Stanford Robinson commits to Indiana

Stanford Robinson, a left-handed guard from Paul VI in Fairfax, Va., has committed to Indiana for the Class of 2013. He becomes the fourth member of the class. More on this later.

UPDATE: The story for tomorrow’s paper.

Newly hired assistant coach Kenny Johnson is apparently already helping Indiana build a pipeline to a Washington, D.C. area.

Stanford Robinson, a 6-foot-4, 185-pound left-handed shooting guard in the class of 2013, committed to the Hoosiers on Wednesday night. The No. 88 player in the class according to told recruiting websites earlier in the day that he had narrowed his list of schools to four in Indiana, Maryland, Texas and Villanova, then apparently made up his mind quickly. Robinson had taken an unofficial visit to Indiana on Monday.

Robinson plays at Paul VI in Fairfax, Va., which is where the newly hired Johnson coached as an assistant from 2007-2011 before spending a year at Towson.

Robinson confirmed his commitment via text message but was not available for further comment late Wednesday night. His coach at Paul VI, Glen Farello, said Robinson was mostly certain after his visit that he would commit to Indiana.

“He felt very strong about the opportunity he had to play for coach (Tom) Crean,” Farello said. “There was a lot of comfort level there with him and his staff and everything about Indiana basketball. There’s a lot to like obviously, and Stan just felt very comfortable. We’re excited for him. It might appear to have happened quick, but this has really been a process that has been going on for about a year with coach having the opportunity to see him and in addition, one of my former assistants joining his staff, that was extra benefit of the trust factor for the family.”

Farello said he cautioned Robinson not to commit to Indiana simply because Johnson was there, even though the two had known each other for some time. Johnson had actually recruited Robinson to play at Paul VI (recruiting to parochial schools is legal in the Washington D.C. area) and the two had been close since eighth grade.

“Between Kenny and Stan, there’s a bond there,” Farello said. “The important thing that I stressed to Stan and his family is that, it’s nice that Kenny’s there, but you’ve gotta feel comfortable with Coach Crean and the players and the environment and the distance and all of those factors. It’s an added benefit to have that relationship there. … But he was so thorougly impressed by Coach Crean and the entire set up that is IU basketball.”

Farello said Robinson was the “heart and soul” of a Paul VI team that went 35-3 this season and was rated the No. 12 team in the country at season’s end on ESPN’s Powerade Fab 50. Robinson was the team’s leading scorer with 14 points a game and also averaged six rebounds, four assists and three steals per game.

“He’s a playmaker, he’s not just a scorer,” Farello said. “He can create his own but he can also create for others. He shares the game. He’s emotional, kind of a blue collar, hard hat-wearing type kid. He has the skill set. He’s one of the best rebounding guards I’ve ever had. He’s an energy guy. He can defend. Last year Larry Brown had a workout that he was at. There was a pickup game at one of those, and Larry just commented about he was impressed by (Robinson’s) on-the-ball defense. That’s quite a compliment when he’s out there with a bunch of college kids.”

Robinson’s next step, Farello said, is to become a better shooter, especially from beyond the arc.

“The biggest thing he has done is improve his catch-and-shoot ability,” Farello said. “You can see it with his range. He shot the ball well from 3-point range this year. He was at about 34 percent. That’s OK from 3-point range, we just want to see that increase. We want to get those numbers up and see if he can’t be more of a sniper. He has a great first step, and he has a great mid-range game.”

Robinson becomes the fourth member of Indiana’s Class of 2013. He joins Warren Central forward Devin Davis, Cathedral swingman Collin Hartman and Germantown (Wis.) center Luke Fischer. The Hoosiers are still targeting BeeJay Anya a center from DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Md. Anya is a teammate of Robinson’s on Team Takeover, the Washington, D.C.-based summer travel team that Johnson once coached and that also counts Indiana guards Maurice Creek and Victor Oladipo as alums.

Robinson’s commitment makes for yet another interesting scholarship situation for the Hoosiers. Indiana currently has 15 players set to be on scholarship for the 2013-14 season, two over the NCAA limit. Of course, that presumes that coveted prospect Cody Zeller will stay until his junior year and not enter the NBA draft. It also presumes that guard Maurice Creek, who missed all of last season with a torn Achilles tendon and about half of each of the previous two seasons with fractured knees, will come back healthy and opt to stay for a fifth year.


  1. I like the kids they are getting. Kids who will be in the systems for more than 2 years. This is a solid class and if Beejay decides to join them it will be a fantastic class.

  2. Where are all these magic schollys going to be available? Some young kids are going to be cast off- not good for our image or their self esteem. How about 2014–are Blueitt and Lyle off the radar? Is Blackmon going to be happy? Are Creek,Etherington, and Abell on the bubble? What happens to Patterson? Stay tuned.

  3. I doubt Hanner leaves after one year since he will be so raw.

    Yes, the NBA drafts on potential, but by staying another year, he could move up much higher

  4. “Johnson had actually recruited Robinson to play at Paul VI (recruiting to parochial schools is legal in the Washington D.C. area)”

    Where is Parochial school recruiting of players illegal? It is fine to recruit in every major city I know of…

  5. Come on Dustin. We all realize that no one in authority ever measures a HS kid or gets his real weight. But how can you say “6’3/180” AND “6’4/185” in the SAME article? If you are going to just make it up then say “6’3.5/182.5”. Many will assume that you really do know something-but you and I will know differently!

  6. Dustin steal your lunch money? Looks like an editing issue to me.

    Calling Dustin a know nothing is pretty ridiculous. If anything he’s a grinder.

  7. Stan the Man. I like what this kid brings to the table from everything I’ve heard and seen. Sounds like the total package to me, just needs to continue to add weight and strength this coming year as well as the shot. Love the fact that he’s a nice defender on the perimeter. He fits with the strategy now…..length, speed, athletic.

  8. Ouch. My bad Beat Purdue. That’s really weak on my part. One was the measurements I got from the coaches, the other was the numbers on the Rivals site. Thanks for pointing that out.

  9. Geoff, how do they enforce that? Are they all under the same governing body. In NC the public schools fall under one organization and the private another. A few private schools choose to play under the public schools authority as a private schools’ championship is sort of snickered at. We have a local private school that just won a state championship in football that would be hard put to keep my kids’ former (4A) high school from scoring on every play.

    Then again, we have Christ School and Oak Hill comes to town, as well.

    So, how do they enforce that?

  10. The Maine Principals Assoc oversees all the schools, and there aren’t enough parochials to have a private school league. Cheverus HS is a Jesuit school and plays in the highest class in all sports (Class A) and have dominated in almost all sports. They have had multiple state championships in just about every sport over the last 5 years – soccer, football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse – you name it. They aren’t allowed to “recruit” for sports, but because they have such a reputation for success and a great network with Jesuit colleges they attract a lot of the top athletes around. They also send more kids out on college scholarships than any other school. They are definitely scrutinized by the MPA and constantly are being accused by rival schools parents and communities of recruiting, but they have never been found “guilty”…

    The one easy way around that is for the kids themselves to recruit their friends. About 25% of the states population is within 15 miles of Portland, where Cheverus is. So almost all of the kids know each other, certainly all the successful athletes, whether it’s from playing on club teams, AAU, Babe Ruth league, etc. So they just recruit each other a lot of the time.

    There are other private and parochial schools, but they aren’t as high profile, nor as successful in athletics in their respective classes (B, C, D). All of these schools obviously recruit in a general sense, but they aren’t allowed to recruit specific individuals.

    I don’t know specifically how the MPA enforces this, but I do know they can, and have, investigated accusations, and have the power to strip wins, titles, or future tournament eligibility similar to the NCAA.

  11. Some people certainly have your opinion, but if they aren’t breaking the rules what can you do? I know the coaching staff there (basketball) very well, and they are men of extremely high character in my opinion. My former college coach has been a volunteer assistant there since his son was a sophomore (8 yrs), and just took over as head coach this summer. He is a mentor and father figure to me and I hold him in as high esteem as anyone I’ve ever met. I know with great conviction that he will not break any rule, nor put up with any rule being broken, in an attempt to run a winning program.

    The man he took over for, Bob Brown, was the head coach at BU, and took my college to the Final Four just before I got there. His son, Brett, is the head coach of the Australian National Team and is a current assistant coach for the Spurs.

    So it is a combination of great coaching and talent. Success has attracted more talent, and it’s just been a self-fulfilling situation.

    They don’t win every sport every season of every year, so it isn’t completely “unfair”, but they have been as successful as any athletic department in the state for at least the last decade.

  12. The hundreds of strong public schools(one large high school in small towns, 2-3 high schools in mid-sized towns, 4-6 in smaller cities) that used to be a part of an Indiana Basketball landscape the one class basketball tournament was the lifeblood that fueled the strong passion in hoops..Small towns in mostly rural areas would develop heated rivalries…The mid-size cities would have their own crosstown battles(e.g. South Bend Adams vs. South Bend Washington, Gary Mann vs. Gary Roosevelt, Michigan City Rogers vs. Michigan City Elston)..

    So much of the spirit a section of a city or the communal pride a small town flourished upon the bond to their sports. Our cost savings mentality, our blind greed for profit to be put ahead of character and individuality, stole the wonderful differences and personality out of the economics and lifestyle this state.

    At some point we all decided it wasn’t worth the effort..Walmarts were built and tucked on the outskirts and in between small towns only distanced by 7-10 miles..The mega shopping giant immediately sucked the life out the ‘mom & pop’ retail shops every Main Street that once flourished hand-in-hand alongside the pride a high school named after the town. More cost savings came in the way of school consolidation and the holes left in the hearts our passion for local pride died with the dusty reality our dying towns..What did the name your team represent without the shoulders the town behind it?

    The final blow came when the IHSAA(with little choice all the pockets of depressed communities our newly built homogeneous land of Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Super-Target suburbanization where towns abandoned in favor of strip malls anchored by nationally dominant retail chains could sell anything from swing-sets to a carton of eggs)decided it wasn’t worthy the effort to keep a one class system so identifiable the legendary stories, the heroes of hoops, that once grew out of many the dying towns and mid-sized cities.

    The pride was gone and the gyms were as bland and uninspiring the blacktopping of 10 acres of parkland just outside the town cemetery for the new Walmart that was sucking every car out of every driveway of every neighborhood. Towns were nailed-shut coffins and no longer beehives of bustling activity. Corporate greed built those coffins and they fed Americans the bait a saving a dime. Economics won out. Consolidation won out. We turned our back on suffering cities and kids that couldn’t escape the death of their towns and hardened neighborhoods. We killed the vitality that fueled the bond to our neighborhoods and our school names.

    The rich families can still send their kids to the best parochial schools; the rest not fallen in the cracks the dead streets of cities and vacuumed up towns our horded into the aisles of mega schools built alongside the mega church..just a stone’s throw from the mega Walmart.

    We pluralized and saved an almighty dollar. Now, in the brightly lit new high school gyms, serving the populous in miles and convenience instead of diversity our communities, the distinctions of old town pride is never heard in the death an empty diluted holler.

  13. oops.

    …the rest, not fallen in the cracks the dead streets of cities and vacuumed up towns, are horded into the aisles of mega schools built alongside the mega church..just a stone’s throw from the mega Walmart.

  14. I’m not saying they are doing anything wrong but that kind of dominance isn’t good for sport. Charlotte Independence used to have a dominating football program (Chris & CJ Leak, among other players). We took great pride when they came to the mountains and our team without a D1 player handed them their butts (well, not really, but we won).

    There really isn’t anything like that down here unless you count the private school leagues where a school like Christ School wins their 12 team statewide league every year for a state title that barely generates a mention in the paper.

  15. Harvard…anyone who shares your view would and should applaud your conservatism. Yours is certainly an argument that makes it clear that what progressives really share is a mental disease.

  16. In memory of my high school’s Goldsborough Gym and the diverse flavor of Indiana high school hoops that died alongside the individuality and rivalries our cities and towns put to rest the quest corporate America to strangle your paycheck, strip your uniqueness, and sell it back to you in the savings a dime all under one roof your bland life.

  17. Tsao-

    I’m not in favor of a pigeonholed descriptive my many conflicting ideas..I won’t get into a long dissertation as to why, but I think my views are rooted in sociological perspectives and the destructive influences of ‘big business’ homogenizing systems(education, free markets, competition, community) and destroying individuality….I see my beliefs as the furthest thing from “conservatism” and “expansionism” in the political realm the usage of the word.

  18. Thanks HH. Does bring back the old days. Martinsville was usually the site for the sectionals and off-on the reginals. Back in the 50’s & 60’s. Was an exciting long weekend with 6-8 different teams in town. If I remember right the old Martinsville gym had more seats than the population of the county. Even so, often the games were sold out or you needed to be a couple of hours early.

  19. TTG, interesting how you took that. I came away the complete opposite point of view. Apparently, so did Harvard and he wrote it.

    Attributing corporate greed to progressives? That’s a reach.

  20. For a few years the Jeffersonville Sectional only had four teams. During my high school days the Jeff Sectional winner made it to the Final Four every year. We had a Mr. Basketball in there during that time, as well.

  21. Harvard and Chet….I’m very aware that there would be reasons to be puzzled by my comment. You’ll be more puzzled by my response; I think HH’s beautiful remembrance and the nostalgia along with the longing for the conserving of that America; as well as your idea about the role of the giant corporations are perfectly in balance with each other; and with my vision based on conserving what is beautiful in America history and society.

    At one time we were created as a reflection of those values. We can not survive without a renewal based on those values that conserve us as a People and push us along to their renewal.

    I hope you both understand that- at least in my language- being a ‘conservative’ (small letters) does no necessarily imply being Tea Party backer or a modern day version of 1930’s fascists.

    To the contrary…it parallels the memories of the old, community based schools; demanding teachers who were the source of a classic education that promoted equality and equity (a word we hardly ever consider since we began to leave that function to government) and responsibility; respected and promoted knowledge, celebrated culture and expression; promoted both science and art, opened our curiosity into our social diversity while promoting the respect of differences while integrating us into one society that functioned best whole when individuality and the differences were indeed promoted and responsibility allowed us to achieve it.

