Osterman on Tom Morris

Zach Osterman of Inside Indiana and 247Sports.com — ScoopTalk veteran, your friend and mine — appears to have nailed it with his piece today on Tom Morris, the Indiana strength and conditioning coach who is fighting paralysis after breaking his neck in a bike accident this spring. I have plans on doing one of these myself, and I’m a little worried mine will only be redundant to this, so I’m just hoping this is the sort of story that people will read more than once.

In somewhat related news, everyone’s favorite Ginger is getting married in town this weekend. The event of the century is bringing back all of your Scoop favorites — Korman, Kellenberger, Kartje — as well as numerous former IDS luminaries. We at the Scoop wish him and his wife-to-be Audrie the best of luck. Same goes to former H-T sports editor Doug Wilson, one of the architects of the Scoop, who got married last week.


  1. dusty,

    can i call you dusty? anyway, if you write this story, please promise not to use his nipples as a “line of demarcation.” where have all the editors gone?

    thanks again, dusty.

  2. Who cares how Osterman’s wedding was or who attended? I don’t go listed all the attendees for all the weddings I’ve been to this summer. Stick to business.

    Good article though.

  3. Laffy, thanks, it was outstanding. Rich, just saw it as an opportunity to keep people up to date on those who used to run this blog. Football season is about to get rolling, so there will be plenty of sticking to business.

  4. Keep us current on “those who used to run the blog?”

    They didn’t run the blog..They ran from the blog.

    Korman, Kellenberger, and Kartje were all egomaniacs that only enjoyed shoving their own opinions down throats. They censored people that would have passionate disagreement with their viewpoints. They hated having a good time and detested any form of comic relief. No sense of humor to be found. They took fun as a slight to the anal perceptions of their holier-than-thou delusions of their own utmost professionalism. Heaven forbid anyone ever go “off-topic” and talk of anything that bonds us outside of sports..Yet, we constantly had to read their entries on LiveDiscussions about how they were going to team up with their journalist friends for beers at the conclusion of the game.

    It was always evident that Korman, Kellenberger, and Kartje didn’t like IU. It was simple to detect their cynicism aimed at the fans, players, and coaches of Indiana University. They could make a Derek Elston tripping of a Northwestern cutter coming across the paint sound more sinister than Sandusky with a bar of soap. I always sensed they hoped for failure upon our programs. They slept in the bed of Seth Davis with their underlying angst against everything Cream and Crimson. They return to Bloomington in their own jealousy our unbreakable spirit they cannot explain. It is a wanting more than an adoption. They never opened their hearts to the place while they wore their Ivy League robes of prima donna judgment; looking forever down at the quaint village full of Stromboli-eating simpletons that amass at Nick’s. How could a dopey cornbred Hoosier ever be part of their cliques?

    Lastly, they failed to adopt Dustin’s superior and unique approach of constructive engagement with the bloggiers of Scoop. They did nothing to mediate disagreements and would regularly discriminate with uneven hands of justice. They pretended to operate within the parameters of fairness and equal treatment to all bloggers. There was noting further from the truth. Nothing resembling free expression of opinion occurred on here while they abused the power of their magical censorship wands.

  5. Hillbilly crying that someone else is an “egomaniac who loves shoving their beliefs down our throats” is like the Vatican ripping Paterno for being a kiddie rapist protector.

    Speaking of egomanics, some morons on Peegs are blasting Benson for having a huge ego and running off Bird.

    That’s pretty funny considering the MASSIVE ego of Knight and who was just as guilty of Bird leaving due to the fact Knight wouldn’t even say hi to the kid when he walked by him on the street.

    Knight-worshippers are just as insane as the Paterno worshippers.

  6. I’ve heard a lot of the blame game when it comes to stories about Bird and his reasons for leaving IU. Do you really expect raw honesty there?

    Maybe Bird was offended that Knight didn’t say hello in passing…I don’t really care or know the truth of how much impact any of it had on his decision. Maybe Bloomington was just not a comfortable fit. Maybe it initially overwhelmed him in its size and what he may have perceived as an impersonal aura outside his comfort level. Anyway, it’s all water under the bridge. Same people going after Benson on Peegs were likely showering him with praise when he publicly proclaimed to have torn up his season tickets when Sampson was hired. And those that keep bringing up Knight are far more the obsessing crowd and the reason his name stays in circulation.

