Hoosiers offer 2016 center DeRon Davis

Indiana has already made its second scholarship offer to a player about to enter ninth grade. DeRon Davis, a 6-foot-8 center who played at the Adidas Invitational in Indianapolis for the Colorado Hawks, received a scholarship offer Monday. Hawks coach Art Willliams confirmed the offer to the Herald-Times.


  1. The thing is, I understand he’s 6’8″ and he won’t shrink, but my experience as a coach is, the kid who was really physically mature in the 8th grade may not continue to outpace the other kids. The kid who is 5’10 and 170lbs who dominates everyone in the 8th grade may end up being 5’11” and 172lbs in the 12th grade.

    Just food for thought and nobody pays me the big bucks.

  2. Can we un-offer in the 10th grade if he ends up sucking?

    I gave an early offer to my wife… And she wouldn’t even give me a verbal commitment for 5 years. She said something about being a better listener – maybe I don’t know, I was watching College basketball. I want to say she also commented about me having to mature a little, but it was tough to make out a the last word cuz I belched.

  3. I agree with you Chet, and I would add the impact it will have psychologically on the kid. We are giving these kids an importance, a stature and a skewed view of their own importance that can not possibly be constructive. Let them be a kid, at least until they are of driving age.

    Personally, I understand the why from CTC’s point of view; but, as a father (of two who were Div. 1 level athletes) it would concern me greatly. Let them be kids, allow the family to have the space and raise them on their own terms. I hope CTC rethinks the approach. If the NCAA really cares about the kids it would prohibit any contact before these kids enter the junior year of high school. (They could scout them but have no contact with them until then).

    We need to take control of Div.1 athletic programs and focus back; the shameful scandal at Penn State was a product of the vicious weight allowed an unaccountable athletic program. While the incident involved one degenerate doggie, the entire atmosphere was like trying to control a fire by blowing oxygen on it.

    It disturbs me as well.

  4. Not sure to what degree BK was recruiting Damon in junior high. I know he said he knew of a kid in the seventh grade ‘who could play college ball right then (I’m paraphrasing)’, but I do not know if he recruited or offered him before his junior year. The issue (along the lines stated by Chet)was reflected in Damon and his eventual career as well.

    I did not and (projecting forward) do not feel any different. Beyond scouting, IMO, D1 programs should stay away from any contact or recruitment of high school players until their junior year in HS. What would be the harm to the kid?

  5. I agree; offering at such early ages is a bad idea.

    It simply cannot be good for a kid’s development. Star athletes have enough trouble with the adulation that is heaped upon them. A 2016 kid is REALLY young. We know very well that the brain structures that would help a person absorb this level of attention without negative consequences on his ability to relate to others are not yet well-formed in a 13 or 14 year old. It’s a major part of why kids are, well, immature. It’s a major part of why middle school is such a Lord of the Flies horror for the vast majority of kids, even the “popular” ones.

    Moreover, projecting the future basketball ability of an 8th grader is tough, to put it charitably, especially one who is so tall. And this is not even an Indiana kid, where you at least can count on the fact he’ll be drilled and drilled and drilled in the fundamentals over the next few years.

    Just like over-signing, this is an unnecessary practice by Crean, given the downside. Indiana is recruiting plenty well enough now to not have to go down this road.

    Since I’m standing at the suggestion box, I’ll also say that I’m also a little troubled by the growing focus on likely one-and-done kids that seems to be coupled with a diminishing focus on Indiana kids. The fundamental skills of Indiana HS recruits tend to make them better than their “ranking,” which is based on summer league play, and Indiana kids should always be the bread and butter of IU…there is A LOT of talent in the next few classes. Just ask John Belein. The strategy should be to look outside Indiana when the talent is NOT there; not when it is there, which it most definitely is right now.

    Anyway, at the least, Crean needs to step back from the early offering.

  6. Name me a post player in the 2016 class from Indiana that has more potential than Davis. Coach Crean is staying well within the rules. To back off any recruiting per say would jeopardize the level of the program to PSU, Illinois or PUke stature. The parents and coaches of these kids still are responsible for their “tudes” coming from so called adulation. Would I prefer the recruiting situation scene be different, sure but it is not. I am just damn glad we have a HC who actually knows how to recruit. If we did not want these results then we should have kept MD and saved a whole bunch of cash. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

  7. There is a kid in town that was the western North Carolina football player of the year. A 6’4″, 230lb pro style quarterback with a real cannon. On the hardwood he averaged 27 and 8.
    For a couple years there was lots of talk about who was ‘recruiting’ him. Some really big names, mostly in football.
    At the end of the day, no D1 scholarship was ever offered. He got DII offers but he wants to play in prime time. It sounds like his coach muddled things to some extent. There was also talk about everyone wanted a running (i.e. ‘spread’) QB. I don’t know the true story.

    He’s gonna walk on at East Carolina.

    These kids better be careful until they have a bird in hand. Those birds in the bush aren’t worth much.

