1. A buy game at home? That usually means someone we’ll beat by 50 points, which does us no good at this point. Surely we can do better than that. I mean surely we can find someone.

    I’d like to smack that sissy Calipari upside the head while accidentally (really) spilling my Dragonfly on him.

  2. If so, then fans should boycott that game. I don’t care if the game is at home but it should be against a top 35 team.

  3. Dustin – do your job and find out who we are playing! I’m sure you’ve been hacking Glass’ voicemail for inside scoops.

  4. Is there any chance we are gonna play Kansas? That would be and awesome series!

  5. My great hope is for a home-and-home with Kansas starting in Lawrence this year. However, if IU fills the Kentucky hole with a patsy for this year, we should keep in mind that it does work out the same for the students. There never was a classic game scheduled for home this year.

    So long as the Kentucky replacement is a top opponent who plays in Bloomington next year, the schedule works out the same for the students.

    That said, now that IU is back, I do wish Crean/Glass would beef up the schedule. IU should have one more game against a top opponent annually and one more game against a non-bcs Indiana opponent annually (at least). IU’s schedule is a shadow of what it once was. Crean doesn’t have to fully imitate his mentor, but the current schedule is a bit too weak.

  6. Knight played 4 tough games pre-Big Ten. Crean plays 3. So if he doesn’t have to “fully imitate” your hero, what do you want him to do?

    Remember your hero had TWO Cupcake Classics in December?

  7. Frankly Coach Crean brought post season success this year with his schedule and can keep scheduling as he sees fit.

  8. Reading comprehension is your friend Laffy. Guest said “Crean doesn’t have to fully imitate his mentor” meaning Tom Izzo

  9. Well, several people were slobbering all over Bobby’s schedule, so my point still stands.

  10. I’m more intrigued with the thought of smacking Calipari in the cranium with pint glasses full of craft brewski than I am with who we’ll get to fill the horrific void left by UK’s departure from our schedule. This is indicative of where my primary disgust with college basketball is focused at the moment.

    Patrick, you are correct, however. So, in this imagined scenario of wide-ranging revenge on the Demon of the Bluegrass, I’ll take a PBR to his skull while preserving a Dragonfly for my sipping enjoyment.

  11. Newsflash Hoosier Nation:

    I just received, ironically enough from a UK fan friend, a report from the NYT that NCAA investigators met with the principal of the high school in Everett, MA that Nerlens Noel, crown jewel of UK’s recruiting class, attended for 2 years before transferring to some academy in New Hampshire, where he magically ‘reclassified’ this February from a junior to a senior, which allowed him to sign with UK this year.

    It could be the beginning of the downfall of Calipari!! Or it could be nothing, of course.

  12. IU lost the game against pUKe but don’t have a spot on the schedule for UofL? I’m going to assume that means they don’t have a spot that will coincide with Louisville’s schedule? Hopefully they get this scheduled for the 2013-2014 season and the future.

    There is a mosquito back on the boards…..where is my rolled up newspaper???

  13. Eric,

    Unless they prove acedemic fraud and can tie it to Cal, it will be nothing. Matt Carlino came to Bloomington South as a junior, he graduated after his junior year and enrolled at UCLA before transferring to BYU.

  14. Mike P,

    I know, I was really just trying to see how quickly 100+ anti-UK, anti-Calipari comments would spring up. I’m prett disappointed. I figured that, with Cal’s hatred level among IU fans approaching if not exceeding that of Cellvin Sampson, the reaction would be instantaneous and violent.

    My realistic hope would be that Noel would be declared ineligible and Cal would have an even better chance of getting beat by whatever cupcake they use to replace IU.

  15. Ha Ha Ha and the NCAA is investigating Nerlens Noel. That would be awesome if he is ineligible to play then pUKe wouldn’t have a center!

  16. There’s a reason Colonel Sanders moved from Henryville Indiana to Kentucky. There are more chickens down there.

  17. Here’s the issue regarding Kentucky. We question their integrity. The fact that they hired Calipari, a coach with a reputation for seeking ways to evade NCAA rules was one more piece of evidence that UK was seeking to get around regulations to field a competitive team.

    That may be.

    But the question has to center on the NCAA, its questionable willingness to enforce regulations among member institutions equally and its investigative staff.

    Calipari already qualified a more than academically marginal and intellectually challenged Derrick Rose to Memphis State, allegedly by having someone other than Rose take the qualifier test. Memphis State and Calipari denied any assistance even though in Chicago peopke could point at the individual who took the test for Rose.

    The NCAA, after an investigation led by its staffers XXXXXX…the usual “I hear nittin’, I see nuttin’, I speak nuttin’. The methodology, interviews and following a paper trail. If anything, that investigative staff has an unbelievable lack of respect for the naivete of the Chicago streets (irony).

    Come on! One week after Calipari makes a stand aimed at moving 50,000+ fans into semi-annual basketball games to a site five blocks from the NCAA’s headquarters in Indianapolis, NCAA investigators are not able to uncover evidence of a massive fraud where the travel ticket stubs alone are still available and traceable? Where the street agents are identified? Where the possible test locations are known in advance? Where grade transactions can be recovered from computers? Where the IRS may have access to known tax records? How far back do Derrick Rose’s income tax records go back? The usual seven years? We know the name of the street agents. We know the name of the coaches and staff of the New Hampshire schools. Surely, the NCAA investigative staff has worked with the IRS before.