    I think Harvard speaks of that America and that Indiana. That’s the one I remember from entering the tiny gyms of places like Spring Valley and Modena or, just as well, Crispus Attucks, the legendary urban school in the Indianapolis ghetto that gave us a Ray Crowe and the Big ‘O’, Oscar Robertson; or French Lick, the small town that gave birth to Larry Bird, while it also employed him to work as a garbage truck hand when he first left IU. Or the coal mines town gyms of places like Brazil in western Indiana, or the ‘palaces’ in industrial towns like Anderson and Kokomo; and smog covered hell holes like Gary and East Chicago where teams were the blenders of names like Gutierrez or Rabinowitz or Milovc or Biandamo.

    Maybe, as you suggest, the seeds of its collapse was in runaway capitalism and greed. But it is just as likely that we destroyed that America as we demanded more services, more benefits, more luxury, more awards; demanded more, bigger, better and empowered ourselves with institutions that first served us and, as we sought even more, ruled us.

    Pretty soon we weren’t satisfied in 1500 seat gyms, 7000 seat halls, or a 17,000 seat State Final venue like Butler Fieldhouse.

    And, to do so, we replaced individualism with rational ‘economies of scale’; where demand-side met supply side and together they gave birth to rationality and its models. The yearly caravan to Butler Fieldhouse was just not enough anymore.

    More added up to just one.

  22. TTG, yes, it is interesting the twists and turns the word conservative has taken over the past few decades.

    It was Richard Nixon that ushered through a Clean Water and Clean Air Act that, a couple administrations later, would be the bane of budding neo conservatives’s existence.

    So much of what used to be called ‘conservative values’ has been twisted beyond recognition.

    Now Richard Lugar, truly the last conservative statesman, has been shown the door.

    IMHO, the word doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s just a stamp they put on whatever they want next.

  23. Chet- that’s exactly my point. Words are bent and chiseled into whatever agenda someone is pushing (depending the particular time and issue they are pushing it).

    Conservatives, conservatives, neo-conservatives, liberals, Liberals,liberal (as in democracy), progressives, Democrats, Democratic, democratic, Lincoln Republicans, Palin’s Republicans, the republicans during the Spanish Civil war (anti-Franco falangists), Republican Guard, The Republic, republic, Romney Republicans.

    (BTW, Lugar, under any definition a great man; what in the h___l were Indiana Republicans thinking?)

    As Charles De Gaulle said: “The more I meet people, the more I like my dog.”

    Good reason to stay with Hoosier sports here

  24. Was starting to wonder what took Clarion so long for that one.
    Here’s a question (sincerely a question, not an insinuation of any kind in any direction political or otherwise) for you above posters who are older and wiser than me. Isn’t it simply impossible to stop expansion? I mean, we might act like it is, but it’s not like expansionism is solely an American idea. What empire in history that ever reached something approaching hegemony did not look to push outward and create bigger cities and overall more civilization, therefore shrinking the amount of open spaces?
    Regardless of whether we want it to or not or whether we reach a point that we think is perfect in which everything is imbalance, isn’t it really impossible to freeze that? Harvard obviously ties the loss of class basketball into a grander trend of growth and destruction of a simpler time, but was there really any avoiding that destruction? Was that sort of small-town life not bound to change as the world got bigger and therefore more connected.
    I don’t ask this question to strike a divide between the political connotations of progressivism and conservativism, but is progress — in the most simple sense of population and technological expansion — not inexorable? Can you possibly stop it without a mechanism that would be classified as blatant oppression? I certainly don’t bring up this argument in regards to class basketball at Indiana, because I recognize that was an argument that can only be truly understood by people who were having that discussion long before I set foot in this state. I have as much credibility in this discussion as I would when discussing the Greek economy. But isn’t it simply impossible to keep things the way they are or take them back to the way they were?

  25. Dustin, yeah, there has to be a limit but I’m afraid we will go far beyond it before we stop (which, as you possibly inferred, has been the downfall of pretty much every great civilization.

    TTG, it’s absurd that Hoosier Republicans turned out a man like Richard Lugar and speaks to the shallowness of their beliefs. But the upside (IMHO) was that Lugar was unbeatable in a general election because many Dems voted for him. The clown that won the primary is very beatable if people pay attention.

    One of the many things I long about Asheville is this is where big chains come to die. If you are a Mom and Pop store or restaurant this is a great place to be. If you are a trendy chain expect to go under. A Hooters in a prime location lasted six months. The local guy that took over the spot is doing great. Because of the support for small business we have among the lowest unemployment in the Southeast.

    A few years ago WalMart wanted to take over a toxic waste site that had sat abandoned for over a decade. It was pretty much the only way they were getting a foot in the door. They eventually got in but they received so much push back that they also built a series of mini parks and greenways along the adjacent river as part of the compromise.

    Plus, the toxic waste site ((a paper bleachery) got cleaned up.

    Personally, I’ve never darkened their doors, and never will, but at least we got something in return.

  26. I’m not longing for old-fashioned simpler days forever gone..When I have the time I will explain in more detail.
    Technology and modernization need not move in the direction of conglomeration and dilution of America. We have not necessarily expanded in our desires to discern the differences between quality and garbage(be it in services or in products)simply because of the natural progression(or what many believe to be a natural progression) in economies of scale.

    In many respects, we have regressed in our level of sophistication(as Tsao eloquently pointed out with his examples the unique learning experiences offered the smaller and diverse valued interactions of teachers and students within the ease and cost-savings a consolidated approach)and a desire to embrace differences. Technology should allow the reversal of such approaches(and in 5O years small towns may be reborn within the framework of specialization and the ability to once again find segmented economies and hometown pride).

    Larger is the far “simpler” choice a lazy society with little concern the effort to retain the ‘endangered species’ our individuality and our innovativeness. I take offense to being pegged as wanting something simpler. I desire quality and individuality a chance to shine; a far more complicated choice in this land of Walmart, monopolization, and sameness.

  27. oops.

    …as Tsao eloquently pointed out with his examples the unique learning experiences offered the smaller and diverse valued interactions of teachers and students lost within the ease and cost-savings a consolidated approach.

  28. I am damn proud to be one of the absurd Hoosiers who cast a vote for Lugar’s forced retirement. It truly was a Heineken evening. Besides being 87 at the end of his reached for next term he has been a stranger to Hoosiers except at campaign time. He is like many carer politicians, effective for a period of time then they become DC’d.

  29. HC…I do not, for an instant, think your vote is absurd. I’m sure you voted your reasons and they are every bit as valid (for you) as I would have considered mine (in his support)…had I lived in Indiana.

    But, I do know that every time I heard Lugar speak, with every initiative he supported I was proud of my roots in Indiana and my continued connection and respect for its people. I hope whoever follows him in the Senate does as honor worthy a job of representing the values of the people of the State of Indiana.

    Having said that, I do know there were valid questions about his residency and his long absences from the state. Nevertheless, I valued his civility and most important, his vision of politics as a subset of America along with his recognition that all government owes its citizens and not the other way around.

  30. Chet, I too was puzzled by Lugar’s loss and considered it a big loss for the U.S. While trying to figure it out, I did find an issue of residency (Lugar was known for spending very little time in the state, except during campaigns) that probably hurt him badly in the Republican primary.

    A big loss for Indiana.

  31. Decided to take look at Tom Crean’s Twitter page tonight….Haven’t visited it in quite a while.

    He’s has changed the background design and the page has taken on a much more official “Indiana Basketball” feel to it. Interesting how he has decided to give his personal Twitter page so heavily doused in Jesus, Christianity, and quotes from Joyce Meyer and Jack Graham an appearance something that has been officially sanctioned by Indiana University.

    What’s next..? A new look for “Martha the Mop Lady?”…Maybe a necklace popping out her blouse with a big gold cross dangling from her neck?

  32. Larry, if you’re a Hoosier fan only 3+ months to football and soccer practice, and four months until their actual seasons begin. ‘Till then, you can follow baseball which has won 9 out of its last 11 and put itself in a position to win the Big Ten. Lots to be excited about. Go Hoosiers!

  33. Honestly, I know virtually nothing of the residency issues. That seems a reasonable excuse to have issues with him if there were a viable alternative. I find his opponent to be a typical Tea Party clown. I have no vote, so it matters not.

    That being said, for a long, long time he was the voice of reason in the Republican party. The man who would shepherd the handful of right side votes for such obvious good ideas as nuclear arms reduction (there really has to be a debate on that?).

    Let’s be honest, I’d never have voted for Richard Lugar as he is VERY conservative and that is bad for our country. However, he is just about the last man in the Republican party that is actually worthy of respect. Unlike the new breed he actually cared more about his country than about his wallet.

    I predict that Hoosiers will be lamenting the loss of his service very soon regardless of who replaces him.

  34. “Typical Tea Party clown”? Chet for someone who has no vote you certainly throw around much blarney. How about if I generalized(blarney shoveling)and stated all Liberals are from the John Edwards North Carolina School of Ethical Politics? The Tea Party is strong, focused and results oriented. I had a vote and I exercised it. Residency was only one of RL’s problems. He forgot where Indiana is located and lost Hoosiers confidence. Hence he lost in the primary to our 2 term State Treasurer by 21%. He lost, he was not flimflammed, cheated nor was it stolen like what takes place in our neighboring state of Illinois. Study up on Richard Mourdock and you will find he has many varied and accomplished career paths and personal interests, with a couple of them shared with you. He is mundane much like Lugar. Yes we conservative Hoosiers will miss Lugar but most likely the one who knew us and served us 12 to 20 years ago. I am pleased your vacation was adventurous, safe and lobster filled(envy).


  35. John Edwards is getting what he deserves. I wish all the creeps did. The list is diverse. It speaks well of North Carolina that he is on trial

    I am surprised the Tea Party has as much influence as they do in Indiana. Most of the country has tired of their shtick and moved on.

  36. Not so, Chet, not so. The Tea Party is as strong as ever and more focused. It is grassroots. Being mentioned in Politico is not a goal. The national media has tried to pull their teeth by not headlining them as they had just 2 years ago and that is what your remarks are a reflection of. That tact will not work. Bob Kerry is in trouble in Nebraska and the Republican establishments man got beat in the primary. More will be in Congress come January. Small sound steps. The umbrella for all fiscal sanity is to not be like the example, (red not gold)California(or Europe).

  37. I remember my first coaching job in a small school of 150 where we got up early to hear the pairings from the IHSAA and our goal was to win the sectional, we knew we couldn’t win the state but our goal was to win that sectional. Gyms were sold out no tickets could be had after the drawing. We won the sectional in 1962 and they burned up every stick of wood in that town and partied until the wee hours of the morning.. we lost in the regional but our season was a success. I went on to coach in the largest schools in the state and knew we had an advantage over the smaller schools,but had some great battles with them. Today the state tourney is over at sectional time because we throw the strong teams all into one sectional. I never felt like I was inferior simply because of the size of the school,but the fools in the IHSAA saw otherwise. I don’t attend high school games anymore

  38. I remember going to the regionals when I was in the 8th grade. We had the Flynn brothers (Steve played for Tennessee, Mike won Mr. Basketball and went on to play for Kentucky, once being on the cover of Sports Illustrated) and other talented players. We were playing Miltown, a school no one had every heard of.

    Miltown won.

    Conspiracy theories were everywhere. Had they been drugged? Paid off? (Jeffersonville has always had a huge gambling industry dating back to casinos frequented by Chicago mobsters) What could possibly have happened?

    I’m pretty certain Miltown simply won.

    For years (maybe still) whenever Jeffersonville faced a huge underdog there would always be a ‘Remember Miltown’ sign somewhere.

  39. HC, while I have no question that there are segments of the TP that could fall under the term ‘grass roots’ the fact of the matter is the Tea Party was started by Dick Armey and a handful of billionaires, heavily funded at it’s onset, and had the unflagging backing of a television network.

    I think the term commonly used is ‘astroturf’ (i.e. fake grassroots).

    I have no problems with the support in towns and burgs and the underlying philosophy.

    I just think you are being duped by a handful of very rich people (and their pet network) who are giving marching orders to honest, hard working folk. They have convinced these people to vote against their own best interests (How is opposing a 1/10 of one percent surtax on income ABOVE a million dollars a year, which still wouldn’t make it even CLOSE to the rates under Reagan, in order to undo some of the damage of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy in the best interest of you or anyone you know?). Or, eliminating Social Security (another favorite).

    As far as my “Tea Party clown’ comment, do a Google search of something like ‘nutty Tea Party candidates’ and look at the freak show that pops up.

    I admire your conviction. I don’t think you are a fool or you don’t understand the issues or anything like that. I just think you are a victim of a heavily financed marketing campaign that understands the core beliefs of someone like yourself and has an excellent understanding of motivational psychology. I would bet that almost all your information sources reinforce their marketing campaign. As Deep Throat once advised, ‘follow the money’.

    While the Tea Party is unquestionably the tail that is currently wagging the Republican dog, their popularity, even within their own party, is very low and dropping (again, Google it). People like yourself are beginning to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Their demise will come from within. It won’t be anyone on their enemies list. Honest conservatives will push them aside.

  40. Chet, I am extremely discriminating and in so being I am difficult or impossible to sell to. I’ve emphasis that since you will not discover it in a Google search. In other words John Edwards and BO never fooled me for a second although I admit Evan Bayh’s 1st Gubernatorial run did. By the way more taxes no matter who they come from to grow government so as to grow the give me society has you duped into believing it is not a tool created to garner more votes for liberals. Taxes go through the Washington filter for votes 1st. No thanks I don’t buy the masquerade nor your spin. I believe in totally citizen civil servants, term limits, every month 22 days at home with only 8-9 days in DC. While in DC they live in dorms not luxury and swank. Cancel the AAA international travel credit cards. Just to name a couple but the list is almost non-ending.

  41. I’m with you on most of that stuff. Although it sounds good on paper, term limits would just centralize power in the hands of the wealthy (even more).

  42. I was driving on Kirkwood Ave. on Saturday night around 9:15 p.m. (looking for a parking spot before going to Trojan Horse) and had a brush with greatness. I saw Dustin wondering the streets by himself in a rather lost and lonely state…I was going to say hello but thought it would be strange to shout out at him from my car window.

    Trojan Horse was delicious as usual. Sure hope Dustin found his date for the night.

  43. Yea, spin, really, as in me being duped. It just does not happen. But clearly somebody is being duped into believing the US can borrow $50k a second to increase giveaways for votes and stay viable. Not me.

