McDonald signs free agent deal with Dolphins

(Hat-tip to Andrew McCarthy of the IDS, who had this first).

Andrew McDonald went to the Miami Dolphins’ rookie mini-camp with no guarantees whatsoever. There were 12 unsigned rookies there, he said, and there were perhaps one or two agent contracts left to be had. When he left camp, he and the rest of the 12 were told that the general manager and the rest of personnel staff would review the film and get back to them.

But the former Indiana left tackle learned days later that he was the chosen one. He officially received and signed his free agent contract on Friday, and is guaranteed to at least stay with the team into training camp.

“It obviously means a lot,” McDonald said. “It’s kind of surreal to make it through that level of competition and be able to play at this level of football. I owe it all to God for the opportunity to make it this far. I’m going to keep giving it my best and hope it gets even better.”

McDonald said the rookies had four practices to make an impression. They were also working with all of the Dolphins drafted players and the undrafted free agents who signed in the days following the draft.

“I felt like I had a really strong showing when I was out there,” McDonald said. “Apparently it was enough.”

McDonald was also scheduled to attend the rookie mini-camp of the Green Bay Packers, but considering the odds he had to beat to get a contract from the Dolphins he had no intentions of taking another chance.

“Nothing’s really guaranteed and I had a lot of fun when I was down there,” he said. “I got along well with the GM and the coaches. It feels fine. It feels like the right fit.”


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  2. Whether or not you can say this is not important, because this isn’t the place to do so. This is in no way a response to Andrew McDonald’s signing with the Dolphins. I’m frustrated that these are the responses. Have some maturity and respect for a guy one step closer to his dream.

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  9. Laffy, please respect the users of this forum and post politics elsewhere. We don’t have to read it, but we do have to scroll through it. Why waste your time and the time of people who want to discuss IU football. There are plenty of other fora for politics, can’t you let us have our little refuge from all that political yak-yak-yak.

  10. For the 5th time, the Scoop put up an article about a coach being an intolerant bigot.

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