1. “You want to have games they’re going to look forward to, to get there early in the morning or spend the night outside to get in. I think it’s one of those college experiences they’re going to remember forever.”

    Do the right thing!

  2. Calipari is catching a lot of grief in the wake of his ridiculous “we’re a non-traditional program” comment. Even the cartoonist at the local (Lexington) newspaper is mocking him (the cartoon was perfect). He’s being mocked and ridiculed for his arrogance and cowardice. I love it and hope other journalists and sports commentators pile it on.

    Calipari is an arrogant and corrupt jerk and he deserves all the mockery and criticism he gets. Now, if the NCAA would just scrape beneath the veneer of KY’s basketball program, we’d have some real fun.

  3. Do you have a link to the cartoon?

    I read the in-breds were sending him threats.


  4. In two weeks this all blows over. Our fine Hoosier basketball team, left chomping at the bit a chance to deliver a knockout punch(proving the Seth Davis planets are not predictably back in alignment when Kentucky erased a “lucky shot” with a double digit win in Atlanta), will be denied the opportunity to prove Calipari’s grand “new system” is nothing but a flawed passing comet pretending to be a star the rest the world revolves.

    Funny cartoon but the joke is still on us..We miss a shot to bitch-slap a fraud and disprove the blow a clueless journalist. Why? I guess because he’s Tom Crean’s friend and we are the keepers of all morality.

  5. I had seen that one.


    Yeah, it’s pretty damn great.

    No wonder the hillbillies went crazy.


  6. A theory on Indiana-Kentucky:

    The whole (now) non-event makes little sense from either side. The Glass/Crean ‘on campus’ argument doesn’t stand the test of the series’ history. The Merda Cali Pari/ Barnhart argument is about as rational as the Inquisition’s insistence (to combo guard Galileo) that the Earth was the center of the Universe and the Sun rotated around it.

    Unless….Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola marketing strategy is at work here. Remember when Coca Cola reacted to Pepsi’s aggressive marketing by taking Coca Cola off the market and replacing it with a slightly different Coke, a similar but slightly different product. It kept the original Coca Cola off the shelves for I believe about a year and we went nuts. I remember driving to small neighboring towns to buy left-over six packs whichI stacked in the basement.

    After two months, we were begging for it.

    That’s when Coca Cola revealed the bottom half of the most brilliant marketing strategy in the history of merchandising. It reluctantly’ brought back Coca Cola as Coca Cola Classic and people were buying it by the gross to make sure they had a minimum two year supply on hand. Coca Cola Classic crushed Pepsi on its forehead, regained its edge and has never again been close to challenged.

    Indiana and Kentucky are getting ready to do the same thing with the greatest confrontation of opposites in the history of college basketball and we’re not only going along like fleas, we’re ‘demanding it!!”.

    The “Classic” will not only survive, it will thrive and multiply in value five to ten fold. To do so it shift out of Assembly Hall, Lexington (just as we fans demand for the survival of this glorious traditional as Thanksgiving game (despite ou8r warm and fuzzy love for the campus) but will shift to Indianapolis- more than likely the football stadium and will be recognized everywhere, including including the Vatican, the Kremlin and the Pentagon as ‘The Basketball Classic’, or simply…. ‘The Coca-Cola Classic’.

    Gate, which now probably brings in maybe $500,00-$700,000 per year will jump to $5,000,000 or more. (Cheap seats $40, courtside $300+ before scalping). TV take, another $5-$10 million, tax revenues for Indianapolis, Louisville, Indiana and Kentucky, hotels, restaurants…this is probably a $50 million plus event.

    All they need…Coca Cola sponsoring it.

    What was it Glass used to do before coming to IU. Oh yeah!…he was an attorney who specialized in putting special events- mainly sporting events- together and bringing them to Indianapolis. In fact, his success was the reason we hired him to revive our sports program

    It’s been a week without ‘The Classic’ and we’re obviously thirsty (actually parched enough to drink our own fluids) already. Just look at the blogs. By the time they’re done with us, we fans will consider the Indy Speedway- and Louisville’s Churchill Downs as alternative sites in early December if necessary.

  7. Aruss,

    What exactly is the right thing in your mind? Please enlighten us with your “wisdom”! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

  8. The right thing = a home and home series with either Kansas, Florida, Texas or Arizona. We are the #1 team in the country who is recruiting nationally therefore we should have showcase games of national importance.

    The wrong thing = replacing UK with the washington generals. Don’t talk about not playing UK because you want the home fans to experience big games at home to then turn around and talk about over scheduling.

    CTC’s one NCAA appearance hasn’t earned him a free pass.