    While the practices of the University of Kentucky are more than questionable, the real question here begs for a clamor to look into the workings of the NCAA (Naturally Corrupt Athletic Assistance).

    We must really appear to be country rubes to them.

  18. What I find strange is that Crean considers Calipari a “friend,” and often refers to him as “a good friend.”

    They seem, based on their behavior and according to Crean’s publicly expressed values and devotion to the rules, to be at opposite ends of the ethical spectrum. Given Crean’s expressed values, and given Calipari’s past behavior as a coach of corrupt programs, you’d think it would be difficult for Crean to maintain a ‘”good friendship” with Calipari.

    Crean can do better and should be careful not to get too close to the slime that Calipari is covered with.

  19. Hey TsaoTsuG it is Memphis he coached at not Memphis State. No such thing as Memphis State.

  20. ‘pUKe…’, you are right. They were Memphis State until 1994 when they became the University of Memphis. My exposure to the University of Memphis(then Memphis State University) ended in 1989-1990 and I rarely thought about them (except following Cali Pari’s activities and the fascinating circumstances of Derrick Rose’s qualifying journey) until recently. I understand that the transition from the U. of Memphis from Memphis State U. was about the fourth or fifth name change in its history. The University of Memphis does give it a ring of seriousness doesn’t it? Thanks, I appreciate the correction.

  21. Nothing strange about the friendship between Tom Crean and John Calipari. Chet’s right, one of Bob Knights favorite characters in the college basketball world was Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV. He particularly enjoyed the NCAA game when everyone expected a big confrontation of UNLV running style against IU defense and ball control game, and Knight beat them by running at them. He really enjoyed that.

    Memphis State (when they were known as Memphis State) had a team in the 1980’s that ended up with all kinds of scandals, a murder-suicide and some pretty grievous stuff like another player being sent to jail (he’s still there) and their coach being sent to federal prison for income tax evasion. But then, as Jerry Tarkanian once said if anyone ever catches up with alum Sam Gilbert UCLA would have to vacate five titles.

    So Calipari-The U. of Memphis like the UK-Calipari shacking up was a matter of ‘horny’ and ‘insatiable’ finding each other.

  22. Tsao, I have a good friend who played for UCLA back in their hey day. He has told me first hand and detailed accounts of how extensive UCLA basketball’s cheating was for years during the Wooden era. According to this man, UCLA basketball was probably the most corrupt college sports program in history. Money, cars, girls, grades, you name it, the UCLA boosters decided to do whatever it took to get and keep the players necessary to maintain their dynasty.

    He said Wooden simply turned a blind eye to it, did not want to know, and that there was an understanding amongst the players that they never discussed or admitted anything about their additional incentive or benefits to Wooden.

  23. Podunker…yeah, I actually understated the case, UCLA would have had to forfeit 8 NCAA titles from what the facts state. It somewhat amazes me so many people continue to give UCLA’s domination legendary status when it was nothing but the product of Sam Gilbert’s dealing and trading in human flesh as he built the Bruins. Tarkanian once said at-the-time that UCLA was the second highest paid pro-franchise, right after the NBA’s Lakers. He was right; and, 10 years later they repeated the adventure with Jim Herrick. Only then they got taken down.

    Equally so with the University of Michigan (where’s the kid with the funny hair, Kartje?). Their media celebrated Famously Flawed Fibbing Fab Five of the early 90s were actually a ‘cash corrupts corrupt people machine’ beginning with its star, Chris Webber.

    Webber was actually convicted of contempt for not giving testimony while under oath in a case against the man who bought him (his name was Martin, I believe) about the hundreds of thousands (minimum $200,000 estimate according to Martin’s attorney) he received as a student athlete for the Missing Moral Meddle Michigan Maize and Blue. As a group, they were underpaid to boot.

    Calipari and UMass were paying their star, Marcus Camby, $40,000. And, who knows what Derrick Rose and mates made at Memphis State. Sounds like Camby, Rose and the U. of Kentucky’s Davis, Teague and their buddies are underpaid.

    As I used to drive from Indianapolis to Bloomington on IN 6y, the father of a former IU player (Tom Warriner was the player, Earl his father) who was a neighbor of Wooden as a kid telling me of young Wooden loving to ice-skate on a huge pond not too far from Indy Airport. He found a way to leave the farm I guess.

    Non-traditional my rear end! Crooks!

    I am so thankful Kevin Sampson was stopped- ironically by an intern in the Athletic Department- before involving us even further in this corruption. It allowed us to proudly keep saying, ‘We’re Indiana”.

  24. If you can’t dazzle them with footwork, baffle them with bullshit. You are a master TTG. What does ice skating have to with anything?

  25. With apologies to Pablo Neruda, ‘I Confess That I Have Lived.’ Always enjoyed imagining a small, country boy who grew up to be John Wooden skating on that pond. It was still country then, with the exception of two Jim Walters model homes. Such is life.

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