Fischer, Robinson in Top 100

It’s the silly season in recruit rankings as the July evaluation period begins, and this time it’s releasing its new top 100 rankings for the class of 2013.

A pair of Hoosier commits make the grade. Stanford Robinson is No. 54 overall and the No. 13 shooting guard in the class, while Luke Fischer ranks No. 74 overall and is the No. 10 center. Devin Davis and Collin Hartman are not in the top 100.

Among IU targets, BeeJay Anya leads the way at No. 20 overall and as the No. 1 center.  Kennedy Meeks is No. 40 and Marcus Lee No. 41, the Nos. 3 and 4 centers in the class. Semi Ojeleye is No. 34 overall and No. 8 small forward, while E.C. Matthews is No. 64 overall and the No. 16 shooting guard.


  1. Okay… New question…

    Who wins a best of seven series between these 2 teams and where would these teams be ranked nationally?

    C – Zeller
    PF – Perea
    SF – Hollowell
    SG – Hulls
    PG – Abell
    Bench – Patterson

    C – Jurkin
    PF – Watford
    SF – Sheehey
    SG – Dipo
    PG – Abell
    Bench – Elston

    I have both teams ranked in the top 25… But I won’t say who and where yet.

  2. Geoff, I thought maybe this was like girls’ hoops in Iowa, with Abell starting for both teams!

    Jeremy’s term ‘silly season’ is correct, but hey, let’s jump in anyway. From what I’ve seen of Devin Davis (admittedly not that much), he’ll be a beast on the boards, a good defender and probably develop into a relatively good scorer. So while he may not be in the Top 100, I think he’s going to really contribute.

    I don’t know enough about any of the other recruits to comment, except that lots of people think Crean should kick Hartman to the curb, a point of view with which I do not concur.

  3. Geoff-

    Very simple. Team Cream wins 9 out of 10(assuming the Yogi change). Switch Zeller with Jurkin and things could get more interesting.

    Not having Watford on Team Cream drops them out of the Top 10…I would rank Team Cream at #13. I don’t see Team Crimson ranked with such unproven ability in the middle and little punch from the perimeter(other than Watford). Remy is steadily improving, but I need a point guard with a little more versatility and scoring potential.

  4. Alright, enough of the teasing already!!! Let’s get the show on the road, still 3+ months till THE SEASON!

    Meanwhile, it’s Silva vs Sonnen II tomorrow night!!!

  5. Team Cream wins 6 out of 10. Zeller makes the difference in most of those games. But they’d all be tough games.

  6. Whoops! My bad (hey, it’s Friday). Only 7 games, so Team Crean wins 4 of 7.

  7. Basically, Hulls and Zeller versus every other starting caliber player. Crimson wins 4 of 7. Watford and Oladipo is tough to handle. I don’t think Jordy can stick with Yogi. Crimson comes in at #12 or so. Cream comes in at #18.

    I think the one factor that could swing both situations the opposite way is Hollowell. If he exerts a lot of effort, then swap what I said about Cream and Crimson. A big PG in Remy, a lethal scorer in Hollowell, and the best center in the country would be tough to stop.

  8. No one on the Crimson team can handle Zeller. And if they collapse on him, he kicks it out to one of the best three-point shooters in the country. Cream, 4 to 3.

  9. Cream goes 4-0…SWEEP. Other than Watford, where’s the shooters on Crimson? Your only hope is penetration…Not gonna happen with Perea and Cody owning the paint.

    I put Cody on Yogi and watch Crimson go home crying.

    I believe either team could beat Kentucky an hour after the Cream vs. Crimson scrimmage.

  10. Harvard – I’m not saying that Crimson wins, but I submit that Sheehey is an above average jump shooter and Elston hit 55% of his 3’s last year. I also think this team would be able run pretty effectively with Yogi, Dipo and Will. Watford and/or Elston would keep at least one of the bigs out of the paint allowing slightly easier penetration from Dipo and Yogi. Plus the relentless defensive pressure those 2 could provide wont make easy on Abell and Hulls. I think it’s quite a bit closer than you think Harvard.

