IPFW’s Marlin to walk-on at Indiana

Former Center Grove star and Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne guard Jonny Marlin told Kyle Neddenriep of the Indianapolis Star that he is transferring and will walk-on at Indiana. The 5-foot-10, 170-pounder averaged 4.8 points and 3.5 assists at IPFW last year, starting 28 0f 30 games as a true freshman.

More to come.

UPDATE: Jonny Marlin was getting a long just fine at Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne in his first year. The former Center Grove star worked well with coach Tony Jasick. He started 28 of the team’s 30 games and led the team in assists with 3.5 per game.

The Mastodons were 11-19 in his first year, but he had every intention of returning for his sophomore year when the season ended.

As the offseason progressed, however, Marlin started to believe that he needed to make a move. 

“It’s really weird because I really enjoyed playing for coach Jasick,” Marlin said. “I just felt like God was leading me somewhere else.”

Specifically, the devout Marlin said, he believed he was being called to go somewhere he could do more missionary work. His recently graduated brother had attended Indiana and worked with a campus organization called Campus Crusade for Christ that Marlin wanted to be a part of. He had not found a similar organization at IPFW.

“It’s just kids down there who really have a heart for the Lord,” Marlin said. “I have a lot of friends from high school were a part of it as freshmen, looking to be more involved. That’s somethign that I would definitely want to be a part of. It’s a missionary opportunity that would allow me to share my faith and expand on it. … You definitely had to go out of your way to find something (similar at IPFW). I’m not sure there isn’t one, but while I was there, I never found it.”

That’s not to say that basketball was irrelevant in his decision. Though playing time would be much harder for him to come by, this would still allow him to try to play at Indiana.

“My dad went to IU,” he said. “I would go down there for games growing up. I think most Indiana basketball players aspire to be a Hoosier. I can’t lie. This is one of my dreams.”

Marlin said IU coach Tom Crean stressed to him that it would require a lot of hard work for him to get on the floor. Though Marlin was an accomplished high school player, averaging 14.2 points and 5.8 assists per game as a senior and leading Center Grove to the regionals, the Hoosiers are obviously loaded at the guard positions for the next several years, especially with the recent commitment of Stanford Robinson from Paul VI in Fairfax, Va. He found out first hand at IPFW that even in the lower reaches of Division I, it isn’t easy for a 5-10 player to succeed.

However, Marlin believes he has a good role model to emulate in Jordan Hulls, with whom he was already close friends through the summer basketball circuit.

“One thing that really shocked me was the length and overall athleticism in Division I,” Marlin said. “And that’s only going to go up when you get in the Big Ten. But one thing I see and one thing Jordy does so well is he’s efficient in all of his movements and whenever he gets a shot it goes in. He’s not the quickest player or the tallest player or the fastest player, but he gets things done.”


  1. If you are not hurting anyone else, then it is always good to follow your dreams. Good luck Jonny.

  2. Saw him play many games for IPFW. Nice player for them but will be a practice player only. Great kid and will be an asset to the program.

  3. Awesome! We have a former Div. 1 starter as a walk-on! We just can’t get any deeper!

  4. He was “shocked” by the length of players at D1??? I feel like this kid is super-naive, won’t last more than one season, then transfer to a Christian school where he can play and pray as much as he wants.

    But hey, have fun trying to make the team. Us 5’10″ish white boys are rootin’ for ya….

  5. Geoff…must be a tough, grey spring where you are. Is that the metrics guy, the optimist or the nice guy in you writing? The kid has a dream… the kid has a dream. Sometimes, I just don’t understand it. What makes people so bitter? What are you doing next Christmas?

  6. “I just felt like God was leading me somewhere else”

    “Super-naive” or not, I have a good feeling about this kid.

  7. ???

    I’m confused by your post Tsao. Why would I sound “bitter”… I just don’t get how a kid could be “shocked” by the length of D1 after presumably playing AAU and watching hoops for a decade. Did he not pay attention to rosters or listen to announcers? There was certainly an adjustment period to the strength and quickness of the overall game when I got to college, but I knew what to expect. And to transfer to IU and citing a Christian program that probably exists in some form at most Midwestern or southern schools… It’s just strange. It leads me to believe he is naive. Why, if you are a scholarship player getting playing time, would you go to a school to walk on with ZERO chance of getting a scholly, a ONE percent chance of getting playing time, and only half a chance of making the team?