    Your distaste for the man adds to his relevance and popularity. I think we all knew “zero tolerance” was the inevitable writing on the wall waiting to happen. From the day Brand put his new guidelines in place, most understood it was his legal justification for what would become a first chance to react too late on discipline that should have been instilled years earlier.

    Absolute power begins to become dysfunctional. No man can live up to the creation his own systems that provided such unilateral powers. To give one man too much power ensures his eventual self-destruction.

    I never lost any sleep over the Knight firing. What comes around, goes around. The last ten years his tenure was nothing but an ugly last act of a once great coach turned into Shakespearean tragedy. Success is intoxicating and few men can step away when at the pinnacle a final bell curve. I was ecstatic the day Indiana had a chance to turn a new page. I was happy to see that the fine young men that play in candy-stripes(many from our great basketball state) could finally start receiving some of the overdue credit that had far too long been overly concentrated to the guy holding the clipboard.

    Hats off to Dustin. From his predecessors he gained much knowledge the craft, but never so much to make himself bigger than his audience. Dustin would make a great coach. He stays humble to his profession and treats his readers as part of the team. That’s really all I was attempting to communicate with all that pretend blow in post #6. I like Korman and Kellenberger. I also enjoyed Kartje’s upbeat attitude his short stay in Bloomington. I shouldn’t have lumped Kartje into my above rant. I truly believe Kartje fell in love with Bloomington and became quickly immersed into the same wacky passions the best of Hoosier fans. He never had the cynical eye I always sensed from Korman and Kellengberger. I wish them all continued success.

  7. Consider this. Myles Brand is the favorite whipping boy for many Hoosier fans for his firing of RMK. No doubt the PSU administration handled things far differently than he did.

    If offered the chance to go back in time and have the university president fire Paterno and the whole coaching staff when the first inkling of the Sandusky coverup reared it’s ugly head do you think any would turn down the chance?

    While I can’t imagine anything like the Sandusky debacle who knows what embarrassment Brand might have saved us from.

  8. I agree about Kartje. He had a sense of enthusiasm light years distant from large Hugh. I have a feeling he really sticks out like a sore thumb in Mississippi.

  9. Chet, I understand you are not an RMK supporter so my consideration about post #10 is that it is BS. To try to link any association is absurd. If anything Knight’s presence at the head of the program kept anything like PSU from even being contemplated at IU. Fear is a positive deterrent. I would state who knows the embarrassment RMK saved us from.

  10. “who knows what embarrassment RMK saved us from”

    Seriously? I know of quite a bit he didn’t.

  11. Chet I clearly stated supporter not coaching fan. Seriously, please tell me of the embarrassment the NCAA rained down on IU caused by Knight. As I stated the fear of RMK and Mallory for that matter kept scandals from occurring in their program. For which we all tip our hat.

  12. Well, maybe the “NCAA” didn’t “rain down an embarrassment”, but that didn’t mean Knight didn’t make us a laughing stock across the country.

    I lived in Bloomington from ’82 to ’87. After that, I lived in 9 states in 11 years. I’d always go to a bar to watch the IU games and EVERYONE told me what a COMPLETE a-hole Bobby was.

    One of my grandfathers was a huge sports fan and one of the most honest principled people I’ve ever met. He thought Knight was a disgrace to sports and humanity for the way he treated people.

    It sure is odd how IU fans will rip other sports figures for their “huge ego” while tossing Knight’s salad 24/7.

    The message they send to everyone is: “As long as you win basketball games, you can treat others like the gunk between your toes.”

    IU fans have embarrassed us more than the NCAA ever could.

  13. HC, neither you nor I said anything about ‘NCAA embarrassment’, we both said ’embarrassment’. Now you’re attempting to change the discussion.

    I don’t have the time to type all the embarrassment that RMK, shall we say, didn’t save IU from.

  14. Oh….and I shouldn’t have just mentioned sports figures that IU fans whine about with “big egos.”

    Righties CRUCIFY Obama for being “arrogant.”

    Most of them from Indiana are Knight-worshippers…..so talk about irony.

    Not only that, but NO ONE in politics was more arrogant than Bush and Cheney…..and Righties give them standing ovations.

  15. Chet I did in post #12 which referenced PSU because that is exactly what you wrote between the lines in the last sentence of post #10. I damn sure have no intention of changing the subject because you brazenly brought it up. You take shots at RMK every chance you like and I will not let it stand uncontested. I know him, he has done more good than you or I collectively will ever do. You and the media project only what has been glorified and neither of you have any idea as to who he is.