  9. Cuse, Pitt, Uconn, Mo., St. Johns, WV, Baylor, UCLA, Marquette, Villanova, lots of good teams could enjoy a series with IU. pUKe likes to kiss their own hand, to hell with them.

  10. “CTC’s one NCAA appearance hasn’t earned him a free pass.”

    Really? His leadership, his unwavering committment to excellence and his fervor toward IU basketball (and IU period!) for the last 4 years has earned him a pass in my eyes.

    I would like to see IU play some western US teams outside the B10. Either Kansas, Texas, Arizona or UCLA would suit me as a fan. Couldn’t hurt for recruiting purposes.

  11. Who…first of your posts I’ve had a minor disagreement with. Disagree in the sense that while we have to appreciate the job Crean has done, from accepting an almost untenable position to the near-abuse of the gods of basketball to giving us one of the most exciting and memorable seasons in a long history of greatness…it does not allow a pass (I will accept that perhaps the word ‘pass’ was not your intent). It allows for consideration of his strategic scheduling objective if the quality of our schedule does not suffer.

    His accomplishments as IU Head Basketball Coach have earned him the right to stay firmly in control on all things basketball including the scheduling. CTC should carefully consider this tradition going forward.

    My vote, one consideration. Simply that we avoid scheduling against teams that are simply and historically too weak to offer any hope of a competitive game. An exception or two can be made to help a former assistant or former player coaching by opening the door for them to schedule into ‘Big Time’ basketball. But these should be the exception rather than the rule.

    We get to say ‘Its Indiana’ by ‘being Indiana’!

  12. Crean may not yet have earned a “pass” but he has certainly earned the benefit of the doubt.

    In any kind of a business, when two parties simply disagree, and are adamantly opposed to the other parties preference, there is no opportunity to do a deal. Both parties move on. That’s what I see happening here between Crean and Calipari. They simply disagree on the best way to move forward and neither party is willing to compromise their position. Why anyone chooses to criticize Crean for holding to what he believes is best for his program suggests that some people are use looking for any excuse to criticize IU’s coach. IU basketball is not defined by playing Kentucky every year. IU basketball is much, much bigger than its rivalry with Kentucky.

    Crean is not the one that came out with ridiculous statements saying that IU basketball was a “non-traditional” program and therefore requires special consideration (Calipari’s thinly veiled attempt to justify his arrogant position and demands). Crean’s not the one making an ass out of himself under the national spotlight. Does anyone believe that Calipari would have written what he wrote and said what he has said if his team had not just won the National Championship? No, Calipari is an arrogant man and an opportunist. He wins one title and now he thinks his poo-poo does not stink. Come on, the man now makes about $6 million a year.

    You may not agree with Crean’s decision to insist on maintaining home and home series, or his justification (it’s the students and the local fans), but you have to respect that he held to his principles and tried to do what he thought was best for the Hoosier Nation.
    For that, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Bring on a top PAC 12 team and forget about the slime bag in Lexington.

  13. TTG – I wasn’t too concerned with whether Coach Crean gets a ‘pass’ or not. I was more concerned with his accomplishments being narrowed down to one NCAA appearance. I don’t believe that was the true intention of Aruss’ post either. It just read that way to me.

    Podunker – some good points in your post.

    Bottom line is that I do not want to see a cupcake added to the schedule either. Although it may well be a weak sister for next year due to other agreements already being in place for some of the upper echelon schools.

  14. For those that may be curious, ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ hit #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 the year prior to our last NCAA Championship(1986).

    Yes, it’s time for us to become stingy on where we play defending champions.

  15. While I agree with you (God that made me throw up a little) that a home & home against Kansas or Louisville or another top team in the country needs to be done, the reality is neither Kansas or Louisville appear to have a time slot that matches up with IU for the 2012-13 season.

    Since that is the situation, does Crean simply play nobody, or does he schedule a game for this year to fill the open slot while the AD at IU and the other schools hash out a contract for the 2013-14 season and beyond?

    Surely even your lack of rational can accept that?

  16. Who?, Podunker…I agree, move on and schedule a solid, interesting, traditional team to replace the non-traditional slot.

  17. Harvard, were you asking if Steve or I are around or are we the same person? Sorry, not the same person. I did take the evening off to enjoy grilling out with some friends. One or two adult beverages were in the mix.

    Anyone see the news release that IU has signed to play Ball State this November in Assembly Hall? ITH has a link to the release out of Muncie.

  18. I am probably way off, but I had this epiphany(?) the other night when I was sitting down with the wife and watching Survivor… Harvard = Tarzan

    Have we had any extended absences, like say a month, where we didn’t get any Harvard or Lord posts last fall?