  11. I haven’t seen enough of Hollowell and Patterson…Maybe you’re right. Maybe Cream team wins 4-1.

    I still don’t think Dipo and Yogi are equivalent to VCU pressure(which Abell handled exceptionally well for a freshman).

    Let Elston play a bit of post and keep Jurkin on the bench..Jurkin is no use to your Crimson team as a starter(the added size won’t make a difference with Perea and Cody). Elston gives you more versatility and I doubt you lose anything on defense.

    I think you’re devaluing Abell a bit much. I think a lot of people are playing his talents down(likely as a method to justify his being forced off the roster due to the scholarship pinch).

    Lastly, I think the contest is much more even if you remove Jurkin from your Crimson roster(start Elston) and have Roth as your 6th man.

    Hey, it was fun. It was a form of healthy speculation. The advantage both teams have is there is no guy on either roster that likely creates a dysfunctional aura to the chemistry. All Hoosiers are fine young men. I’ll only leave you with a song.

  12. I’ll take Cream 4-1 too. If you want to make it fair, Zeller, Perea, Abell, Hulls and a blogger.

    I am hoping for a huge season, but hope we don’t all weigh these guys down with massive expectations.

    It’s great to have the Hoosiers back on top. I think it would be good for all of us to remember what the last few teams’ players and coaches have been through to get us here! I’ve been in the Hall for all of them. The effort was always exciting even though the wins weren’t there.

    Now let’s get it on. Oh wait football season first.

  13. Obviously Zeller is a huge advantage, but I still think you’re selling Crimson short. Besides the center position one could easily argue that Red has the edge at PF, SF, PG, and bench. And then a push at SG. That’s 4.5 checkmarks to 1.5 for Crimson. Of course Cody counts for about 3 checkmarks himself, but that math still puts them slightly behind in talent.

    Post play – Cream
    Post defense – Cream
    Rebounding – Cream
    Perimeter shooting – even
    FT shooting – Cream
    Perimeter defense – Crimson
    Transition – Crimson
    Penetration – Crimson
    Experience – Crimson (2 Sr, 2, Jr)

    You’re gonna have to sell me harder Harvard.

  14. Why can we even have this fun little discussion?

    One very obvious answer: Zeller.

    You think he was nearly unstoppable last season? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I don’t care if you throw the entire kitchen sink at Team Cream. You’re putting a raw freshman against one of the best post players in the country. If we just get the damn ball up court, you’re doomed.

    Yes, I know. You need more individual match up scenarios. I don’t need them. The only reason you don’t currently see a 6th banner hanging in Assembly is because zebras took Zeller immediately out of the game in Atlanta. If you’re bringing those crappy officials to our scrimmage, I still don’t see Team Crimson reaping the rewards.

    Answer this question: Where are the Hoosiers ranked without Cody Zeller? Yes, he is that big of a difference-maker. I wouldn’t doubt if Crean lets him play a bit of point guard next year..I’m sure you’ve heard the stories how he grew up on playing the guard position before his growth spurt. He’ll be quicker..He’ll be stronger..He’ll be more <a href=";>versatile..He’ll start to take his game further outside and sometimes stretch out his range to the deep baseline..He’ll likely start draining 3-pointers with better accuracy Yogi(I’m not convinced Ferrell has much of an outside touch).

    Are you convinced yet? Of course not.

  15. No Harvard, I am. He’s that good. The only comparison I can think of is Tim Duncan (who stayed for four years, nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

    The difference being, Tim didn’t have any other players around him. None. If Cody wants to hang around (and I am not at all certain he won’t) I could see 3 banners going up.

    Think about this. His money is always gonna be there. He’s already got a 20 million dollar insurance policy (you think he doesn’t?). He LOVES being a college student. If he wins even a couple banners he is right up there with Bobby Plump and Milan.

    Don’t think it could happen?

  16. I gave more than individual match-ups Harvard. Btw, I dot think Zeller was instoppable by any stretch of the imagination. He really struggled against some guys. I think he’ll be measurably better this year. I think without him they aren’t any better than 15-25 in the country. That’s why he only got one other rotation guy from last year on his squad.

    Chet, actually Duncan had Randolph Childress for 2 years, who was an All-american in Timmy’s soph year and a 1st round draft pick.

