1. Dustin…I read it in the paper I PURCHASED today.

    And why does Mike somebody have his picture on his column and you, who had two stories above the fold no less,
    had no picture. (yesterday)

    And I can’t imagine driving to the football games, it’s absolute _________ driving in Bloominton now with the road construction. Last Yr for people from Indianapolis they said leave 3 hrs early for the 465/37 construction. This yr
    I could see grid-lock.

  2. Ha, thanks Ron. I’ve never had my picture in the paper because I’ve never written anything that’s been categorized as a column. I’m not sure exactly why the high school notebooks carry that designation but they do. Regardless, that’s cool with me because I wasn’t looking to be a columnist.
    Regardless, even if getting your picture in the paper were solely determinant on being a good writer, I’d say Mike more than earned it with this one today.

  3. Also, it’s going to be slightly better this year because the construction is south of town as opposed to north of it. The people coming in from Indy will have pretty smooth sailing. The only thing you real problems I’ve had have been between 1st and 3rd on Walnut Street. But that may also be because I spend about 90 percent of my time on Walnut and College in between the H-T and 17th Street.

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