Other notes from Wilson from Big Ten Media Day

After his initial press conference, Indiana coach Kevin Wilson had a sidebar session with Indiana beat reporters and addressed several topics beyond those addressed at the podium. Some notes from that follow.

— Wide receiver Duwyce Wilson is healthy and “full-go” after suffering an ACL injury last season when he caught a touchdown in the Northwestern game. “He’s been cleared from the start of summer. I think he’s had zero set-backs.”

— Running back Matt Perez, however, is still struggling to get back on the field because of back trouble. “He’s still gimpy through his back,” Wilson said. “He’s going to have some preseason. We’ll see if he can go every day. … I think Matt’s still not 1,000 percent.” (Yes, he said, 1,000, not 100)

— Wilson said the Hoosiers have added a large number of walk-ons to fill the roster and said they did focus on grabbing quarterbacks to add depth at that position for the purpose of scout team and such. He said he didn’t believe he could name the new walk-ons before the start of preseason camp because of NCAA rules, but said that he expects to have five quarterbacks in camp – meaning two walk-ons along with scholarship quarterbacks Tre Roberson, Cameron Coffman and Nate Sudfeld.

— Cornerback Antonio Marshall, an incoming transfer from Georgia Military College, apparently has certain academic issues to take care of before he is eligible. Wilson did not go into specific details as to what those are, but said he’s been finalizing those issues this week.

AUDIO: Wilson press conference


  1. A little surprised, but pleased to see so many walk-ons trying to make IU’s roster. I always thought it was good for team moral to have the underdog walk-ons trying to make the team. They do it for the love of the game and they tend to push their teammates in areas such as hustle, discipline and extra effort. And every once in a while, a program will have a walk-on that developed into a quality player.

  2. Wilson said on the Dan Dakich show the other day that Marshall had a summer school class to complete and that the final was a couple of days ago. Once they get his final transcript he should be a go…I think that is what he meant by issues

  3. I’m trying to figure out why people that read the Chicago Tribune would be interested in this story….? Is it simply because he’s from Illinois?


    Dustin, Don’t you think a bit more editorial would have been in order? Are you that afraid of Tom Crean never granting you another interview? Don’t you think it’s disrespectful to let Roth stay in limbo this way? Don’t you believe he should have been given a straight answer a couple months ago? Isn’t that the primary motivation for putting the piece in the Chicago Tribune anyway? Strange that I had to find the link to your story on Inside the Hall. Your HT sports editor should give you kudos on Scoop for landing a story into the largest circulated paper of the Midwest.

  4. Harvard,
    I honestly don’t even know how it got to be in the Chicago Tribune. I didn’t know we had any sort of content sharing agreement with them, and I don’t know why they decided to put this on their website or if there was even an actual decision.
    As far as editorial, I don’t think it’s my place as the beat writer to express my opinion in news and feature stories. That’s why we have positions for columnists. If they want to write about this, they can.

  5. Well, you obviously wrote the piece if it has your name attached to it. Was it something that was recently placed in the Herald Times subscription section? I never saw any references to the story on Scoop. Maybe you wrote the story to just pass the time and someone broke into your computer files and sent it off to the Chicago Tribune…?

    Maybe you can offer your opinion on Scoop? I would be interested if you think the dillydallying going on with Roth is respectful. Four months since the conclusion of the season and he still can’t be given a 100% definitive answer if his coach would like him on the bench(even as a walk-on)? Speaking of opinions, are you ever going to get access to Crean for your questions about his seemingly very driven quest for intermixing Christianity into the locker room? I thought you said you might tackle that subject with him.

    I’m beginning to sense that Tom Crean is more difficult to interview than Barack Obama. Do you need CIA clearance? And we wonder how the absolute power takes root in programs…?