  16. “because that is exactly what you wrote ‘between the lines’ in the last sentence…”


    You’ve reached the point where you’re trying to insert what you think I meant even though it is different from what I wrote. This is why people don’t engage you in discussions (you haven’t noticed?). You don’t discuss. You try to manipulate the dialogue until people tire of you while never considering the possibility that you’re mistaken, which, as in this instance, you sometimes are. Have you ever admitted error?

    I’m done with you. Endeavor to twist that around however it suits you.

  17. Chester, How childish you act when cornered. You like to shovel it out but are immature when receiving. Your opinions make it obvious you do not know RMK. To try to link him as PSU-like is stupid. Again anytime you wrongly disparage him I will answer. Choose your yes men to converse with as you wish. You’re done with me, big deal, that is the 1st time I’ve been a 1000% pleased with anything. I am weary of tip toeing around your feelings.

  18. Oh, stop wetting your pants over “wrongly disparaging” your Messiah Bobby.

    You jock-sniffers excused away EVERYTHING he did so it is no leap to think you’d make excuses if he did what Paterno did just like his worshippers are defending him.

    Knight ASSAULTED people and you clowns STILL took his side.

  19. When we consider Knight’s tenure at Army and at Indiana
    (I did not follow the period at Texas Tech), there is one fact that can not be escaped: The quality of the men he forged, their strength and their accomplishments as a team and as individuals, even as they went forward beyond basketball.

    As an educator, a teacher and a coach, Knight simply did his job as it is meant to be done.

    For this reason, I believe the scandal at Penn State would have never taken place at either Army or Indiana under Knight. To suggest that Knight would have hidden criminal behavior or conspired in a conspiracy to hide a crime is simply insane. It also marks a weakness that has softened our social fabric.

    Paterno, was merely an impostor of the leader he pretended to be, manipulating the culture, the institutional hierarchy and the social structure around him to his own benefit. In the end, his ‘JoePa’ image, confused Paterno State with Penn State, and when the circumstances betrayed the fantasy, its very heart gave out.

    I truly believe it’s exactly the opposite with Robert Montgomery Knight. His very identity was West Point, Army, the Soldier, the General, Indiana all blended into ‘Coach’.

    He expected all those around him to subordinate their individual accomplishments- often the very thing that had made his players stand out in the public’s eye- to the anonymity of “Indiana”. Many simply couldn’t.

    Most of the players who left Indiana did so because they could not subordinate their identity to a culture in which the whole (the team, the university, the institutional culture) is in itself a goal.

    Review the names of those who did leave Indiana before graduating while Knight was the head coach, review their individual history. Most of those who did not (with very few exceptions) simply could not adjust to what was being demanded.

    Do I feel that Knight’s behavior was, at times, mercurial even boorish and over the top? Yes, even to his own detriment. But never, never unethical, corrupt or corrupting.

    Now, I think the culture he established at Indiana was a positive and continues to define what the Hoosiers are about. Absolutely! It’s the very basis of those of us who think “It’s Indiana!” Further, I think it takes a strong individual with very solid character to know the difference.

    I think it’s easily demonstrated and proved and not just in one of his many moments of monumental accomplishment. The proof? When he was fired, Hoosier players voted to quit the team as well. In his parting meeting with them Knight’s last act was to ask (actually tell) them that the team- Indiana- could not be sacrificed over the firing and asked them to stay.

    Nor did Knight mobilize his very significant clout to challenge Brand’s authority to fire him (is there any question who would have won that argument?). While at West Point, Knight had often heard the line spoken by Gen. Douglas MacArthur as he left the Army when President Harry Truman fired him:

    “…old soldiers never die; they just fade away…
    an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty…”.

    Yes, I am a huge admirer of his. No apologies for this. And, truthfully, many will not ever understand why, but “It’s Indiana” was forged by the experience.

  20. All you guys need to go hug a loved one. Quit taking life so seriously. Get out of the shadows of whatever unresolved conflicts and memories are creating such inner turmoil and hostility. You will never be able to extend love, accept each other for the imperfections that make us all individually beautiful as flawed creatures of God, if you cannot love yourself. Go make an apple pie in an electric iron skillet with the wife ….or hop on the Triumph and let the fresh mountain air blow all the soul-searching sorrows away….or call someone you don’t know as a despicable loveless human being.