  17. I rarely saw a game last year where Zeller was stymied for 40 minutes. And I’m not sure if he ever forced the issue to the point of careless desperation to be as totally unstoppable as he may have been capable. He played smart and far beyond anything I’ve seen a typical freshman.

    That’s what impressed me the most about Cody..Totally unstoppable? Obviously some exaggeration there..But here’s the key: whenever things weren’t going solidly his way(usually early on in a game), he always seemed to keep his head, play within his abilities(let the game come to him), and prove a level of court waviness that few post players possess when only into the infancy their college career. Zeller could take a difficult assignment and eventually figure out the vulnerabilities in the defender or the defensive schemes as a whole..I’m sure a lot of that credit should go to Crean, but Zeller was not your typical freshman. Very, very, cerebral force complimenting his ‘nearly unstoppable’ basketball skills unique to a man his size(e.g. his ability to be in a fastbreak under control). Even in rare instance he was slowed because of overwhelming focus the defenses attention, or extra physical aggressiveness in an attempt to rattle his cage, he showed almost zero frustration. Even if he lost some battles on the stat sheet, he never lost the composure battle.

    I’m not going to spend too much time on the categorical elements. Much of those comparisons can change through the flow of the game. Much can be based on foul situations and strategies that require adapting to constantly changing circumstances on the floor that will never play out by staring at a head-to-head lineup/roster sheet.

    The game is not a stagnant fossil to look at under a microscope. Basketball is a living organism and each game presents a different strange set of molecular changes as different variables interact.

    I’ll only bother with one of your categories at this time(It’s getting late and I have pictures to doctor). Lets talk a little perimeter shooting…I don’t see it so obviously in favor of Crimson. Without Zeller, you lose the comfort level to pull guys away from the basket(Elston and Watford are forced to be more interior players on Crimson). Jurkin will likely get in foul trouble…Someone must collapse into the middle of Crimson’s offense and take on some post responsibility(if nothing else than for sake of decent spacing). Can Yogi get free enough without that interior threat? Does Watford have as many looks without a Hulls and Roth lurking the perimeter.
    Watford and Elston can shine on that team if you were playing Horse. Unfortunately for Team Crimson, the rather lest than supreme passing and creative abilities in terms of movement when the ball gets fed into the post(Elston/Jurkin) will make for stagnancy on the perimeter and allow for a ton of cheating on defense. What if Team Cream goes into a zone? Isn’t your post players ability one of the essential tools in helping break a zone? It looks good on paper, Geoff. Games aren’t played on paper. They’re played in constant mix a team of intersecting and unpredictable elements on hardwood. More upperclassman on Team Crimson doesn’t necessarily equate to more maturity, chemistry, and basketball IQ on the floor. I think they generally refer to those immeasurable qualities(personality, composure, chemistry, intelligence, determination)as the “intangibles.” I also like Team Crean in the greatest category every game; that which will never be recorded but only remembered.

  18. Geoff, you’re right about Childress, of course, but his junior and senior seasons the only other decent player Wake Forest had was Loren Woods. Tim’s senior year Woods was a freshman, though, and they basically played the same position. His junior and senior year it was basically Tim Duncan and some forgettable guys.

  19. Geoff-

    My mistake, man..You had perimeter shooting even. I skimmed by that list of yours too damn fast..Looking at it again, I realize you had ‘perimeter defense’ in favor of Crimson and not ‘perimeter shooting.’

    Wouldn’t be surprised if ‘penetration’ is very close to even. Patterson and Abell may shut much of it down. Even if Yogi gets by his primary, Team Cream has some very athletic stoppers paired up in the middle. Abell is big strong guard. Maybe Yogi eats him alive…Maybe not. Remy has a lot of coolness about him. He’s not the type of kid that will shy from the challenge.

    Upon closer examination, maybe it isn’t so cut-and-dry as I presume. That’s what I love about hoops..It never fails to surprise or humble when so many the overlooked factors in any game can turn predictions and expectations upside down. I try to believe I’ve got a decent handle on it a times, but I’ll contentedly admit that my view the action is often clouded because I’m primarily sucked into the artistry, personalities, chemistry, and the often crazy pivotal momentum swings in a game..It keeps the game in constant romantic tease and leaves me affixed and addicted into watching.

