Indiana lands Brownsburg athlete Chase Dutra

Brownsburg’s Chase Dutra committed to Indiana on Monday. Now the challenge for the Hoosiers is to figure out where to play him.

Dutra gives them all kinds of options. The 6-foot-2, 200-pounder plays four positions — wing, fullback, tailback and quarterback — in Brownsburg’s flexbone offense. He also plays safety, but the Hoosiers apparently believe that if he puts weight on, he can play wide receiver as well.

“Honestly, they just told me they were recruiting me as a straight-up athlete,” Dutra said. “They told me Coach (Kevin) Johns would like to see me at wide receiver. Coach (Doug) Mallory wants to use me at safety, and Coach (Mike) Ekeler said ‘I want him to put on a couple of pounds and play nickel.’ And they told me I’d be on a lot of special teams, too. … I don’t have a preference as long as I get a fair shot to get on the field. I just want to be a big contributor to the team. It doesn’t have to be in specific situations. I like to make big plays on offense and I like to stick people on defense. I don’t have a preference for which I play.”

Last season, according to the school’s website, Dutra rushed for 613 yards and 15 touchdowns on just 67 carries while catching 16 passes for 283 yards and two touchdowns. He also returned a kickoff 99 yards for a score.

Dutra chose Indiana over offers from Western Michigan and Indiana State, but there were a number of BCS-level programs that were waiting to see one more year of game video. That included Cincinnati, Iowa and Purdue.

“Indiana was a school I always liked from the start,” Dutra said. “I was down there a lot for junior day and team camp. I got to talk in depth with the coaches, and after the team camp I’ve been down to practice, and I got to be around the guys a lot. … When I finally got the offer, I didn’t have to go out and check anymore. I knew where I wanted to go.”

Dutra is a three-star recruit and the No. 9 player in the state according to He is the eighth commitment for the Class of 2013.


  1. Trying to figure out which position he will be best at is the the type of problem football coaches love to have. At 6-2 and 200 pounds going into his senior year of HS, he has the size to do a lot of things. Figure he’ll be a minimum of 218-220 when fully mature, maybe even bigger depending on his frame. That would be impressive at strong safety or as a receiver.

  2. Ranked, high 3-star on both Scout and Rivals. Also nice to have 3 top 20 in-state players, including one top 5.

  3. I like him at safety or nickel…IU needs speed on that defense to win games. Look for Latham and Kenney to give IU another long, hard look again. Latham needs to decide in the next 60 days how much he’ll like Wisconsin winters. Based on what I hear about of Bloomington, I like IU’s chances on both guys.

  4. It’s not the Wisconsin winters that Latham will be thinking about, it’s the opportunity to go to four bowl games, two of which will probably be Rose Bowls. Midwest kids are not going to spend too much time considering the difference between the winter weather of Madison as compared to the winter weather of Bloomington.

    Wisconsin is also a great school, if you like your professors to be radical leftists. And they pack that stadium for every game. But IU has far more beautiful girls on campus than Wisconsin, so I’d emphasize that angle over the weather.

  5. Wasn’t Nate Sudfeld our only 4 star recruit? If he doesn’t start his sophomore year I bet he transfers unless we actually win games.

  6. Mike P. have you seen him play? I have not but I have the impression he is a hard nose and should be prepared by the staff to play D.

  7. psych, if a lot of body piercings and tats make women more attractive, then yes, I’m sure guys would be happy in Madison. And when I think about the average female student in Madison, the word “robust” comes to mind. Must be all the beer, cheese and sausage they consume, and the need to be well insulated for those long harsh winters. Other than that, I’m sure you are correct.

  8. I saw lots of cute girls in Madison, though, to be fair, it did look like the brats and cheese curds had an effect. Not too bad, though.

  9. Dustin, any update on incoming Frosh Adam Kranda joining the Fall FB camp and starting school. I hope he is close or in Bloomington already.

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