IU schedule finalized

The non-conference games were all out already, but the Big Ten schedule was finalized today. IU’s entire schedule, without times or TV, follows.

2012-13 SCHEDULE
An Exhibition Game Date, Time and Opponent to be named later
November 9     Friday                  Bryant                     Bloomington, Ind.
November 12   Monday      North Dakota State+    Bloomington, Ind.
November 15   Thursday    Sam Houston State+    Bloomington, Ind.
November 19    Monday               Georgia+                 Brooklyn, N.Y.
November 20   Tuesday   UCLA or Georgetown+     Brooklyn, N.Y.
November 25    Sunday               Ball State               Bloomington, Ind.
November 27   Tuesday         North Carolina          Bloomington, Ind.
December 1     Saturday          Coppin State            Bloomington, Ind.
December 8    Saturday Central Connecticut StateBloomington, Ind.
CROSSROADS CLASSIC (Bankers Life Fieldhouse)
December 15   Saturday             vs. Butler                  Indianapolis, Ind.
December 19  Wednesday       Mt. St. Mary’s           Bloomington, Ind.
December 21       Friday            Florida Atlantic       Bloomington, Ind.
December 28      Friday               Jacksonville            Bloomington, Ind.
December 31     Monday                 at Iowa*                   Iowa City, Iowa
January 7          Monday             at Penn State*            State College, Pa.
January 12         Saturday             Minnesota*              Bloomington, Ind.
January 15         Tuesday               Wisconsin*             Bloomington, Ind.
January 20         Sunday        at Northwestern*               Evanston, Ill.
January 23     Wednesday          Penn State*               Bloomington, Ind.
January 27         Sunday         Michigan State*            Bloomington, Ind.
January 30    Wednesday           at Purdue*                West Lafayette, Ind.
February 2      SaturdayMichigan* (ESPN Gameday) Bloomington, Ind.
February 7        Thursday            at Illinois*                     Champaign, Ill.
February 10       Sunday              at Ohio State*              Columbus, Ohio
February 13    Wednesday           Nebraska*                 Bloomington, Ind.
February 16      Saturday               Purdue*                   Bloomington, Ind.
February 19      Tuesday      at Michigan State*          East Lansing, Mich.
February 26       Tuesday        at Minnesota*            Minneapolis, Minn.
March 2              Saturday              Iowa*                        Bloomington, Ind.
March 5              Tuesday           Ohio State*                  Bloomington, Ind.
March 10            Sunday         at Michigan*                    Ann Arbor, Mich.
March 14-17 Th/Fr/Sat/Sun Big Ten Tournament     Chicago, Ill.


  1. I’m excited for the season, but still want to note that the preconference schedule at Assembly Hall is an expensive, lousy deal for season ticket holders — one great game, North Carolina, and nine mismatches against inferior programs.

  2. Brutal to have @ MSU, @ Minnesota, Iowa, OSU, and @ Michigan to close out the final two weeks and then move directly into the Big 10 tournament and postseason play.

    We will have virtually played as physically demanding three weeks of basketball as any team in the country before we enter the Big Dance.

    This team will be tested. I just hope they won’t be thoroughly exhausted. Hopefully we’ll stay healthy and our depth will will help sustain the spring in our step.

    This continues to reaffirm my personal opinion that the BIG 10 tournament(along with many other conference end-of-season tournaments) are not the best interest of the student/athlete.

  3. Hmm? Dirty Harry to speak at the GOP convention tonight….

    I know what you’re thinking. “Did he say I spent six trillion or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this “time for change” excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a ’47 Romney the most wealthy tax-sheltered Republican in the world, and would blow your Obamacare clean off the burden of the taxpayers, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk spender?

  4. I’m giving away 2 tix to the game at Penn State on Jan 7.

    Tsao – if you want to take the 1 beer challenge you are welcome to a ticket. I honestly think we’d get along just fine.

    Chet – not sure what kinda drive that is for you…

    Harvard – don’t know if you’d crawl out of your hole…

    Po – not even sure where you live…

    Anyone else – let me know.

    I may have more than 2 when it’s all said and done. If I have too many requests we may have to do a contest.

    My guess is no one will take me up on it.

    Dustin – We’ll see ya there!

  5. Notice how all the invitation were warm and sincere except for one? That sorta tone already premises the answer you would desire.

  6. I always held onto hope that we would all one day get together at Nick’s…Final Four game? Dustin could bring the ladies.

  7. Don’t count me out. My calendar isn’t written that far in advance but it sounds like fun. I’m sorry I missed you in Maine a while back but the rain was bummin’ me out.

  8. Harvard don’t go….TsaoTsu don’t go! Harvard go….I’ll begin warming up the tractor.

    Harvard…I may bring some ladies too….old ladies, but still some firmness around their ankles.

  9. ^That was funny. I’m just happy you said “ankles.”

    Harvard will only go if he doesn’t see his shadow when he pops out of his hole(not the same shadow that never ceases following him on this blog..That shadow is that never stops sniffing my hole is welcome). That’s a Pennsylvania joke for those that are lagging behind on the insults.

  10. I appreciate the invitation, Geoff….I really do. I’m even more dull in person than on here.

  11. The last thing you are is dull Harvard. Crazy, paranoid, creative, articulate, and stubborn… But not dull.

  12. Notice he said he’s giving away two tickets. It’s for a man and his shadow. Maybe Harvard can take one and on the other one Steve from Ottawa and HT could go. I am sure we could squeeze even more people on that one.

  13. Wang Wang,

    Just to let you know that two wangs don’t make a right.

    Also, do you want both tickets?

  14. Geoff, I’m a little bit like Chet and can easily put eraser to my calender when desired. Please consider me a suspect as I have a good friend who is tall on IU but only sees a game every 3rd blue moon and would enjoy a trip to B-Town.

  15. Clarion-

    I believe Geoff is offering two tickets to the game in Pennsylvania(the ‘away’ match-up). And what a deal it is… This is a fully paid round trip including: flight, hotel accommodations(double occupancy), and complimentary dinner (excluding gratuity).
    BONUS OFFER: An official basketball signed by Mike Davis will be given to the first commit.

  16. I can probably offer a stay at one of the PSU coach’s house, but there would probably have to be background checks (both ways).

    Dinner is on Dustin.

    Have I told you about my Mike Davis ball? That is worth more than its weight in Letters of Intent, so no one is getting their grubby hands on it.

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