    I understand he has an opportunity to play for title contender… So say that. Don’t tell me God is sending you in this direction. It’s either lame or disingenuous.

    By the way. Saturday was 78 and sunny, so I worked in the yard. Sunday was the same and I had a softball double-header followed by a BBQ. Today was 72 and without a cloud in the sky and I played golf with some associates, then laid out in my buddy’s yard by the lake, before finishing the night off with a softball game on Portland’s eastern promenade overlooking Casco bay and all the islands.

    So no, it’s not a grey spring. I have a decent tan working already. I closed on my refi last week. Tomorrow is my last day of work before taking my vaca down to Indiana for a week. And tomorrow night my basketball team has a chance to win a championship.

    Catch me in a month and maybe life won’t be so sunny, but right now things couldn’t be much better.

    Just making a prediction. He sits at the end of the bench all year. Gets 23 total minutes of PT in a handful of blowout games early in the season. Collects a B1G championship ring and maybe a national title ring. But then God calls him to a school where he can get a scholarship and some playing time.

  8. Geoff…with all that good weather, the sun shining, the friendships, the exercise and activities, the great life and you’ve got to go rain on an Indiana kid’s dream…

    Or maybe, you don’t understand a kid from Indiana.

    But, what would we know in Indiana. Maybe you could run a new kind of service Geoff. Assessing a kid’s chances rather than pursue (stupid) dreams, bother serious basketball ‘cognoscenti’ like us who really know what it takes and what we are talking about, waste the time of legitimate programs and burn limited resources spent on top rate coaches like Crean, Izzo, etc.

    So yours is probably a great idea. Save everybody time. It would be great if we shared the prerequisite parameters in the evaluation form: height, race, religion…. (Check the box that applies: a) did God call you b) did He not call you c) how did you hear of us).

    Shoot, think of the possibilities. We could even tell these kids when they are in the seventh grade whether they have a chance to play or not bother.

    We could even start a new industry based on the data: Basketball derivatives. Betting for and against a team or a particular ‘futures’ group of well-selected kids as a group …or not. And, we could sell insurance betting on their perceived value… or, shorting them against calculated risk. Call it, say…hedges… that’s it…hedges. Hell, we could expand it and, when they are in the fourth grade, just feed the raw (or even scaled) data into sophisticated math models …there’s a whole market waiting to be explored. (Just be sure we keep the federal regulators away).

    And, there’s more…we could have…rating agencies…no, wait! we’ve already got those.

    Geoff, maybe I’m being a bit sarcastic but your comment…Did you ever see the movie Hoosiers? It was real, you know.

  9. I doubt he even hits the 23 minute mark but it’s good to have extra bodies in practice.

    I’m pretty familiar with that role as a Hoosier.

  10. Not sure what any of that has to do with what I said…

    I said he was naive and possibly disingenuous. I’m not saying he can’t have a dream or play basketball well. I’m saying that we have the deepest team in the entire country next year and a scholarship issue going forward. He will never factor in.

    Who is he going to play over? Hulls, Yogi, Dipo, Abel, Patterson?

    My guess is this kid is a poor mans Jordan Hulls… Hulls had the luxury of playing his way into a career because of lack of talent ahead of him. If he were a freshman coming in now he would probably never have developed into the player he is… Or at least we never would know he is that type of player.

    He is about 3 years late on the dream, but hey it’s not his fault he was born when he was.

    I’m still trying to figure out why/how he was “shocked” by the length when he got to college.

    If your “dream” is to play college ball and you’re good enough to get a scholarship, which clearly this kid is, then why go to a situation where you won’t play or have a scholarship? There’s only one reason – a chance to get a championship ring. And that’s fine, just say that. Don’t tell me it’s God, because i checked and there’s a chapel, a prayer group, and a Campus Ministries organization at Ball State.

