247Sports.com: Indiana gets 10th commitment for Class of 2013

Zach Osterman of 247Sports.com is reporting that Indiana has received a commitment from Jordan Heiderman, a defensive tackle from Iowa Western Community College. More to come.

UPDATE: Jordan Heiderman, a 6-foot-3, 280-pound defensive tackle from Iowa Western Community College, confirmed Tuesday night that he has committed to Indiana.

Indiana gave Heiderman his only Football Bowl Subdivision offer, but he also had interest from Iowa, Iowa State and Western Kentucky.

“They were the first ones to look at me,” Heiderman said. “Then I took my visit in the summer. I loved the facilities and I loved the coaches. It was a great fit for me.”

Heiderman was lightly recruited out of Norfolk High School in Hoskins, Neb., because he was playing defensive end at the time and weighed just 215 pounds. He had some Division II offers, but none of those were overly attractive to him and he apparently wasn’t academically qualified either.

“I thought I was a qualifier,” Heiderman said. “It turned out I wasn’t.”

The time at Iowa Western allowed him to bulk up. Heiderman had wrestled in high school and he even wrestled in his first year at Iowa Western. That had always kept him from putting on weight, so when he finally quit, the change in metabolism allowed him to bulk up quickly.

“Once wrestling was done and I was done working out, my eating habits were still the same, so I shot up in weight,” Heiderman said.

Iowa Western put him inside, but he remained quick. Last season, he posted 42 tackles, including 6.5 for loss and 3.0 sacks from the defensive tackle position. The Hoosiers will need some help there next season with the graduation of seniors Adam Replogle, Larry Black Jr. and Nicholas Sliger, so he should be able to help immediately.

“I have good hands,” Heiderman said. “I understand leverage. I think I really get after it. I try to be a leader for most people and push myself.”

Heiderman is Indiana’s 10th commitment for the Class of 2013. He will have two years of eligibility at Indiana.



  1. Not sure what to make of this new recruit. If I understand this information correctly, he went from 215 as a Senior is High School to 280 as a sophomore in college! That’s a weight gain of 65 pounds in two years.

    I like his background in wrestling. Wrestlers typically have great balance and as he said, they do understand leverage. Just not sure why he has not gotten more offers other from FBS Division schools.

  2. I agree with you Podunker, I don’t know how I feel about this recruit not having any FBS offers. I hope he can fill in the huge gap that the graduating seniors are going to leave! either way I trust the coaches’ decision and hopefully he turns into a good player.

  3. Most wrestlers I remember from high school were prematurely balding by the 10th grade yet had more body hair than Cro-Magnon man.

  4. Remember Brad Pitt in the movie Troy? My youngest son, a wrestler, looks like a taller, more muscular version. About 6’3″, 190lb or so, probably about 6% body fat if that. Could eat anvils if you poured milk over them.

    Not much body hair at all.

  5. Read this AM Coach Wilson kinda got after the media yesterday for not sending many writers to cover the UMass game. 2 guys were there, DD and an 1 from IDS and KW noticed. I enjoy his us against the world flare ups every now and then. I suspect those are like the challenges he forwards to the players.

  6. Unbelievable that the Indy paper would not send a reporter to cover the state’s most prominent university’s football team.

    Do they not have a sports section?

    Maybe, during basketball season, Fred Glass can deny them credentials to a ‘must see’ game.

  7. I always find these community colleges with football (and other sports) teams interesting. We have plenty of community/technical colleges (almost all of them public schools) around here but none of them that I know of have athletic teams. They are just about academics, either 2 year programs like AD in Nursing, or the like, or as a path to a four year school.

  8. And Chet, as much as I kind of appreciated the plug from Wilson there, going to UMass was no small investment. I’m certainly glad we went — thanks Mayer!— but I wouldn’t blame anybody for deciding that the cost-benefit analysis wasn’t worth the expense for a non-conference game. Granted, the IndyStar is a bigger paper, but it also has a lot of expenses and an IU football game doesn’t move the needle for them like it does for us. They certainly count as competition for us, but if Glass and the athletic department started demanding that news organizations make four-figure football road trips with lost basketball credentials as the potential penalty — and they would never do such a thing — I would strongly object on so many grounds.

  9. The Indianapolis Star is a newspaper? I did not know that anybody still read it. I thought it was strictly for litter boxes and bird cages.