    I don’t know why, but I just can’t get Tarzan’s face out of my head now when I’m reading a Harvard post.


  19. A touch of flamboyance…sincere…a hint of kindness coming through the eyes..proud to put his intelligence on full display…jewelry, but not excessive…Enjoys the theater…Closet Republican though at first glance you may think otherwise…I guess you could call him a casual dresser…Flexible hours….Possibly once worked as a consultant with a guy named Ned for WGN(Chicago). It’s gradually taking form..Yes, I think I have it.

    I give you Geoff.

    We all certainly have our preconceived notions.

  20. I haven’t posted in an eternity, and I apologize to the 1.5 people who just might have noticed or cared. The reason is that I find it painfully boring to talk about the minutiae of the UK rivalry or the high school basketball playoff system when baseball season is in full roar. 8 homers for Josh Hamilton this week, with two more days of games ahead. Crazy.

    Heck, even Pacer talk would be more exciting than Summer at the Scoop.

  21. Did you have a chance to visit with Chet when he was passing through?

    Hope all is well and the garden is in full swing.

  22. As a Rangers fan watching the game on Fox today I’m glad to report that’s 9 home runs for Hamilton.

    Harvard would you like to make one of your bold predictions and pick the Pacers over the Heat?

  23. Geoff, I know you’ve explained it before, but your sports allegiances are just nuts. Patriots, Hoosiers, Rangers, Seminoles….let me guess, you also support the San José Sharks, the Chicago Fire, and Bayern Leverkeusen…

  24. 4-year Rangers season ticket holder… 1992-95! And since 1990 I’ve probably attended 200 Rangers games including several at Fenway. I was at the 18-3 Rangers blowout a couple weeks back.

    They really aren’t all that strange. Was a ballboy for FSU and went to all their sports camps as a kid. Been a Pats fan for almost 3 decades because of my off-and-on Maine citizenship. Also a Celtics fan since Jordan retired from the Bulls. I never missed a Bulls game during the Jordan era. And spent my first 6 years in Bloomington, have 4 parents, and countless relatives that went to IU, 2 of my parents have taught at The Kelley School and are current bball and fball season ticket holders, and I go back to Indiana at least a couple times every year.

    In fact, I’ll be back for a week around Indy 500… Anyone up for a beer?

    I do have a lot of relatives around the San Jose area, but never followed their sports teams, and I don’t have any other allegiances.

  25. Harvard, haven’t made it as far east as Maine yet. I was going to drive straight there but preferred sunshine to location so that’s what I’ve been following. Loved Stowe so I bogged down there. Maybe Maine in a couple days. No itinerary other than I have to be in Ithaca next week.

    My dog make all my travel decisions (much to the dismay of my wife). He’s asleep right now but he’s got something up his paw, I’m sure.

  26. Geoff: Re the Rangers. About the time you had season tickets they were Spring training in my small town in Florida, Pt Charlotte. Sammy Sossa hit the first home run in the stadium. One of my staff members babysit for Nolan Ryan and we had the Physical Medicine contract with them.

    Holding down the front desk one morning, guy came in, gives his name and has business appointment with my Med Director. Patient comes up and ask if I knew who that guy was. No. He was (can’t remember name) a Cy Young winner. Than another one came in the next day. Impressed the patient.

    Attended the track (500) opening today. Had not been there since driving an ambulance there in 1972 or 73. Be back in Fl by the time of the race, but enjoy.

  27. Well- justified, Geoff. However I must that this line irked me:

    “Also a Celtics fan since Jordan retired from the Bulls.”

    Growing up I loathed all those non-Chicagoan fans who cheered for the Bulls because of Jordan, especially at the expense of their local/regional teams (These days, you see it with the bandwagon Barcelona fans who claim “I root for Messi, because he’s the best.”)

    How can you root for a team because of one player, then conveniently switch when that player leaves? Will you stop rooting for the Pats when Brady is done?

  28. I was 10 when Jordan became a star with the Bulls…

    I was a Pats fan before Brady.

    My allegiances are well-formed now that I’m an adult.

    Ron – I saw a couple games in Port Charlotte. My uncle founded and owned the Punta Gorda Tennis Club up until a couple years ago…

    My favorite memory was watching them play the Twins and being one of about 50 fans at the stadium. About 10 of us sat in a cluster down the 3rd baseline and one of the guys ended up being the radio broadcaster for the Twins for something like 40 years. He just sat there and told us story after story, and every player came over to say hi, which was pretty sweet. Got to chat with Big Papi before he was Big Papi…

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