    Plus there’s so little to talk about right now that I had to drop my two cents in about this insignificant story…

  11. I’ll take the kid at his word. If he believes God is helping navigate his future I am all for him. Even though he was a Frosh starter at a D1 he has slim chance to make an impact at Bloomington. I congratulate him for having a dream and his reasoning to engage a challenge and controlling the direction his life. He is bold, undaunted and sounds well grounded. When did BSU enter the picture?

  12. How can you have a poor man’s Jordan Hulls when Hulls is the poorest defender in all of college basketball?

    Maybe this Marlin kid will be the Roy Hobbs of the Hoosiers..(different sport without the 15 year absence from the game). Stranger things have happened. Maybe he just needs someone to believe..The kid shoots nearly 90% from the free throw line so their must be some decent mechanics in the shooting stroke. Add in Tom Crean’s gifts at inspiring and getting young men in the right mindset to realize their natural abilities(look what our coach did with D-Wade to get him out of his mental funk in the series against the Pacers), and the sky is the limit.

    This young man is no more delusional than our head coach when it comes to thinking a mysterious destiny tied to the faith in a higher being as a driving force his main life decisions. Crean came to Indiana “because it’s Indiana.”….Marlins dream to put some minutes on McCracken Court shouldn’t be any less valued in its wholesome and honest pursuit than the blabber Tom Crean puts continually on his Twitter page when going on endlessly about the Bible, Joyce Meyer, and Jesus(not necessarily listed in order of importance).

    And can Marlin really do any worse in minutes than Remy Abell did last season? Abell would have been lucky to average 2 minutes per game without the injury to Jones. Crean was making no attempt to get Remy comfortable on the court and his indoctrination into Big 10 basketball was by mere happenstance.

    If this young man makes the team then why can’t it be by God’s desire? It was God’s desire to find Remy his minutes deserved. If you listened to Tom Crean during the NCAA tournament it was more about Christ than Cody for our team’s successes. How can anyone paying attention the last two years with regards to the huge public emphasis Christianity now plays as the supreme guiding factor in wearing candy-stripes not expect young men of the Lord and a peach basket not pursue Bloomington? Basketball has always been the game of Christ and playing at Indiana is undoubtedly the last vestige of hope the purist pursuit in honoring what little good is left in the sport.

    We have seen evil upon our village when Sampson brought the degenerates to town. Do not cast the devil back upon us. Now we make fun of picket fences and the divine light that brought us Tom Crean? Now we make fun of choir boys with nothing but naive decency in their hearts? Embrace the wholesome quests of young 5′-10”ish men of faith that now seek to restore the sanctity of Hoosier basketball. Do not question the Lord’s choice in identifying the holiest destination for hoops….It is at Assembly where halos hover over rims and jumpers rip nets via emails from heaven. Watch and marvel thy power of faith. Watch Mr. Marlin defy the bitter tongue of Geoff as he delivers the wining pair of free throws the day glory and banners return to the rightful bed the game’s servants of truth, faith, and hard work. Amen.

  13. When did IPFW enter the picture? Probably when they were recruiting him to play… Was he unaware IU then? Did he not have a dream then? Was he under the impression that IPFW had a Campus Crusade?

    I’m about 105% sure the answer to all those questions was no…

    I just think the whole thing is odd. If this kid actually wants to be a basketball player there are lots of schools, like Ball State, where he can play and find a decent Christian community?

    Why is God sending a kid away from being able to compete in the area he has love and talent? This kid has 3 more years to play in a highly organized and meaningful atmosphere… and God is sending him to place where he’ll incur debt and sit at the end of the bench…

  14. I know that there is sarcasm in there Lord, but as usual, I’m not sure to what extent…

    He will play less than Remy. The Hoosiers are twice as deep this year. Who is better do you think – marlin or Patterson? How many minutes will Patterson get?

    By my count he is, at the very best, our 5th string PG after Yogi, Hulls, Abel, and Dipo.

    You also know that I don’t believe Jordy is the worst defender in college hoops… So that argument can’t be used in a debate against me (even a parody of a debate). But my guess is he is a worse offensive player than Jordy, and even if he’s a better defender he wouldn’t be as good a defender as Abell or Patterson.