  44. Really tired of the fake outrage from Righties about how much they “hate” the debt.

    When their hero Georgie was exploding the debt, they didn’t say a WORD about it.

    He had a trillion dollar Pill Plan that was unpaid for…..ZERO complaints.

    He had two trillion dollar wars unpaid for…..ZERO complaints.

    He had massive tax cuts that exploded the debt….ZERO complaints.

    Take your super partisanship and/or racism and stuff it.

  45. I won’t get into the racism, etc., but the part about never saying boo through two wars, unpaid for Medicare D, and unbelievably idiotic tax cuts for the wealthy can’t be denied.

    Well, I suppose anything can be denied but not credibly.

    But NOW (with a different guy in the White House) every penny is suddenly sacred.

    Give me a break.

  46. If Righties were serious about “not passing debt onto our grandkids”, they would DEMAND a special tax NOW to pay for the wars and say, “Every generation before us sacrificed during war time….except us. It is a DISGRACE that we haven’t paid for the wars. We are having a special tax NOW to pay for the wars and if you WHINE about it, you can leave the country.”

    I’d vote for that candidate in a HEARTBEAT.

    It makes me SICK how Righties CRY what a “horrible leader” Obama is when Bush was 1,000 times worse and they DEFENDED the guy.

  47. Refute anything I said, Goober.

    You can’t.

    Bush was THE worst “leader” this country EVER saw.

    He LIED to get us into war….probably the WORST thing a Prez could EVER do.

    He completely mismanaged TWO wars.

    He called for ZERO sacrifice during the wars and, in fact, for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY actually CUT TAXES during war time.

    And on and on and on and on and on.

    And Righties defended him like their eternal souls depended on it.

    While Obama is FAR from perfect, he’s LIGHT YEARS better than Georgie.

    Anyone that says Obama is “worse” is either a FLAMING racist or the biggest dumba$$ walking the face of the earth.

  48. Oh……and if Obama is “worse” than your hero Georgie, why won;t Mitt have him out on the campaign trail for/with him?

    Romney wants the country to completely forget Georgie because he was a DISASTER and Romney is basically the SAME as he is: war monger and tax cuts for the rich.

    No one in the history of politics has flip-flopped more than Romney.

  49. Typical Righty.

    Can’t refute any facts and just cries “BS” and thinks that means something.


    I bet you have a poster of Palin above your bed seeing you’re as dumb as she is.

    Oh, and there is more from that wacko preacher:

    “Worley declares, “Forty years ago [LGBT people] would’ve hung, bless God, from a white oak tree!”

    Yup, no hatred at all from the Thumpers.


  50. HC, that doesn’t really play as well as you have led yourself to believe.

    It’s kinda like sticking your tongue out.

  51. Well, his hillbilly buddies are impressed, even though the rest of us know he’s just waving the white flag over and over.

  52. I was always so offended by how W never acknowledged the military deaths and never let the returning flag draped coffins be honored at Andrews AFB. Those people were friends of mine. They deserved so much more.

  53. 1) See, I told you the hillbillies would be impressed by it.

    2) The most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life… far……is Georgie making fun of the fact we didn’t find WMD while our soldiers were dying looking for them….and his fat cat buddies laughing their butts off.

    Of course, no outrage at all from the Righty sheep.

    Can you imagine if Obama did something like that?


    The Redneck Racists would burn down the White House in protest.

  54. Well, bootlicker, I know you’re too much of a coward to answer this, and will just cry “BS” because you’re too dumb to actually give an answer to anything, but I’ll ask it anyway:

    What has Obama done that is more “disgusting” than Bush laughing about not finding WMD while our soldiers are getting killed after SWEARING those weapons were there?

  55. So many battles are drawn in the political sand, but it’s really corporate greed that has kept most Americans on the ever-increasing losing side of economic disparity.

    My child is home for the summer from college. Found a job at a national retail store specializing in items for the home…They offered $9.00/hr. as a starting wage. Even after grants and some assistance offered from the university my kid is attending, the remaining costs are over $27,000 per year(this doesn’t included books, additional living expenses, etc). For the top 5% that found fortunes pathway in the boardrooms of Wall Street and Ivy League educations, the pay scales have astronomically exceeded the rate of the dwindling value a dollar to buy much of anything. For the 99% the rest the population it a bag of potato chips costing 1/2 an hours rate of pay…For many Americans a full day of work barely earns enough to fill a gas tank. We are more than ever a country of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ where the average hard-working family has been behind the 8-ball since the 1970s runaway inflation and fuel crisis..
    Greed has put this country under. There’s plenty of blame to go around for all. I’ve never seen a president in my lifetime that came close to giving me a sense they identified with the economic hopelessness the majority of Americans have been facing.

    I voted for Obama and will likely vote for him again. In all honesty, I don’t see it making one damn bit of difference who is in office. Soon as they hit Washington they are swallowed up into a different society of privilege and systems built for cronyism. All the speeches soon sound hallow and words like “change” fall onto another dusty shelf of all the promises every promise made our leaders. Decades and faces blend together and the only mountain top of change is one built on betrayal.

    Does the fault solely belong on the shoulders our political leaders? They are puppets the cold frozen deeds of the past that have taken our great country down a road of inequalities that favor so very few. I am convinced there is no political answer and when I pull the lever in a voting booth I primarily vote with my heart the man I believe is closest to having the tiniest ounce of empathy the strife faced by Americans funding their futures on borrowed money and borrowed time. My vote is an uneducated pull of a lever and is often on impulse the candidate I view as having something resembling a soul and a conscience.

    Before are kid even entered college, we were basically living paycheck to paycheck. Hard work and honest effort have led us into nothing but debt. We have fallen into traps and lived like many beyond what we can really afford. We wanted only a taste the prosperity so often flaunted in our face and buried ourselves in mortgage and credit card debt.

    My father recently predicted that some years after he is put in the ground that I’ll likely be living under a bridge….He’s always had a positive outlook. I think his prediction is far more likely than Jordy Hulls playing in the NBA.

    Please don’t interpret this as complaining. I love my child, my wife, and my country. I’m just tired of the years. I’m tired of trying and tired of a playing a game that makes me feel like a mouse in a marathon with no cheese at the end of the line. And education shouldn’t cost as much as a home. A starting hourly wage for a bright young person attempting to be part of a productive society should by more than 2 bags of potato chips.

  56. Before our kid even entered college…


  57. I’m with Laffy…How on earth could anyone vote for Romney? The man looks more plastic than the Jesus bobble-head mounted to the dashboard Tom Crean’s Suburban. The only thing that put calluses on Romney’s hands was the years counting stacks of Franklins flowing out his Cole Haan wallet.

  58. While I do think corporate greed is beyond horrible, no one put a gun to people’s heads and made them use their homes as ATM’s when their “value” shot up during the boom.

    The greed of the consumers killed us just as much…..if not more.

  59. I saw the housing crisis in person when I lived in a suburb outside of DC.. The average American attempting to borrow against their homes to fund some make-believe lifestyle of extravagance has nothing to do with the meltdown the in the mortgage business. I had firsthand experience with a corrupt Turkish investor that bought dozens of properties on speculation. I saw the investment properties all go down the road of foreclosure. The mortgage crisis did not occur because the average hard-working American wanted to gamble away the shirts on the backs their children for the price a beautiful front lawn. Mass speculation and sleazy suits in the banking industry let investors that had no business in buying empty homes by the dozens is what caused the sh*t to hit the fan.

    It’s a complete fraud and disgrace that the small-time borrowing an economically strapped family borrowing against their only major asset is used in political and media arenas as the main dose of blame the mortgage meltdown..It is the furthest thing from reality. There were investors on a much grander scale(many ran out of this country never paying a dime on their debts on losses that would find a typical citizen locked in jail for 10 years)betting on speculative developments and neighborhoods being used in a propping-up game of false values where bankers were licking their chops quick profits with no concern a drop of collateral.

    A disgrace and complete joke to put the blame for the level of mass speculation, corruption, and greed beyond any level of decent conscience that was occurring in the halls of Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley on the backs of Joe & Jane Pennyless from Kokomo, Indiana(Joe just lost his 20 year job and pension to a parts assembly plant in Mexico..Jane just saw her new teaching job voted out because of cuts in education) because they were too confident in the probabilities they could borrow against their one measly lifetime investment a cookie-cutter, Fisher-Price, plastic dollhouse no wealthy banker would consider any better than living in a Porta-Potty. Give me a break.

    I saw the crisis firsthand in a suburb 30 minutes outside DC. Don’t put that on my back.

  60. Harvard… we do what we can. You understand perfectly what the issues of your situation are (if you don’t, reread your own self-assessment). Where you are wrong is in all the energy you waste resenting those who do achieve and enjoys the product of his efforts (including money).

    Why resent them? Celebrate them! Join them! You obviously have talents, but waste those talents in a never ending stream of self-flagellation, tears and resentment.

    Try living!

  61. You putting all the blame on the bankers is just like blaming drug dealers instead of the actual users.


  62. I can give you the name of a Virginia police officer that did one hell of a job locating $2000 I was owed…Maybe he can tell you if they ever located the Turkish investor that was using a dumb goat and sparse glass cases a jewelry store business with no customers as a front to legitimize the corrupt speculative housing activities he was involved in with the whores in the banking business. You want stories of mortgage meltdowns?… I got stories.

  63. Do you know it’s a felony(jail time) to write a bad check for over $300 in Virginia?

    Too bad it’s not a felony punishable with exponential amounts of jail time the robber barons that knew exactly what they were doing when they played Monopoly with the blood and sweat of decent American taxpayers…They just get to walk away..They get to blame Joe and Jany Pennyless on CNN as they cash in their parachute packages and watch the sunsets from the porches their Connecticut mansions. They probably have very impressive Facebook pages with lots of friends in Washington.

  64. Harvard, the ‘Ivy League education’ comment made me smile. As I’ve mentioned, my daughter goes to Cornell.
    Cornell is the most liberal of all the Ivy League schools. Very science oriented. Many of it’s alumni comprise a Who’s Who of scientists such as Carl Sagan.
    I’ve gotten to know many of Erin’s friends quite well. Almost all of them are going into altruistic fields such as human rights law, infectious disease medicine and/or nutrition in the Third World (my daughter), Third World agricultural science, and the like.
    I just dropped off my daughter at the airport. She’s volunteer teaching and coaching volleyball at an orphanage outside of Capetown, South Africa. While not required, such service is strongly recommended.
    While plenty of graduates will certainly end up on Wall Street, the Ivy League shouldn’t be painted with such a broad brush. The kids that go to the ‘Wall Street feeder schools’ are not cut of the same cloth as those that go to Cornell.

  65. I don’t get it, Laffy. Why can’t you agree to disagree with someone without calling the person a moron, bigot, or racist? Do you do this to faces or is this just reserved for the flexing your might on the internet highway?

    Outside of a desperate self-loathing spewer of tears and resentment, I have a feeling the rest the highly successful clan on Scoop would be more vertically challenged than Jordy Hulls wearing a favorite pair of his sister’s stilettos. If we could only get a glimpse the crowd here…What a circus show it would likely be. Maybe more like a truck stop. The internet is their 18-wheeler..Once they have to pull over and get out of the cabs to take a piss or eat some greasy grub, you suddenly get true witness the muscle-flexing munchkin that’s been running you off the road.

    Please don’t talk to me about resentment. Anyone with two halves a rattling walnut in their skull could tell you use Scoop as your proof(all those pages upon pages of unfair critiquing every journalistic move Dustin makes)something an inner inferiority complex can’t come to terms with a dream unrealized the same professional pursuit. Everything you do here is no less an expression to legitimize yourself in absence something longing never received amongst family and peers. Dustin has been very kind to not point out the obvious truth a mirror you refuse to look when your placing faults upon others.

  66. Chet-

    And when has it been anything outside the norm to paint with wide brushes in discussions of sports, politics, religion, corruption, or pizza on Scoop? Yes, build me the cross to nail me to for being the first to do so.

    I’m sure your Ivy League daughter is a far better human being than any virgin offspring the sperm of Mother Teresa’s father grown in a test tube the best eggs my mother’s womb could ever produce.

  67. I only call people “morons” when they deserve it.

    And saying, “The people who actually used their houses as ATM so they could live like millionaires aren’t at fault at all” is one of THE dumbest things I’ve EVER heard.

    Ergo, you’re a dumbazz.

    Besides, spare me your cryfest. You throw out insults more than almost anyone on here.

  68. Harvard, I don’t even know what that meant but she is a nice person with a good set of values. I’m proud of her.

    You know I’d never try to nail you to anything. I’d probably just use glue.

  69. And I’m sure she is very proud of her father. Sometimes parents aren’t so lucky. It doesn’t necessarily make them bad parents. Sometimes kids aren’t so lucky to have a great parents like Mr. & Mrs. Chet…It doesn’t make them bad kids.

    Sometimes they live in the backseat of cars. Sometimes they never had the embrace a loving hug and all the blowing the word of Jesus to the wind couldn’t change the fact the cold world was all they’d ever know.

    All I know is our holier-than-thou attitude at Indiana needs to end. If you have true faith then you are only as good the eyes the one your quiet and unseen deeds be judged. Everything in the public forum means crap(much like the blogging words of all the dogooders this haven of empty blow..yours truly included).

    We should all man up and humble up. We should stop the judging each other and stop positioning(whether collectively as institutions or in personal exchanges) and condescending. These are the beginnings of a road we will one day regret we left our children.

  70. ^I guess that post gives new definition to a lucky bank shot…courtesy Laffy.

    Last time I talked about lucky bank shots was with Husky Tom on the IDS Basketblog…He’s the only blogger that knew how to tame me.

  71. Laffy, Harvard, you guys were doing so good for a while there.
    Laffy, he wasn’t necessarily saying that those who borrowed against their homes carried no fault, he was just saying he saw investors who took advantage of the system. What he’s saying is that there were people in control who lacked empathy and used their understanding of financing to fleece people who didn’t fully understand the system, and that they are more at fault. Some people could have been better educated about the potential consequences of their decisions, but there were also people who were pulling more of the strings who were not concerned about the people they were hurting.
    I haven’t studied the crash to fully understand what went wrong, so I don’t know the accuracy of Harvard’s story, but the point is that Harvard made a nuanced and civil and detailed argument against your idea. That was perfectly proper debate etiquette. And you missed his entire point, boiled his argument down to one sentence and called him a moron.
    And then Harvard, you fought back by discussing stuff that doesn’t belong on this board.
    It’s really amazing to watch you two fight from this spot, because it’s amazing how much you agree with each other and yet don’t realize it at all.

