1. Anybody watch BSU vs E. Mich or UMass vs UConn last night? Like last year BSU is well coached. BSU’s RB Edwards ran for 202 and 3 TD’s. UConn beat on UMass like a bass drum and did not look particularly good doing it. UMass has Frosh QB and it showed. Under pressure he was clueless.

  2. Did not watch either game, but I’m not surprised BSU played well. I remember last year’s game against IU, and thinking BSU was very well coached. Good enough to beat IU on a neutral field. That must not happen in Bloomington this year.

    As for UMass, let’s hope the freshman QB does not progress through the learning curve real fast. More importantly, let’s hope Iu can put some pressure on him.

  3. Great to have scoop talk back! Thanks for the candid insight.
    I hope your pick for Saturday night is accurate, but I would settle for any win. Too many of these kind have gotten away in the last 5-10 years.

    Sadly IU football can take nothing for granted.

    1 final thought–with all due respect to the pass game, we will know IU football is back when we finally line up and RUN the ball up and down the field on some of these “inferior” opponents.

    Come on! impose your will on somebody.

  4. This morning at Steak and Shake in Martinsville, probably 10 IU jerseys and 5 Indiana State. Traffic on 37 is heavy heading south. Gotta say, those Indiana State fans were some good looking ladies.

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