  8. I know that college BB is as popular as it has ever been & that fact alone makes for more competition amongst DI schools to recruit the great talent. Recruiting has always been that ‘the early bird gets the worm’. In MHO I do worry about the kid that looks like a stud in 8th grade but never matures mentally or physically down the road. The ‘art’ of recruiting & seeing talent encompasses some many aspects to identify or project DI contributors. There may be some wisdom to say a kid cannot commit until he is a sophomore in HS. Any one have any names in mind that DID NOT pan out in college but were committed in Jr. High?

  9. Without disputing that offering a ‘rising freshman’ a scholarship seems a bit silly:

    Guest, we have lots of Indiana players on the team this year, two committed to sign this fall (one of which some reactionists think we should de-offer), two committed the next year and so on. I absolutely, positively agree with you that Indiana kids should be the primary focus. But I think that is the focus, so I’m not concerned with any kind of neglect of that focus on Crean’s part.

    For numbers, this year we have Hulls, Elston, Zeller, Etherington,Ferrell, Patterson, Hollowell as native Hoosiers on the team; and Perea as a transplanted Hoosier. We’ve got Davis, Hartman, Lyles and Blackmon committed. That’s 12 Indiana players, and that’s what I like to hear!

  10. I agree with a little bit from everyone here. If we don’t offer now, we may not get him as many kids have said the school that offers early has the best chance of landing a kid. Crean is playing by the rules. On the other hand, 8th grade is too early and I think Junior year is too late. Let them offer in 10th grade after coaches have a couple AAU seasons and at least 1 high school season to evaluate. Slime ball Calipari seems to do well waiting to offer kids. I know the comparison isn’t exactly the same, but once we start winning consistently, then maybe things will change and we can land studs later in the recruiting game.

  11. Do the names Lyles and Blackmon ring a bell? Lyles would have a 100 offers by now and Blackmon sans injury would have 25. Blackmon’s 2 youngest brother in the 6th or 7th grade wouls receive an offer right now if CTC could and his middle brother, a freshman to be, will likely receive an offer soon. Its all good.

  12. I can’t drive for another year and a half but I’m being recruiting by some Div. 3 and NAIA schools for soccer and loving it! I would love to receive a full ride offer from Taylor University. I would commit in a heartbeat! NCAA and NAIA soccer is a little bit weird because a lot of the players are on partial scholarships. Many walk-ons are key contributors too! Most NCAA soccer teams have very small recruiting budgets. I’m really just hoping to be on a partial scholarship at a small school or be a walk-on at IU. Coach Todd Yeagley really is a great coach and it would be awesome to play for him as a walk-on.

  13. IU should have a national championship by then…If IU wins its great…if they don’t its not.

  14. I too have mixed emotions on this subject. Sounds like the only way this tendency is going to change is for the NCAA to change the rules, by mandating that below a certain age, it is a rules violation for a school to make a kid an offer. What would that age limit be? Would it solve the problem or simply push behavior under the table?

    Remember, when Crean addressed this issue some months ago, he argued that it was in fact a good thing and that college coaches could and did play a valuable role in mentoring the kid with regards to academic performance, staying out of trouble, etc, etc. Although I still don’t like offers going to kids just out of Junior High, I remember thinking there was some merit in Crean’s argument. Especially when you consider the percentage of boys growing up in single-parent households, I could see the relationship to an ethical coach being valuable to a teenager’s overall development.

    In a perfect world, according to my traditional perspective, this tactic would not be necessary. But this is far from a perfect world and its getting less perfect every day. Maybe, just maybe, the positives associated with early offers outweigh the negatives.

    My oldest daughter received her first DI full-ride scholarship offer as a sophomore in High School, which back then, was, as we were told, most unusual (but then, so was her ability). After she received it, she was, all at the same time, excited, flattered, and anxious. It was an acknowledgement of her athletic prowess on the field, but at the same time, from her immature perspective, she was anxious and she started to feel pressure about making decisions about where she wanted to attend college. And she did not have a clue how important soccer was going to be relative to the other criteria involved in selecting a college. In the end, it worked out, but I think her Mom and I had a lot to do with helping her maintain a proper perspective, keeping her feet on the ground and focused on what was important. Ironically, she received more scholarship offers in her last semester of High School than she did in the time between receiving her first offer and the beginning of her last semester in High School. The team that offered first was not amongst her four finalists.

  15. I agree this is way too much pressure on a teenager at this age. Gee, as an 8th grader & beoyond now he MUST now PERFORM & WO A DOUBT PERFORM or it’s failure!!! Sorry CTC, this disturbs me!!!!

  16. Revel in the joy for the tidal wave of top talent on the heals of Crean’s first masterful ‘Movement’ after Cody decided to wear the Cream and Crimson. Now, with our surprising Sweet 16 run, Crean’s highly anticipated ‘Second Movement’ has begun.

