McCants dismissed; Hughes, Barnett, Florisse Hardin suspended

Indiana released its camp roster on Thursday morning and along with it came a number of pieces of unfortunate news.

Wide receiver Jay McCants has been dismissed from the program for a violation of team rules. Wide receiver Kofi Hughes, cornerback Lawrence Barnett and safety Florisse Hardin have all been suspended for one game, also for a violation of team rules.

Wide receiver Logan Young and safety Shaquille Jefferson opted not to return to the program, though Jefferson’s transfer was previously reported.

Incoming freshman Adam Kranda will not report for preseason camp because of what coach Kevin Wilson called a personal matter. Tailback Matt Perez (back), tight end Paul Phillips (ankle), linebacker Ishmael Thomas (shoulder) and tight end Jordan Jackson (knee) will not attend preseason camp because they are not yet recovered from their injuries.

The IU release on those matters follows.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Indiana football team opened 2012 preseason camp Thursday morning, and head coach Kevin Wilson announced several roster updates and released the team’s 105-player camp roster.
Safety Shaquille Jefferson and wide receiver Logan Young have left the program to pursue other opportunities.
“We thank Shaquille and Logan for their contributions to the program. Both have indicated they plan to transfer to another school to continue their careers. They leave IU in good standing and we wish them the best,” Wilson said.
True freshman defensive end Adam Kranda has not reported for the start of camp.
“Adam is dealing with a private matter. It is our intention to work with him to have him here in the near future. Adam has a bright future and will be a valuable piece on our defensive line,” Wilson said.
Running back Matt Perez, tight end Paul Phillips, linebacker Ishmael Thomas and walk-on tight end Jordan Jackson will not attend camp due to injuries.
“Matt (back), Paul (ankle), Ishmael (shoulder) and Jordan (knee) have been rehabbing their injuries, but they are not ready to compete at this time. We look forward to getting these men back on the field as soon as possible.”
Wide receiver Kofi Hughes, cornerback Lawrence Barnett and safety Forisse Hardin will each serve a one-game suspension during the 2012 season for a violation of team rules.
Wide receiver Jay McCants has been dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules.
Wilson also welcomed 18 walk-ons to the program:
No. Name
Pos. Ht.
Wt. Hometown/Last School
2 Dareon Fuller
DB 5-7
167 Indianapolis, Ind./Arlington
3 David Nelson
QB 5-11181
Hudson, Ohio/Hudson
4 Corey Babb
QB 6-5
221 Indianapolis, Ind./Cathedral
9 Nate Boudreau
QB 6-3
209 Naperville, Ill./Neuqua Valley
19 Ryan Parker
WR 6-3
183 Orland Park, Ill./Carl Sandburg
23 Blair Stellhorn
WR 5-9
190 Russiaville, Ind./Western
33 Christian Englum
TE 6-6
205 Indianapolis, Ind./Park Tudor
35 Quai Chandler
DB 6-0
180 Lake Forest, Ill./Lake Forest Academy
38 Garrett Welch
DB 6-1
192 Noblesville, Ind./Noblesville
43 Brandon Grubbe
RB 5-11200
Lowell, Ind./Butler University
44 Andrew Wilson
RB 5-11207
Columbus, Ind./Columbus East
52 Austin Schlosser
LB 5-11201
Naperville, Ill./Neuqua Valley
54 Alex Ziedas
OL 6-2
283 Detroit, Mich./University of Detroit Jesuit
72 Michael Mitsch
DL 5-11264
Indianapolis, Ind./Cathedral
82 Sean Barrett
LS 6-6
200 Carmel, Ind./Carmel
87 Mitchell Paige
WR 5-7
166 Noblesville, Ind./Guerin Catholic
88 Anthony Corsaro
TE 6-1
242 Indianapolis, Ind./Cathedral
93 Nick Campos
K 6-0
182 Wheaton, Ill./Wheaton-Warrenville South



  1. It seems that Wilson is having to deal with lots of attitude problems from the players. I really hope IU gives him his full contract to get this thing turned around. I really do like him as a coach.

  2. We don’t and should not know the specific reasons behind these actions, but I am confident that the coaching staff took these measures appropriately. Of course my fear is the usual one … injuries and other issues decimate the roster which starts out way too thin and and we wind up even less competitive than previously thought. Hope I’m wrong!

  3. iufan23…how could IU end up less competitive than previously thought? Everyone, and I mean everyone, is already predicting Indiana last in the conference and by a pretty wide margin, with most suggesting IU will be lucky to win a single conference game.