  10. Dustin, I have to believe that the ‘state newspaper’ of any state routinely sends a reporter to cover the games of the school bearing the name of the state, particularly if it is a D1 program. The Start, I’m guessing, is more the exception than the rule.

  11. I like the way Wilson takes jabs at the press…Reminds me of an old basketball coach we used to know. IU football finally has a pulse. This could upset ‘The Establishment’ and all those Purdue fans that work for the Star.

    Now we just need Wilson and Crean to make a trip to that Freaky Friday witchdoctor(Do the ol’ exchangeroo…Get the untouchable grandiloquent preacher into the ‘Theater of Tragedy’ where more empty seats can enjoy the lofty empty sermons of an actor..Get the no-nonsense, accessible, methodical, genuine, ‘General’-type, into the ‘Hall of Gladiators’ to lead the hardwood soldiers that forever define a hoops college married to candy stripes).

    Anybody know a witchdoctor? Karen? Julie?

  12. Dustin, when it comes to covering IU sports, the Indy Star can’t compete with The HT.

    Tsao, I specifically said offers, not just interest. As you know, a lot of schools show interest in a lot of players, but its when those schools make an offer that is most significant. According to the story, IU is this young man’s only offer to date. And since his size is not an issue, it just always makes me wonder, and frankly it makes me a little skeptical, when no other BCS Division schools have made an offer to an IU recruit. The good news is that for the class of 2013, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

    Chet, you just described my nephew, also a collegiate wrestler, to a t. But he is not quite as tall as your son. And let’s put it this way, the female population on his campus, or pretty much anywhere else he goes, are not subtle about expressing their appreciation for his appearance. It’s actually quite amusing to witness their reactions to him when we’re all out in public.

  13. Heiderman was state runner-up in wrestling also.

    Po, don’t you suspect with this players weight transition in such a short time he truly has flown under the so-called radar of college recruiting? I also think since IU’s FB notoriety is sub par this staff has to hunt deeper under the layer of cream which this player is for sure not part of(yet)(?)to find developing talent to recruit. At least that is how I am reading a couple of these commits.

  14. …+ I am giving this staff a long leash after observing Spriggs, Fenney, Coleman and Roundtree…for a talent starved team these guys are studs or soon to be…

  15. I predict our football studs will hand it to OSU this year in the same fashion Louisiana Monroe handed it to Arkansas. The shocker will propel the Hoosiers into their first Hostess Twinkie Bowl.

    On a more troubling note, our basketball team will lose in the opening round of March Madness to Appalachian State. It will forever be known as the ‘Curse of Kellenberger.’

  16. HC, yes, I thought that his weight and his academic performance coming out of high school were the primary limiting factors. But after (I presume) two years of JC football, he should not still be under the radar. Quality JC players are hot commodities, especially if they have his size.

    My comments are not meant to criticize, and my statements on football recruits are relative, to other members of the recruiting class, other Big Ten teams, etc. I’m impressed and excited about IU’s 2013 recruiting class. But relative to the other members of this class, Heiderman sticks out due to his lack of offers from other BCS Division schools.

    And yes, I agree, IU football has to “hunt deeper to find developing talent to recruit.” IU’s coaches have to work harder, at least for a few years, to find and then develop the less polished, less obvious talent. As a result, my hypothesis is that recruiting reality 1) involves greater risk, 2) may involve a higher rate of player turn-over, 3) involves players that may take a little longer to develop, and 4) involves players that are more likely to be highly loyal. That’s why I’m excited when I learn that we’re recruiting kids from other parts of the country. I know it takes time, money and staff, none of which are in abundance at IU, but I have said for years that IU football had to cast a wider net and recruit from areas like California, Florida and Texas. Simply put, I believe those areas contain a lot more hidden football gems.

    Wilson and staff have definitely upgraded football recruiting.

  17. The Indy Star, like many outlets, has NFL-itis. I’m waiting for them to put out a 10-special section on Andrew Luck’s grooming habits.

    Their current sports editor vastly underestimates the interest in college and high school sports in the state. He cut back on IU basketball coverage, too, until Indiana bounced back last season and the Star website was leaking readers badly to other outlets that provide the coverage that Indiana fans are looking for.

    The Star, like most Gannett papers, is quickly becoming irrelevant. Find your IU news elsewhere. You’ll be happy you did.

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