    Pack into the theater our regained relevancy with all those now wanting a ticket this marvelous production of a restoration.

    Rejoice! If a toddler wants to be a Hoosier by the day any future movement of a masterful symphony composed by our world renowned recruiter, then I say who are we to stop the inspiration of every last one in becoming part of his “Because it’s Indiana” score?!! Let the young prodigy play his hoops violin with dreams of McCracken now his Carnegie Hall..If Carnegie was calling your own little 6th-grade Beethoven to his/her dream would you be so inclined to stand in the way? We are now the Julliard of Hoops! Do not kill the morning sun and let thy round Spalding thumped upon the echoes of Hoosier maple find dusty case on the closet shelf of a youngster’s dreams undone! Practice! Practice! Practice! What is anyone without a song?

    And can there be any better music to the ear than the best b-ball virtuosos in the land pooping out their early scratchy notes in the form of greatness soon-to-be-sung into the traditional cotton cloth of Cream and Crimson holding their candy-striped dung! I nominate Seth Davis to hand wash out the droppings from our Indiana finest..Seems fair. It’s not like his alma mater would just as surely love to steal all the futures of every Hoosier “diaper dandy.”

  17. By the way, don’t ever let your daughter grow up to be a goalkeeper in soccer. Regardless of my daughter’s talent, I will never forgive myself for not realizing the risks to her health. Her back has caused her problems for years and she will live with discomfort and back pain for the rest of her life. And what fills me with remorse is that as a younger player, she was just as good on the field as she was in goal.

    Injuries to ankels and knees (almost inevitable for competitive soccer players) are a lot less problematic then injuries to a young women’s spine.

  18. Podunker, while I agree that it is not a perfect world, it behooves us to try to make it as close as possible for the good of the student athletes and the legitimate goals of the institutions that seek them. Without some ethical obligations and clear constraints it quickly becomes twisted into PSU (Pedophile State Univ or Payola State U) without anyone having any idea how we got there.

    I do think that ‘overstocking’ scholarship athletes is not a tactic that leads to integrity in the program or that dismissing players who meet the basic criteria (scholarship and acceptable performance) can lead to anything positive in intercollegiate athletics. And, believe that Coach Tom Crean should review and rethink this aspect of what a very well run, very successful program.

    Anything else quickly leads to a scenario that reduces a relative unknown as Remy Abell/ Maurice Creek as a ‘great find’ to being described as ‘table scraps’. That would not be something that I would take pride in as a Hoosier fan.

    Given his well-rooted values, I’m sure Tom Crean will rethink the merits of this approach and weigh them against the contradiction with those values.

  19. Podunker…seems it’s more than passion for IU we share. My oldest son was a goalkeeper as well; a starting all-state keeper and named to the (NSCAA)Coaches All American team. His bad back, however, comes from jumping out of perfectly good airplanes hundreds of times as ‘Airborne’!. (Like your daughter, he would have been an outstanding field player if he had gone in that direction…but, that’s why they say ‘goalies are crazy!)’.

    Don’t blame yourself Podunker. It made her happy, challenged her and that’s why she made the choice. There’s something really existential in being the very last line of defense. Incredibly, the one’s she wasn’t able to stop bother her more than her back.

    (Really hope she is well. Let me know if you (she) needs a great orthopedic (back) practice (White Sox, Bulls, Cubs use them and Real Madrid and Barcelona send their top players as well)

  20. If only Wilson had to worry about every top freshman playing high school football in Indiana wanting Memorial as the destination their dreams. Does he survive the same headhunters that took down Lynch if his efforts over the next two years result in filling his roster with Remy Abells?

    I find these supremely talented 9th graders now wanting to wear candy-stripes as nothing short an act of divine intervention..And let’s not forget how the mysterious hand of God works, for without the blessed happenstance opportunity of Bobby Capobianco looking to fulfill his dreams in the halls of Valparaiso’s Christian college gracing the northern “region” our great basketball state, we have no way to find a spot for the ‘great find’ in the last minute, Last Supper, Kentucky dinner table scraps, a kid like Remy Abell. The Lord does certainly work in mysterious ways.

    Our prayers have been answered in finding a man of honor to head up our basketball program and now we choose to crucify him for merely offering to those a belief in his mission?

    Leave it to Hoosier fans to spin ugliness into any short-lived success. Sometimes I wonder if they seek to burden IU Basketball with the same stagnancy eternally cast upon the sorrows of a sinful football curse cast upon Memorial. Maybe they fear the shadow basketball’s glory forever dismissing their new god’s worthy existence; a rather sad statement to not be able to give unconditional love to football without destroying, suggesting seedy and immoral acts upon the wonders of miracles, a faith that restored our storied basketball program. They choose to simplify the beauty these young men wanting to be part of the resurrection by now degrading it into a perverse act of infatuation for the slippery success built upon the slippery tongue of Tom Crean.