    If you say Crimson has a good shot, then I’ll respect your opinion as likely more accurate. Your view is more grounded in sound history when formulated aside observation and projected comparisons. Your personal depth and submersion into playing/coaching likely far exceeds my own detailed or applied understanding. I only played organized basketball for a freshman year in high school.

    All Harvard has in his corner is the many years of watching..Not much else…Basketball never stops leaving me in a happy stupefied treasure hunt for a search the unlikely and improbable gray I love to witness tip the scales and riddle the experts.

    Very few predicted the Indiana Hoosiers would even flirt with 22 wins last season(nudge, nudge, wink, wink..back at ya, Chet). Very few thought they would be a top 10 team by mid-December(nudge, nudge, wink, wink,…again) Very few thought we were capable of upsetting Kentucky and other top-ranked teams that we will now get to share same bull’s-eye on our backs this fall.

    Have you seen the movie Cyrus? Now on my list of favorite films. Wonderful acting. And how can anyone not enjoy the heart-melting eyes of Marisa Tomei?

  20. I’m right there with you, Harvard. That’s why I enjoy Geoff’s insights so much. While some folks bemoan his analysis it has helped me, after all these years of watching the game, enjoy it even more. I see things I never used to see.
    My wife hated football when we got married. She now enjoys it because she can appreciate what she is watching, and it only took 27 years of marriage.

  21. Thanks Chet! My wife still can’t stand watching sports… (sorta weird to me since she was a cheerleader all the way through college)

    Harvard – I don’t think that a team needs an offensive post presence to be successful. Syracuse was a 1 seed with a sub-par offensive center in Fab Melo (7.8 ppg). They ran, attacked the rim, and shot from the perimeter. Florida and Marquette were teams that were high seeds that didn’t have offensive post presences.

    With the Crimson team I would play a 4-out with a roaming screener (Jurkin), or an interchangeable motion offense when PJ was on the bench. I’d also put in screen-and-pop wrinkles for Watford and Elston whenever Dipo or Yogi had the ball in the second half of the shot clock. I’d love to see how Perea handled ball screen situations believing I could take advantage of that for at least a couple of the games. My goal with this team would be to create tempo and get pentration kick-outs for open looks. A big part of my offense would be transition and semi-transition 3’s – especially finding our trailing 4’s after collapsing and scrambling the defense.

    If Cream went into a zone I think that plays into Crimson’s hands. In general, the way to bust a zone is with penetration, ball-movement, and perimeter shooting – not post play. Teams more often go into a zone to encourage perimeter shooting, or because the other team has a great offensive post presence that the defense can’t handle man-to-man. If any team were to play zone I think it would be Crimson packing it in on Zeller, giving extra attention to Hulls where ever he is, and making Abell and the freshman beat them.

    I don’t want you to misunderstand this as me rooting for the Red team, or thinking they have the advantage, but simply as looking at it from a game-planning perspective. If I were the coach I’d feel confident if we executed this… Always easier said than done.

  22. I still think a great post player can help collapse the zone. Pulling Jurkin outside will crowd your spacing and take away the perimeter speed advantage you possess. Zeller and Perea have no reason to follow a center that possesses zero scoring threat. Would you follow Pritch 6 ft. outside the paint?

    Penetration is only as successful the second option(Jurkin moving out provides no second option). I think Hollowell, Perea, and Zeller are plenty quick and long enough to cheat, cut off the passing lanes, and still recover(swat anything away Yogi thinks slightest crack to get up on the glass).

    My wife also completely despises watching any sports on TV. My passion is a lonely one. She’s really quite the contradiction…She is an exercise junkie..weights, running, zumba class, elliptical class(I think that’s what they call stationary cycling now), 2-days per week boxing class…If she’d had the same desires to put her body into world class shape in her teens, she’d likely be 5-time Olympian.