    Just having fun, fan23. The news isn’t good, that’s for sure.

  4. You’re right, guest!… hard to imagine us being even less competitive and I hate to say it, but I for one, don’t think we will win a conference match this year. I’m hoping to go 3-1 in non-conference play and not getting blown out in the B10 matches.

  5. Why all the chicken little comments? Because a few guys got dismissed from the team for breaking team rules? That happens all over the country this time of year. The sky is not falling because of this news. Goodness, what a bunch of Debbie-Downers some of you folks are! If Tre Rob got dismissed, I’d be worried, but this news does not appear to be a big deal.

    If you follow college football, you know that every team loses players over the summer. College football news this time of year is filled with stories or guys getting kicked of teams, suspended for violating rules, flunking out, or simply quitting. Many college teams lose high quality players and stars. Every team kicks players off the squad. This is not unique to IU football and I don’t think anyone would expect every young man on IU’s team would behave perfectly or be 100% free from violating team rules.

    If an IU player got kicked off the team for breaking team rules over the summer, especially after KW demonstrated last fall that no player would be above the rules, those young men were either bad apples, did not want to be on the team, or were too stupid to be on the team. I mean, the message got sent loud and clear when IU’s star receiver got kicked off the team toward the end of last season. You break team rules, you get punished, up to and including being kicked off the team. Pretty simple, really.

    Common sense suggests that the violations must have been serious, at least by KW’s standards, otherwise these players would not be suspended or kicked off the team. And if that’s true, good riddance. Who knows what the violations were, but we can surmise that the players were not kicked off the team for picking their nose during a team meeting.

    You have over 100 young men involved with the team over the summer. Statistically, it’s a given that a percentage of them are going to make mistakes, get into trouble, or violate team rules. These are 18 – 22 year-old men. Young men do stupid things. They make mistakes and they often get caught. Then they get punished and hopefully learn from the experience before ending up in prison or dead.

    I did not recognize the names of any of the IU players that were dismissed, so I doubt this news will have any serious impact on IU Football’s performance in 2012. IU is likely to win three or four games in 2012. If we get really lucky, we might win five.

  6. On a more positive note, does anyone know anything about any of the 18 walk-ons listed in the article? Any significant talent in that group of 18? There are 3 DBs, 3 QBs, 3 Wide Receivers, 2 Tight Ends, 2 running backs, 1 LB, 2 O-linemen, 1 D-linemen, and 1 kicker.

    What’s interesting to me is that 8 of the 18 walk-ons are from out of state (IL, Ohio, and Mich). Given what IU’s out-of-state tuition costs, these young men must really be motivated to play football.

  7. Nothing like doing a Video for ESPN about team and loyalty and then getting suspended for a game, nice work Lawrence B.

  8. This will be the 25th Season I’ll be hoping for, not just another Bowl game, but, the ROSE Bowl. There is no reason, whatsoever, Coach Wilson, if he is really worth his muster, can’t build a winning team THIS year. One thing I would like to see this year, however, is some REAL energy from these guys, when they’re on the field as well as when they’re on the bench. How can they expect us to yell, clap, jump up and down for them, if they don’t do all those things for themselves? Come on, guys, let’s show the fans you want to win and you are going to play every play as if your Dad or Mom or Grandpa or Grandma were watching! Go, Hoosiers, all the way to the ROSE Bowl!

  9. Podunker, I don’t think anyone is being “chicken little” necessarily and I agree with your comment in the main. However, several of the players mentioned were either starters or significant contributors (e.g. Hughes, Barnett). The unfortunate reality for IU (and what on some level distinguishes our situation from other programs) is that we start out being short on talent and depth and to have guys like this dropped temporarily or otherwise will have a detrimental impact. That said, my comment is in no way critical of the coaching staff who absolutely need to cultivate an atmosphere of dicipline and accountability on and off the field. It is just unfortunate, that’s all.

  10. All due respect to those “hoping” for a Rose Bowl or a miraculous turn around, but I just don’t see it happening. This team returns the same nucleus from a team that won zero B1G games and added next to no game breaking recruits.. It’s going to be several years before IU is able to legitimately compete in the B1G, let alone for a BCS game.

  11. I thought all the IU troublemakers got on the bus with Kelvin Sampson…? This is troubling. Has anyone ever noticed how the names Kelvin Sampson and Kevin Wilson sound very similar(both beginning with ‘Ke’ and ending in ‘son’). Try to say both names successively real fast…It’s almost a tongue twister.

