Duke, Kentucky, Georgetown and others attend Trey Lyles’ open gym; Indiana does not

Sunday was the first day of a recruiting window that allows coaches to attend open gyms. Arsenal Tech in Indianapolis held its first open gym on Monday and a number of top programs including Duke, Kentucky, Georgetown, Stanford and Butler according to Kyle Neddenriep of the Indianapolis Star.

But Indiana was not one of the schools there, and Lyles was apparently disappointed about it. Lyles had been committed to Indiana since the fall of 2010 but de-committed this past summer. He had said IU was still his top school after that but he simply wanted to open his recruitment to look around. From Neddenriep’s story:

“It really hurt that they didn’t come today,” said Lyles, who was the City Player of the Year as a sophomore, averaging 21.0 points and 14.2 rebounds. “Hopefully I’ll get on the phone with coach (Tom) Crean in the near future and see what’s going on.”

Tech coach Jason Delaney told Neddenriep he does expect Indiana to be at Tech at some point this week.




  1. Trey, you got IU’s offer. You accepted the offer, then you changed your mind. Now your feelings are hurt because IU’s coach did not show up to watch you work-out? I think IU’s coach knows the talent you have.

    Young man, I could be wrong, but it sounds to me as if you have an ego that is getting a little too big and that you want these coaches to kiss your backside and make a fuss over you. Perhaps its time for you to do a little introspection.

  2. I think CTC is playing this perfectly.

    Psych 101, in any relationship whoever cares the least holds all the power. If CTC grovelled to him and he did end up coming here he’d be uncoachable. If CTC plays it cool and he comes here he’ll understand who is calling the shots.

    If CTC grovelled to him and he went elsewhere he’d lose face with any player watching the action.

    He’s got this covered.

  3. Po, I agree. That’s the impression he makes on me too. The more this kid (and his coach) talks, the less I want him. He’s probably lexinton bound.

    All that said, I hope the writing/reporting is not inaccurate.

  4. The time he gets done getting all the adult advice about sports and life he may become a head case….IU should be congratulated for backing off as he did so he can have space at least from IU to clear his head and decide what is best for him….kind of like breaking up between a boy and a girl….IU is choosing not to stalk him….maybe someday they may get back together or Tre may find someone else and IU will also have to find someone else.

  5. #1–Podunker

    Your posts are usually identical to my own thoughts. On this one, I cannot agree. 1–If Trey had never committed at such a young age we would not be having this discussion. Cody Zeller waited until his senior year to commit to IU. Sure, it kept us on pins and needles until he did. But even though we knew IU was the best place for him(and us); he had to find out for himself. We gladly welcomed CZ to IU even though he would not commit earlier. 2–We can only guess at why Trey decommitted. Maybe he believes IU is the place for him and justs wants to be sure. We all “know” it is the best place for him. That is why this is such a hot button topic for us. 3–Do(or did) anyone of us really know what we want(ed) out of life at his age. As a youngster, farming was my choice. That changed to becoming a military jet pilot at age 18, that changed to becoming a lawyer at age 21. I became none of these. At age 26 by happenstance I found my career in a line of work unbeknownst to me until then. 4–I cannot hold any ill will against Trey for decommitting. Yes I am disappointed that he did. 5–I don’t start taking athletic committments seriously until their junior year at the earliest.

  6. I am glad CTC did not attend. If Trey wants to go to BB factory then so be it. Let him go to UK but do not be upset because we do not attend. It is like asking a pretty girl out to the prom and the last minute she wants to see who else is out there. Then she gets upset because you decided to not keep trying to get her. He had a chance to be part of aa great historical program. He better just hope he is not at UK when the hammer drops and they are found guilty of all their little recruiting violations.

    Good luck Trey and do not let the door hit you in the backside on your way out.

  7. We create all of this with rankings and recruiting kids when their barely out of middle school. How can we not expect it to get into their heads to a degree? A kid goes an buys $100,000 in diamond jewelry while on a team road trip in NY City…? Most of these top prospects are destined for immediate wealth beyond what a PhD could earn in 10 years. They don’t care about power. They only care about getting through one year of college so they can soon own their mansions, lovers, and friendships. We created the monster. We really have no reason to bitch when it slaps us back in the face now and then.

    It’s a very tough time to be a coach. Put any five multimillionaires in a room and see how much respect your bouncing a ball on the floor for a more humble purpose can command.

  8. HfH…not such different hopes as any middle class kid with values that reflect who we are and where we hope to go. The only difference I see is that they are 6′ 8 1/2″, shoot well, are very quick for their size and have great floor skills; while most of us are 5’9″ and spend most of our time on the computer obsessing about them on the blogs, trying to get a meaningless ‘quickie’, or watching our dreams quickly disappear on the TV screen…

  9. Honestly…when we ‘recruit and celebrate a 14-year olds’ ‘commitment’ we are asking for exactly this to happen. We can’t react with outrage. That said, I agree the best way for the Hosiers to handle it is by taking the high road and let the kid see the difference.