  21. My high school coach says I can play any of the mid positions, any or the forward/striker positions, and keeper.

    I played keeper for fun back in 8th grade for a U19 rec team in the spring (my parents couldn’t afford travel soccer at that time). I hate playing it! Goalkeepers have the most important job on the field and are under the most pressure to succeed. If you dive the wrong way on a PK you look like a fool and if you save a PK you look like a hero. Anyway, don’t play keeper at the high school level and up, it’s way to stressful!

  22. I remember a High School varsity game my daughter played as a sophomore. Her team was playing the number one ranked High School team in the State. Seven senior girls from that team went on to play D-I college soccer. My daughter set some type of record for the most number of saves made in a High School Varsity game (I don’t remember, but I think it was 26 saves) for the District or the State. She faced six break-aways and stopped five of them. She stopped three penalty kicks. My daughter’s team tied the game 1-1. When the game was over, my daughter was bleeding from both knees and both elbows and had an abrasion on the side of her face. She was despondent after the game and according to her coach, she cried the entire ride home (most unusual for her).

    As her mother and I were walking from the bleachers aware of how upset she was, I heard the father of one of the team’s bench-warmers on my daughter’s team say, “too bad our keeper let that one get by (on one of the break-aways). It’s not every day you get a chance to beat the top ranked team in the state.”

    I went ballistic and had to be physically restrained from beating the crap out of that moron (not one of my finer moments). My response to this idiot began with, “Are you serious?” Then I instantly escalated the verbal attack and approached him to begin the assault. Thankfully several of the other fathers got between me and the moron and gave him the chance to escape. In fact, one of the fathers from the opposing team, a man I did not know, told the guy, “Hey man, you’re an idiot. Your goalie was the only thing that kept that game from being “mercied” at half time. She’s one of the best goalies in the state and she’s only a sophomore!”

    I hardly recognized the man’s comment because I was still in a rage. To his credit, the other father (a.k.a., the moron) approached me at the next game and apologized profusely, explaining that he did not mean it the way it came out, blah, blah, blah. I accepted his apology and simply responded that “it’s best not to comment on other kids’ performances before, during or after the games.”

    The next day, there was a story in the local newspaper. The journalist not only got my daughter’s name wrong, he wrote the story about the record setting performance but gave all the credit to the team’s back-up goalie. That’s the life when your child plays goalie.

  23. Good story Podunker. I am also a USSF Referee and so many parents are “morons”, everybody thinks they understand offside but few people actually do. No matter what you do as a referee parents will scream their heads off at you!

  24. You guys had more of the recruiting experience than we were exposed to. My oldest walked on and did pretty well. My middle had one offer and ended up being one of the best wrestlers in his school’s history (which was painfully short as his university has dropped wrestling). I did get to experience sitting in Scott Trade Arena with 25,000 other people watching him in the NCAA Championships. He put an 11-4 beat down on a Big Ten representative in the process. My youngest went to an Ivy League school, so you are competing against the strangest collection of brilliant, athletic people ever. It’s hard to describe.

    Here’s what I’d like to see. You know how they can’t even discuss recruits? I’d like to see a rule where they can’t offer scholarships until a kid is at least a junior. Make it like the discussing rule. How hard could that be?

    We never had any recruiting hardships because our kids weren’t flashy good. They did end up being above the curve in eventual performance. Such is life

  25. God almighty this blog has reached a new low. Blow-by-blow recaps of old GIRLS SOCCER games? Yeah, I’m sure there’s tons of similarities btwn Podunker’s daughter’s recruitment and that of the blue-chip basketball players that Tom Crean pursues. Why even mention it? It has no relevance to IU sports. You guys (Podunker, Chet, TTG) need to do what you do best: make sure no one says anything negative or questions anything about our tough guy football coach. Basketball is far beyond your mental capabilities, I’m afraid. Start watching Indiana State tape and figure out a way for us to pull off the upset Sept. 1.

  26. I would like to go to a small ivy league school, and receive a partial scholarship for athletics and a partial scholarship for academics. I get straight A’s and will be salutatorian when I graduate. My experience in everything is going to help me get accepted at a biggish, quaint, yet diverse school with lots of Christians.

  27. Dunbar, the temperature of your fever runs parallel to your delusions. I am quite sure Coach Wilson and staff will handle the tape watching sessions with zeal.

  28. Reggie, Ivy League schools don’t have athletic scholarships. Don’t believe the hype that they are swimming in scholarship money, either.

  29. I’m not sure you understand what ‘Ivy League’ means. It is a collection of 8 schools, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale. It is also their athletic conference, though that affiliation is somewhat looser, depending on the specific sport.

  30. Guys, post #29 WAS NOT MINE! It was Geoff or somebody who says they are Geoff.

    Anyway, I want to go to the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and then IU law. I doubt I’ll receive a partial athletic scholarship but who knows. I do have straight A’s in high school so far, but I doubt I’ll do as well in college.

    Let’s not start this post “impostering” again.

