1. Huh…wonder if is this has anything to do with his dad being head coach of the Boston Celtics?

    Huh…wonder if A. Rivers was a lottery pick because of his dad?

  2. There are those in professional sports who feel that drafting kids of professional players or coaches is a positive. The biggest reason being that there isn’t the culture shock from going from college to the professional ranks because they have been exposed to it at a young age and the transition is easier even if the kid isn’t quite as talented. The same could be said of the Rivers boys. Seeing how their dad both played and coaches in the NBA, they have been exposed to that culture at a young age and the transition to that lifestyle tends to be easier for those kids. You will see that in baseball more than any where else. You will see sons of former MLB players make it to the majors faster because they have been around that atmosphere and they don’t take a year or two for that culture transition to take place.

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