  10. Tsao-

    I’m merely saying that those that stay wholly grounded amongst the onslaught of continual adulation since days of their middle school years are likely more the exception than the rule.

    I have nothing against their hopes and dreams…They have put countless hours into those dreams. They have a right to change their mind(certainly as much as a coach has a right to withdraw a scholarship offer, not make wholehearted effort to help a kid get through academic troubles, or make a choice for an arriving higher level talent over a loyal team member that will be given the dose of reality his eligibility is no longer required when scholarships dry up).

    The hype machine is never ending because our sports entertainment appetite is increasingly shallow, simplistic, and bottomless. “Elite” is measured in banners. Any arguments for loyalty a given word, or the importance or coursework, doesn’t have much impact in the world of one-and-done’s.

  11. I have a slightly different take on this situation. Not that I completely disagree with the prevailing sentiment… but maybe it is a combination ?

    My feelings are he backed off on his commitment because he heard and recognized the direction of the IU program. First off, CTC has made no secret that he wants to play at a very uptempo pace. And Trey’s biggest strength is his “being fundamentally sound.” (In the Tim Duncan mode of play… great footwork, court awareness, knowledge, etc.) That is not what will be playing around him in Bloomington. CTC is actively seeking highly athletic players. (Even Cody is a thoroughbred by big-man standards.) So maybe Trey looks at the developing situation at IU and thinks… good fit, but not a great fit. Wonder if there is a more well-suited program for my style.

    Also, he is just a teenager. His friends, family, and others are surely filling his head with “you are the man” thoughts. He wants to be the BMOC whereever he goes… in order to “showcase” his talents. Obviously, he rightfully has NBA aspirations, so he feels he needs to present himself in the best light possible. In re-opening his recruitment, he will be wooed and promised everything he wants to hear. What teenager doesn’t want that kind of unadultrated love ?? And frankly, those closest to him probably feel they too can only benefit in some small way from his being in a BMOC situation. And CTC, to this point, has proven to be a “team” oriented coach.

    So, in my POV, this whole situation will result in Trey going elsewhere. And… that’s probably best for both parties.

  12. His confusion and apparent disappointment about IU not being at his workout damn sure confuses me. What part of 2+2 is he having trouble with? I am all for Coach Crean not giving him any kind of encouragement. He should simply wait and if the kid comes back and asks if the door to IU can reopen then a decision can be made. I am content with or without him.

  13. Kaintuck brags about running a fast team/game so why would he go there if he doesn’t want a “team of athletes”?

    Screw him.

    If he’s pouting now, Lord help us if Tom ever yells at him in practice.

  14. It makes me think of stories about the guy whose fiance’ cheats on him. Everybody’s saying, “Poor Bob.”

    I’m thinking Bob is the luckiest SOB around to find out about his gal before he puts that ring on her finger.

  15. Dear Trey;

    Karma’s a bitch…you reap what you sow..etc..etc..

    Best of Luck. We wish you well.

    Hoosier Nation

  16. vgBMG; Looks like your in the minority on this issue. But that’s O.K.

    Sooner or later this young man is going to learn that the world does not revolve around him. The sooner he learns that, the better life he’s going to have. If he fails to learn that, he’s headed for trouble. The young man, if you can believe the story, actually used the word “hurt” in describing his feelings about IU coaches not showing up for his workout. ““It really hurt that they didn’t come today.” I don’t care how old Trey is, that statement, given the circumstances, says a lot about the young man’s way of thinking, and to me, it is a huge red flag.

    When I was 14, and a freshman in High School, after months of rehabbing a serious football-related injury to my left arm, I was encouraged to try out for my High School’s swim team. I was a good swimmer, but had never been into swimming at a competitive level. To my surprise, I made the High School’s varsity swim team. I got all excited and felt proud when the coach told me, in front of my parents, that I had great potential as a swimmer. My young ego got a huge boost from making varsity! I joined the team and began to swim. Within three practices, I realized I hated it. I was a sprinter (50 meter races), but my coach had me swimming miles and miles at every practice. I went home and told my Dad I wanted to quit. His response was, “You are not going to quit the swim team. You made a commitment and you will honor it. You will go to every practice, you will do your best in every race, and you will finish the season. Next year, if you don’t want to swim again, you don’t have to. But you will not quit this team. Another boy wanted that spot on the varsity team, but you got it. You will honor that.” End of discussion, end of issue, and never discussed again.

