Hoosier Morning

Tom Crean’s annual speech at the IU Auditorium was a success story this year, Dustin wrote.

Head coach Charley Molnar found a perfect fit at UMass, Dustin writes.

UMass is hoping to make itself at home in Gillette Stadium, Jeff Wagenheim of the Boston Globe writes.

Former IU soccer player Will Bruin was among five Houston Dynamo players to shave their head for Bald is Beautiful, benefiting Curing Children’s Cancer Fund, KHOU 11 reports (video included).

Purdue carries high hopes into Saturday’s matchup with Notre Dame in South Bend, where the Boilers are 1-16 since 1974, Mike Carmin of the Lafayette Journal and Courier writes.

With the Indiana football team headed to Boston and playing in the Patriots’ stadium on Saturday, the fitting choice is Paul Revere and the Raiders, “Kicks.”


  1. Hi – I’m headed to Vegas this afternoon and normally, I always bet on IU. The problem is IU is a 14 pt favorite on the road. What should I do? I don’t think they’ll cover but I don’t want to feel like a traitor and bet against them.

  2. Beyond the uniforms worn, what’s really scary is that I actually remember watching that Paul Revere and the Raiders clip on Hullabaloo or Shindig or some such TV-for-teens show. I really am that old. But, hey, as they say, if you can remember the 60s, you weren’t really there.
    I’ll have to ponder that.

  3. OK, let’s get psyched for UMass, Purdue will get their butts rightly handed to them.

    We’re gonna make a statement here. Maybe a top 25 after Saturday. It’s here. It’s all gonna happen. Underclassmen are gonna dominate.

    One more, please. Hold the ice.

    Did I say that out loud?

  4. Sorry, Chet..Any chance of rekindling our Streisand and Redford days is now over. Last night marks the beginning of Harvard’s new fantasy soul mate.

  5. Sometimes it makes me wonder what kind of fan I am when deciding what is more fulfilling, PUke losing or IU winning. Well that decision did not take long, GO IU, Go ND.

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