    I’m completely baffled why a coach can’t tell a loyal Hoosier(a young man from our last year’s roster that is the 2nd best 3-point shooter in the nation and made some very solid contributions in winning efforts last season), if he can move on with life. Sure would seem like the decent thing to do rather than just leave him dangling as your Chicago Tribune mystery piece appeared to convey. I don’t think that’s very good press for our coach. One would think he could quit quoting Joyce Meyer on his Twitter page for a couple days and maybe set five minutes aside to make one lousy phone call to a good young man, a fellow Christian, and set the damn the record straight. Is it because Roth was a Sampson recruit and thus doesn’t deserve the common decency to be told from the horse’s mouth? Personally, I think it’s a pretty sh*t-in-the-face way to treat a kid. And people crucified Knight for ignoring Bird while walking past him on the street in the midst a conversation? Roth is a Hoosier. Roth is a kid that put in four years at IU, battled through a very difficult foot injury, and kept his pride in candy-stripes during the team’s darkest hours. And when you look back at last season, it could easily be argued that he probably hit bigger shots in road games than Verdell Jones. Would Crean have ignored Verdell this way if he had one more year of eligibility?

    It would be nice to see one journalist in Bloomington not afraid to ask our basketball coach a few questions. I remember the crap Kellenberger got for asking a question about defensive strategy after a game a couple years ago. Crean set the tone very early with you guys. Now with a bit of success to add another layer of armor protecting his untouchable thin skin, you’re almost forced to sit at the back of the classroom with tongues swallowed for fear of the terrible “How dare you?!” scolding for merely asking the most basic a fair question for the man more pious bully than coach/teacher.

    How can it be journalism with such overwhelming fear the people you cover? It appears Hoosier Basketball is nearly as protected in golden crests of sanctity as Penn State pigskin. I honestly think Bobby Knight was more approachable.

  6. Indeed, very troubling. The comment is a valid comment and the questions fair. They raise various issues about IU recruitment practices and the coach’s criteria and judgment.

    I do question if this issue’s discussion belongs uncer this particular topic. Why is this commentary in the comments for a football story? There is little enough space given to football as it is, while the HT is loaded with every Jr. High School basketball prospect story there is (except for possibly bar mitzvah and first communion coverage and that probably because of the religious angle).

    But raising the issue of over-signing, Roth’s possible dismissal with ‘no-cause’ and the wisdom of over-committing scholarships forcing unfortunate circumstances on scholar-athletes who depend on the financial assistance for their education is a legitimate concern.

    The Tribune likely picked it up because ‘it is a story’, pointing at an issue that touches on coaching behaviors, practices and ethics. Is it fair for a young an who has done nothing to provoke discourteous treatment by a coach be pushed out the door as is happening to Roth? Should coaches ve accountable for over-offering scholarships while knowing the scholarship may not be there? Should the practice come under closer scrutiny by the Big Ten and the NCAA regulations? Is there, in fact, a one-sided contract and/or verbal agreement between coach and athlete that should be enforced? Is the ‘one year’ wording something that the NCAA/BigTen (or IU for that matter)review as long as the player/scholar has/is fulfilling his obligation to perform at the best of his ability and maintained his academic obligation? If the Big 10 grants the added eligibility for injury, should it also grant a waiver of the ‘scholarship count’ to prevent this happening to athletes like Roth?

    If players continue to be treated as ‘for hire’ talent -with no-protections- the Big Ten and the NCAA should then agree to pay their ‘performers’ according to minimum US minimum wage scale.

    I for one am not comfortable at all with how the Roth issue (and whoever else is facing the same pressures) is being handled. When Indiana University recruits an athlete it should be the equivalent of a four year scholarship as long as the athlete holds up his end on a fair expectation.

    Tom Crean should rethink ‘over-signing’. The players who become Hoosiers are not ‘pieces’ to be disposed of once they’ve worn the Indiana shirt.

  7. Harvard,
    It did run in the H-T under subscription only, and everything is linked on one of the sidebars on the right. No one would’ve had to hack into my computer files to have access. I’m sure there must be some sort of content sharing agreement that I didn’t know about that allows them to put that on their site somewhere. It’s not that much of a mystery.
    I’m not in overwhelming fear of Tom Crean. If I was, I wouldn’t have written this piece. There’s some red tape I have to go through if I want a one-on-one with him on certain topics — and as far as the religion piece, I have put in an interview request for that topic, but it’s my fault for not being as dogged in pushing for it — but overall he’s not THAT hard to interview.
    As far as discussing my opinion on the Scoop, like I said, I just don’t think it’s my place. I’m the beat writer and I don’t want to give credence to any notion that I have any sort of agenda that would lead to my credibility being questioned. And considering the personalities on this blog, I know for absolute certain that’s what would happen if I started picking sides on things.
    As far as Roth specifically, I mean, I wrote the story and presented the facts. You and the other readers took in those facts and had a reaction to it. What I think about it isn’t as important as what the readers think about it.