  72. Dustin-

    My apologies for the dirty metaphors and taking things to an ugly level.

    I left a lot of blanks in that Virginia/DC story. What I witnessed I doubt was unique to the nationwide housing collapse. Most of the vast speculation in the housing sector I saw in the form of a firsthand account a sizable chunk of an entire neighborhood going into foreclosure had little to do with residences occupied by one primary borrower, ignorant consumers/wannabe millionaires unaware a full understanding the system, or the over-extension of credit to families living in households serving as a primary residence an attempt to own a piece of the American dream a house to call their own.

    The multiple foreclosures were all under the same name a single speculator that fled to Turkey when locks began to get placed on doors by order of a court. That’s basically all I can share without the potential putting my family and privacy at risk.

    I’m sure there are plenty of Americans that bite off more than they can chew when it comes to trying to live up to a lifestyle that glorifies wealth as the all-ending measure of worth. That had nothing to do with the mass level of corruption that motivated me to call authorities on a man that believed he had screwed me out of $2000.00..(mere pennies compared to the millions he left unpaid in dealings with corrupt lenders that put no safeguards or honest accounting into the documents that allowed for such abuses in the housing industry this DC suburb).

    Was my experience an unrelated pimple on the butt a housing collapse that should be primarily blamed on consumers only motivated to put one roof, one primary residence at one address, over the heads their one immediate family? I highly doubt anyone can be that naive.

    I can’t easily point out multiple examples the same level of unneeded lending, building, and speculation going on in the commercial sectors of real estate in the backyard my current Indiana address. Can we blame the empty buildings in the strip mall on the homeowner down the street?

    Sorry to you too, Tsao…Undeserved and not right on my part. I have a vicious streak and please don’t take any those words deep to heart. Chet- I’m sure you know I’m just jealous.

    I should learn. I don’t.

  73. I can easily point out multiple examples the same level of unneeded lending, building, and speculation going on in the commercial sectors…

    Take care, all…You too, Laffy.

  74. It’s funny, we were a poor as church mice when we got married and never had much money as the kids were growing up. We traveled a lot but it was always in an old car filled with camping gear.

    We were so lucky.

    I meet so many people that have no appreciation of anything because they’ve always had anything they wanted.

    I’d hate to be so crippled.

    We’re pretty comfortable now but we cherish every little thing and every moment together.

    The people I’ve met who have never wanted for anything seem to have a joyless life by comparison.

  75. Dustin—

    Not sure how you can say Hillbilly said consumers carried no fault when he said this:

    “The average American attempting to borrow against their homes to fund some make-believe lifestyle of extravagance has nothing to do with the meltdown the in the mortgage business”

    Sure sounds like “no fault” to me.

    And last time I checked, saying something claimed is “moronic” is different that saying someone is a “moron.”

    I don;t think that YOU are a moron but I’m sure you’ve said moronic things… have I.

    He keeps whining how he “saw it first hand.”

    Well, so did I.

    As you know, I’m in Vegas, aka Ground Zero of the Meltdown. And I had a buddy in the mortgage business at the time and visited his office more than once.

    They were doing what they called “liar loans.” If you could fog a mirror, you got a loan…..and you could put down ANYTHING on the application.

    Some people had 20 houses and barely made $20,000 a year.

    And don;t give me, “They weren;t smart enough to know any better” because that’s a load of crap.

    They were greedy.


    Just like the idiots who were playing musical chairs with housing prices going up 10% plus a MONTH.

    Anyone with 2 brain cells knew that couldn;t last forever…especially so soon after the dotcom bubble.

    Are the banks scum bags?


    I’m just SICK of losers like Hillbilly putting it ALL on the banks and taking ZERO responsibility and playing victim over the whole thing and blaming the BANKS’ greed when the consumers’ was just as bad.

    Most people thought they were going to get stinking rich flipping houses for the rest of their lives.

  76. …and THERE is where those that would should stop calling Laffy a leftist or liberal or whathaveyou.

    I’m not an apologist for the guy but he is far from being classified as being ‘on the left’.

    He has his opinions and they seem to vary from issue to issue.

    Good for him. It just shows he’s paying attention.

  77. Let’s try this again…

    I repeat, what I witnessed in Virginia(the crook/criminal that fled to Turkey after causing half a neighborhood to go into foreclosure) and someone attempting to “spin 20 homes” by way of “liar loans” in front of a corrupt bankers attempting to look like gullible ignorant slobs(JP Morgan losing 2 billion dollars, anyone?)was not representative the average American that bought one house for their one family too big a castle for the lifestyle they chose to live like Hollywood celebrities.

    This is what was being portrayed on major news networks…And when on earth has too big of anything been anti-American? Have you looked around at the monster vehicles still being driven on the roads while gas is $4.00 per gallon? I’m all for more modesty and energy conservation..There is no damn need for people to finance gas-guzzling road beasts and homes with thousands of square feet that suck needless energy and deplete natural resources. It’s all a machine out of control. From speculative commercial developments that go unsold to acres of car lots with tonnage of over-production vehicles that built for nothing other than an ego to have something that makes you feel dominant as you drive elevated 8 ft. above the surface of the pavement.

    Where would the economy be without the geniuses in marketing that have convinced a population they must get everything bigger to keep up with the Joneses? Christ, we can’t sit in front of a TV anymore unless 5′ wide and it takes up half the wall your gigantic empty living room that you can’t afford to furnish because you wanted the big castle like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry. We can’t watch sports unless we have fifteen channels playing showing various games…All we do is digest and consume and gorge and crap in toilets in bathrooms now built larger than all the square footage a 1940s Georgian 2-story home that used to be consider living large.

    We’ve been fed it for decades an now we’re going to blame a mortgage crisis on buying into the “American Way?” Start taxing those god damn road monster more at the fuel pump(driven by CNN executive every day they go to work) and then come and talk to me about needless feeding your ego. Whether you can chew what you bite off has nothing to do with the disease ALL Americans live by in their daily lives of wasteful and brainless consumption.

  78. And the irony the whole plan the “American Way” evidenced by all those giant homes with spectacular yards manicured to rival the fairways of Pebble Beach is that we spend most our hours(outside horizontal rest in a bed) in a chair taking up two cubic feet in front a computer screen.

    We amassed all the ‘big’ we wanted with our Cadillac Escalades, our 8000 sq. ft. homes built on the cheap, our luxurious yards landscaped to perfection, our gigantic stadiums/ballparks…All of it for what? Nothing but show. We rarely get outdoors..We rarely feel the sun upon our faces and step outside our empty palaces that made brick contractors filthy rich(Remember all those “brick is better” commercials?”)…All the show-and-tell our grand stories of success represented in the “my house is bigger than your house” or “my Navigator’s tractor-sized tires our bigger than your Escalade’s 747-sized alloy wheels” are in stark contrast our overwhelming addiction to play with tiny pieces of technology named after a fruit we once drove to countryside orchards to pick…

    We stare at the same Apples that open windows to the world while our butts remain planted firmly in the only chair that gets any use our home. All the ostentatious displays our gigantic stuff consumed becomes increasingly irrelevant and unimportant are new narcissistic addictions to Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and our 1000 made-up friends that do not live on our street.

    We are all stars of the internet and no longer have much use all the marketing that told us our worth was measured by what we could consume/purchase. We can now sell our glorious existence without going into mountains of debt. We can all be accomplished photographers, writers, movie-makers, journalists, political columnists, accomplished chefs, restaurant critics, etc, etc, etc….We can now be popular by our mere ability to populate a web page with as much BS(that’s for Clarion) to camouflage any reality only limited by our computer skills and imaginations.

  79. Blah, blah, blah.

    Of course, I didn’t read all of his vomit, but what I did see had nothing to do with the fact the retard did not take back his “The consumers had ZERO fault in the mess.”

    Just blabbering diversion.

  80. It’s a complete fraud and disgrace that the small-time borrowing an economically strapped family borrowing against their only major asset is used in political and media arenas as the main dose of blame the mortgage meltdown.

    I’ll stand by that statement. There will always be biting off more than one can chew. People lose jobs ..They attempt to survive and keep their roof over their family’s heads. I will not for one minute believe in these times of complete corruption in the financial industries, stagnation of wages, record unemployment, depleting jobs for those unskilled caught in the moving of jobs outside our once industrial-based nation, that the average American homeowners were spinning dozens of homes in the spare time their disparity.

    The rich love to blame the extravagance a peasant their systems of greed when it crumbles. If pharaohs lived 3000 years they’d blame the decay their pyramids on the 10,000 men died to move one block to the second level its hundred stories.

    And where are those one household families now that played roulette with their homes? Are they cashing in parachute packages and still living in luxury for propping up falsely their assets and balance sheets? Where are they now compared to a CEO for General Motors, a Turkish investor using a false business as a front, or a JP Morgan executive that misplaces billions of dollars in profits simply not there? Where is the free-wheeling robber baron called the American consumer that blew away the country on spinning their five Cape Cod bungalows?

    They met their justice. They have no credit. They have no bailout package or parachutes. They fall to the ground and make a loud splat. Heaven forbid there careless gambles in the repressive economic systems a corporate America all wealth concentrated at the top. Yes, lets go on CNN and also blame the small towns their mismanagement their five-and-dime department stores as the reason WalMart came to the outskirts.

    Give me a break. I’m sure you’d be happier the out-of-work family looking for a buck and nowhere to turn gambled it all away on nights with whores and slot machines and all-you-can-eat/CONSUME buffets in Vegas. Nobody pretends to be a millionaire. Big money with big cooked balance sheets speculated on housing and big money lost. Wake up from your coma of privilege.

  81. You once said you had poor circulation…It shows by the level of depleted oxygen ending up at what’s LEFT of your brain.

    And if there’s a GD filthy liar on this blog it’s you…

    “I only skim through this vomit….”

    Talk about blah..blah..blah? You, like the rest that can’t get enough the Harvard All-You-Can-Eat Buffet on Hoosier Scoop, devours every tasty and delightful last morsel everything I type. I doubt you missed one serving the past 6 months and you’ll never stop coming back for more…It’s jealousy that motivates your rage and pumps the slow moving blood finally to your skull.

  82. “You, like the rest that can’t get enough the Harvard All-You-Can-Eat Buffet on Hoosier Scoop, devours every tasty and delightful last morsel everything I type”

    If you really believe that, you’re the dumbest racist I’ve ever come across.

    I probably didn’t 5 words of the vomit where you quoted yourself.

    Nor do I click on your “cute” links.

  83. Rooby Roo, ron’t rake Rhet rome rack or rou roo are in rig, rig rouble… Rhet’s rother eats rat roop!

  84. No point being mad at the world…Sorry for those comments about your circulation, Laffy.

    And I’m sure your arguments about the housing meltdown are valid. I’m just tired of news networks(no matter their posturing as being Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal, or somewhere bobbling about the middle..they’re all basically arms of mega corporations) run by many in boardrooms I doubt much different the greedy slime any other company that keeps power very tight to the top, does little to balance the wealth its profits, and would drive their corporate bus over a crippled veteran, an old lady with Alzheimer’s, and two orphaned child looking for food in garbage cans crossing a street, if it meant protecting their agenda and their disingenuous images. In my opinion(just an opinion)it doesn’t matter if its CNN or Fox…or MSNBC…or NPR. They are businesses in a cutthroat industry and they survive by positioning themselves on topics that intend to divide and differentiate their entertainment/news(?) product from the other network/s they perceive as competition. Is any what they feed us identifiable with the “average American” or “typical consumer?”…Their leaders are out-of-touch anything in common their audiences…Their are carnival salesman and can very well be completely opposite in their political stances than what they instruct producers an angle to the selling of any story delivered within the narrow window its fed to the public.

    Anyway, I’m not a racist. I have prejudices and I have been exposed to a good share aimed my direction. I’m far from perfect, but I do my best to have an open mind and not fall into traps of making generalizations.

    I’m sure we’ll likely come to verbal fisticuffs again. No matter…I enjoy what you bring to the discussion table at Scoop and much of what you say involves a lot of hard truths the deceptions many casually deny in their fervent stances and attachments to a particular faith, political stance, or cultural beliefs.

    Hulls does play pathetic defense.

    Where was anything approaching your story

  85. They are carnival salesman and can very well be completely opposite…

  86. Laffy-

    Another thing I really like about you..? You never talk Hoosier football. You’ve got your priorities straight.

  87. I agree Hulls really needs to improve his defense. He will have more of a Matt Roth shoot the lights out role this year not a ball handling role. It is so funny to see Harvard, Chet, and Laffy go back and forth all the time! We all know that Harvard and Laffy are voting for Romney anyway. Why do you guys always compete with each other on who is the best writer/poet/politician/person? Has anyone else noticed this? I mean seriously you will bring stuff up that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IU SPORTS! You guys can still talk about other stuff but can’t you talk about IU athletics a little bit more or does that have to wait until the basketball season? starts?

  88. Romney is the phoniest politician this country has ever seen…..which is saying something.

  89. Ok here’s my dilemma… I would be willing to vote for a republican presidential candidate if they promised not to appoint a neo-conservative Justice.

    Unfortunately, I think that is going to be high on the GOP agenda.

    HC – what do I do?

  90. I’d vote for a Righty Prez in a heartbeat if he/she actually stood up for conservative values.

    Treating gays like dog food, saying corporations are people, BS wars, banning pot and porn, etc is NOT “conservative.”

    Righties are FAR more “nanny-state” than the Liberals they LOVE to hate.

    This country was NEVER meant to be a “Christian” nation.

  91. I heard a clinical psychologist make a pretty compelling argument that Romney is a sociopath (total lack of empathy, inability to understand normal human reactions, no concern of how his actions would affect others, etc.). He was obviously more specific.

    Need to have that psychiatrist from Law and Order weigh in. He was always right.

  92. Obama is way to the right of Eisenhower, probably Nixon as well. The right has just shifted so…… extreme.

    The ‘left’ has just about ceased to exist. The neo-cons simply did a better job of staying united and had much, much more money backing them.

  93. Mitt is a psycho…..that is not hyperbole.

    He doesn’t remember assaulting someone else?