    Lastly, Crean is paid millions of dollars to be at IU….

    However, the most fundamental difference between my points and yours are that I actually believe what I’m typing.

  15. I’m sure he is a wonderful kid and will be 10 times the man I ever will be, but I’ve now added impractical to my list of his traits…

  16. If we’re gonna attribute everything to God I’d have to say he has something of a harsh sense of humor. Maybe he’s just pulling Jonny’s leg.

  17. “A poor man’s Jordan Hulls?” If I remember correctly, Jordan Hulls was Indiana’s Mr. Basketball. Unless that was a very weak year for Indiana High School basketball, it would be tough to convince me that any “Mr. Basketball” from the state of Indiana was anything less than an outstanding talent.

    I think we all agree that while Jordan Hulls is not the best defender on the team, he is an exceptional shooter, especially from beyond the three point line. And I also think we’d all agree that while certainly not perfect, Jordan Hull’s positives far outweigh his negatives. If he had not selected to play for IU, I’m confident that Hulls would have seen ample playing time at another top-50 D-I basketball program.

    Hulls may never play a minute in the NBA, but that does not mean he’s not a very successful college player. And consider this; if Hulls had all the attributes necessary for success in the NBA, he’d probably not still be a part of IU roster.

  18. Po – are you trying to start another Jordan Hulls debate or do you not understand what that phrase you quoted me saying means?

    “a poor man’s Jordan Hulls makes absolutely NO statement about Jordan’s ability… It is simply saying that Marlin is a lessor player.

    Saying Troy Murphy is a poor man’s Larry Bird doesn’t mean Larry wasn’t a top 10 player of all time…

    If you are trying to start another Jordy-war, well then, I do not accept the bait.

  19. I think there’s plenty of truth(as evidenced by a large number of Hoosiers that have made public statements expressing their strong Christian beliefs)that accepting Jesus as your almighty savior to be as necessary part your placement on a Hoosier roster as any basketball skill set brought to the table. Are their enough devout Christians that are highly skilled at hoops to bring home a banner…? It could easily be argued their is an abundance of talent that would agree with every word placed on a Tom Crean Twitter page. Crean has made a choice to make his personal religious beliefs very much a part of his public image. He doesn’t hold back when the microphone is on as he blends faith into hoops discussions in expressing to the masses his devotion to God before anything else. Indiana, the institution, along with that image and its influences upon top-level recruits(or a naive wannabe scrubby walk-on) can no longer be viewed separate/distinct/inconsequential in the processes and influences upon a young man’s own perceptions in choosing Indiana as a basketball destination.

    If there is anything delusional about the dreams this young man than they should be firmly on the mind our administrators that have allowed the basketball program to be made disingenuously subordinate to a singular religious belief.

    Jonny Marlin has bought the snake oil..It’s rather sad that we have allowed a humble game requiring honest skills so identifiable Indiana’s rich tradition in sport to be taken out of the realm to be a job assessable to all the mastery of its pure pursuit. This poor young man has been deceived in the flippant treatment of a particular faith as holding the same court a pastime built for casual enjoyment an art. That is the truth in the deception that brought this goodhearted Hoosier to our doorstep. I see far more truth in the typing of words that may use a certain amount of satirical demonstration to unveil a fair and equal treatment of ridicule to go around in the sphere a current use of Christianity in the marketing of Indiana.

    Young Mr. Marlin deserves no harsher judgment his inflated view his chances to make a Hoosier basketball team than Indiana deserves its inflated view itself based on exclusionary principles that use religion as a disingenuous(?) selling point to put our house of sanctity on higher ground. A choice of religion grants nothing one man superior to another. It’s unfortunate that Indiana is being used to sell itself as superior to those that have different views the purpose or meanings a spiritual existence.

    This reminds me of a very popular line in a Kevin Costner film…”If you build it, they will come.” If what we have built in the chants blend an arrogant faith a self-percieved level of superiority exempt our successes that should be solely measured in the quality and dedication to the game and principles a student-athlete, then why one earth should anyone that follows the chant disproportionately above the individual skills he possesses at the game be cast in mockery?