  8. Not “that much of a mystery”…but, still, a mystery…? Maybe Korman was responsible. Am I getting warm? Wasn’t he in town recently? Isn’t the Baltimore Sun a Tribune Company? Gotcha.

  9. The Baltimore Sun is a Tribune Company but that doesn’t give Korman control over what the Chicago Tribune puts on its website. Plus, Korman’s making wedding plans. He could care less what I’m writing about Matt Roth these days.
    But you’re you, so you can just go ahead and imagine that we plotted all of this over drinks at Osterman’s wedding.

  10. There is an online partnership of sorts in place between Tribune-owned papers (L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun among them) and Schurz Communication papers such as the Bloomington Herald-Times, so there is no mystery or conspiracy about how Dustin’s story got picked up. The combination of an Illinois kid and Indiana basketball apparently made it one of the rare stories of ours that the Trib was interested in.

  11. It’s o.k. No need to get so defensive. I’m glad Korman exercised his influence. The story of Roth needed to be put out there.

    Unfortunately, you guys kinda blew it because the title was so terribly non-specific. I doubt many people dove into it without any reference to “Indiana,” “Hoosier Basketball,” or “Tom Crean” somewhere in the title. Hard to imagine a ton of readers are familiar with the name Roth(even though he was the #2 ranked 3-point shooter in the nation last year).

    It truly looked like your story was plucked from the HT without any thought whatsoever to make it more appropriate to the new market its placement. I can see the title working on Scoop or in a local paper(Bloomington, Indy, etc). The haphazardness and lack of contentiousness in regard to the change in the audience(primarily Chicagoland readers) makes it obvious someone did this quickly and did it to stir trouble for Crean. I’m thinkin’ Osterman put Korman up to it after both likely having excessive amounts of champagne(your guilty conscience showing through in your last sentence).

    Whomever was responsible was not very caring of your reputation as a journalist; a journalist that should understand the importance of adapting a story to the changing audience. I’m confident you would have understood the title was vague(well within the norm for the pages of Scoop or HT where Hoosier fans are the core of your readership) and should have had more punch to pull in the reader of a large market paper(be in internet or print).

    I would have titled the piece: “Lights-out Hoosier sharpshooter denied final year of eligibility.”

    If you want to create a splash, then why not use more than your little toe? That’s an easy answer…Because it was done in the mockery and inside joking pf knowing it wouldn’t be read.

  12. Sorta funny how we haven’t heard from Jeremy Price for most the summer and then he magically appears on a Sunday night. His explanation is completely ludicrous..Yeah, some Chicago Tribune sports editor dabbles around during a boring daily schedule of covering Chicago sports to look for an Herald Times needle in a haystack story from Hoosierland he/she can drop in their sports column. Can it get anymore ridiculous than that explanation?…”Partnership of sorts?” Seriously? There’s only one ex-HT writer/editor that now works for the Tribune Company. I’m sure many sportswriters/columnists work in conjunction(share leads and insights to stories) with others they have formed relationships with between the various markets of that company. Basketball analogy? Korman reads Dustin’s piece on Scoop..Korman emails a contact he knows in Chicago ..Mouse click. Score. Assist to Korman.

    Why does this need to be a conspiracy? Your excessive defensiveness is turning it into more than it is. Matt Roth’s story deserves to be told outside the city limits of Bloomington. Why the hell not? Why are you guys so intent on putting so much distance between a story originating from Dustin’s desk(somehow ending up on Bozich desk and then proceeding to go on a blind date with some foxy Google spiders for lovely day in Chicago) and ending up in a great city paper serving millions of readers? Crean didn’t commit murder..It’s not like your covering up crimes in a shower room. He’s just simply ignoring a dorky slow sharpshooter he doesn’t need anymore; treating a Hoosier that was once part of the “New Generation” like he matters less than the honorable stuff sent down a toilet flush after serious constipation. He likely jokes at the dinner table how Matt Roth is his first ‘One-Left-And-Done.’