    And putting your dog on top of the car like that?


    He does not care about others ONE bit.

  94. How is Obama “worse”?

    Oh, and speaking of extreme psycho Righties, I think this scientist is wrong:

    No matter WHAT evidence there is, millions of Thumpers will STILL say the earth is only 10,000 years old.

    Those nutjobs actually think man rode dinos as ponies.

    They’ll just say that Satan planted those bones to “trick” us or that God is “testing our faith.”

    Dumbest people alive…….

  95. Wow that’s really sad what you believe when the whole earth points to the glory of God. One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

  96. The Bible was written by a bunch of superstitious goat farmers who thought the world was flat and that “God” caused comets and earthquakes and other stuff to “send a message.”

    It was just nature doing it’s thing.

    And if your God IS real, he’s the biggest jerk to EVER exist and will NEVER get any “glory” from me.

    We’ll be on our knees?

    Is your God Hitler?

    You freaks have been saying Jesus will come back “any day now” for 2,000 years.

    Hell, even Jesus thought the world was going to end while he was still alive.

  97. Oh…..and how does the “whole” earth point to the “glory of God”, exactly?

    There is corruption and hate and disease and starving EVERYWHERE you look.

    Kids are raped all over the world…..starving too.

    If that is “glory” to you, you’re one sick MoFo.

  98. That’s sad what you believe Laffy. Those people who said they knew when the rapture was/is going to happen are incorrect. God is the only one who knows this not anybody else. I was talking about the glory of God in nature. The incredible creatures that God created. It is not God’s will for people to be in pain and starve.

  99. It is actually more sad how many people have been killed in the name of God, or in doing “God’s will”…

  100. “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

  101. If it’s not “God’s will” that kids starve and be raped, he could snap his fingers and end it tomorrow.

    What actually IS sad is Thumpers proclaiming to know what “God” thinks and uses a book as an excuse to be bigots….all while doing exactly OPPOSITE of what their book taught.

    Speaking of which, the congregation gave that flaming bigot preacher a standing ovation.

    Pardon me while I go vomit…….

  102. Reggie…hang on and stay strong…that why it is faith. It’s pointless to argue with some, so let it become a strengthening of your faith and keep everyone in your prayers. You’re a good man.

  103. (rolllllllllllllllllllllleyes)

    Why is he a “good man” for believing a fairy tale that promotes bigotry?

    And, it’s pointless to argue with YOU nutjobs. He didn’t/couldn’t answer my question.

    So, do you think it was right for that congregation to give a standing ovation to that flaming bigot?

  104. …and Chet takes the controls the sixth type of airplane he has instructional clearance to fly.

  105. Laffy, the reason he doesn’t end it is because people sin and listen to the enemy. If you listen to the enemy and sin without asking God for forgiveness you are just asking to have a difficult time even if you are a christian God will not reward you for sinning and not having a truly repentant heart. It’s sad to say this but the majority of Christian’s follow false doctrine and don’t have a deep understanding of God’s word. So many pastor’s do not know what is going on! Christianity is not really a religion (many people make it very religious and think you have to wear a suit and tie to church) it’s asking God to forgive you of your sin’s through Jesus Christ, loving him, having a relationship with him, and honoring him and his commandments through the Holy Spirit. This is not 3 God’s but 1 God in 3 different forms. Going to church really doesn’t matter if you don’t love God. If you don’t love God you can’t be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. You have to love the God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.

  106. Laffy, thank you for making my walk with God stronger. I am praying for you and I truly hope you will one day turn towards him, it will change your life! If you want to know where to begin read the New testament.

  107. Reggie, that’s great and all but it’s not really gonna change anyone’s view on the great picture of life.

    I mean, more power to you, but Laffy is going to respond with something that is NOT going to make you feel better about reaching out.

    Good for you that you draw strength through your spirituality. As I work in health care, I’ve seen many people draw amazing amounts of strength through their beliefs.

    But Laffy is a grown man who has established his own beliefs based upon his life experience.

    Do be offended when he is not moved by your beliefs.

  108. Hey it’s not his fault that he is being mean towards me and my faith. He has made up his mind that Christianity is “stupid” and “idiotic”; he has probably thought this his whole life. I’m used to people acting way worse towards me in High school. I’m just saying God has changed my life through my parents involvement with the ministry Be in Health International which shows people how to get free from their sin. I really want the best for people and I really want to change people’s lives through God’s help. I shouldn’t be beat up for this by Laffy, but it isn’t Laffy’s fault and I accept the fact that I will be abused for my faith throughout my entire life, even though I love people and I am trying to help them. Chet, so many people reject what I’m trying to do through God’s help but I don’t care. I will not be offended if Laffy say’s something rude. I’ll say it again it’s not his fault. Thanks for being nice though, Chet!

  109. Gone are the days of watching Hoosier basketball for the simple love of candy-stripes…Wish we could run Crean and all these Jesus freaks(and anti-Jesus freaks) out of town. Bring back brazenness and foolishness and sin and chair-tossing and cussing out journalists..Tell the damn Twitter worshipers stuck on Joyce Meyer and everything but hoops to just go f*ck themselves…

    If this is what Tom Crean’s magnetism is attracting to the Bloomington campus. then I’ll even take back Sampson and his parade of drug-taking, class-skipping, devil-thugs before having to listen to this sort of burdensome piling on of “Jesus loves you” guilt. Keep your blowhard opinions on afterlife and the proper way to live to yourself and let us sinners just enjoy the perversions of basketball minus all the pious preachy garbage in our ears.

    I knew we should have hired Rick Majerus. Indiana Basketball growing in most humble and honest state from its tradition of putting the purity of a game together with broadminded thought is forever gone. The arrogance of shoving down our throats what should be of personal choice is far more despicable, offensive, deplorable, corrupt, and hollow anything I’ve seen in all my years being a believer in Indiana University and a fan of Indiana Basketball.

  110. Oh Harvard, you crack me up… Seriously I was laughing out loud and woke up my wife. Nice job Ahole!

  111. I think I meant to say ‘do not’.

    Reggie, as far as being ‘abused’ for your faith you do realized that you (and most people here) are part of the overwhelming majority of people in this country (76-80%)). The idea of Christians being ‘abused’ in a country in which they hold an 80% majority is just silly.

    If you believe that your just watching too much Fox News.

    I was raised steeped in the church with my brother and my uncle members of the Episcopal clergy. The Episcopal church is a pretty ‘big tent’, accepting kind of denomination. In general, I never had a problem with it.

    I find most fundamentalist Christian groups to be so far from the teachings of Christ that they are no longer recognizable.

    These days, I try to live life with a bit more Eastern view, Kharma and all that (which is pretty much the same thing as ‘the Golden Rule’).

    Works for me.

  112. Who is the “enemy? Please don’t tell me you actually think that cartoon character “Satan” actually exists.

    And why do we need to ask God for forgiveness for our sins when HE gave them to us because OTHERS disobeyed him?

    Do you know how ABSURD that is?

    If anything, he should be asking US for forgiveness for programming us with sin in the first place.

    Your nutjob God is not worthy of my love or respect.

    I read your entire fairy tale.

    And please stop the victim act about “being abused.” You freaks treat people like GARBAGE if they don’t believe YOUR way.

  113. We need to ask him for forgiveness because people, everybody are born with sin. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be free from sin so you have your own decision. God wants to give people their own choice, whether they want to live a corrupt life, full of drugs, parties, and alcohol , or whether they want to truly walk with him and obey him. I’m not treating you like garbage I feel sorry for you! If anything else, why would you and Harvard treat “good” christian people like me and Tom Crean with complete disrespect?

  114. Laffy, without a doubt there is such thing as Satan. Many people don’t like to talk about Satan and mention the word hell. But it is a reality. I encourage you to read the amazing true account of Bill Weise, 23 Minutes in Hell.

    Okay Chet, I understand what you believe in, I know many people that believe the same thing. I’m not going to make an argument with you too. You can still take a lot of “good” stuff from what you believe in, such as treat others the way you want to be treated (the golden rule) but please understand I do not believe in karma at all. I do believe God rewards some people for doing what he wants (if they have a forgiving heart and are not walking in bitterness or sin that they are not sorry about). But God’s reward for those who have accepted him into his heart is much greater and is not even close to any reward that could come on this earth.

    I really think we should stop arguing about this now. Harvard and Laffy, you have a completely pointless argument, you have heard the truth but reject it. Don’t say I don’t know what I’m doing, sure I sin too and there’s a ton of stuff I could learn in the Bible still, but I have been grounded in the faith my entire life, and nothing anybody says will change it!

    By the way Chet, the majority of the country BELIEVES in a God but they are not saved themselves. Just a small fraction of the country love God and try to honor him in all that they do, and have asked Jesus into their hearts. I don’t watch Fox News at all, I don’t even have cable TV! I am absolutely chewed out everyday for my beliefs in high school by nearly everybody, including some teachers. People will always hate us Christians as long as this world exists. It is prophesied in that Bible that nothing will change that until the end of the world when EVERYBODY believes that their is a powerful God who has EXTREME authority over EVERYTHING.

    Is it okay If we talk about IU sports now?

  115. Reggie, reading your comments makes me believe that you are not being ‘abused’ by expressing your faith as much as you are for telling those about you that they are not as good at being a Christian as you are. In your own words you are saying the people you speak of are not ‘real’ Christians because they don’t share all your beliefs. Not many people are gonna take that very well.

    Who made you the arbiter of what makes a worthy Christian? Please don’t say God.

    Did you ever stop to think that perhaps these people you besmirch are possibly the better Christians and they resent your piousness?

    Just food for thought.

  116. It’s all about loving God and honoring his commandments. Many people don’t understand this. I’m not saying I’m better than other people. I sin just like everybody. I have made huge, huge mistakes in my life. I’m a sinner and I need God’s grace to save me from that. It’s not about being worthy it’s about loving God with everything and striving to follow his commandments and put of any sin in your life. If Jesus didn’t die on the cross to save me from my sins, and everyone else’s I would go to hell! I’m a sinner just like everybody on the earth!

  117. Philosophical question for you.

    Ignxio live in the Amazon jungle. His gig is taking care of widows and orphans. He sleeps on a mat because he lets the sick and infirm sleep in his hut. He’s pretty underweight because he gives most of his food to the starving. All he knows is charity.

    He’s lived his whole life this way because he felt it was the right thing to do.

    Ignxio has never encountered civilization. He’s never met a Christian and he’s never heard of God or the Bible, let along being ‘born again’.

    Is Ignxio going to heaven or is be being cast into Hell?

  118. Reggie,

    The kind of Christian you are is the reason I walked away from the church. The bigotry and hypocrisy of “Christians” like yourself is despicable.

    Now, this is a discussion board about IU Sports, not a religious discussion board or place for you to preach your message of intolerance and bigotry (yes, that is what it is), so please QUIT!

  119. Mike P. I keep responding to extremely rude and offensive comments to my faith. How am I being a hypocrite or a bigot? Whatever a bigot means?

    Chet, unfortunately because of the sin of mankind Ignxio is not a believer if he hasn’t accepted Jesus Christ into his heart. This is why guys like me support missionaries and have gone on mission trips ourselves. We want to reach those people in remote areas who don’t know about God. It all started with the sin of Lucifer who later became Satan and then Adam and Eve.

  120. Reggie – a few questions…

    Why is the New Testament better than the Old Testament?

    Do you realize the the majority of both Testaments are ideas perjured from older religions?
    (seriously, if it were written today in a college class the student would be expelled, or if in a series of articles in a magazine or newspaper the writer would be fired very dishonorably due to perjury)

    What if someone doesn’t accept God, but also doesn’t party, drink, drug, or live a corrupt life… What if they are decent, law abiding, people that make personally healthy choices, and then spend some of their free time volunteering in cancer wings at the local hospital… Are they doomed to Hell?

    Why is Christianity better or more true than religions that predate it historically?

    Which do you think more people have been corrupted by or have been killed in the name of – Christianity or Buddhism? Why? (I am not Buddhist)

    Let’s pretend for a minute that the Ten Commandments are a Biblical idea… Why should we ignore the proposed consequences of some and not others? (example: It is proposed that we stone people for arguing with their parents, or even worse mowing their yard on a Sunday. To my knowledge there is no Christian church recognized by the majority of the religion that would even give a slap on the wrist for either…)

    Who is better – Catholics or Baptists or Episcopalians?

  121. Mike P. ANYBODY who wants to accept Jesus into his or her heart can. I am not exhibiting intolerance or animosity toward other people who are not Christians. I am trying to help people okay!

    I wonder if Mike P., Harvard, and Laffy are the same guy? They seem to have the same writing style.

  122. Alright, Geoff may parts of the Old testament are of the old mosaic law that Jesus disregarded later in the New testament. Things like Mowing your lawn on Sunday can be done today and it is not a sin. Back in the Old testament working on Sunday would be a sin but Jesus changed this all in the New testament. The New testament is not better but it provides an understanding of Jesus and his life.

  123. Again, if we’re BORN with sin, why do WE have to ask for forgiveness?

    As I said, God should be asking US for forgiveness for giving it to us when we did nothing wrong.

    You tell us we’re worshipping a fake God and then cry we treat YOU disrespect?

    That is EXACTLY why I hate you Thumpers.

    You are CONDESCENDING to EVERYONE and then WHINE when it’s given back to you and play victim.

    If it’s “without a doubt”, let’s see Satan.

    Chet….exactly right. He’s the type of aaaahole who goes around telling everyone that THEIR beliefs are WRONG and ONLY HE knows the “tight way”…..and then CRIES HIS EYES OUT he’s “being disrespected” and “hated for being a Christian” while playing victim.


    And he needs to stop with the “It’s not my beliefs, it’s God’s beliefs” nonsense because there are over 30,000 sects of his fairy tale who say it is OBVIOUS that THEY are right and all the other sects have it WRONG.

    How are you a bigot Reggie? Go look up the word. It describes you Thumpers PERFECTLY.

    I am only me, fruitcake.

    If anybody has more than one name, it’s you pretending to be the other Thumpers saying, “You go girl!!! Keep the faith!! You’re doing AWESOME!!”

  124. Why did Jesus change that? Has God changed his mind about homosexuality as well? Any idea why he changes his mind about some things, but not others?