    Who are we to judge? Is there any honest love of anything without being a bit of a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ1dZhh0_RQ”>fool?

  20. oops.

    Who are we to judge? Is there any honest love of anything without being a bit of a fool?

  21. I assume Crean is not forcing recruits to pass a religious test before offering a scholarship. And obviously the atmosphere in the locker room is not such that someone like Matt Roth would want to leave.

    So whatever Crean does on Twitter and/or when a microphone is presented to him may not translate into revivals in the locker room.

  22. Geoff, I was not trying to start any debate. Frankly, I was not even referring to one of your posts.

    As for this young man walking on to IU, while I’ve never seen him play and don’t know anything about his skills, I can’t imagine he’s good enough to make IU’s roster. It seems to me that we’re loaded with guards (didn’t we just get another guard to commit for the class of 2013?). I should not pre-judge his potential without having seen him play, but it just does not seem likely that an IPFW player is going to be talented enough to make a top ranked Big Ten team that is already loaded with guards.

    Then again, maybe Crean knows something none of the rest of us know. It is possible IU will lose three guards after next season. Maybe Crean feels a “bird-in-the-hand,” with a year of experience in the system, “is better than two in the bush” and given that Marlin does not “cost” Crean a scholarship, he’ll be an insurance policy for Crean. Maybe, but I doubt it.

  23. I’m a little unclear as to how much of this is Marlin’s wishful thinking and how much is an understanding with CTC. As far as I can tell this is case of Marlin tossing away a bird in hand and CTC offering him a chance to walk into the gym like any other guy off the street (yes, I understand he’s not just any other guy).

  24. Let’s quit judging Jonny Marlin and let him use whatever he has at his disposal in trying to realize a dream or purpose his life. Again, why should mockery be reserved for this young man alone when none of us have the powers to know the genuineness any public words spoken whether from podiums, Twitter pages, locker rooms, or interviews?

    There is way too much selling in this world instead of just doing; from Facebook friends to Twitter followers, a never-ending emphasis on hollow image creating instead of honest, selfless, quiet deeds.

    What the hell is wrong with being a bit naive if your heart is good? There are far worse traits than having a bit of your own blind faith(whether spiritual, or in your abilities, or some optimal combination best serving your sincere effort) serve as a guiding hand that helps move you toward choices(misguided they may appear to be the all-knowing critical eye any skeptic/cynic) when so many in these times would rather paint images in perfection and misuse faith to blind and manipulate their audiences. One man’s riches serve no evidence anything more genuine residing in the heart than the morning porridge a pauper.

  25. Chet, completely agree with you (though I’d use a word like hopeful…giving him the benefit of the doubt). What I like about your comment is that the history of sports is filled with great stories of individuals who raise themselves against improbable odds. Isn’t that why we love sports? Your post is probably based on having raised kids who were raised, loved, accepted and surged with and because of the challenge.

  26. Harvard…very happy to see your post #31 on Jonny Marlin. What is sports if not for the heroes who achieve because their dreams will them beyond their limitations.

  27. HforH; I hope none of my comments came off as “mocking” Marlin. That was not my intent. I certainly agree with his right to pursue his dream and I applaud him for it, but his dream does involve significant risk (the cost of forfeiting a scholarship and delaying or terminating his college basketball career). My concern is that it seems like an inordinate risk for a young man that may love to play basketball. I support his right to take the risk and applaud him for chasing his dream, but it just seems unlikely that he will make IU’s team. Again, I hope I’m wrong and that it works out for the young man.

  28. Pretty sure he’s coming at me since I’ve labeled Marlin “naive”, “possibly disingenuous”, and “impractical”…

    Let’s get one thing absolutely clear – Crean was not recruiting this kid. Not only would that be a violation, but the kid isn’t an IU calibre recruit. Therefore Crean, nor IU’s administration, is deceiving Marlin. They are not offering the kid any oil…

    Also, I don’t think Crean is building a basketball Mecca to attract 5’10” un-ranked white boys. He is however building a national power house that is attracting top in-state and national recruits. So “if you build it they will come” is true in that sense.