    I pick up a basketball once every couple months to just keep the the old mahogany decks their natural and lovely patina ..Put to test the long range cannons …Wait the foolish newcomers that judge too prematurely these sails while luring in close in the disguise my true firepower capable in any hoops’ waters..Keep the plodding and aged Harvard vessel ready for battle against the fast maneuvering youthful ships that bring crisp white sails and cockiness(Geoff) more than the craftiness built upon countless engagements a sea of challengers as naive long sunk.

    Let’s just put it this way…Not every Admiral to be that tamed the classroom can also master the wayward and unsettled sea.

  23. I wonder if putting Cody in the PF slot would work out for Team Cream? Sorta throw a Watford wrench into the challenges Team Crimson has in just worrying about Jordy from the perimeter. I bet Cody could drain the 3-pointers at a surprising rate..And who the hell is going to block him…..?

    Cody already demonstrated he’s a pretty damn good shooter from the stripe…I have a feeling he can move out along the baselines and pose quite the outside shooting threat. I’m pretty sure he demonstrated the ability to hit the long range shot in high school. He didn’t have much chance to show that aspect of his game when the Hoosiers didn’t have the added size with athleticism around the rim that will be brought to the table this year(Perea and Jurkin). As I said a few posts back; you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    It will be interesting to see if Crean expands Cody’s role to get Perea on the floor more(a bit of insurance policy in experience due to the very real chance Zeller bites on the NBA enticements).

  24. Go to the 1:00 mark of this clip.

    See, it’s there. You just haven’t seen it launched yet. That should keep Team Crimson and Pogo Yogi more honest, give Jordy a few more looks…. and Abell a bit more of a penetrating lane.

    Perimeter shooting – Cream

  25. Harvard – you are misunderstanding me a little (I think)… I won’t go into more boring detail than I already have, other than to say I wouldn’t use Jurkin as a ball screener. His role would be to get guys open off the ball. If his man doesn’t follow him out to help on the screens then guys will have multiple reads to come off clean for an open shot. Elston and Watford would be the ball-screeners and if their men don’t come out its gonna be a long night…

    On penetrate and kick offense I’ll take my chances with freshman playing great help-and-recover defense… You have 2 above-average (IMO) penetrators in Yogi and Dipo kicking to 3 above-average perimeter shooters who are all 6’6″ or taller in Sheehey, Watford, and Elston. That size certainly makes it easier to shoot over a recovering defender, and it’s often the turning down of the first shot to get an even cleaner look on the next pass that kills the defense.

    Perimeter shooting… The 3 primary shooters for Crimson went 86-195 (44%) last year against D1 competition. Cream has the best shooter, and Abell was good in a very small sample size (6-15), but everyone else is unproven. The best you’re gonna get there is “even”.

  26. Elston’s sample set was also pretty small. Elston’s sample set is only one more 3-pointer than Abell per every 2.5 games(29 and 16 attempts respectively for the season..13 more attempts over approx. 34 games). Crean has commented recently on his Twitter page that Abell’s shooting is showing marked improvement. Abell also hit a high pressure three in a very big road game. Though we all remember Watford’s momentous make against Kentucky, I think everyone will likely admit he was streaky from the outside. Watford’s overall 3-point percentage for last season was at 43.7%. His true value is his versatility..If he draws the foul going into the middle, he’s money from the stripe.

    I’m not sure if it’s such a good strategy to think you’ll mainly run Elston and Watford off screens on the perimeter and find success. I still think you need a true ball-handler that can also be a legit outside threat.

    Sheehey only shot 38% from 3-pt. land. Oladipo shot 20% on his 3-pt. attempts(he’s a pro if he can fix it). Yogi? Great penetration skills, but the little chance I got to watch him in games on TV, he didn’t overly impress with his jump shot. Maybe it’s better than what I’ve witnessed.

    I suspect Hollowell and Patterson, even as freshman, may give me some added jump shooters and possible outside threat on Team Cream. Outside of Watford(streaky) and Elston(relatively small sample set and unproven in pressure moments), you basically have a completely raw guy in the middle, penetrators(that must get through Zeller and Perea) and bricklayers.

