1. Great that Christian won. Calipari was there and turned his head like to ignore it. Ha, ha John. Wait till they strip UK of their NCAA Championship and ban you from coaching. I guess you can go to the NBA like Sampson. NO wait you tried the NBA and failed there. Ha, ha.

  2. I love it!! This is the second time a shot to beat Kentucky was play of the year. The other was the first year of ESPY awards. The answer is easy. The question is: What was the play?

  3. Mark, unless I’m missing something, it was Grant Hill going long to Christian Laettner, who drained the turnaround from the top of the key against an afraid-to-foul John Pelphrey in the regional final. Ironically, that set up the infamous IU-Duke Final Four matchup in which any drive to the basket by any Indiana player was a charge, resulting in four Hoosiers fouling out and Duke still barely hanging on 81-78 after a flurry of last-minute 3-pointers by the now-equally-infamous Todd Leary.

    Thorough enough of an answer??

  4. Oh, and it’s awesome that Watford’s shot won. That gives ESPN a reason to replay it a few hundred more times, thereby jabbing at the Blue Misters while they’re trying to smugly enjoy their championship. I think I’ll play the Youtube clip a few times this morning just to irritate my UK fan co-workers.

  5. It’s funny..Where did all the Scoop bloggers go that were throwing Watford under the bus last season? Where did that one blogger go that refused to jump on the bandwagon of criticism? Did everyone forget just how much ridicule Watford was facing from supposed Indiana fans? How we love to elevate our honor by bashing Kentucky now…Kentucky has never been the problem…We bash our own a plenty. Now “the shot” merely provides camouflage for the reality just how many hypocrites now hiding behind praise a stupid ESPY award. Rather strange how the grand award this one play is juxtaposed alongside the unaware truth how many Hoosier fans were in the business of writing Watford off(and the many that still used every opportunity an off-game from Christian to do more of the same even after “the shot”); countlessly referring to Watford as a Hoosier that was lazy and unfocused. Some of the most recognizable blogging names on Scoop characterized CW as playing selfishly in his lackadaisical settling for perimeter shots. His heart and determination was the object of the same firing squad now pointed at evil Calipari. Funny how the barrels a rifle bend southward as we now sweep under rug the dirt from our own tongues.

    We keep talking about “the shot” heard around the UK hillbilly world. Yes, how I remember that lone blogger that stood by Watford before and after “the shot.”…I remember that blowhard defending Christian while grossly outnumbered the Scoop street thugs amassing to slice and dice any defense of Christian’s name, his versatile game, and the essential vital component he served on our underrated team. I remember this weirdo speaking more of “a shot”(e.g. “Hoosiers don’t have much of ‘a shot’ winning without Christian in the lineup”…Hoosiers have ‘a great shot’ winning 22 games now that we have a strong post presence and Watford finally has ‘a shot’ to shine and show off his versatility and expand upon the multiple ways he can score).

    Whatever happened to that foolish nutcase blogger that forever talked of the Hoosiers not having “a shot” without Watford on the floor long before “the shot” became the trophy of hypocrisy at an ESPY event.

    And whatever happened to the blogger named hoosierfaninky? Funny how some regulars just disappear…Or do they? Only Dustin knows if the names have been changed to protect the innocent(Yes, that was a Dragnet reference for the old crowd)..Yup…hoosierfaninky..I do believe that was his name…I should know..I work here. I remember we had a big discussion of what makes for a quality steak dinner while he chewed away on Christian’s “fluky” game like a piece of cheap bloody sirloin. Maybe he changed his name to Reggie..Maybe he didn’t. Maybe we need to find out.

  6. Great! Now, Christian play like your one of the best players in the country and help IU win a bunch of games.

  7. the espy is cute & all, & that win was epic, but actually, Wattford, in particular his defense(or lack there of)is my biggest concern going into this season, apart from the eternal worry of Zeller getting hurt, which would end it all. I’m hopeful that Hanner Perea will play much better defense, & possibly offensively for that matter, but if that happens will TC do the right thing? Those are the things I worry about that could ruin what CAN be the best I.U. season in 20 years.

  8. Nothing else came close to being “The Play of the Year.” Fantastic!

    Hey coach Crean, congratulations on some very positive exposure for your program. Well deserved! But given the setting and the national exposure, please put on a tie next time you attend the ESPY’s. What, you didn’t think the cameras wood find you in the audience?

    Had to love the expression on Calipari’s face after Watford’s name was announced. He looked like he’d just bit into an apple and found half a worm. Priceless!

  9. I toast thy Lowenbrau to VJ for making the momentous and crafty decision to forgo turnover in favor of pass….for all forgotten humble assists must forever die in the shadows a memorable buzzer-beater.

    I say we go out for steak tonight and dine in the glory of unselfishness a heroic clutch thought winning against everything in college basketball that stinks of talent-hoarding, Calicorruption, and permeation of greed.

    Yes, tonight, let it be Löwenbräu.

  10. Ahhh Lownbrau was the upscale beer we used to get at Big Red Liquors for the parties at the house on North Jordan. Now St Pauli Girl that was the real upscale stuff.

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