    My last question is… doesn’t the kid have to sit for a year? He was (according to ESPN) on scholarship at IPFW, and he is transferring to another D1 school…

  29. Geoff, yes, assuming IPFW is in the same Division as IU, I think he does need to sit a year.

    My guess is that there is more to his desire to transfer than simply his dream of playing BB at IU. Maybe he wants/needs a change of scenery (having lived in Ft Wayne for five years, I can understand that – great town for raising a family, but not the most exciting place for a 19 year-old man). Maybe he does not feel IPFW is satisfying his academic needs? Maybe he prefers a campus with a larger number of co-eds?

    Regardless, I applaud him for pursuing his dream, but I just don’t he’s going to realize it in Bloomington.

  30. As the father of three kids who have/are gone/going through school I’m afraid, if this were my son, I would have to pull him aside and beat him half to death (metaphorically)) while screaming at the top of my lungs, “Are you out of your freaking mind? You had a full athletic scholarship and now you’ll be in debt for the next two decades. You could buy a house.”

    Or maybe none of that is important to him. He would be a lucky guy if it’s not.

  31. Po, I’m not sure if that is true. He cannot play as a scholarship player but he might be able to play as a walk on.

    Not that he’s gonna play. It’s like giving him clearance to fly.

  32. I think he’ll make the team. Crean will turn his game into gold…or a gold necklace to wear around Hanner’s neck.

    It’s already hit YouTube, beeeee….itches

  33. Here’s a story. When I was a sophomore in high school, Indianapolis Crispus Attucks wass the two time defendingstate champion and had a 6’5 player named Oscar Robertson. They also had 6’7″ forwards worthy of Div. 1 basketball as high school juniors and had dominated Indianapolis basketball.

    We in turn had a 5’6 1/2 guard who was slow, but intelligent. Our biggest forward was 6 1 1/2, the other guard a 5′ 7″ Hispanic kid (before you were called Hispanic). The center was a slow, lumbering 6’2″ blonde kid who had a good free throw shot.

    Everyone thought they were much, much better than us and predicted there was no way we could compete with the Big O and his team mates along with their (future) Hall of Fame coach, Ray Crowe. Despite that, as the city tournament game approached, we had resolve and believed in ourselves. Weprmised ourselves a fight to the end and committed to go gainst that great Tiger team eye to eye, lock into every rebound, and go for every and each lose ball…….

    That was our challenge and our resolve…..! You have to believe and when you believe anything is possible…..!

  34. Tsao… That’s a nice story, but what does it have to do with anything? (and what was the outcome?)

    Does anyone here actually think this kid WILL play? Not “could play”… Because sheeeeit, I “could play” if I still had eligibility, and so could Harvard…

    He was solid, but certainly unspectacular, at a level of competition FAR below the B1G. In other words the scouts had him pegged. No one “missed” on this kid…

    So IF there is anyone out there who thinks he WILL play then tell us why and over whom.

    If no one can answer those things then zippit!

  35. I was really, really hoping someone- especially one of our more distinguished basketball experts would ask….

    “…what was the outcome?”

    They kicked our butts, of course! By 38 points. Told you they were a lot better than us!

    (With the Big O and other starters on the bench during the fourth quarter).

    But thanks for asking anyway Geoff!…I knew someone would (not sure I thought it would be you given your mastery of numbers analysis), but this really makes it priceless!

    Ohh God!!!! (can’t stop laughing…where’s my Advair?).

    Thanks Geoff!

  36. I thought the kid looked pretty crafty and had some skill finding seams and making some nifty passes in traffic…He looked confident and possessed a bit of an “it factor” in his rather unassuming playing of the game with poise absent much the overrated flashiness. A born floor general with leadership qualities that can exude the same traits into his teammates on the floor. Will it translate to playing above top recruits and our returning guards? I wouldn’t count the kid out in finding some manner to contribute. Crazier things have happened and you have to love the gumption(delusional as it may appear to be)for trying.

    Maybe Crean will put him on the team for the sole purpose boosting Hulls self-esteem ..Next to Marlin at practices, Jordy will soon feel six inches taller and will find new levels of confidence knowing he’ll be the second most abused defender in all of college basketball wearing a Hoosier uniform.