    I hated every minute of that swim season, with the exception of the races. The experience made my body a lot stronger and it was a perfect method of rehabbing my previously injured arm. Looking back, the experience provided great lessons to a 14-year old boy. Think hard about what you really want. Honor your commitments. Don’t quit. Some times, things that you don’t enjoy can be good for you. I never won a varsity race that year and never swam competitively again, focusing on football and other sports. But what was most valuable to me in the long run was the sense of accomplishment I took away from that experience. Looking back, I realize and appreciate I that I had the father that I did.

  17. I’ve always been a ‘finisher’, too but I can’t put my finger on anyone that inscribed that trait on me. It’s just the way I’m wired. If I start something I’ll see it through to the bitter end. I AM somewhat obsessive about missing out on opportunities.

    It sounds as though your Dad provided you with some quality life lessons. Good for him and lucky for you.

    There was this guy I went through Aviation Officer’s Candidate School with, Gary. It’s pretty damned hard to get into AOCS and you can “drop on request” at any point. It lasts 16 weeks. We started out with 48 guys in my class and, after a week we were down to under 30. We finished with 19.

    Gary made it all the way through. The day of commissioning he was nowhere to be found. I asked out Drill Instructor if he could give us any information on Gary. He just said, “DOR”.

    I have a lot of respect for Gary. I later learned he had decided a few weeks in that he did not want a career as a Naval Officer but he started AOCS and he was going to finish it. I’ll bet he went on to be successful at something.

    Who knows, maybe Trey looked around that open gym with a big ‘ol smile on his face while taking in the faces of all his admirers and the absence of CTC was the 800lb gorilla in the room. One thing I’m pretty sure of, if he does end up coming to IU he’ll understand he’s just a piece of the puzzle and there won’t be any doubt about who’s in charge.

  18. In Podunker’s and in Gary’s case, they both made decisions that would have immediate impact and I agree, they made the right choice. Whatever the outcome, finishing with something started, going through with a commitment others immediately depend on is important…more than likely and in the long run, essential to one’s self than anyone else.

    I believe that. My son has told me stories of West Point graduates who had complied with their required four years of service following graduation and commission and had already put in papers to leave the Army and withdrew them within 24 hours after 9/11. That is the essence of manhood and honor.

    Trey Lyles is neither a man nor was he expected, by anyone, to have a developed sense of honor. Young people- children- under 14 can generally be convinced of anything. For that reason our laws aim at protecting their absence of judgment from predator adults with very harsh punishment, as they should. No one was being a predator towards Trey, but I continue to think that ‘putting on the dog’ to convince (seduce is a quasi-synonym) a child of 14 to behave and make decisions too grown up for them is not and will never be ethical behavior. I don’t think it is up to Indiana University alone to end creating these very questionable scenarios that are more likely to end in disappointment and acrimony. I think it is up to the NCAA and/or the B1G to enforce a code of behavior that keeps adults honorable and kids…kids.

    I have no interest in convincing Trey Lyles of doing anything…I’ll gladly leave the embarrassing seduction/ predator business to the John Caliparis, Rick Pitinos, Adolph Rupp and others who shop for their ethical codes in a horse farm auction catalog.

    And, to Trey Lyles…when you are a serious, informed and honorable young man give us a call. Until then, listen to your parents. We Hoosiers always welcome good people. That’s why we can say so proudly, It’s Indiana!

  19. Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to look at the obsession and the psychoanalyzing the motives of these young teenage recruits as a bit of a test our own maturity.

    We have a team taking the floor this fall with the potential to compete with any team in the nation. How long has it been since candy stripes have taken to the floor restored the old aura their former glory and feared status? I guess we just live in a society infected with always wanting more. We have cheered for Indiana for 25 years since the last championship banner was hoisted in Assembly Hall.

    If we grabbed every other top prospect for the next ten years, I would doubt we would have any greater odds at capturing the ultimate prize than the legitimate chance standing before our Hoosiers this upcoming season. Trey Lyles decides his fate at a time the gate has closed. Would he have decided to be a Hoosier when Maurice Creek committed to Tom Crean? Would he stick by Indiana and wear the hopes our fans upon his sole shoulders with the same cool hand a Cody Zeller decided Bloomington was more in his heart than any NBA future given a jump start?

    Sorry, Trey…You are way too late for this party. The men that brought Indiana from the ashes are on campus. We honor those that recently graduated and bled their love for Indiana upon McCracken during our lowest of lows. It wasn’t very long ago that Assembly seemed destined to inherit the fate of Memorial’s struggle and for decades face cruel embarrassment with no light at the end of tunnel. The ‘Establishment’ attempted to bring us down with something as trivial 3-way phone calls when we were already in turmoil..Self-doubt had infected the halls and a former coach made us believe it was his walls soon to crumble and leave our basketball program forever barren in the rubble his wrongful firing. All the pundits believed we were teetering on the brink of losing our basketball identity.