  12. Steve O: I believe you are most accurate in your post #13. It is unrealistic to believe IU is going to have a winning season in KW’s second year as coach. While possible, it is highly unlikely. Hoosier fans need to have realistic expectations about IU football and the time it will take to turn a long-neglected program into a consistent winner.

    IU does not have the history, the reputation, the tradition, or the money to transform the football team any faster than it is being transformed. Football is not a sport where one or two great players can turn a losing program into a winning program. It takes a lot of big, fast, strong, smart and highly motivated young men to transform a college football program from a perennial loser to a consistent winner. And to get that, you have to have smart, talented and highly motivated coaches in place to attract and lead those good players. I believe IU has the coaching staff necessary to accomplish that task. Now it’s just going to take time, dedication and persistence to assemble enough good players. Based on the recruiting news I’m reading, there is evidence that the transformation has begun.

  13. I was hoping for a step up year from Kofi Hughes. I hope this does’nt set him back, it seemed like he got a lot stronger over the spring/summer. I am hoping to see him in Chicago next year as a senior leader.

    As far as the walk on’s:
    1. Ryan Parker WR 6-3 – Needs strength weight – You can visit him a Jersey’s sandwich/sub shop in Orland park. He worked there his Junior/Senior year. good family, good kid. Upside here.

    2. Nate Boudreau – QB – needs confidence, and arm strength, had some bad games as a senior (interceptions)He could work his way into being a good back up/kick holder. (maybe more?)
    3. Quai Chandler – DB – Played Running back and DB in HS, fast – ran track and is a 4.5 40 yard dash guy. Again, very thin for a Big 10 football. I say some good upside with a year in the weight room.
    4. Nick Campos – K, Punter – Decent stats, 37 yds and hang time. Needs quicker release and weight on his bones. Again, needs a year in the weight room to really see how he could do. Needs to hit 40 yds +

    All in, I think the coaches saw something in these walk-on’s, they have some good talent but need development, will they do the work?

  14. Bad news but only one player, McCants is off the team. IU should still beat IN St. How can you work so hard to play and jeopardize it by being dumb? I guess being 18-21 explains it.

  15. IU better win a few Big Ten games or Wilson is gone. Who is going to come play for the guy if he doesn’t win? The only time he’s

  16. I don’t blame Logan Young for leaving the program. That kid was is an outstanding wide receiver that the coaches weren’t giving the time of day. I heard nothing but great things about him. I watched him in the scrimmage and if I’m not mistaken he had 7 catches and 0 drops…which led WRs. Great hands, size and athleticism. With injuries and suspensions last year he must have been extremely frustrated when they didn’t give him a shot. Will do great wherever it is he decides to go. Wilson dropped the ball on this one.

  17. KW will not and should not be fired as a consequence of not winning any B10 games this year. As other posters here have said, this is a slow build process that is starting from ground zero. So long as their is a psotive trajectory e,g 2-3 wins, fewer blowouts,IU will and should stay the course.

    I’m really disturbed about K. Hughes suspension and I hope he just made an isolated mistake and that whatever happened is not a indication of things to come. Same for the others of course, but was relying on Hughes from a leadership standpoint.

  18. Chicago Hoosier, thanks for the info on some of the walk-ons. You hit the nail right on the head, “Will they do the work?”

    here we go again; no way Wilson gets fired if IU does not win a Big Ten game this year. I don’t think anyone expects IU to win a Big Ten game this year. It could happen, but it is unlikely. If he wins three or four games in 2012, it will be a major step forward and give him plenty of momentum for 2013. He’s getting better athletes to commit, but IU football is still very young and inexperienced. IT TAKES YEARS, especially for a program like IU that does not have a strong football tradition. The earliest Wilson will be fired is after his fourth year. If he does not produce a winning season during his fourth year as IU’s coach, he’ll be gone. Until then, he’s IU’s head coach.

    iufan23; think of K Hughes’ one game suspension as an opportunity to learn an important lesson and mature quickly. Maybe as a result, he will be all the more valuable as a leader for the remainder of his time on campus. Not playing against Indiana State is not going to have a significant impact on the team’s performance, but it may have a huge impact on Mr. Hughes’ decision making in the future. If not, then he’s not the young man we all hoped he’d be.

  19. Players get suspended everywhere, every year. Nothing disturbing about that. In fact, IU was only 1 of 3 B1G teams not to have a player arrested this off season.

  20. Po, I don’t think not having a winning season in his 4th season will cost him his job if progress appears consistent. If we go 5-6 and look good in the process I think he’ll be fine. I wouldn’t fire him.