    Are there any journalists that work for Scoop that write editorials anymore? Kellenberger once wrote a piece about Elston sticking his toe out in Evanston. Don’t you think the Roth story deserves more space(and more answers from Tom Crean) than the Hannibal Elston Conspiracy?

  13. Harvard,
    I’m just telling you the truth, man. We honestly didn’t plan this and I didn’t know it was in the Chicago Tribune (and I don’t even know if it was actually in the paper itself) until you showed it to me. And there’s nothing wrong with Jeremy’s explanation because that’s how it actually happens. Big papers don’t just get to pluck any story from any small newspaper out there. There has to be a predetermined content sharing agreement, which obviously there was and I wasn’t fully aware of it.

  14. Dustin, I thought you were smarter than to fall for this idiot troll’s desperate act for attention.

  15. Why is Kartje still listed on the left side of the Scoop under “Your Scoop Crew”? GET HIM OFF OF THERE! HE’S NOT AROUND ANYMORE!

  16. “Big papers don’t just get to pluck any story from any small newspaper out there.”

    That’s exactly my point. The story didn’t end up in the Chicago Tribune by accident simply because of a “sorta” partnership.

    Once the Chicago Tribune does take one of your stories(which sounds like quite the rare occurrence), I would think someone would make it a point to be respectful of the author and notify such journalist that their piece was selected to run. As I said above, give the writer a chance to make the piece more fitting to the audience/reader. Maybe it sounds inconsequential because it’s just a short story about a kid that doesn’t add up to a hill of beans within the machine of sports. But no mention of “Hoosiers,” “Indiana Basketball,” or “Tom Crean,” likely killed the story from ever finding a glancing eye within the pages and pages covering the highly visible stories of the day(National and Chicago area) that would already dwarf a piece written and titled for a local audience familiar with the name “Roth.”

    I guess that’s what I find astounding. I find it more than remarkable that such levels of incompetence and flippancy abounds when their is so much struggling for papers to survive and retain followings within the plethora of options to satisfy a sports reader. You made it sound like it’s once in a blue moon event that an HT piece would get legs in a major city paper. And then to not even have the respect for the author, Dustin Dopirak, and provide some notification so that he may fine tune his headline and make the piece better suited for a less familiar audience(at a minimum, the piece should have said, “Hoosier’s Roth on outside looking in”).

    A total lack of conscientiousness in the sharing process(zero editing and zero notification to the author of the story)did nothing for any resolution Matt Roth’s quandary. Say what you will, but simply because a piece doesn’t have the “editorial” stamp of approval next to its headline, doesn’t necessarily mean the author isn’t attempting to stir up a bit of controversial perceptions/thoughts and thus have some influence on bringing a perceived injustice to light. Within the most basic mission of communicating an issue you must have believed important enough to write about(a scholarship athlete at a major Big 10 basketball program..a great student and lethal shooter denied his last year of eligibility left to hang dry without the common decency to be told within a proper and respectful time frame from his coach), you failed due to lack of communication.

    I think Matt Roth’s story was important enough to find the pages of major market paper outside of Hoosierville. What a shame your story took its mystical flight to Chicago without the proper landing gear to have it read(a proper and enticing title to pull the unfamiliar reader in). A Korman joke or a conspiracy sounds far better than so much journalistic incompetence found in within the casual partnerships between people that are considered professionals in your industry(large and small market). Placing that piece in the Chicago Tribune in its original HT headline/format was a huge disservice to your intuitiveness as a journalist and, more importantly, a huge disservice the intent on getting Matt Roth’s story communicated to a larger audience.

    And please don’t deny that the mere fact you wrote the piece infuses upon it with a certain amount of editorial in your motive. This was more than just matter-of-fact information. You obviously believe their is some amount of disservice being done to Roth or you would have not written the piece at this late date. Would you deny that most Hoosier fans have considered this a dead issue and have no complaints about how Roth was slighted. Why do they consider it a dead issue? Another easy answer..Because winning in the world of college athletics is far more important than common decency and fair treatment to a kid that attended college for all the right reasons(school, commitment, education). It’s truly a shame that story wasn’t properly given a chance to be told because some dope couldn’t send you an email.