  31. Glad you clarified that Reggie. Dustin Dopirak should control that posters originate and where they say they are and not use another individual’s identity. If someone’s identity is stolen, the usurper should be traced and ‘red carded’ (throw him/her out) off this blog.

    Whoever usurped your ‘handle’ was trying to make you look stupid since nearly anyone here knows there are no athletic scholarships in Div. III.

    What do you think Dustin…shouldn’t identity theft on this blog be cause for loss of privileges?

  32. Well first off, that wasn’t identity theft at all because Geoff put his name on his satirical post making fun of Reggie. There really wasn’t all that much subterfuge there and it wasn’t that hard to get the joke.
    Should Geoff be allowed to do that? Yeah, I’ve reached the point that I don’t really care about trying to police the banter on here anymore. Just don’t swear or say anything racist, sexist or homophobic. We’ll deal with imposterism if it becomes a problem again. Other than that, whatever.

  33. Reggie; the only time I got on soccer refs was when they ignored dangerous play, failed to protect players, or simply ignored egregious fouls that injured other players. I certainly appreciate that being a soccer ref is difficult, but at the very least, all refs should have player safety at the top of their priorities.

    Dunbar, if you paid close attention, you’d know that I have posted comments critical of KW at times. Most of us call em like we see em.

  34. Dustin-

    Your last two sentences really worry the hell out of me…anything except what we hope and pray is the answer would be a real tragedy.

  35. Tsao – Ivy league isnt DIII

    Chet – it would be fair to say that Ivy League schools are swimming in endowment money though…

  36. Did anyone watch the video for Deron Davis on this article. There is a fat white guy with a beard trying to guard him at the end during a drill. I hope that guy isn’t class of 2016. Pretty comical.

  37. TTG, somebody beat me to it but most Ivy League sports are D1. In fact, either last year or the year before Cornell had the #1 ranked wrestling team in D1. They didn’t end up winning the tourney, though.

    They participate in NCAA Division I FCS in football but they don’t participate in the actual FCS (Football Championship Series). They play a strict 10 game schedule but do not participate in post season playoff citing academic concerns (imagine that).

    Sports is obviously not the primary motivation for the athletes attending those schools, as you know. While they have some truly gifted athletes among their student bodies, for most their athletic accomplishments were something that made them stand out among all the other valedictorians and salutatorians seeking admission.

    Cornell did pick up the MVP of the 2009 Indiana/Kentucky All Star game, Eric Peck. He’s a pretty impressive young man.

  38. Geoff, maybe so but I sure haven’t had much luck prying it out of their tight little fingers.

  39. Just saw this poll upon opening the CBS.com basketball page:

    “Who should be No. 1 entering the 2012-13 season?”

    Current Results:


    Also thought this article may be of some interest to fans of Quinn Buckner’s backcourt teammate.

  40. My bad..Sherron(played with Pat Knight in early ’90s). I guess he was rather famous for a headbutt incident.

  41. I am learning everyday. Racist, sexist or homophobe is not allowed but stealing is? I am sure it is because I did not quite catch the subterfuge(how the hell do you recognize that)and that imposterism is not a problem. Hell if I live to be 381 I’ll have all this crap figured out. Although i doubt heavily because the parameters always are changing.

  42. Here’s the thing. No one’s stealing anything. As far as I know using someone else’s handle on this thing doesn’t give you access to their social security numbers. I suppose by using someone else’s handle you’re damaging their integrity, but most of you use fake names and even those of you who use your real names don’t use your last names. Somehow damaging the reputation of a fake name doesn’t rise to a felony level transgression for me.
    By putting his name in parentheses, Geoff was quite clearly showing that he was imitating Reggie for the purposes of busting on him. Why on Earth would Reggie put Geoff’s name in parentheses next to his own? It was pretty obvious that the message was “This is Geoff and I’m imitating Reggie right now.” And I think if you were to rank that particular post with the rest of the ones we have on here based on its degree of insult and/or harrassment on another poster, it would fail to crack the Top 50 of the last year.
    Like I said, if there’s a major impostering issue, someone can send me an e-mail and I’ll ban some people. But as it stands it doesn’t seem to be a problem and I’m not banning Geoff for messing with Reggie.

  43. Would Reggie Theus, Reggie Jackson, or Reggie Bush be acceptable screen names?

    Just curious about a few other names..Would any of these be acceptable?

    pUKe is the Worcestershire?
    pUKe is the Honey my Mustard?
    pUKe is the spinners on Dad’s Escalade?
    pUKe is the ejection of the contents of the stomach through the mouth?

    Wasn’t Reggie an impostor of his own previous screen name? Doesn’t that sorta take all bets off when it comes to bitching about name thievery when you changed your own without informing the audience? Do I need to remind the lovely course of events that transpired on that thread from a few months ago(mainly due to a specific blogger not recognizing Reggie was the same blogger as “pUKe is the Worst”…or “formerly pUKe is the worst”)?

