1. This is an abomination. This is about the Big 10 not respecting any tradition. They are just in it for the money. Do we really not know that IU plays in the Big 10? I was never crazy about the logo anyway but it looks out of place on the court and should be removed immediately. Them doing this in all of the football stadiums like Ohio State and Michigan is ridiculous too.

  2. I tend to agree with Laffy. The initials of ‘RMK’ are the only other three letters that should share the Assembly Hall court with the name ‘INDIANA.’

    This is hideous example of the Big 10 prostituting our name, using the success and notoriety of the greatest coach in the history of the game, like we were their cheap whore.

  3. Is it a vinyl or paint? Because if it’s a vinyl, I’d be afraid for our players’ safety. I blame the B1G vinyl for VJ3’s ACL.
    I don’t like this, but since it’s Crimson, I’m not up in arms about it. If they did the black and teal thing, I’d be seething.

  4. Just awful. Like everything in the modern world, it is all about throwing as much crap they can fit into your field of vision they can. Branch McCracken court is beautiful in it’s simplicity–something that flies in the face of all the Nike induced visual aneurysms many of the rest of NCAA is following.

    I’ll get used to it, I’m sure. But I don’t like it.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with DoubleDown. That court is sacred and beautiful as is. I feel like we just collectively uncrossed our legs. This could jinx our entire resurrection and cast darkness upon our team and upcoming season.

    This is far worse than the new shot clock Crean has approved for installation.

  6. Tom Crean used Twitter to confirm what I suspected, which is that the new logo is a conference requirement: “I saw the questions on the Big Ten logo on the court. Non negotiable item. That is mandated for all Big Ten programs,” he tweeted.

  7. They should have painted it over by the tv commentators table off of the court. That way it is still technically there but doesn’t change for the most part the integrity and tradition of how the court looked. See how Illinois’ or Purdue’s courts were painted last year as an example.
    Not that I really like either one of these rivals, the logo is at least put where it belongs which is on the sideline. Plastering it right in the lane doesn’t make sense with how our court was setup before.

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  9. Will have to put up with it since it mandated by the B1G, but why is it so large. It looks like the lettering is as big and Indiana at the end of the court. I do like it at the free throw line instead of out on the court somewhere. Also, if this is mainly for TV and its dollars why could’nt they be superimposed during telecasts like the yellow line in NFL, lane numbers in swimming and others?

  10. Always4IU,

    I like your advanced thinking referring to the use of superimposed images. The B10/BTN could get added mileage by having a small creative catalog of variety to display for PR benefit.

  11. I have no problem with the logos. About time for IU to get out of the 70s. If I were in charge, I’d plaster advertising logos everywhere I could to raise money of our program. I suppose anyone denouncing logos on the floor, really wants the newer scoreboards to go away as well. Let’s go back to short shorts and Chuck Taylors while we’re at it. While I appreciate tradition, it’s time to recognize we are over a decade into the 21st century. Change is inevitable. This will do nothing to effect winning or losing or home court advantage.

  12. 5th Avenue style advertising all over AE or McCraken Court is not anything I am advocating.

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