they were involved in a conference call that also included several other administrators in both athletic departments. However, on May 23, Kentucky coach John Calipari made a scheduling related post on his blog that discussed the revival of the Wildcats’ series with North Carolina and his attempts to begin a series at neutral sites with Duke. Glass said he called Barnhart to find out if that meant that negotiations were off. According to the letter, IU assistant athletic director Jayd Grossman received a call from Kentucky executive associate athletics director DeWayne Peevy saying that Kentucky would refuse a contract lasting more than two years.

“In other words,” Glass said in the letter, “we were back to Kentucky’s take it or leave it demand that we play on a neutral court with no opportunities to play on our campuses in front of our students and other season ticket-holders.”

Glass said he was disappointed that the series could not be worked out, though not upset that Calipari and Kentucky are continuing to pursue a “non-traditional” scheduling format.

“I think Coach Calipari is an excellent coach,” Glass said. “… It’s their sovereign right to schedule as they see fit. But we proposed a serious compromise that seemed workable to everyone. We can’t accept a one-sided, take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum that freezes out our students and our season-ticket holders.”

Kentucky’s media relations department did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment.

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  1. We did more here than needed to be done to try and make it work. If they dont want it then let them continue to burn in the media. I hope it gets out that we tried again and the response we got. Whomever the next coach is at UK in a few years will revisit this I guarantee it.

    In the meantime UK can suck on our success in the coming years and enjoy their Duke/UNC games. Guess a border war game against the #1 team in the country wasnt “non-traditional” enough for them. What a joke.

  2. #1 team in the country?!?! Ha – in a meaningless, pre-season poll. IU is a joke and has been for 10+ years. Who won the national title this year, IU? NOPE! UK is at the top of the college basketball world, therefore you do what they want or take your ball and go home. Deal with it classless IU hoosiers.

  3. This ky hubris will work in our favor in a few years when they have to forfeit the Calipari seasons. We would have won the majority of the games in those years anyway, but those wins might have looked tainted because they would have ‘lost’ (forfeited) games to Austin Peay, Transylvania, and everyone else on their schedules in those years. Now, we can move on to playing teams that don’t carry quite the stench that rubs off on anyone who will play the Big Blew during the coming years.

  4. UK has stuck with IU while they have been a complete joke and disgrace the last 10 seasons or so. Now, UK wanted to shorten the contracts to two year neutral site agreements (where they had been played for 20+ years) and IU said no. This isn’t all on UK, if IU wanted this game as bad as they are acting they good easily have agreed to two years in their backyard!

  5. I’m not sure why Kentucky turned down the 4 year proposal, it isn’t like Calipari is likely to still be the coach in 4 years. NBA money or more likely a looming NCAA investigation will have Calipari running.

  6. Yawn. IU has one sweet-16 run and they go and get all uppity. UK has no obligation to play IU. I would much rather play games against Duke/UNC or in large events like the Dallas Cowboys stadium.

  7. After IU ended negotiations UK added Baylor @ the Cowboys stadium and announced that their Big East Challange opponent will no longer be Georgetown (Most likely ND @ Lucas Oil Stadium). UK moved on after IU quit negotiations and had sent out a news release saying the series was over. Its not Calipari’s fault that he scheduled new opponents and then IU came running back like a crazed ex girlfriend.

  8. This is the definition of a nutty ex who acts tough and calls it off and then whines and cries when they aren’t taken back after they realize the stupid mistake they made. UK moved on, IU should as well.

  9. If IU was still interested in sending proposals to keep the series alive, then why did they make a public announcement that they were cancelling the series?

    It’s a shame though, IU was just getting off of probation. Probation for cheating. Cheating to get recruits. Then cheating again just last year to try and get Gary Harris. But like a wise man once said…. “If [watching UK win the national championship] is inevitable, why not just lay back and enjoy it?”

  10. Classless? Ha, what a joke. UK fans will find anyway to paint the Hoosiers bad. And so what that IU is a potential preseason rank of 1? How many times has UK been a preseason rank of 1 and fallen short, plenty I am sure.

    And no, Hal, Just because UK is at the “top of the basketball world” does not mean we take or leave what they give. This here is America where we have the freedom of choice and can discuss and make concessions, something that IU did quite a bit of considering the article. This is not Communist China where we all have to do as “Those at the top of the world” say we have to. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave and I am not going to sit here while you bad mouth The United States of America! Good Day

  11. UK doesn’t want to play IU. UK is throwing up demands and negotiating with the take-it-or-leave-it attitude because they simply don’t WANT to play us. Whether they’re afraid or don’t believe they can beat IU, who knows, but it’s the simple truth. It has nothing to do with that “non traditional scheduling” bs or the safety of their fans.

  12. Excellent story!! Great use of the FOI…awesome weapon isn’t it? Everything, even ‘note to self’, meetings of committees, personal inter-office exchanges (I believe only personal personnel private matters are out-of-bounds) is fair game under the FOIA. Great, great job Dustin!!!

  13. Kaintuck shirked away with their tails between their legs. There is no other way to spin it no matter how hard they might try. Everything Slimeapari accomplishes will be vacated, as it always is, and Kaintuck will continue to be the sleazebag of college basketball.

    Some things never change

  14. The truth of the matter is most Kentucky fans simply don’t care about this rivalry as much as IU fans. I’m a UK season ticket holder. The schedule Cal is talking about will actually take some good games from Rupp – but it will help our young teams in the long run.

    What we are most interested in in KY is why the IU fans are so upset about it. Schedule Kansas, UNC, Syracuse, Duke; anyone you want. We are hardly the only tradition rich school in the country and others might be more willing to do home and home. Other than your students nearly trampling Miller and Lamb, we have no problem with IU. We just can’t figure out why you’re so concerned with us? Please understand, UL has been and always will be our biggest rival.

  15. The sovereign state of Kentucky has exerted its sovereign rights to have its sovereign University of Kentucky through its sovereign Secretary of Cali Pari, John Barnhart genuflex (bending at least one knee to the ground, from early times a gesture of deep submission for a superior), in the presence of its Master and Emperor John Calipari.(Lick,… lick,… kiss hand,… kiss ____…(sound of puckering lips).

    Glass did made the proper and dignified decision. The only thing I would disagree with is Glass’ quote: “I think Coach Cali pari is an excellent coach.” That presumes that Cali Pari may be technically an excellent coach (entirely possible); but it also presumes that ‘Merda’ Cali Pari (use translator from Italian to English) abides by NCAA rules, complies with the ethical demands and imperatives of his profession, does not cheat, and guides himself by the general spirit and intent of the rules over Div. 1 intercollegiate competition. Merda Cali Pari could give a rats a__ about helping the disenfranchised, underprivileged and victimized in the sovereign (but high school basketball challenged) state of Kentucky (or anywhere else, for that matter) receive an educational opportunity to improve themselves.

  16. What is wrong with pUKe? The should salivate at the notion to beat IU at both campuses and both neutral sites. Where is their competitive zeal? They are afraid of a 4 year contract. Is there something looming in the background they see coming? Must be something big.

  17. Cell Phone – who is so insecure that their team won the title and they still feel the need to troll another team’s fanblog? That would be you. You are an insecure man.

  18. “Cal is SCARED.
    If you’re scared, SAY YOUR SCARED !”

    Excellent grammar. You got it right once, and then almost got it the second time. Apostrophes are hard. The only fear UK has is that we might run out of space on our trophy shelf. As for NCAA violations, IU is more of an expert there with their recent probation and recruiting violations.

  19. I could care less if we never play UK again during the regular season. If they get in our way during the NCAA tournament, then so be it. We will take care of them then. Go Hoosiers!