  37. Maybe he’ll contribute by leading inspirational prayers in the locker room 10 minutes prior to tip-offs. We can’t assume the very intuitive and outside-the-box inventiveness a great recruiter like Tom Crean…Just because a kid is a walk-on does not negate what our coach may see as a necessary missing part the optimal mix of talent and personalty in the meshing all the varied ingredients the perfect recipe a team.

    So much of the workings a team(the spice and complexity the interplay of ingredients?) occur behind closed doors on the practice courts(the kitchen?). Often the success potential of that team can have as much to do with the hours of interaction and bonding never part a 40 minute game.

    If Crean wants him in a Hoosier uniform then I believe he has damn good reason irrespective his contribution that may or may not occur in our limited view the entire process of building a winner.

  38. We can’t assume our casual observations of limited film and 1st year stats a kid that looks to possess nothing spectacular would be the only criteria used the very intuitive and outside-the-box inventiveness a great recruiter/team-builder the likes of Tom Crean

  39. OK, I’m still not clear. Does Tom Crean want him or did this kid unilaterally decide to walk on? Is there some statement out there from CTC about how he’s looking forward to having him on the team? All I read was CTC telling him how hard it would be for him.

    As far as I can tell he might be playing intramural ball by Christmas.

  40. Former Center Grove High School basketball standout Jonny Marlin is headed to Indiana as a walk-on.

    Marlin, a 5-10 point guard, will have three years of eligibility as a transfer from IPFW. He started 28 of 30 games as a freshman, averaging 4.3 points and a team-high 3.5 assists.

    Marlin visited Bloomington on Monday and spoke with coach Tom Crean for about 30 minutes.

    “What I took from that meeting was very encouraging,” he said. “He’s very energetic and excited and that kind of rolls off of him and gets you excited about the same thing. He said he stresses hard work and I think I can bring that as a player.”

    As a senior at Center Grove, Marlin averaged 14.2 points and 5.8 assists. He is close with Indiana sophomore-to-be Cody Zeller, as the two played together with Indiana Elite coming up through high school.

    Marlin knows earning playing time will be difficult as a walk-on. That was a factor he was forced to weigh as he made his transfer decision. He was approached by several smaller schools, including Indiana Wesleyan.

    “(Crean) said the hardest workers most likely play,” Marlin said. “As a walk-on, I’m at a disadvantage because I’m not someone he actively recruited. But at the same time, I started most of the games at IPFW and I feel like I can go down there and get better. If nothing else, I feel like I can make big contributions through practice.”(courtesy: indystar.com)

  41. Isn’t that probably the same thing CTC would say to any kid who was trying to walk on to the team?

  42. Chet – still didn’t see a quote in there that said Crean wanted him…

    Harvard – so are you trying to tell me that at his size, his skill level will actually translate better at a much higher level of college ball?

    Don’t pay attention to his production at A-ball, because his swing was built for AAA pitching???

    Sorry, not buying…

    Jordy already got that confidence from playing against Danny Moore for the last 3 seasons…

  43. “He is close with Indiana sophomore-to-be Cody Zeller…”

    The two best friends you can have if you want to walk-on to Indiana: God and Cody.

    Interesting how we heard so much about a personal bond with God but nothing of the close bond to Cody in Dustin’s write-up.

    Maybe this makes things a bit more clear to lobster breath….Everything hinges on Christ and Cody in our current state of paradise(until the devil catches our tricks).

  44. Geoff, Chet,
    By NCAA rule, coaches can’t discuss walk-ons publicly until they get to campus, so Crean doesn’t have the opportunity to discuss him. Let’s just say this, he’s more accomplished than most walk-ons. He could easily not play at all, but he’s probably more of an accomplished high school player than Taylor Wayer, Jeff Howard or Raphael Smith, so take that for what it’s worth. He might only play two minutes per game in blowouts, but it’s not like IU had to spend a scholarship on him.

  45. Yeah we’re just bored Dustin…

    Harvard – line 2 of post #50 might be the truest thing that has ever come from thouest’s lips.

  46. Lobster breath-

    No need to open your pink book..It’s just a statistical anomaly.

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