    I am glad you answered the one question, but that just opened up others…

    Also, please give me your insight on my other original questions – especially the one about plagiarism…

  125. Don’t ask for respect when you come to the table with none in your own heart. Christianity is one offering a faith and I see nothing of respect in the close-mindedness of shoving down throats your daily meatloaf and gravy the only thing you’re willing to serve, digest, or accept.

    To be strong in your faith and resolute in your beliefs does not require selling God in stadium churches and making charlatan blowhards into gods on Twitter pages.

    Sell it all you want on sports blogs, Twitter pages, classrooms, ballrooms, living rooms, microphones…Selling it has nothing to do with decency and generousness in your soul. The greatest sin is to disrespect the equal thoughts every decent human being with goodness in their hearts.

    You have turned religion into your own version of everyday is ‘judgment day’ as if the window into your life would contain no less ‘sin’ any other man. Quit assuming superior faith and arrogantly putting yourself on the level of an “Almighty.” Admit to the imperfections your life, the sinning within your religion, and maybe I’ll begin to think anything of ‘God’ has sunk into your thick skull unwilling to take a man alongside you for as much his beautiful differences than a likeness your image.

    You fail your God because you fear the allowance of choice, space, and free thought every living creature breathing what’s left of the earth’s clean air deserves. You label the sin, piss on the budding flower an innocent thought different your own, turn places of quiet unassuming prayer into stadiums of greed and profit, distance yourself from any mirror, and become the sin you cast upon others in the deceptions your self-perceived flawlessness.

  126. Reggie,

    Why are you a bigot or a hypocrite? Easy. Your faith preaches and YOU believe that anyone who has not accepted God will not be granted enterance into Heaven, regardless of their actions, yet there are places of this earth that man’s teachings of God & Jesus have never been heard of.

    In fact, 77% of this world has a different belief system.

    Inside the Christian faith itself there is African Independent Churches (AICs), the Aglipayan Church, Amish, Anglicans, Armenian Apostolic, Assemblies of God; Baptists, Calvary Chapel, Catholics, Christadelphians, Christian Science, the Community of Christ, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (“Mormons”), Coptic Christians, Eastern Orthodox churches, Ethiopian Orthodox, Evangelicals, Iglesia ni Cristo, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Local Church, Lutherans, Methodists, Monophysites, Nestorians, the New Apostolic Church, Pentecostals, Plymouth Brethren, Presbyterians, the Salvation Army, Seventh-Day Adventists, Shakers, Stone-Campbell churches (Disciples of Christ; Churches of Christ; the “Christian Church and Churches of Christ”; the International Church of Christ); Uniate churches, United Church of Christ/Congregationalists, the Unity Church, Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Vineyard churches and others. All of these branches decipher the bible different and do not agree with eachother.

    I mean hell, somewhere someone who was a Christian decided that Sunday was the Sabbath, now you have the Seventh Day Adventist, a Christian religion who believe the Sabbath is on Saturday. I know many who are of the older Christian faith who are not tolerant in anyway of the Seventh Day Adventist teachings. Yet there is nothing in the Bible anywhere that designates what day of the week (Saturday or Sunday) is the 7th day and that day should be the Sabbath.

    That said, I will end my comments with this, I have no problem with you being a Christian, I have no problem with you giving God credit for what you feel has been positives in your life since you have became involved in church. But when you make comments like “One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!” when your own faith can’t even figure out what is going on inside itself, you better be ready to handle the backlash.

    I was brought up in a Southern Baptist church, I went ever Sunday, soaked up the word as much as I could, as I grew older and I started working as a bouncer, I seen people for who they really are.

    Those preaching against sin and judging others for their sins were in the tailgate lots on Saturday afternoon, in the bars on Saturday evening, drinking to excess, becoming adulterers among other sins.

    The last church I attended was after my divorce. I befriended a young lady there who was new in the church and we started bible study together. After a bible study class one night her car wouldn’t start, I offered her a ride home. That Sunday I was approached by a friend who was also a member of the church before I walked in about her and I and a rumor that was going around the church. The only people who were there when she got in my vehicle were the pastor, his 2 sons and his neice….Guess who started the rumor?

    I can give you multiple examples of the same kind of actions at every church I attended until I finally decided that I can’t take the christian “faithful” any longer.

    Good Day!

  127. Oh…and if you’re following the Hoosiers religiously under Tom Crean, then you definitely have Fox News. You don’t need cable..You are where all the Fox cables lead to the one Fox Cloud..You have Fox Extreme… You have Satan’s Fox Puff Cloud…He’s rented out a dark cloud temporarily hovering above Bloomington.

  128. Yeah, it’s hilarious how GOD “changes his mind.”

    To think that GOD is just some human with super powers is beyond laughable/egotistical.

    Their God has THE thinnest skin EVER conceived: “If you don;t tell me how AWESOME I am….even after infecting you with sin even though YOU did nothing wrong, I’m going to make you burn for 10 trillion years. I don’t care if you’re the BEST person on earth and do all kinds of charity. If you don;t tell me that I’M great, I’ll PUNISH YOU!!!”

    Also, if God “changed his mind” in the past, how do they know he won;t in the future?

    If I said, “God visited me yesterday and decided he thought the NT was stupid and he has a new plan for humanity”, would they believe me?

    Why not?

    They’ve already admitted that God changes his mind and completely changes his tactics.

  129. Yes sorry my post #163 was supposed to read plagiary/plagiarism not perjured/perjury…

    Please insert the correct word and answer… My bad, it was pre-coffee.

    Also, is caffeine a sin-worthy drug?

  130. I’m anxiously awaiting New Testament IV…This arrives near the end of 3535..Jesus(portraits now resembling Burt Reynolds) will not only make it o.k. to mow your yard, but you can share a cold lemonade with the buxom 24-year-old suntanning on her patio next door, oil her up with Coppertone, and abide by her desire to have you trim her row of overgrown bushes that have been obstructing the view her patio from your bedroom window. ..

    In New Testament IV this will all be fine and dandy while the wife and kids are away at Cracker Barrel’s Sunday Worship Service and All-You-Can-Eat Soylent Green Buffet(recognized in 3535 as the only true house of worship any Christian seeking deliverance and an order of green eggs and ham).

  131. Also Reggie, in post #164 you mentioned that you aren’t prejudiced and that anyone can accept Jesus into their heart…

    Okay, so what if that person is gay? Is accepting Jesus enough, or must they also renounce their sexuality?

    I have heard many Christian leaders state publicly that homosexuality is not a choice, but something a person is born into, just like I was born a hetero-sexual male.

    I hear plenty of others that say it is a choice and a major sin, and that Gays will go to hell.

    Which Christians should I believe?

    Please continue to help me with my questions.

  132. Reggie: To quote Kevin Costner in Bull Durham,

    “Well, I believe in the soul, the c__k, the p____, the small of a woman’s back,… the hanging curve ball, high fiber, good scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.”

    Reggie, IMO, you’ve long (ago) crossed the line. I had defended your right to voice your beliefs but you’ve insisted to the point some felt harassed. Please read Chet’s and Mike P’s postings, they have valuable thoughts. Understand that whatever you are doing yours is not good testimony since it alienates some who have their own sincere and deep beliefs but do not share your dogma. And, in voicing yours, you’ve created a pretty uncomfortable situation for a number of people (some of who share the belief, some not); but whose right to believe is every bit as legitimate and valid.

    And don’t forget that Jesus himself was a jewish kid whose own beliefs came from the Jewish tradition and whose anger was directed at the violation of Jewish law, especially at the Temple.

    I do have a question for you…earlier you write that sometimes you “…[are] absolutely chewed out everyday for my beliefs in high school by nearly everybody, including some teachers.” Is that a high school here in Indiana? (you don’t need to say where) When do you graduate?

  133. Listen guys, all of this stuff is getting bananas. I was just responding to your offensive comments (offensive to me anyway) but now I don’t want to argue anymore. Tsao I go to a very big high school in central Indiana, I’m a 15 year old freshman. I can’t respond to 10 comments every hour now. I am doing something with my youth-group the next couple of days so I can’t get on the scoop much, due to activities. This is probably my last comment about my faith since you guys clearly know what I believe. Anybody who wants to question me just read the KJV Bible. Everything is in there that you have been asking me. Many pastors and people do not interpret the Word correctly so please don’t quote them to me. If you quote anything quote the KJV Bible. Talk to you guys in a few days.

  134. Everybody seems to be discriminating against this Reggie kid. Don’t offend him over his beliefs and he will stop commenting on this string of comments. It’s amazing how much some adults argue with a 15 year old kid who responds with wisdom and prudence and really gets the better of them.

  135. This is only the beginning. Their numbers will grow on Scoop. Crean has given these dimwits validation their narrowly defined form of faith to dominate an arm of our institution. You guys do everything in your powers to avoid that truth. Our coach is of the mindset this form of bigotry and nonacceptance should now filter into young men wearing the colors representative of Indiana Basketball. He blabbers on a daily basis nothing any different than Reggie.

    Why do you think Jordy Hulls and Oladipo went on their China trip/mission last year? It had nothing to do with hoops…It was to make public what Tom Crean feels should be part of their purpose at Indiana. It was to spread the word of Christ.

    Crean gives validation this “crossing the line.” Crean crosses it everyday with his shoving his one faith down the throats anyone that chooses to follow Indiana basketball. He saved us from the sin of Sampson and saved us the sin of playing Calipari. He’ll save us into an oblivion that gives all on the outside this ‘Christian convent of hoops’ a very slanted perception of an Indiana that once prided itself a place of free thought, expression, and inclusiveness.

    Can’t just put that blame on Reggie’s shoulders. He is a fan of Hoosier basketball and merely following the word and teachings shared with its new Messiah. It’s no longer about basketball..We must carry the guilt of our sins under Sampson for a 1000 years.

    It’s no wonder Bobby wants no part this place.

  136. Now Yale…. I mean Harvard for Hillbillies is against IU basketball and an awesome man who runs it. Chill out man.

  137. When I was 15 I was looking for love in all the wrong places…Her name was Anne…She was a beautiful smart brunette girl that sat next to me in study hall. We would talk of all things unimportant. She was delightfully flirtatious and she had the feistiest of personalities; a born rebel…Built like a sh*t brick house.. a bit of a tomboy in tight jeans you imagined all the right curves fully packed in lace underneath. I was the biggest damn fool for never asking her out. We had a mutual connection. Why did the Lord burden me with such sadness and shyness when love and sin called from her eyes to me? She ended up marrying an a$$hole jock that didn’t deserve her wonderful spirit.

    Chase love, Reggie…Have no regrets. Live in sin and do it all over again.

  138. So, you say you believe that ‘ol Ignxio is going to Hell because of where he was born, despite doing everything Jesus taught us to do, but a Wall Street vulture capitalist can destroy the lives of countless people, rob. pillage, etc., but, if he accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Savior on his deathbed he’s cool to go to Heaven.

    You have a serious morality issue, young fella.

  139. Chet- You really shined on this thread..And enough with that BS that your writing skills are only within the realm of being an adept communicator born of your profession. You have a true innate ability..Your blending of truth your experiences with your imagination and sense of humor make for quite the smorgasbord a joyous read.

    Another tune for Anne.

  140. How are we “discriminating” against him, Gilligan?

    You’ve got it backwards.

    He’s telling everyone else, “YOUR interpretation of the Bible is wrong and I’M the one with the RIGHT answers.”

    And I wonder how he knows the KJV version is the CORRECT one?

    Plus, there are COUNTLESS sects who use that one and don’t agree on what it says.

  141. Aw shucks.

    I think we all have our Annes. I often reminisce about lovely young girls I have known (and sometimes realize that they liked me, too, but I was too obtuse to realize it at the time).

    I think about other opportunities that might have passed me by (and, if you knew me better, you’d understand how much a missed opportunity bugs me). But, then I realize that any one little thing might have resulted in me not being where I am today and there is no place I would rather be than here and no one I would rather be with than my wife.

    To bad for how it worked out for her, though. She definitely could have done better.

  142. Geoff, re #163, it’s Episcopalians. Everybody knows that.

    Reggie, re #164 (Mike P., Laffy, and Harvard being the same guy as they have the same ‘writing style’). Seriously, Dude? It’s just barely the same language.

  143. No kidding, Chet.

    We have the “same writing style” like Kojak had the “same hair” as Trump.

  144. Laffy, I’m thinking when they hit the showers they pretty much do. The Donald must comb that thing up from his neck.

  145. Just saw an ad for ‘Dogs in the City’. I could SO do that.

    I recently met a woman with a beautiful rescued Doberman she’d had for a month or so. Just a gorgeous monster of a dog. He hadn’t quite warmed up to people yet, though it appeared she was doing an amazing job of reintroducing him to civilization. Good for her. He’s a lucky dog.

    I asked if I could pet him.

    She was quite taken aback when he was trying to climb in my lap and slobbering on me in a minute or so.

    That being said, he’d have been all over my furniture and sleeping everywhere but in my bed (I’m allergic, I’d die) if he came home with me.

    I’m such a sucker for dogs.

  146. The King James Version is the oldest most accurate version of the Bible. It’s well known throughout the world.

  147. Tommy – And how do you or anyone else know it’s the most accurate?

    Seriously, I have so many questions, and I fear that most of them will go unanswered here… Reggie claims to want to save people, but then told me to go to the KJV bible to get answers to questions it can’t possibly answer… In fact it can’t answer a single one of the questions I asked.

    Tommy, can you or another of Christ’s disciples go back over my posts and help me out?

    Here’s another… If one set of Christians tells me to read and follow the Lebron Bible, but another set of Christians tells me to read the NASB, and yet another tells me to follow the NIV Bible… Who do I listen to and why?

  148. Geoff…stored in my ‘software’, I seem(this is just a recollection) to remember that the first of of your posts that stands out in my mind was your initial post sharing of your ‘being blessed’ with powers as a basketball analyst beyond the common, adding that you did not know the why but God had blessed you with unusual powers that you were willing to share with us. Not sure this is verbatum, but it was that specific content that sticks in my mind. I could, of course, be wrong but that is what I remember.

  149. Could very well be verbatim… Although I often jest when I’m sensing a little sarcasm coming my way.

    Also, I have a fairly open mind. If presented with enough evidence I will surely choose that side. To this point I have not been presented sufficient evidence FOR or AGAINST the existence of God. I have seen the hypocrisy of organized religion, but I have also experienced many things I can’t find an explanation to.

