Hoosier Morning (Brunch Edition)

Zack Shaw is making the transition from linebacker to defensive end on the fly, Dustin writes.

IU basketball recruiting target Noah Vonleh has reclassified from the class of 2014 to 2013, which further complicates things for the Hoosiers, Dustin writes.

Three big things you should know about the Indiana basketball team as the season approaches, from ESPN.com’s Eamonn Brennan.

Indiana is one of four Big Ten teams which will get its bye before playing Northwestern, the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein writes.

This lunchtime dedication is for Noah’s everywhere. Here’s Noah and the Whale with “Shape of My Heart.”


  1. Too much talent? No such thing as long as the team plays for each other and with a common purpose. Crean now has the luxury of giving most of his four talented freshman some time to learn and adjust to the college game without them being under pressure to be instant saviors. And I suspect, as long as CZ stays healthy, that everyone on the team will get minutes during the pre-conference games, allowing IU’s starters to stay fresh for the Big Ten schedule.

    But as Brennan so astutely recognized, the players that are going to get the most playing time will have to demonstrate strong defense. And when they get a bit tired, Crean can rest them without fear that his team will lose momentum.

    I expect to see some epic blowouts in the first month of the season, and for a few Big Ten teams, it’s time for some pay-back.

  2. I would love some epic blowouts. But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking Big 10 road games will be gimmes. The last couple weeks of the season is grueling. I would rather see us use the full extent our bench early on so the rested and reassembled troops are hungry and healthy for the biggest battles in March.

    It might take a little time to develop the chemistry while Crean experiments with lineups and gets a better feel the development his upperclassman and feel for the college game his incoming talent pool.

    Any predictions the most utilized starting lineup for the month of December?

  3. This year isn’t about happy surprises or quantum leaps. This year is about setting high expectations and delivering on them. That’s what Indiana basketball used to be. Crean has a chance to make it so once more.

    Let’s see Crean deliver.

    Oops: I meant deliver.

  4. “I expect to see some epic blowouts in the first month of the season, …” Note that I said “in the first month of the season.” Big Ten games are rarely epic blow-outs, especially when they are road games. And everybody will be gunning for IU this year, simply because they will be ranked so high.

    But Crean should remind his players that it’s time for some pay-back. I especially want to see IU destroy Wisconsin. I hope they have the chance to run up the score on the Badgers.

  5. Yep, you’re right. I don’t like Wisconsin, primarily because their football and basketball coaches are classless jerks.

    Let’s see, their football coach is notorious for running up scores so he can maintain his team’s national ranking. Their fans get drunk and stampede the football field after a victory, crushing numerous people so bad they have to be taken to hospitals.

    The BB coach is a classless tyrant who tries to prevent one of his 19-year old players from transferring to all but a small number of DI schools. And I did not like how their BB team got away with the victory over IU last year in Madison. I remember one of their big men, just another one of their unskilled clods, got a key rebound by tripping Zeller. He put his foot behind Zeller’s and then literally yanked Zeller backward, tripping him to the floor. It was blatant and it happened in front of the official. But no foul was called and it turned out to be a turning point in the game. I also remember him laughing about getting away with it with one of his teammates.

    Not to mention IU has not beaten Wisconsin in either football or BB in quite a while. Time for that to change.

  6. Poopsky, no need to worry. This will be a season to behold. The Football Team will beat Northwestern and then go 8-4 overall plus Bowl. The basketball team is in a state where even Crean can’t hurt it: 30+ wins. Personally I don’t care about blowouts, just wins. Expect to see many of those. I think you’ll like this season a lot. Go IU!

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