1. Watched a videotaped interview with Derek Elston on the Official IU Athletics site….He talks about his health/diet(getting leaner and meaner), confidence on the court, changes in his mindset(looking more forward than in the past) and the many different ways he can be utilized to help the team…..I found this statement interesting:

    “This year, I can kinda take over Matt Roth’s role, where I come in and kinda hit a couple big threes…”

    Though nothing has been officially announced, that seems to definitely suggest Roth is done as a Hoosier. Guess I was one of the few that thought he might be back for his final year of eligibility. Looks like Majerus may be getting one hell of an outside shooter added to his roster.

    Here’s the link to the interview(the Roth comment is made around the 4:12 mark)


    Elston sure sounds like a kid with sound values..Great young man to be representing Indiana.

  2. The Matt Roth situation is kind of like what the Peyton Manning situation was. We have known for a month or so that he is not coming back but it’s not 100% confirmed or official.

  3. If I’m the guy assigned to guard a leaner, meaner Elston coming off the bench his three point accuracy is probably the last thing I’m thinking about.

  4. If I’m a defender, and I’m being honest, I’m most afraid of the Tipton Tornado. It’s just a slap in the opposition’s collective faces…. haha

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