    I would love some answers to my questions in posts # – 163, 167, 172, 174, and 194…

    Can you or anyone else help?

    For the most part I think they are honest and un-offensive… I think I have been very fair to Reggie and the other believers.

  150. Most of your questions are about religions, not really a subject that I would discuss in the Hoosier Scoop. I was just curious (and a bit confused) when I remembered your original statement.

    Beyond that, the entire discussion seems pretty silly, especially with the competing claims over meaning. The one thing we can be certain of is that the Original was not written in English. Perhaps that’s why they refer to them as ‘Versions’. Maybe archeologists will some day unearth these letters and people will argue over what they meant and the Earth shall rejoice and an entire book will be known as …”The Scoop Testament” and refer to the translations of the Chet Letters, the Geoff Manuscripts and Harvard’s Hillbilly Hymnals.

    It’s all good.

  151. Some important housekeeping.

    Please two more independent posts. Who wants to be in charge of letting Stanford Robinson know that we were so excited about his commitment we broke a record with a 200 entry thread. Standford Robinson!!!

    Welcome to the Hoosier Scoop.

  152. Geoff, you’re wasting your time asking for answers to those questions.

    Every time Thumpers get asked real questions that destroy their fairy tale, they run away and hide.

  153. Chet, I’m also a sucker for dogs.

    What is that you said you saw?

    I looked it up on Netflix and nothing showed up.

  154. “Chet, I’m also a sucker for dogs.”

    That’s what Michael Vick said.

  155. Geoff, that’s really cool you are interested in asking questions. I have been with my youthgroup the last day so I couldn’t get to all of the questions. I will answer one right now and then try my best to answer the rest later in the day when I’m not with my youthgroup. The different versions of the Bible confusion. I will explain this in a very detailed paper that my dad wrote and I edited (that is if it fits on the screen). It’s somewhat basic though. There are 2 main Greek and Hebrew texts that the different versions of the Bible are translated from. The minority text and the majority text. The minority text is take from just 2 manuscripts; many well known versions of the Bible have been translated from this (NIV, NASB, New Living). On the other hand, the majority text has been taken from 5,000 different Greek and Hebrew manuscripts that are similar in detail! The KJV has been translated from the majority text. Now which one of these sounds like it would be more accurate, the minority text from 2 main manuscripts or the majority text taken from 5,000 manuscripts? Also the NIV and many other non KJV Bible’s have many verses literally taken from them. Bellow is a list of many verses removed from the NIV and many other non KJV Bible’s. Look them up for yourself.

    Matthew 7:21
    Matthew 18:11
    Mark 7:16
    Mark 11:26
    Mark 15:28
    Acts 11:37
    Romans 16:24

  156. Sorry couldn’t get the whole paper but here is more detail explaining the majority minority text.

    It is ONLY one of two choices:

    1. The Textus Receptus (Received Text) is the Greek foundation from which the KJV and nearly all English translations that preceded it during the century before the 1611 production are derived.

    Other similar and/or synonymous entities are “Traditional Text”, “majority text”, Byzantine,
    and Syrian texts.1

    This is referred to as the “majority text” since it represents about 95% of the manuscript
    evidence. 2

    There are over 5,000 Greek manuscripts that provide witness to the true text of the New
    testament. 3

    2. Vaticanus B and Sinaiticus Aleph are names of the two documents written in Greek from
    which the “modern” translations are derived.4 This in known as the “minority text.”

    These two manuscripts of the “minority text” do not agree with the “majority text” in many areas, but they also do not even agree with each other.

    The manuscripts that make up the “minority text” were rejected by the early Church during
    the 3rd to 5th centuries as a depraved alteration of the true text.5

    The “minority text” never circulated widely within the Church, and it virtually disappeared
    after the 4th century.6

  157. Geoff and others. Please email me at my blog email which is make sure you get the capital R. Those who are sincere about this, please do it! It could change your life and give you a much better understanding of the Bible and what God is. I don’t have all the answers but I will do my best to answer your questions from God’s Word. From now on any questions about my faith please send them to this address, it will make things much quicker and easier and won’t offend Harvard/Laffy and bog down the scoop with all these comments.

    thanks for the questions guys!
    It’s an honor using God’s Word and have the Holy Spirit lead me to answer these questions and I hope to receive many more.

  158. Wanna prove how ANY of the texts were “inspired” by God?

    You do know that ANYONE can claim that, right?

  159. Thanks for the offer Reggie, but I’ve decide to just defer to Tom Crean’s Twitter page for guidance.

    Just because you’re a narcissist that has studied theology doesn’t make you anymore a child of God than Charles Manson.

    You don’t offend me one bit. I hope you stay for comic relief(much like our Hoosier coach). Unfortunately, merely recruiting Christian kids that are very good basketball players doesn’t give you the coaching brains/skills of a Bobby Knight or John Calipari. Kinda like sticking Bibles in faces(Did you hear about the guy in Miami that was eating the face off of man he had overpowered?)and not living one day your life with any common respect for others that inhabit the earth. You want to eat faces because you can’t tolerate the look your own disingenuous, soulless, fraudulent existence. You wipe the Bible under your arm likes it deodorant to cover up the stench your despicable truth.

    I blame Crean for bringing these lunatics out of the woodwork. This is only the beginning. They have been in the waiting since the day they crucified Sampson.

  160. There are 66 books in the Bible all of them were inspired by God. God is the one who gave the authors the words to say. Of course you have to have faith in God that the Bible is true just like you have to have faith that the World is going to keep spinning around. You really have to have some amount of faith in just about anything. People that are saved should show the fruit of what God says in the Bible. You know the fruit of the Spirit Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. But sadly many believers (including myself sometimes) sin and fall short of the glory of God. If a Believer is in sin he should not expect to receive a blessing from God. But when he is following God with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength we will see the fruit of spirit as shown in the Bible.

  161. Harvard I have said this before. If you study theology (which I haven’t) and don’t have a heart for God it doesn’t matter at all. Studying the Bible is not studying theology it’s learning how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, learning about him, and learning how to love, honor, and live like him in every thought and deed.

    email me,

  162. Laffy,
    Already this pastor guy is not following the Bible in the first sentence of that link. It talks about those guys “testing” their faith. God clearly says in the Word not to test him. Scripture proves this.

    Matthew 4:5-8

    King James Version (KJV)

    5 Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple,

    6 And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

    7 Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

  163. Here’s my biggest problem with Thumpers.

    In effect, they think that THEY are God.

    Ask any of them if they think it’s POSSIBLE for them to be wrong with their beliefs.

    They’ll all tell you “no.”

    Last time I checked, only God is incapable of being wrong.

    They can have all the “faith” they want. They can worship a f-ing turnip for all I care.

    But since there is ZERO proof that “God” wrote that fairy tale, it’s POSSIBLE they are wrong.

    Especially considering almost the entire damn book was ripped off from other fairy tales.

    And not only do they refuse to admit they COULD be wrong, they are condescending to EVERYONE who doesn’t believe THEIR way.

    And just when you think they couldn’t get worse than THAT, they then turn around and play victim when you call them out on their bigotry and BS.

    They are so FULL of themselves and think that THEY are God that they think they’re being ripped for “being Christians.”


    They’ve being attacked for being over-bearing jackasses who think it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to be wrong while treating others like dog feces for not following EVERYTHING that THEY say.

    They aren’t God no matter how much they think it’s IMPOSSIBLE for them to be wrong.

    And the rest of us don;t need to lick their feet and take their word as GOSPEL.

  164. The Bible CLEARLY says not to do a LOT of things that I bet you do.

    Thanks for admitting you’re not a REAL Christian.

  165. “If you don’t follow God’s commands, bad things can happen.”

    We know…It comes to Indiana to become a basketball coach and releases all the rest the nutjobs out of the confines their parent’s isolation chambers of do-goody-ness..

  166. The joy of my God is he forgives you of any sin. Christians make mistakes just like anyone else but God forgives us! It’s awesome to have an awesome God! We make mistakes in our beliefs too but again God forgives us! How awesome to have a forgiving and loving God! God is the only one who is free of sin. His own son died on the cross to pay for everybodies sins! Thank you for encouraging me to tell everybody about this good news!!!! You have made me really excited Laffy! I might ask my youth pastor if we can hand out tracts in downtown Indy today! Thank you so much Laffy you don’t even know how much you might have spread the kingdom and love of God today by making that comment!

  167. I’ve never understood how “dying” on a cross “pays” for the sins that God gave to us because others messed up.

    As I said before, and all of you Freaks duck, if anyone should be asking for forgiveness, it’s God begging for OUR forgiveness.

    Nobody made him program us with sin.

    And Jesus didn’t sacrifice ANYTHING.

    He’s in “heaven”, right?

    If he REALLY wanted to “sacrifice”, he should have gone to hell so NOBODY else would have to.

    Now THAT would be a REAL “sacrifice.”

  168. The internet is the bosom of evil. You have already been tempted by Satan’s idleness as evidenced by your presence on Scoop. Satan’s energy is increased a thousandfold all sloth-like activity that wallows in the muck of nonconstructive blogging behavior.

    Pray intensely tonight, Reggie. You have been infected with the desires of Satan. Do you have the willpower to refuse its lure? Do you not hear God telling you that you have crossed over from faith into self-indulgence?
    All seven happen here on a daily basis. This is a very dark place where men pretend of superiority and bow to nothing. Is there any other narcissistic place in the last 10,000 years that such evil has been allowed to flourish?

    Think of the chunks of time you have already wasted. Think of the hugs and smiles you could have given loved ones. Think of the destruction your soul that is taking place here.

    We will gladly accept you into our dark world. But do note that this is where man devours his own flesh in the arrogance the words his believed supremacy while propping his feet up in the idleness of Satan’s BarcaLounger. God help you? Too late.

  169. Since the first entries written by you that I had read- beginning with one in which you wrote about the breakdown of the relationship with your father and its impact on your self-esteem- I thought of you as basically someone needing a friend. Yes, I would offer that. And, I was happy that others opened up as well and welcomed you exactly as that…a friend.

    Since, I’ve personally wondered about some of your entries, often written in anger, sometimes even despondent. When you threw tantrums and threatened to leave the blog, I tried to write and let you know that you were appreciated. I had resolved as a friend I would do what friends do…offer friendship and reassurance and I would read your entries on your terms.

    Now, way too far Harvard, way too far. You seem to enjoy your debasing of a kid, sharing your cynical look at the world. It has nothing to do with the Hoosiers, or love for Indiana or the world of sports or basketball. It is merely your twisted take on life. And, worse, now you use it…how?

    Thankfully, Reggie seems much stronger than you, carries a much more hopeful love of life, respect for humanity and, yes, reverence of God. He seems to have the strength you envy and lack.

    Me? I’m done. Your notes to Reggie are way, way too twisted. Time to walk away from you Harvard.

  170. Reggie is an impressionable kid who hasn’t had to deal with the contradictions of life. I’d be very surprised if he has the same wide eyed simplicity of thought in a decade.

  171. I would say Reggie is well prepared for a life full of twists because he is so imbedded in the hard rock resolve of his faith. Stumble or fall then get up and go Reggie will be even more positive in the future.

  172. Time will tell. I wish him happiness and fulfillment.

    I separated my spirituality from organized religion a long time ago and I a much better person for it.

  173. Oh, I bet he’s the same close-minded bigot Thumper in 10 years….and 20.

    There are still people that old who are FLAMING Jesus Freaks….just look at TT.

  174. Reggie – if i make the decision to embrace the teachings of Jesus, follow the KJV bible, and accept God as the ruler of the universe does that mean I have to change my views and become bigoted against homosexuals?

  175. pUKe is the worst!
    Wednesday, May 16, 2012 – 5:36 PM EDT

    I hope Hartman and maybe Davis decommit. Hartman is a whimp, he is scared of concussion like symptoms and averages like 6 ppg in AAU!!!! That sucks! We should absolutely keep Fischer he is a lot like Cody. If we can land Robinson, Anya, and Lee we are gonna be in really good shape. I seriously think Collin Hartman does not want to work on his game anymore now that he’s commited to IU. He’s just being lazy and even if he goes to IU he’s gonna be like Austin Etherington his freshman year when Collin is a Senior! What do you guys think of C. Hartman being lazy and not being able to dominate any game?

    Didn’t Reggie write that post? Did God give him the powers to be able to tell what other teenagers are feeling? Maybe he’s already been to heaven and God bestowed upon him his same powers to look into the sincerity of every heart. And it’s wrong for me to imply Reggie has been beaten over the head with a Bible so many times that he has concussion-like symptoms of bigotry, insincerity, and intolerance?

    There is a mountain full of judgment in that molehill of a posting. I have no problem having a bit of fun with the Satan implication the deviousness and deceptions many our blogging habits on Scoop(all of us tend to blog as if we know personally the complete internal workings another man’s mind and heart). I have no problem disrespecting, stereotyping, and accusing a person of having hollow faith when they seem rather hollow and aloof in their slanderous treatment of young men shown no effort any words aimed in fairness. Those are lazy accusations from Reggie. In my humble opinion they give indication a carelessness in his heart. I feel a lazy accusation is far more a poison to the spirit than laziness in a chair, profession, classroom, or on a basketball court.

    I like Reggie. He seems like a bright young man with a forgiving heart…a far from perfect young man that will learn walking this earth while respecting your fellow man will go a long way in finding a sincere ear to listen to his spreading the word of Jesus. Did he win over my ear? Based on some of his earlier posts(none of which gave hint his religious leanings but provided a much better window his ability to refrain from simplified narrow judgments)there is far too much concentration of the ‘facts’ the book he lives by and he may feel it entitles/empowers him to creep into another man’s mind and make assumptions his drive/will/faith. This is the misuse of faith that should incite anger and cynicism. If it doesn’t anger you, then you have “way too much” to lose in the opinion of yourself.

    I encourage Reggie to show his father what he has posted on Hoosier Scoop. Maybe Reggie’s father can elaborate on how the teachings his God empowers one to make wrongful assumptions. Maybe he can explain how it gives him the ability to crawl into the thoughts another man he has nothing other than casual observance and then judge the level his sincerity in his efforts and beliefs.