    Reggie is a good Christian young man that means well…and Geoff was just having a bit of harmless fun. Maybe Geoff got a little tipsy on some homemade wine. Maybe he dipped into clarified butter with a bit of tainted undercooked lobster. I say we crucify him and claim him to be a loveless vagabond.

  44. Dustin-

    Whatever happened to the blogger that used the screen name hoosierfaninky?

    Can you link the IP address with anyone still blogging under a different handle?

  45. I’m trying to figure out in which of my posts I stated that the Ivy League is a Div. III athletic conference? I’ve always known the Ivy League is Div. I (I went to graduate school at Yale) and really respect their approach to intercollegiate athletics. It (intercollegiate athletics) is important; but I do not think it is an obsession. Likewise the Academies (USMA, USNA, USAFA, USCGA)…at one point last season the Army (West Point) football coach realized his players were really stressed about their academic and military requirements (its a brutal day that begins at 5:30 am)and simply told them to focus on these and shortened practices accordingly, even allowing some to miss practice when they needed the time. Great decision and a great setting of priorities where they really belong.

    Note: Chet, I never take your corrections or observations as anything but what they are; well meaning corrections (which I appreciate) and honest, true opinions (whether I agree or not). I did look for my mistake but didn’t find it.

    But, after reading my posts (on this thread) a second and third time, I do not see a post where I stated otherwise. If I did it was a lapse in concentration. Would you send me the post number please? I did specifically make a reference to ‘no scholarships in Div. III’ (paraphrased) since Reggie made a reference to the fact that he is being scouted by a (some) Div. III schools. [Post # 15, he said: “I can’t drive for another year and a half but I’m being recruiting by some Div. 3 and NAIA schools for soccer and loving it!]”)

  46. We can disagree on several things but this sidesteps me by hundreds of miles. How the hell would I know(Geoff)was Reggie or maybe Reggie was(Geoff)? I do not have your crystal ball. Is it gray or is it black mixed with white? There damn sure is generation gaps. Let’s hear it again, racist, homophobe and sexist each trump stealing…racist, homophobe and sexist each trump…

  47. #237
    Thursday, May 31, 2012 – 4:08 PM EDT

    Harvard…I have to admit and apologize. I had forgotten that Reggie and pUKe were one and the same posters and your post #223 had a history. I had also objected to pUKe’s (aka Reggie) post labeling a couple of prospective players as “lazy” (specifically Collin Hartman and, by innuendo, Austin Etherington) and, at that time (and to his credit, pUKe/Reggie apologized, and then announced he was changing his handle from pUKe to Reggie. I had forgotten that. Shoot! I hate it when posters use alternate names…no accountability and it makes it hard to have and follow a dialogue.

    Still Harvard, you rightly point out nothing but fact; Reggie did make that post which I (and others) thought was unfair and without basis to the players mentioned. I stupidly (and irresponsibly) forgot that and pUKe/Reggie’s name change. My deep apologies for a basic, stupid and rude mistake. I would not blame you if you walk away from me (though I hope you’ll find some forgiveness. (In terms Reggie should understand, I repent for my harsh words directed at you Harvard. No excuse!). Reggie, reread Harvard’s post #231…he is absolutely right…you should think through his words.
    And, Reggie: The Book does talk about circumstances like these, the bearing of false witness and outcomes. The consequences, in this case, have created a mess.

    Very sorry Harvard.

  48. I was only trying to prevent people from impostering again (remember that mess?!).

    This is what Chet said and clearly he thought the Reggie (Geoff) imposter was me! Chet wrote this post because he was responding to the comment that WAS MADE BY GEOFF AND NOT ME in post #29!
    “Reggie, Ivy League schools don’t have athletic scholarships. Don’t believe the hype that they are swimming in scholarship money, either.” (Chet post #31)

    Dustin, I think you are kind of overreacting. I just wanted to let everyone know that that post (#29) was not mine because one person (Chet) clearly believed that #29 was my post.

  49. Harvard, do you really take the time to go back into the archives to quote people?

    Do you have a software program that does it?

  50. Actually Harvard it was pUKe is the worst!, with an !

    I had that name when I first started blogging after the UK loss in the sweet 16. My dad calls me Reggie after Reggie Miller and Reggie Wayne so that’s where that name came from.

  51. And let’s be honest guys, Collin Hartman looks a little bit lazy. I’m not saying he is. I have been blessed with speed and athleticism and I guess I’m just not used to BIG10 recruits being a little slow. I’m sure it was tough on him with his concussion and all.

    I have personally had 2 complex concussions and 1 simple concussion from soccer and basketball. A complex concussion is not fun at all and I understand why Collin is being careful. I’m sure…okay hope Collin will work hard to become a top 100 player again.

  52. I agree with your point HC. I couldn’t figure out DD’s logic either, and your rightly point out the contradiction. I’m kind of surprised about the ‘integrity’ and ‘relativity’ argument Dustin makes. Then again….

