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Antwaan Randle El and Landon Turner are the top names in the 2012 IU Athletics Hall of Fame class, Dustin writes.

Indiana coach Kevin Wilson isn’t looking back after Saturday’s tough loss to Ball State, Dustin writes.

Redshirt junior Jordan Haverly is setting the pace for the IU volleyball team, Dustin writes.

2014 prospect Dwayne Morgan has a scholarship offer from IU and is impressed with the Hoosiers, Justin Albers of Inside the Hall writes.

After pulling starter Danny O’Brien against Utah State, Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema has a secret plan for quarterback moving forward, Chris Jenkins of the Associated Press writes.

A trip back to what would have to be the glory days of the last 20 years of IU football via the 2001 Senior Day banquet highlight film of team co-MVPs Antwaan Randle El and Levron Williams.


  1. I like the 2001 Hoosiers uniforms(particularly the black helmets)revisited in the above clip featuring Randle El & Williams.

  2. As a huge Antwaan fan, even I had forgotten just how quick and athletic he played. What a joy he was to watch. If we only had a good defense we could have gone far.

  3. HfH, I too thought they were unique and appealing. But they just were not a proper fit year after year for the brand. I also was not a block I guy because Illinois also sports it and I’ve seen Iowa sweaters and sweatshirts display it. In the end the only insignia that fits, establishes and supports our brand is the IU pitchfork and no one else attempts to copy it. I realize I am a tunnel visioned purist about branding as I also think we should can the white and switch to and embrace the cream. Cream is also not used by I believe but 1 other college and I think that is a small conference school. If we are not going to use the color cream then change the stated school colors to represent what is used.

  4. “2014 prospect Dwayne Morgan visited I.U.”, that’s wonderful Jeremy, but what sport does he play? (I apologize if my tone is snide, writers far too often fail to identify the sport that the subject of a given article performs. Probably shouldn’t assume that the reader already know’s…anything. It’s a pet peeve of mine.)

  5. 1) not written by Jeremy.
    2) The seven “Tom Creans” and “jump shot” kind of leads you to BB.

    Makes it kind of tough when you are required to read the story to understand it. Guess this is a pet peeve of mine.

  6. Interesting that Wisconsin has another QB that transferred into their program after graduating from another BCS Conference school (Maryland). I mean, first Wilson transfers from North Carolina State and now they get another fifth year senior that transfers from Maryland. Two points; can’t Wisconsin recruit and develop talented young QBs? And, how do you secure the services of these graduated-senior-with-eligibility guys? I’m thinking IU could use a few 22 or 23 year-old defensive players with experience.

  7. Approaching this discussion without much hard data, but I think one sort of led to the other in that situation. By that I mean Wilson’s success led to O’Brien’s decision to go with Wisconsin.
    From what I can tell you secure the services of those players the same way you do any other recruit. Except in this case, the window is smaller so it’s more important to have some kind of established relationship beforehand. I would postulate — and I have no hard data on this, just kind of stretching logic here — that this rule will be used less in basketball than football and more at quarterback than at any other position simply because every other position on the field uses rotations, but coaches tend to stick with one quarterback. So if you’re a senior and stuck behind a guy at quarterback, you’d be looking to leave. If you’re a second-string defensive tackle, you’re still playing.
    But then you might say, what if you’re a third-string linebacker at USC or Oklahoma or the like? Indiana would still take those guys for a year and they probably aren’t playing. I think you’ll see a few of those cases but not a ton. Part of the reason why Wilson doesn’t like to redshirt guys is that four years of playing football wears a guy out and in a lot of cases, if they aren’t playing after four years, they’d just as soon get on with their lives and go get a job. Thanks to those non-contact jerseys, quarterbacks aren’t as exhausted by that point, and if they haven’t played by the time they’re seniors, they’re willing to transfer to take one shot at it.
    Again, I don’t have hard data on that, but that’s my theory/prediction.

  8. As far as young QB’s are concerned, I think Wisconsin suffers from the stigma of being known as a running program. Penn State always had that problem (even back when they weren’t dealing with superhorrible awful disgusting stuff) because other teams would always ask quarterbacks why they’d bother going to Penn State if they were just going to hand off 40 times a game. The Badgers have had a few decent QB’s in their day — Scott Tolzien was decent before Wilson — but I think Wilson simply proved to O’Brien that it was possible to go to Wisconsin for one year and be a star. Alas, O’Brien is no Russell Wilson and few are.

  9. Wtf are you talking about, Ron in Utah? The name that I referenced came from the 2nd heading from today’s “Hoosier Morning” post(which btw includes “by Jeremy Price” immediately under the title, “Hoosier Post”). There was neither a Tom Crean(let alone 7 of them), a jump shot, nor a B-ball anywhere near the information that I referenced. Guess it’s kinda’ tough when you’ve been in Utah too long, or something.

  10. A week in Utah – not long enough. Have a week in New Mexico than Colorado than back to Indy before heading to Florida for the winter. Not tough at all.

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