    Move on and live your life like Jason Collier. Don’t define yourself by the opinions of the majority. Be unique and don’t live in the past.

  21. TTG, that’s why I never suggested it. HC unsuccessfully tried to imply that I said that as well as the NCAA claims. Obviously, I did not. He was, unfortunately, unable to discuss this honestly and claimed I had said what I had not. That is why I disposed of him. All I ever said was that perhaps we were saved from further embarrassment.

    I stand by my statement.

  22. Chester, in your present state you really would benefit from a time out. I must of made my point plain enough, you did not get down on RMK this time. OH, by the way you did not dispose of anything.

  23. Lord of the soaring taco: what a stunning outpouring of brilliance! I would give you a Pulitzer but we’re out of them, so you are hereby nominated for a Brosher, or Brochure, whichever we may have in stock, though I’m afraid we’re backordered on both at the moment. Still: delicous, phenomical. Very very mice!

  24. Swoosh-


    Hell, a brewski with ‘Dick the Bruiser’ would be just fine in lieu of a Brosher. As a small token of appreciation, I give to you a rare treat, a chance to get a brief look at one of the greatest legends in Chicago sports broadcasting, the truly brilliant, Jack Brickhouse…HEY! HEY! Attaboy Ernie! (the bald guy with glasses seen during the last 40 seconds of this bruising clip)

    P.S. Love your old classics with wonderful captions. At times the smaller canvas but always grander in the depths their masterful brush of ingenious humor.

  25. ^ Here’s my link for old times’ sake.

    I like how Clarion is beating sense into Chesterton. What happened at Penn State is absolutely horrible but is there a single person on this blog that doesn’t wish that Kent Harvey had grown up on that campus instead?

  26. TT—-I hate to break it to ya, but Knight did not turn out nothing but choir boys. Didn’t Wilkerson and a couple others beat up their girlfriends?

    And many of them were pot smokers.

    And, people covered up for HIS criminal behavior. He ASSAULTED people, you ignorant hillbilly. And you guys DEFENDED him for it.

    And why are you mentioning the players anyway being “good people” when it was a COACH that did it? Wasn’t Felling a CHRONIC boozer? So save the lecture how Knight only had monks on his staff.

    Lastly, did you guys see the PSU fan who said, “This was our 9/11. I saw the planes hit the tower.”

    Sweet Mother Mary of Jesus.

  27. The following words prove that Knight-worshippers are the most delusional people in America:

    “Paterno, was merely an impostor of the leader he pretended to be, manipulating the culture, the institutional hierarchy and the social structure around him to his own benefit. In the end, his ‘JoePa’ image, confused Paterno State with Penn State, and when the circumstances betrayed the fantasy, its very heart gave out.

    I truly believe it’s exactly the opposite with Robert Montgomery Knight.”

    Are you f-ing kidding me?

    The “opposite” of Knight? Ummmmmmmm, that is EXACTLY Knight. He thought the ENTIRE SCHOOL revolved around HIM.

    When people started giving him crap after ANOTHER of his incidents, he’d pout and threaten to quit knowing his sheep would DEMAND the “leaders” of IU smooch his butt.

    Assaulting people wasn’t unethical?

    I rest my case.

    You’re as disgusting as the Paterno apologists.

  28. Tom Crean ‏@TomCrean 25 Jul

    Bob Knight led our program with excellence, toughness, integrity, fundamentals and people that were champions on and off the court. HOOSIERS

    Couldn’t you just as easily direct your entire rant toward Crean? Based on his own refusal to let Knight’s past drift quietly into the night, it’s rather undeniable that he must sincerely believe Knight was the epitome of great character. It appears much of Crean’s view of that past greatly influenced him in looking at Indiana as a dream job. He has never ceases in communicating his utmost admiration for Knight and what he believes the former coach molded into the men of candy-stripes. Hard to ever find one word from the holier-than-thou pulpit of Tom Crean that would give one ounce of indication he ever had an issue with Knight’s influence upon the public image of Indiana. He sees so much faultlessness in Knight, one would think he’s his fishing buddy…Then again, Tom Crean is always fishing.

    Hmmm? Fishing? Of course, that does cast the possibility that everything that comes out his mouth, his convictions(including his “Bible thumping”), is insincere and completely contrived to create a flawless persona desired in the shallow eyes of his lured(don’t you love the fishing puns?) “worshipers.”

