Ferrell’s steal helps Indiana All-Stars survive Kentucky, 90-85

LOUISVILLE — Indiana signee Yogi Ferrell came through with a critical steal to stop a three-on-two break in the waning seconds of Friday night’s Indiana-Kentucky All-Star game, starting a fast break that led to a Glenn Robinson III dunk and eventually a 90-85 victory for the Indiana All-Stars.

Pike guard R.J. Hunter had just missed two free throws and Indiana was clinging to an 86-85 lead while Kentucky was running the break, but Ferrell slipped in under the bucket to steal a bounce pass from Kentucky’s Adam Wing. Ferrell then hit Michigan State signee Gary Harris with an outlet pass and Harris made a behind-the-back pass to Robinson in the lane for a dunk.

“I knew he was definitely going to pass that down,” Ferrell said of the final steal. “He had no other options. I just ran down the floor as quick as I could and I figured he’d pass it, so I just stole it.”

Ferrell also made a critical steal in the backcourt in a final minute and turned it into a 3-point play. He finished with 10 points and six assists against six turnovers.

Harris, a Hamilton Southeastern guard, led Indiana with 20 points, knocking down four of five 3-point attempts. Robinson added 13 and Hunter had 12. Indiana signee Ron Patterson of Broad Ripple had nine points and two assists. Indiana signee Jeremy Hollowell had two points and six rebounds, but was 1-for-6 from the field.

Nathan Dieudonne led Kentucky with 24 points while Tamron Manning scored 23.


  1. Nobody cares about this game anymore. Kentucky kids don’t go to UK. I’m beginning to feel a bit sorry for the Bluegraas boys when their major state university turns their back on them. Though most have little chance to play for the college sharing the name on their high school uniforms this All-Star rivalry contest with Indiana, they played their hearts out nonetheless.

    Not only did Crean’s best friend help destroy a rivalry, he’s actually made me think some of those hillbillies without a home university to call home have more character than I ever gave them the deserved credit.

    Guess it’s why they play the game..Guess it’s why no matter how stacked with talent your incoming recruiting class, there are no givens in the game of basketball.

  2. How was this game close? Kentucky has a kid going to Evansville and another to BU. The rest are going to schools you’ve never heard of or don’t have offers. Indiana should have been able to play 3 on 5 and win that game.

  3. Um because it’s playground basketball isn’t it?

    Throw together kids that haven’t developed a chemistry, put in an elementary school offense and defense, which doesn’t ever get run, and sub liberally so everyone gets minutes and few players get into a rhythm.

    Tough to predict what will happen in a game where you only know the individual talents and not how they mesh.

  4. Chet,
    You’re right, and they know that. There are a couple of players that Kentucky has that should have ended up in a better spot than they did. Dieudonne is pretty good, and Boston U is going to really like him. But there’s three issues. No. 1, it’s an all-star game, so they don’t shorten the rotation at all and everyone gets minutes. No. 2, you can only put five of them on the floor at the time. No. 3, Indiana figured they’d roll these guys and it showed. Kentucky wanted it so much more. For what it’s worth, though, they won because Harris and Ferrell decided they weren’t going to get beat and they turned it on at the end.

  5. I’m glad we didn’t get Derek Willis. He has dropped to a low 3 star recruit on espn’s rankings.

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