1. Hill received offers from Miss State (SEC) and Oklahoma State. Two impressive BCS-conference football schools. And Northern IL is no slouch team. I see this as another sign that IU is making strides in football recruiting.

  2. If this trend continues, the class of 2013 is sizing up to be very solid. I like the size of the guys Wilson is getting to commit. I like the fact that IU is beating out other significant BCS-conference programs. I like the mix of High School and JC players. I don’t think I’m guilty of looking through rose colored glasses when I say that I don’t think any of the last three recruits to have verbally committed to IU would have done so three years ago. That looks like significant progress to me.

    I don’t think IU’s 2013 class is going to include a lot of flashy skill position players with notoriety, but I’ll take solid 3-star guys with the size and speed necessary to block and tackle in the Big Ten. Another solid running back and a couple of huge O-linemen would be nice additions.

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