    HfH…I still stand behind the May 31, 2012, #237 post to Reggie. You were right on that issue then and you would be right on that issue now. And HC is very right, and Dustin’s answer to him seemed either deliberately opaque or dismissive.

  53. Let’s try this again.
    I believe were all talking about Post 29 when it comes to this issue of imposterism, yes? Ok. That’s Geoff jokingly imposterising Reggie, which he does by making his handle Reggie (Geoff). That means it’s actually Geoff posting as an imitation of Reggie in order to make fun of Reggie. Not that parentheses are the international sign of satire, but I think by putting two and two together it’s pretty easy to realize that Geoff is imitating Reggie. He’s not hiding that fact and is in fact making it overtly clear. Geoff, if I’m wrong please let me know, but I’m pretty sure that’s what you were trying to do and it seems more than obvious.
    If there is an issue of imposterising we’ll deal with it. From what I can tell, it’s not a rampant problem right now. Even if it was, I don’t consider it stealing because I don’t consider the names you guys use on here to be “property.” It’s not “identity theft” because it’s not like you can use someone’s Scoop handle to get a credit card or apply for a bank loan. If it was in my power (and it isn’t) I’d make it like other sites where you have to log in with your Facebook account, therefore always using your full name, but that’s not an option as it stands.
    Why did I make the comment about racism, sexism and homophobic comments? Because that’s the sort of thing that leads to me getting e-mails from people outside this circle. I don’t read every comment on here and I’m extricating myself from the officiating/regulation of the debates that occur. From this point I just ask that you don’t do anything that’s going to lead to me getting complaints. Carry on.

  54. And, Reggie…for future reference, ‘impostering’ may not yet be a legitimate word in English. I have found one or two references to it based on ‘posting’ and defining ‘impostering’ as ‘taking on a fictional name or alias’.

    On the other hand, as used here- someone pretending to be you or inappropriately taking someone’s identity- comes from the noun ‘impostor’, a noun form describing the action (verb, progressive tense) ‘to pose’, ‘posing as’ (someone else) and in this sense is the action behind identity theft.

    We’re all happy to contribute to your growth Reggie. Not sure I feel any better about your description of Hartman.
    Your statement: ‘Collin Hartman looks a little bit lazy. I’m not saying he is.’ You are saying he is! I understand he’s been dealing with injuries.

    And the statement that follows (where you praise yourself for your speed) is a bit arrogant and gratuitous, definitely not good qualities for a ‘would-be soccer player’. Some players like Argentina’s Juan Roman Riquelme, Brazil’s Garrincha, (Pele’s days), Germany’s Muller, Barcelona’s Mascherano or Beckenbauer (that’s why they called him ‘the Kaiser’)practically walked but were always anticipating the ball, lethal on the attack because of the quickness of their minds, their recognition of the flow and their positioning. If there is anything that the US has to learn to do to catch up with the rest of the world is to play a bit slower and more deliberately, with eyes up. The quickness comes from their ideas and their anticipation of what is going on and where the ball should be.

  55. Sorry, I don’t really feel like using correct grammar during summer break. I speed type so I will make errors!

    I said I was blessed with speed. I was not trying to appear arrogant or cocky in that statement.

  56. TTG, I misunderstood your DIII reference largely because of where it fell in the sequence of posts.

    My bad.

  57. Life is good. Ohio St game earlier and now Michigan St game. IU by 12 with 1:37 to go in the first half. Roth just made a long 3. Thanks Big Ten Network…!

  58. Reggie-

    No software..I just remember bits and pieces of discussions.

    I plug a few connecting words into my address bar(e.g. Hoosier Scoop… Harvard ..Remy..22 wins) and my search engine pulls up numerous Scoop posts with my chosen references…This technique narrows it down pretty quickly. I usually have the thread I’m looking for within a few minutes. Occasionally, I never do find what I’m looking for(much like a friend or a kind voice that won’t betray you).

    Hartman lazy? Maybe you’re lazy. Unfounded accusations are nothing but a lazy way of not being proud with yourself. Why must we always elevate our own standing by tearing someone else down? It was recently implied that I live in the shadow of my father and thus can’t love myself or anyone else. There are a lot of mean-spirited people in this world and no matter your age it can still knock you off your feet and hurt immeasurably(those types of people come in all colors, ethnicity, and faith).

    Stay strong and try not to say something injurious without facts. Always ask yourself if you would like the same done to you. Stealing a blogging name is far from the damage some hateful words intended to cut deep. There are no blogging rules(nor anything in the laws our nation)that stops someone from just being plain cruel.

  59. By “there damn sure is generation gaps,” Hoosier Clarion means that there are actually some people under the age of 50 with the nerve to hold homophobia, sexism, and racism in a negative light. He also makes a great point about the mythological “stealing” that he’s likely losing sleep over even though Dustin clearly explained what his policy twice. I’m getting a search party together tonight to recover what was “stolen” during the infamous Reggie (Geoff) post from earlier. Volunteers are welcome.