    I love Watford and Elston, but I’m not sure you’ll witness anywhere near the same success(open looks) they had last year without a premier inside threat(Zeller) and the added outside punch two of the top 3-pt shooters in the nation(Hulls and Roth). Yogi certainly brings in an added element lacking(elite speed and crafty penetration), but I’m doubtful it’s enough when taking away so much leadership and balance off your roster.

    I still going with Team Cream 4-1(unless Jurkin is a huge and unexpected surprise). It’s a novice opinion without the chalkboard expertise…It’s just my gut feeling.

  27. You guys talking about pickup games made me want to share this tidbit. I’ve frequently mentioned my cabin, which is my dream house. It’s my last house if I have any say about it.

    We ‘downsized’ to it as the kids headed off to college. We had ‘the big house’ as they were growing up. It was too much, I admit. One of the options I insisted upon when building it was a full sized, lighted basketball court. Okay, it wasn’t truly full sized, it was 60 feet in length but it was a full 50 feet in width (and that’s what matters). Beside the basketball lines it was striped out for volleyball as well. Man, the Sunday afternoon games we had (including the day I ruptured my achilles).

    It’s amazing how much fun a big slab of concrete can be.

    The ironic thing was, while all my kids played basketball, it wasn’t their best sport for any of them.

  28. Yep… Nothing like wrestling on a 50×60 concrete slab…

    “only” 38%… That is definitely above average. 44% is considerably above average.

    Dipo doesn’t need to improve his jump shot to be an effective pro. The mold has already been cast – Tony Allen. Same player.

    The important thing is that I understand what I’d do offensively if coaching the Red. I can’t do an entire chalkboard session on the 4-out, drive-and-kick offense I run. It isn’t running Elston and Watford off screens all day though. It’s perfect for the personnel on the Crimson squad and it would be a bitch to guard. A veteran team would pick up the principles pretty quickly. If they get comfortable with the nuances by the 4th or 5th game White is in for a serious battle.

    I’m a little surprised at the ease with which you are desecrating some of your beloved young Hoosier men. I haven’t said a single disparaging thing about Cream in my assessment. Just pointed out their fatal flaw may be inexperience relative to the veteran Crimson team.

    I think the final outcome is a 4-3 series, but I’m not saying which way yet. I have now talked myself into thinking Crimson has a slight advantage, so I have to spend a little more thought on my Cream gameplan before making a final decision.

  29. You’re beginning to go down that usual road of condescension, Geoff.

    I’ve given my opinion. I’m relatively content with my assessment the pretend match-up of no imaginary consequence.

    You can continue to play with it if you want, but from my perspective, it’s beginning to look like the manifestation an unresolved childhood gratification disorder. Watching at this point seems rather perverse.

  30. And I’m more than a little pissed off at this statement:

    “I’m a little surprised at the ease with which you are desecrating some of your beloved young Hoosier men.”

    I took a lot of time to go back over my posts and search for all the terrible desecrating things I said about ‘my’ beloved young Hoosier men..Kinda a weird statement in itself because it smells of cynicism(by way of saying “your Hoosiers”) as my love less sincere than your own. Anyway, outside of the real doubts about Jurkin and referring to him a “raw” and possibly not bringing anymore basketball skills that Tijan Jobe, here’s the statements I found to be so horribly dishonorable and damaging ‘my’ beloved Hoosiers:

    the rather lest than supreme passing and creative abilities in terms of movement when the ball gets fed into the post(Elston/Jurkin)

    More upperclassman on Team Crimson doesn’t necessarily equate to more maturity, chemistry, and basketball IQ on the floor.

    I think everyone will likely admit he(Watford) was streaky from the outside*

    I love Watford and Elston, but I’m not sure you’ll witness anywhere near the same success(open looks) they had last year without a premier inside threat(Zeller) and the added outside punch two of the top 3-pt shooters in the nation(Hulls and Roth)

    *Let’s keep in mind that I followed the statement about Watford’s ups and downs by saying his “true value is his versatility.” I never stopped beating that drum last year when others were throwing the guy under a bus. I forever defended his effort when others were implying he was lazy and lacked heart. I continually claimed the Hoosiers were finally going to see the value his versatility with our new All-American post player in the middle.