  17. “You obviously believe there is some amount of disservice being done…”

    You know I like you, Dustin. I like you because you have integrity. I like the fact you want to engage Crean and not shy from the criticisms you’ll receive from so-called fans that prefer you to view their coach as flawless and impeccably honorable. I believe you feel their is a certain fallacy in that image when methods don’t match words(e.g. Roth’s treatment and not honoring his eligibility). You’ll always have my respect for trying to maintain that integrity, not ignore the hypocrisy, within an atmosphere where doing the right thing appears subservient to protecting the image and sanctity of Indiana colors we are not being true.

  18. Harvard, if you write an editorial piece and send it to your local paper it may well be published in another newspaper without you being notified.

  19. Dustin has worked for HT for many years. I would be willing to bet this is the first piece he’s ever written end up in the pages of the Chicago Tribune. Dustin is just a Joe Shmoe sending in an editorial to the local paper. His name and reputation should be respected enough to allow him to be impart upon this assumed “sharing” decision the opportunity in making needed editing and content adjustments to make the piece more refined to the new market less familiar to the ongoing story he’s been covering.

    Inside the Hall, not Hoosier Scoop, was providing the link to the Chicago Tribune. Do you know how absurd that sounds? Alex Bozich is aware(and making the readers of ITH aware) about Dustin’s Roth piece in the Chicago Tribune while Dustin’s own editor from the newspaper he works and writes for many dedicated years leaves him in the dark.

    Roth’s story could have been so much more effectively communicated if it had not been forwarded with all the conscientiousness of a pack of mail-ordered undershorts. Defeats the entire point of sharing if can’t even adjust the headline to fit the new audience. They took a piece he headlined and with the unneeded excessive verbiage aimed at the passionate fans and alumni already fully aware of the familiar and the ongoing uncertainty Roth’s status and the oversigning saga. I repeat, to send it off to a huge market without any commonsense adjustments to pull a less familiar reader into the story does more of an injustice(primarily to Dustin since his name is own the piece)than anything else.

    My first post on this thread:

    I’m trying to figure out why people that read the Chicago Tribune would be interested in this story….? Is it simply because he’s from Illinois?

    They would have no interest because it falls horribly shy in the appropriate headline for a unfamiliar audience. Pull one hundred people off the streets of Chicago(even those that stay relatively familiar with college sports)and simply throw the name “Roth” out to them. Do you think more than five people out of that hundred would even know who you’re talking about? Do you think more than three out of one hundred would link Roth to the Indiana Hoosiers9never mentioned in the headline) like they would link Urlacher to Bears? I think it brings to the forefront a total lack of sophistication at the trade to make such lazy inferences in their prearranged supposed sharing agreement(sharing that occurs with the same regularity as the passing of Halley’s Comet* within a glimpse from planet Earth). All I can say is that they did one hell of a job putting a telescope on Roth’s flippant disregard.


    *For those that are wondering…Upon return to our inner solar system, Halley’s Comet is visible from Earth every 75-76 years. This will undoubtedly be the same window of opportunity for the next viewing of an obscure Hoosier basketball story originating from the outer reaches of space, the extraterrestrial
    creatures of distant journalism working for the HT(offices also located on Uranus), will be accidentally sent a cyberspace beacon of commonality from the Mother Ship and consequently be picked up by the Chicago Tribune under the ongoing “sharing” agreement with alien lifeforms named Dustin in Bloomington. Get your telescope ready for 2061! There will be no reminder or communication of this event from Voyager 1 or Voyager 2. Just keep staring at the heavens.

  20. oops. “Dustin isn’t just any Joe Shmoe sending in an editorial off to the local paper..”

  21. Is it really so important to tell Roth where he stands?…Nah. There are far more important people to see and things to do.

    Here’s one primary example:

    Tom Crean ‏@TomCrean 6:08 pm – 29 July 2012

    I need to get out to the Monroe County Fair this week. I don’t see myself on many rides but I do see taking a walk through the exhibits.

  22. Still nothing? It’s an old heart..What did you expect, magic? CLEAR!!


    Harvard is a pain in the ass. You rise above it because your heart is in the right place. I shall quit.

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