    Progress, that’s what I want. If we win one more game each season and win the national championship in 2024 I be the happiest Hoosier in the world.

  21. A year ago we generally agreed, time and patience beginning with a change in the culture. That is well under way. No one who has given it any serious thought can possibly expect anything else. Wilson is the right man, has the right staff, is making his vision clear and the true Hoosier fan who wants a solid program is willing to wait for it to get done the right way.

  22. In a world where politics overwhelms the dialogue it is always refreshing when our love of the Hoosiers moves beyond that small box.

    You guys are great.

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  24. Wow, I’m impressed at the level headed responses on this thread. I fully expected to log in and hear a lot of negativity.

    Team rules are team rules. Talking to a few current and former players, including Kofi Hughes after last season, they all said Wilson was very black and white on the rules and they all knew it. Getting kicked off the team or suspended for a game after you’ve already spent a year in the system and with the staff is unacceptable.

    As for the player who transferred, cjackson, you might be right. I will counter it with this. Football is a team sport, and despite your high school success, you have to be on the same page with the team and coaches in college to have success. Catching 7 passes with no drops is good in a scrimmage, but the pressure isn’t the same as game time.

    What we also don’t know is this player’s knowledge of the play book. If he doesn’t have the package down, he could be more of a liability than an asset. We also don’t know how he performs every day in practice. Are his routes tight, does he run the right route on given plays; does he practice at full speed? These are all unknowns to us, and I don’t care if we’ve watched a couple open practices and a scrimmage, the coaches know better than us. Unless you’re a physical freak, like James Hardy was, lack of knowledge of the package and the inability to run the correct route are hard to overcome at this level and almost impossible on the next one. That said, I wish the kid luck.

  25. TTG, can you briefly explain the “vision” that KW has clearly revealed? To whom has he revealed it? Just asking. Not sure I see it.

  26. Chet, I should have said, “at the earliest……” You’re probably right, but I did note in the article about Glass and his comments on Season Ticket sales, the undertone that IU’s administration was disappointed by last year’s results and are mindful of cash flow (i.e., ticket sales). IU has made a significant investment, after decades of neglect, to upgrade IU’s football facilities. They continue to invest in the program this year. As a result, they have a right to expect a return on that investment, in the form of more wins, greater ticket sales and increased profit. If Wilson does not deliver that within a reasonable time, he’ll get fired.

    But I take your point. Having a 5-6 season does not automatically result in a coach being fired. If they are very competitive in the six losses suffered, then it could by him another year or two. A lot of variables will go into the evaluation of Wilson after his fourth year as head coach. Quality of play, progress on recruiting, player’s behavior and academic performance, the players’ “citizenship,” and the coaches popularity in Bloomington and with the fan base. But sooner or later, he needs to demonstrate that he can attract and retain paying customers to the Memorial Stadium, which we all know is achieved by putting winning teams on the field.

    Do you know what the buyout clause in Wilson’s contract says? If IU can buy him out after x number of years with a relatively minor fee, say one year’s severance, that would reduce his leverage and therefore his job security. But even if that exists in his contract, I’ll bet the first four or five years are guaranteed.

  27. Kavin, I think the vision is pretty darn clear and simple and KW has been voicing it since the day he got here. So I suggest you go through his statements and a series of events such as when he changed defensive points of attack from taking the opposing player full on to attacking the gaps…etc. Any time you have a series of facts, add them one by one and you may understand the vision.Then stand back and look at the entire set…there you go!…Glad I could help you.

  28. Can we can the talk of Wilson being on the hot seat? He didn’t take over an Alabama like team oozing with talent and having four and five star recruits lining up to play. We’re IU and we have been down so long that immediate miracles are not going to happen. Let’s give him some time, at least until his 2012 class become seniors.

    IU to the Rose Bowl? If you’re booking your travel itinerary expecting IU to be in Pasadena on January 1, 2013 or whenever they play the game nowadays, don’t be too upset because they aren’t going to even make the conference championship game this year. It’s not that I’m negative on IU football, I realize that there are several more highly talented and experienced teams that are ahead of IU.

    I’ll be pleased if Wilson manages 3 wins and the teams plays competitive against NU, MSU, OSU, Iowa, UW and PSU, the top teams on our schedule in my opinion.

  29. I was burned last year and my predictions for IU football’s win total fell far short. But I’ll go out on a limb again and predict IU will win four football games in 2012. I know we’re still very young, but we’re much better at QB, should be much better on defense, and most of the players have a year in the system, which can make a huge difference in execution.

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