    Final Thoughts:

    And Chet, was I not all over Geoff with compliments in post #22? You seemed to have no problem recognizing it in reading your additional words in post #23. So what does Geoff do in response? He comes back to only thank you(with a big exclamation mark, no less) when I’m the guy that initiated the compliments. Am I the only one that recognizes the obvious roadblock in his noggin when it comes to Harvard’s viewpoints? My opinion is invalidated even when it’s recognizing how insightful his own ideas. He takes his last dig at me by insinuating I’m desecrating the names of fine Hoosiers(‘my’ Hoosiers) because I’m positioning my arguments that claim Zeller made a lot of guys more capable of exploiting their skill sets…Is it so horrible to think Zeller helps hide deficiencies and enables others to play within their true strengths? Must I be crucified for believing no Bobby Knight chalkboard or analysis a genius basketball mind with mountain’s worth offensive and defensive “gameplans” can hide, replace, or trivialize the rare moment in history, amongst decades and decades of recruits, a Hoosier team fortunate enough to have the type of impact player that can lift a program from complete irrelevance to instant prominence? Christ, give Zeller three girl scouts and Yogi and we likely beat half the teams in the country.

  31. If you say Crimson has a good shot, then I’ll respect your opinion as likely more accurate. Your view is more grounded in sound history when formulated aside observation and projected comparisons. Your personal depth and submersion into playing/coaching likely far exceeds my own detailed or applied understanding. I only played organized basketball for a freshman year in high school.

    All Harvard has in his corner is the many years of watching..Not much else…Basketball never stops leaving me in a happy stupefied treasure hunt for a search the unlikely and improbable gray I love to witness tip the scales and riddle the experts.

    Did those two paragraphs not completely concede the WORTHLESSNESS MY crappy crystal ball, romantic BLOW, and novice eye when compared to the undeniable WORTHINESS/i> GEOFF’S unique understanding ALL the facets HIS ONLY GAME provided to us basketball-challenged children of his classroom that would otherwise live in TOTAL ignorance all the nuances of hoops we are now so blessed to NOW notice in HIS presence? …JESUS take the wheel!!…Geoff is speaking! (Yes, there was a good amount of sarcasm there).

  32. Sorry, I thought we were having fun… I was just passing time. My comment was in jest Harvard, basic sarcasm because I know how die hard you… I thought it was transparent. My bad.

  33. Gotcha! Total fun! I thoroughly enjoy elevating you to Hoops King of Scoop…Those last three posts were wrapped in a roll of Cling Wrap…Pure cellophane around one obnoxious mega dump…Man, you’re just too easy. No, my bad.

    I’m no die-hard. I’m fickle as a Sampson thug fart. Here’s a supreme example of 37 comments on one thread proving a true die-hard fan.

  34. Geoff
    Friday, March 23, 2012 – 11:29 PM EDT

    I’ll add another…

    Stop raising up on shot fakes at the 3-pt line. If they want to shoot that shit LET THEM!

    Hand up but knees bent and in defensive position. Then REBOUND!

    Friday, March 23, 2012 – 11:30 PM EDT


    Friday, March 23, 2012 – 11:33 PM EDT

    Dipo was fouled on both lay-ups…

    CATCH THE BALL CODY!!!!!!!!!!

    You should really get off the backs ‘your beloved Hoosiers.’ They were playing a very, very, skilled team and it’s a total disservice to their great season to trivialize victories and losses on luck and whistles(much like you did their original win against UK at Assembly). Gameplans? That’s a laugher. We all know gameplans find final rest in the back pocket a zebra. Right? Only luck made it possible for us to beat Kentucky and OSU in Assembly… And only the same stupid blow that pretends to blame officials in March redeems your “die-hard” foolishness in December when you refused to admit you didn’t give the Hoosiers “on paper” their just due.

  35. Ah yes, the pre-swear-protection days… I remember them fondly. Sorry for ruining it for everyone.

  36. Chet-

    Hilarious. You never cease to find the perfect one-liner. Do you still like Team Cream or did Geoff sweep you off your feet into his beloved Crimson camp? Let’s Review: Peter Jurkin + penetration + experience = Geoff’s night life.

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