    Good riddance to them all. They misjudged the mystique and the eternal light of love for the game that shall never die from Indiana. Maurice Creek is now our guiding light. Only frauds seeking distractions in their “me world” serve to place such frivolous fears upon Hoosiers with their meaningless egos that could never compare to the beauty of selfless Hoosiers that now prepare to take flight. Now is the time Hoosiers be feared. No is the day for a team that has become one. At the finish line only a scared cynic awaits. Destiny guides in the power of team and in togetherness they seek only brotherhood as reward. The humility and a love more for the ‘game’ than the ‘self’ is the redemptive conclusion this story. Now the light is on Indiana as basketball returns its thanks to true Hoosiers that restored the honor in the honest labor a selfless purpose. Now the power of candy stripes restored.

    Too bad you were late for the party, Trey..If you’d only been born a couple years earlier…I’m sure you would have signed with Indiana when Brett Finkelmeier was our shooting guard.

  20. Based on a lot of his tweets lately he sounds pretty egotistical! It seems to me like coach Cal has been in his ear too…. call me paranoid, maybe I am. I’d rather not have someone like that anyway! He seems to have the me first attitude which will serve him better elsewhere. Polar opposite of Cody Zellers attitude.

    Likes to address his “haters”(which I’m sure he gets a ton of shit from IU fans out there), he’s too busy being Trey Lyles #comfortableinhisksin, and shouting out to his boy Marquis Teague! Maybe he should spend less time on twitter feeding his narcissistic attitude and more time on trying to keep improving his game.

  21. He sounds like nothing but a headache. Glad we found out early. It doesn’t sound like a good fit with the Hoosiers.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  22. Tsao – post #27 is right on.

    Chet – actually I’d say he sounds more fragile than difficult. Concerned about what strangers are tweeting/blogging, and addressing “haters”, and being “hurt” at a coaches absence. Clearly this guy is more concerned about what’s going on around him than focusing and getting the task done. Better we know that now than late in a game at Michigan when we need a big play or in a tournament game when he’s seeing double teams and allows the frustration to effect his a attitude, body language, play, and ultimately the outcome.

    For his sake I hope his talent is so overwhelming that his lack of mental toughness never comes into play.

  23. Couldn’t agree more.

    I can only imagine what a hostile crowd would do to the kid standing at the free throw line.

  24. The ironic thing is, he might well have been trying to attract more attention from the Indiana faithful. The result was that he is now generally dismissed as a head case.

    Maybe this will be a growing experience for him.

  25. He’s a one an done.Who cares?Find the bulk of your players as 4 year types.If you thought last year helped in recruiting,wait till this year.Indiana is back in the elite program status.Indiana is a gold mine of talent.Our coach is a relentless recruiter.His job is getting exponentially easier.This kid is is a slight bump in the road.Crean’s reputation is rising with the stunning development of Will,Cody,and especially Victor.

  26. Heinson, your probably right, but only about 50% of the top 10 players in each class actually end up declaring after their freshman year… so you never know. However, your dead-on with the rest of your post.

  27. “Dead-on,” my s$$. Geoff is a quasi Hoosier fan. He says all the right things on here while in some dark corner his Maine bungalow he brushes his bowlegged, hairy, Cro-Mangnon wrestler’s body gently up against his life-size Calipari poster until he feels the tingle.

  28. That’s not fair. I was a Hoosier fan long before I went there. I’m also a fan of my kids’ high school and the colleges they complete(d) for and I never went there, either. I’ll bet the most fervent Clemson, South Carolina, Alabama, ‘Ol Miss, and so forth, probably never finished high school.

  29. This kid is just that, a kid. It would be wonderful if he decided to come here. This community would embrace him. No matter how long he stayed at IU, he will have a home here. A place that would welcome any prodigal son or daughter. Well, almost any. I hope for the best for him. I hope he makes the best decision for himself. If he doesn’t have all the answers, then he needs to get trusted advice and make the best decision he can with the information he has. Usually the first guess is best. It might come down to a coin flip. There’s an unprecedented alignment of planets on December 21st, maybe the coin will land on it’s edge? I think that’s about the odds of him coming here now. To bad, he’s a good kid, and maybe got stars in his eyes, or bad advice, or…I feel that Carlino (sorry if the spellings wrong) kid got some stardust sprinkled in his eyes by his ol’ man. He had such a bright future ahead of him. OH oh, here they come with the jacket again. Not the flashy thing again. GET YOUR HANDS OF ME YOU DAM….oh what the hell, I tired of typing.

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