  176. Nah, Thumpers have a built in safety feature to keep that from happening.

    Every time you prove their fairy tale is complete nonsense, their brain just switches to default mode so all they hear in their mind is:


  177. Reggie sounds well grounded. His posts are always of a calm tone. I doubt any of us shiver him.

  178. Was this article about IU basketball or politics and world problems??? Do you all have jobs?? Or do all of you just get off BSing with each other? While running your mouths, did you fix any of the world problems??

  179. Harvard…I have to admit and apologize. I had forgotten that Reggie and pUKe were one and the same posters and your post #223 had a history. I had also objected to pUKe’s (aka Reggie) post labeling a couple of prospective players as “lazy” (specifically Collin Hartman and, by innuendo, Austin Etherington) and, at that time (and to his credit, pUKe/Reggie apologized, and then announced he was changing his handle from pUKe to Reggie. I had forgotten that. Shoot! I hate it when posters use alternate names…no accountability and it makes it hard to have and follow a dialogue.

    Still Harvard, you rightly point out nothing but fact; Reggie did make that post which I (and others) thought was unfair and without basis to the players mentioned. I stupidly (and irresponsibly) forgot that and pUKe/Reggie’s name change. My deep apologies for a basic, stupid and rude mistake. I would not blame you if you walk away from me (though I hope you’ll find some forgiveness. (In terms Reggie should understand, I repent for my harsh words directed at you Harvard. No excuse!). Reggie, reread Harvard’s post #231…he is absolutely right…you should think through his words.
    And, Reggie: The Book does talk about circumstances like these, the bearing of false witness and outcomes. The consequences, in this case, have created a mess.

    Very sorry Harvard.

  180. Tsao-

    No worries. I wouldn’t let a little blowing off of steam get in the way all the kindness you have shown me. I’ve always valued you cared enough to be honest. That’s far more important than anything said in this insignificant dispute/misunderstanding.

  181. I’ve never thought much of the Get Out of Jail Free Card that so many of the uber Christians I have known tend to carry. I used to work with a physical therapist working for a rehab company that would blissfully spend the day fraudulently billing for his services while wearing a broad smile throughout the entirety of his crimes.

    When I called him on it he informed me that his sins had been washed away and he had been forgiven so anything he does on this Earth mattered not.

    Never could stand that guy.

  182. Hey guys my name used to be pUKe is the worst! I acted like a jerk a lot then. I dealt with a lot of anger issues and I’m still working on them. Some of those comments made were out of anger from my old name but some of them were not from me (remember some person who went around impostering people?). We all make mistakes and I have made a lot of them but God corrects me and I ask for forgiveness. I hope you guys will forgive me for making some dumb comments in the past but I know Jesus forgives me. Also, my dad has never read the scoop but he thinks I should take a break from it for awhile. So I won’t be on for several days maybe a week or so.

  183. Liar liar pants on fire….Satan’s fire.
    You speak of “then” as if it were months ago. It was two weeks. Correct yourself…God has enough narcissistic teenagers to fix..

    There are also mass killings of children in Syria, people eating off faces of other people, and random horrific shootings in Seattle(just to mention a few things God needs to work on and Jesus needs to grant forgiveness)….Nothing wrong with a little anger, but maybe you should try a to stop falling back on the Bible for your lazy misuse of truth.

  184. I guess I’m standing alone in my faith again.

    Again, I’m sorry I made dumb comments but I promise you some of them were from an imposter. I can’t remember but I think I was the one who wrote the thing about Collin Hartman though and I’m sorry.

    Harvard especially, you have made comments far worse than me. I’m not going to argue with you about this.

    Please just don’t go quoting others comments if you have made so many rude and offensive comments yourselves.

    I think you guys are forgetting I’m just a 15 year old kid. I don’t have time to respond to every comment because I’m so busy.

    Dustin should get another system so people can’t just use other people’s names all the time.

    email me

  185. I’m not blaming the Bible. I’m blaming myself! God has changed me in the last few weeks. It was nobodies fault but my own that I made those comments.

    You are forgetting Harvard that you made the comments about wanting Kelvin Samson back if Tom Crean and Hoosier Fans are Christians. Should a quote you or do you know what I’m talking about?

  186. I the words of Harvard for Hillbillies,

    “Wish we could run Crean and all these Jesus freaks(and anti-Jesus freaks) out of town. Bring back brazenness and foolishness and sin and chair-tossing and cussing out journalists..Tell the da.n Twitter worshipers stuck on Joyce Meyer and everything but hoops to just go f*ck themselves…

    If this is what Tom Crean’s magnetism is attracting to the Bloomington campus. then I’ll even take back Sampson and his parade of drug-taking, class-skipping, devil-thugs before having to listen to this sort of burdensome piling on of “Jesus loves you” guilt. Keep your blowhard opinions on afterlife and the proper way to live to yourself and let us sinners just enjoy the perversions of basketball minus all the pious preachy garbage in our ears.”

    Now do you guys think we should listen to a person who makes comments like this?

  187. Harvard’s comment was #147 on this post if you don’t believe me.

    Anyway, I am done with arguing about my faith with you guys. You have heard the truth. Many of you have rejected God and I feel sorry for you. It is just pointless to argue with some of you.

    I hope one day you guys will realize that Jesus loves you and wants you to join his kingdom.

    I’m taking a long break from the Hoosier Scoop.

    I’ll leave you with these words from John 3:16

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  188. I’m responsible for my words. I don’t use the Bible to soften my mistakes and cover my lies. Be responsible for yourself and be truthful. All you’re doing now is covering your ass in the name of Jesus.

  189. We haven’t rejected “God” crybaby, we’ve rejected condescending jackasses like you who talk down to everyone else saying YOU have ALL the answers.

    The second you PROVE you have “the truth” is the second I take your garbage seriously.

  190. So I was kind of hoping this thread would just go away after the IU-Kentucky story broke, but you guys are, well, pretty dedicated to this stuff. So let me make the incredibly obvious point.
    Reggie is 15. At 15, you don’t know what you don’t know, but you’re pretty certain you know everything, and that makes you just smart enough to get yourself in trouble. This is true no matter what side of every fence that you sit on at the time. You are old enough to form an opinion and even to eloquently defend it but nowhere near old enough to know exactly how many angles of the conversation you’re oblivious to.
    So how about we let Reggie be 15. And also Reggie, for future reference here and elsewhere, keep the above in mind.

  191. At 15 I was probably still playing with hot wheels. I did have my first encounter with true love while watching Barbara Eden on I Dream of Jennie(not to be confused with I Dream of Jehovah). I certainly didn’t run around explaining the meaning of life to my parent’s friends while changing my name and putting on a Halloween mask each time I was introduced to them.

    I would suggest that Reggie go out and shoot some hoops…build a model airplane…make a nice butternut squash and vanilla risotto to impress a young companion…pump some iron….Avoid showers with priests and coaches that had any affiliation with Penn State(They will not be forgiven for not spending enough time with hot wheels)…Search out Jamarcus Ellis and tell him Christ needs a forwarding address. Go on a crusade to stop the sins of Facebook and Twitter. Maybe just get some fresh air…Go fishing without someone telling you Jesus will forgive you for not catching anything. Waste a couple guilt-free minutes a day..You have way, way, way, way too much weight on your shoulders for a 15-year-old. Be a kid. Cherish it. It will be gone faster than God can strike me with lightening for attempting to corrupt your virgin innocent soul.

    You know what would really make me happy? Thank Laffy, Chet, Tsao, for being honest with you. They have given you their passionate hearts with no strings attached. They don’t care if they’ll be refused entrance into a kingdom for that honesty.

  192. When I was 16, my best friend had a Gran Torino…it was painted a very unassuming muddy green. It still never stopped us from fantasizing we were Starsky and Hutch. He was Starsk…I was Hutchinson.

    Peggy Lipton from Mod Squad was pretty damn hot.

    My buddy(Bill) also used to rebuild 60s T-Birds with his Dad. Stroh’s Beer…lots of Stroh’s beer.

  193. For those of you that don’t know of Mod Squad’s Peggy Lipton…Or maybe some dinosaurs like Harv that need a refresher…Is she not gorgeous?

    You might want to open that “cute” link, Laffy.

  194. 260? I believe we’ve surpassed Don Kessinger’s lifetime batting average.

    Hat’s off to Dustin.

    Good luck to you, Reggie. I say a lot of mean things. Whatever brings you happiness…I’m sure you’re a good kid.

  195. Are you sure? I can’t find anything on the internet that makes that connection…Wikipedia says her mother was an artist and her father a corporate lawyer.

    The seductiveness in her eyes provide endless riches to the heart.

  196. Hmmm, I have nothing definitive to confirm it other than having heard it said on television.

  197. Dustin, not sure why he gets a free pass for being “15” with your saying, “People don’t know what they know what they don’t know ” at that age.

    He sounds like exactly every other Thumper in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

    Those guys “think they know everything” too…..maybe even worse.

    If he’s going to “see the light” and open his mind at ANY time in his life, it’s now….before he’s COMPLETELY brainwashed.

  198. Neither.

    It’s impossible for him to save me with a fairy tale character from a book that does nothing but contradict himself.

    And it’s been my experience that the VAST majority of Jesus Freaks will NEVER change their minds because they are A) Too afraid of dying and B) They actually think THEY are God and it’s IMPOSSIBLE for them to be wrong.

  199. I can’t believe you guys! I didn’t mean to cause such an uproar over this. From now on I’ll try to just talk about the Hoosiers on this blog. Dustin, I’m 15 but why does that matter??? I get treated like an adult by almost everybody. Besides, I look like I’m 17 anyway.

  200. One’s real life is so often the life that one does not lead.
    Oscar Wilde

    Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.
    Oscar Wilde

    Hope that second quote doesn’t wake up Geoff’s wife.

  201. Funny, we are driving home from the Zac Brown Band concert and that made us both laugh… She thnks it’s funny she has made the Scoop (in a slightly annoyed sorta way)…

  202. My wife has recently attempted to enforce a “no blogging on the weekend” rule. If she catches me on Scoop, she shall remind me again of her powers.

  203. Stop the victim act, crybaby.

    And, you just got busted for lying……twice.

    Baby Jesus cries when you lie, Mr. Super Christian.

    You condescending to EVERYONE, even other Thumpers, so don’t whine when people come back after you.

    You admitted you catch hell for the same thing in high school so you lied when you said “most everyone else” treats you like an adult.

    If you wanted to be treated with respect, as an adult, you have to treat OTHERS that way too.

    Here’s a hint: It’s not by looking down your nose at everyone and telling them ONLY YOU have THE TRUTH.

    Here’s your second lie: you said you were leaving this place for a “long” time.

    Quit letting Satan run your life.

  204. ONLY JESUS IS THE TRUTH. Anyway, I don’t care what you guys say to me or think. I only care about what God thinks. You guys have nothing better to do than tell off a 15 year old. I’m done with arguing.

  205. More cry-baby victim crap.

    Quit hiding behind, “I’m only 15”, a$$wipe.

    And quit acting like you’re 5 years old with “I HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS” while CRYING you’re not treated as an adult.

    Oh…..and nice duck on your LYING you were “leaving for awhile” and never did.

    Baby Jesus hates liars, Mr. Fake Christian.

    If Jesus IS real, it’s losers like YOU that drive people AWAY from him.

    Not to him.

    Freaking ironic.

  206. I am beginning to think that Reggie isn’t actually a teenager… More like an odd troll who is either playing a role or getting a kick out of this. I just have a hard time believing anyone that says, “I think you guys are forgetting I’m just a 15 year old kid. I don’t have time to respond to every comment because I’m so busy.”

    And then, “Dustin, I’m 15 but why does that matter??? I get treated like an adult by almost everybody. Besides, I look like I’m 17 anyway.”

    It’s just fishy, and contradictive in nature, and weird, and fishy some more….

    However, Reggie, if you are indeed a 15 year old kid, a little lesson for the future. Don’t try to be persuasive and then end your argument with a dis-crediting statement like “I’m just a 15 year old kid.”

  207. Yeah, ‘ol Reggie can’t quite decide who he is.

    Man, Dustin, throw us a bone here. We dying for some content.

  208. I am 15, anyway I really have been busy. I’m a USSF Grade 8 Soccer Referee. I mow 5 lawns every week in my neighborhood. I play rec soccer in the spring. Play soccer for my school in the fall. I play pick up basketball all the time. I do weight lifting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I do a lot of activities with my Youth-group. I go fishing all the time, just caught a 18 lb flathead catfish in my neighborhood retention pond. I do a lot of things a normal kid would at the start of summer break. Why does it matter if I get on the Scoop every day or not? Anyway my mom limits my time on the computer, so even if I’m not busy I still can’t get on the Scoop sometimes.

  209. I’m starting to think that some of you regulars are Dustin or some other moderator in disguise. Anybody else suspicious about this too? Somebody said they aren’t who they say they are.

  210. How many times has Reggie, aka Mr. Fake Christian, said he’s “going away for awhile” yet posts non-stop?

    Dude, you’re busted.

  211. We are all lonely creatures of God. Though Reggie claims to be a very young man, he suffers from the same need for friendship and attention most here are seeking. Technology has isolated us from the world, but yet we seek in search of an ear that will truly give an ounce of sincere time to our thoughts.

    Maybe Reggie doesn’t get a lot of that at home, or at school, or on the soccer field. He’s been told a lot of things growing up and now he’s testing it in the private waters a most obscure place..I have a feeling he was in search of the reactions that came on Scoop in order to give some sort of verification his own doubts the totality and narrowness all things he has been pressured to accept. I have a feeling he has as many doubts all of us.

    Our fulfilled lives…our screaming into cyberspace our all-knowing “truths”…our searching of battles to win and jokes to bring some stranger a grin. It’s all reflective of a common thread this thread. Woven into these 288 posts of answers to all the problems the world is simply nothing more than hungry souls reaching out for recognition. The fact we are Hoosier fans gave us the common thoroughfare to open our hearts and unveil an innate desire to have the companionship of validation with no strings attached.

    On blogs we can be whatever..say whatever..pretend whatever without the crucifixions and judgments of those that thirst every chance to do so.

    Reggie is now an explorer and his fears cry out in his holding so tightly to the only thing he knows. Somewhere in that process of searching is a bit of braveness a look into a mirror he has up until now avoided. The fact he wants to stay amongst those that have been very hard on him tells me he has sensed we mean no true harm. On Scoop he is our equal. It’s intoxicating to be treated as an equal. It’s intoxicating to be heard.

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