    Third possibility: He is so utterly insecure that he is incapable of ever facing an audience or interview without the stage props(beating the old “It’s Indiana” drum) and distractions(God, Christians, Jesus, Joyce, John{as in Calipari}) that have nothing to do with his job qualifications or shadowless ‘looking glass’ self? Fishing analogy? He spiffs up the fireplace by mounting a trophy fish on his wall that was caught from another man’s pole.

    It’s odd how you treat Crean as untouchable when he often sounds like a tape recording of Tsao. Doesn’t the refusal to critique any hypocrisies and potential manipulations in our head coach’s opinions with the same pit bull mentality you rip into everyone else that holds similar viewpoints on this very blog(faith, Knight, phony conservatism, etc), have the potential to create the same godlike perceptions leading to far too much power for simply being a college basketball coach?

    Aren’t you acting as a mirror of the past when you refuse to find faults in Crean that you so easily find in us? Are you so insecure with what others may judge as your loyalty to Cream and Crimson that it’s worth replicating the same mistakes those that so fervently defended Knight and all his ugly warts in his heyday? Isn’t that where the power truly begins? Doesn’t the building blocks of such ultimate power a coach built into a god always begin in the eyes of the fans, alumni, boosters, and charlatans of truth that will set aside their value systems for the sake of winning? Don’t we put the blinders on the administrators?

    Once the banners are in place, then it’s time to regain our ethical stances, our institutional values founded in in equal acceptance and liberal principles, our tolerance, our morality, our decency, and our glowing reputation. Who the hell needs any of it when you’re the preseason #1 team in the nation… or your team graces the cover of Sports Illustrated after marching through a regular season and a March Madness tournament undefeated? Our blinders enables. Our thirst enables. Our hypocrisy enables.

  29. Ron-

    The conversation was primarily about the treatment of steamy post-March Madness hemorrhoids frustrated by sedentariness.

    Recommended course of action? Consult Dr. Steve in Ottawa.

    The problem can hold such a stigma that some Scoop bloggers have refused consulting with Dr. Steve and have instead only referred to the associated shame as their “buddy.” The following is an example of some past Scoop entries where the crying out for help was painfully evident:

    Friday, April 16, 2010 – 4:25 PM EDT

    I have had 2 hemmorhoid operations, in my life. I will go for a third if our buddy will leave.
    By the way, my proctolgist was a MASH doctor he did not believe in pain killers, local or prescribed. So you know how serious I am about our buddy.

    Husky Tom
    Friday, April 16, 2010 – 11:30 PM EDT

    Millport- I may need to talk to you in the future about such operations. Not kidding- I think I may be in need.

    Unfortunately, Scoop’s resident proctologist, Dr. Steve in Ottawa, has been Ottawaoffice this week while attending another rather anal seminar.

  30. Blogging is much like proctology….

    Everything on here operates in a realm of darkness as we discuss events surrounding McCracken..We deal with a ton of irrelevant crap. You’ll likely never see the face of those you converse and thus must construct a vision based on their backside brilliance. We may try to deal with their annoying presence, sometimes forced to just cut them off, butt most often they will return by acting like the same old a$$hole.

  31. I thought that may be it. It’s just hard to follow these conversation when you get old. With the announcement that IU would be in Brooklyn vs Georgia, I got excited for a minute. Brooklyn does not have a high school, or a gym. Guessing it must not be Brooklyn In.

  32. That was already covered in “backside brilliance.”

    Did we discuss recurring narrow perspectives and tunnel vision?

  33. Laffy… the fact that you can’t write four words together without resorting to entire strings of obscene language, your compulsion to insult everyone on this blog without regards to what they said, your always-out-of-control explosions (which I think are the product of a very diseased spirit) and your statement that… “I lived in Bloomington from ’82 to ’87. After that, I lived in 9 states in 11 year…” defines why I think it is best to merely ignore everything. Why? You never say anything worth thinking about…not ever.

    I really do pray that at some point you’ll seek professional help. In all truth, at this point, I can only feel very sorry for you.

  34. Trying to capture the “essence” of Laffy the word “apocryphal” comes to mind…

  35. Go to hell.

    You treat Bob as if he’s more pure than Jesus.

    I gave exact examples of how you’re full of feces.

    Bob’s players were not all angels.

    He assaulted people himself.

    And you do NOTHING put bury your nose DEEP into his anus.

    The one that “needs help” is you with your “Knight is Messiah” complex and your TOTAL re-write of history.

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