  60. GeneP- I’ll continue to rely on Hoosier Clarion’s original version rather than your translation. It’s clear HC is a h_ll of a lot smarter than you are.

  61. Gene P. you could not formulate nor articulate my meaning under any circumstances.

  62. Harvard, just expressing concern, my friend, not accusations. Should have left well enough alone.

  63. TTG, you’re absolutely right. There’s no way I could match wits with the likes of Hoosier Clarion. I’m sure he appreciates you coming to his rescue. However, I am concerned about the missing “e” in hell. Where did it go? Does this constitute stealing? Can we get another clarification on Dustin’s policy by day’s end? That’d be gr_at.

  64. Dustin – you are spot on, although clearly I’m only entertaining myself… And maaaaaybe Harvard.

    Tsao – ditto Chet’s post #61

    Tsao – read the last paragraph you wrote in post #59… And then go re-read my post #29… or don’t

  65. Geoff- On #61 the same reaction to Chet’s post. No problem.

    On #29 (and my #59). Not sure, I didn’t initially attribute it to you signing Reggie’s game. It was confusing. As to what I wrote in the last graph of #59, I’m not sure what your point is. Reggie was speaking as a lot of American kids do reflecting the belief that speed itself is a skill that defines soccer players. It is not, the good ones have a combination of physical, mental and emotional skills that set them apart from the millions who are merely adequate.

    Julio Mazzei, one of Pele’s old coaches in Santos, used to say that he could train a bunch of world class sprinters for ten years and in the end give you back a team of 100 and 200 meter runners dressed in soccer shorts.

  66. In all honesty, I didn’t know if post #29 was Geoff playing impostor to Reggie..or another impostor playing impostor to Geoff playing impostor to Reggie. I certainly knew it was no bigger deal than mounting spinners on an Escalade. Some may have falsely believed it was Harvard playing impostor to Geoff playing impostor to Reggie in order to get Geoff in hot water and subsequently luring him back into the blog discussions. Now that Geoff has come forward, I’m relieved to know the shenanigans was not of my hand.

    And give Geoff a break..Poor guy lives in the complete shadows of his overbearing wife…Have you ever notice how damn afraid he is to wake her up late at night? His only shot at self-awareness and a sense of worth is very challenged during the summer months in Maine when he no longer hears her domineering orders to shovel the 8 feet of freshly fallen snow from the driveway…It’s really the only way he can please her and salvage some minuscule pathetic claims his inalienable rights to watch Hoosier basketball or make new entries into his pink stat book. His act of playing impostor to Reggie was just a confined and beaten man simply reaching out to be noticed and loved. He meant no ill-will toward Reginald.

  67. Has anyone taken up my suggestion to watch the movie “Cyrus” starring Jonah Hill?

  68. Just popping in to have a look, I came across posts #64 and #69. It is not often on this blog that one can make Clarion look like a total fool (it’s easy to do so with Tsao on the other hand), but Gene P. did exactly that. Nice work.

  69. YES Harvard, finally someone understands me! (post 73)

    Tsao – never mind… I’m just happy that one person got it.

  70. My dad does have an IU sticker on his Escalade but no spinners.

    Regarding my comment on speed. I completely understand that speed is not what “makes” a soccer player. You absolutely have to have a combo of physical, mental and emotional skills like Tsao said. I was not implying that speed is all that matters. A good combo of field awareness, strength, footwork, toughness, speed, endurance, knowledge of the game, and teamwork will win games.

    And about the imposter situation, I’m all cool with that. No big deal. We can stop talking about it now.

  71. Reggie, don’t ever change and don’t ever leave. You are by far the most entertaining one here.

  72. Thanks for the compliment. You’re a blogger on ITH too right Geoff?

    Alex Bozich (founder of Inside the Hall) really dislikes me. I made a slightly negative comment regarding Collin Hartman and Devin Davis and he banned my IP Address! Thankfully I have 4 other laptops with different IPs and I have a program that gives a website a temporary fake IP Address, so I can still blog on that site. They are waaaayyyyy to strict at ITH, I’m really glad DD is not like Alex B. One time I said “I hope one of our lower ranked 2013 recruits decommits so we have a chance at a monster class by adding Beejay Anya and Semi Ojeleye.”, on Inside the Hall, he deleted that comment!!!!!

  73. Don’t buy into “my dad calls me Reggie after Reggie Miller and Reggie Wayne” malarkey…Reggie’s actual hero is Reggie Evans of the NBA.

    The following clip provides a simplified metaphoric example of how Reggie plays the role of ‘impostor’ on the holier-than-thou collective blogging baggage of a Hoosier Scoop “cookie jar.”

  74. Oh, I know who he is now after watching the youtube video from post #81. Glad you’re joking (I hope!). I have seen dirtier plays than that at the high school level, but that’s pretty nasty!

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