1. And wasn’t Watford’s shot the #6 seed or something?

    That could arguably have been the best shot in all of college basketball last year and espn gives him a 6 seed??!!!!

  2. They should also nominate college one-and-done morons for ‘Best Pansy Statement of the Year'(e.g. The nationally televised interview with Jeremy Lamb following their Sweet 16 victory that finds him still whining about Watford’s “lucky shot” from December)…Classy, indeed. I would have so much loved to shove that uppity, snooty, sore sport, piss-ass(even in victory) attitude back in those damn hicks faces this year. I’d been happy to spit back in their Criminalpari faces with a 25 point “lucky” blowout on a “neutral site” of their privileged choice.

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