1. Dustin, why are you up so late? Is there a lady involved? While I appreciate your dedication to the Scoop, please make sure you are having enough personal time. Can’t have you burnt out for basketball season.

  2. He’s beginning to acquire Harvard hours. Unfortunately for Harvard, there is no lady involved. Of course, there was once a very fine lady….

    She was my voice…now I must forever retreat to the silent space that swallows all thoughts..Thank you Basketblog for being a light, a place where much of my random nothingness had a home. I knew all along it would come to an end..I saw it in the eyes of the Evony girl….Like a seagull passing by front of the moon in the calm night of a sleepy sail, she would be the omen that broke a keel so frail…She coincided with Osterman’s departure and I believe she must be his haunting ghost, for in here cleavage rests his final satirical post..”Start thy journey now, my Lord”, she flipped us over topsy-turvy, our blogging waters shifting course, the boring promise of “hype” like a whore dressed proper and prissy, we now be forced to drink the barrels of stale beer with little drop of Captain’s whiskey… LiveChats thrown overboard and wit be corked in bottle, the rescue party has come ashore to take our S.S. Minnow away. The BarcaLounger shall recline and the keyboard will grow lonely, I’ll miss the island of Basketblog, for she was truly my lady.

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